Ottawa Lighthouse Church

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Similar churches often offer music styles like traditional hymns, praise and worship, and contemporary. Programs like children's ministry, adult education, seniors ministry, school, and community service are also typical. by FaithStreet

Pentecostal (UPCI)


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  • Sandi Haggerty/ Bob Haggerty
    We once considered joining this odd little church. Everybody seemed nice enough but it all gave off a weird sort of vibe, like something Stephen King would write about. Especially Towsell, their leader. A few years back there was a big announcement. Townsell was suddenly reassigned. A man from Mumbai was stuck in his place. Odd how his Facebook page never stated this. Even odder how Townsell is the owner of record for this church. Why would a man of God go and create a wreath of lies like this? I noticed we really felt a Presence in this place. Just don't know what they're worshipping there. I wouldn't recommend walking in here. Evil never dies.
  • Ted G Rossi
    Ottawa lighthouse church is not a good place. Everybody is held in charismatic captivity. All the 5-star Google reviews you see about the place are by Townsells zombies. Michelle is his primo wife/zombie. I need to escape and am afraid I will die here first. Don't touch that door and consider to enter. 🏃 RUN. I didn't know any better.
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