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Church of Christ


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  • 09:30am - Sunday Morning Bible Study
  • 10:30am - Sunday Worship Service
  • 10:00am - Ladies' Bible Study
  • 07:00pm - Wednesday Night Small Group


Terry Haynie


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  • Patti
    I am in dire need of financial assistance. It’s been just awful. I will start with . New Year’s Eve I, I am staying in a domestic violence shelter in flagstaff, AZ. I started feeling terrible I have Acute Crohns Disease. , I lost my son to this at 15 years old. I tried so hard to save him w cpr and I couldn’t save his life. They said it was his Crohns Disease that took his life I walked in to his room to see if he was ready to take our dogs for a walk and he died in my arms. I’m trying so hard to move forward it’s been , 8 years. I’ve been applying for disability and been turned down for 8 years. I’m still fighting this. I live with PTSD every day of my life survival guilt. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease for 7 years now. I looked at the blue book and I should 100% qualify for both conditions. I have a shaped scoliosis 63 degree Angel w migraine daily do to my neck pain along w back pain . I have Covid in June Ambulance to a Covid Unit in Yale Hospand went through everything I owned I’ve been homeless since as . I’ve been trying to hard to get back on my feet . I invested my last belongings into starting up a online business in memory of my son and I was on track to donate a % of every sale to a non profit anti bullying foundation in honor of my son Aussie. I was diagnosed with C-DIFF again on New Years Eve , I’ve been Hospitalized in Sept, October, November and December. I’m trying so hard to gain my strength back , I’ve lost 26 lbs since Sept I weigh 80lbs it’s the smallest I’ve been since I was a teenager. . I’m truly trying so hard to get healthy, yet since becoming homeless and I have no money from outside sources. I just keep crying since coming back to the shelter on New Year’s Day. I’m highly contagious and I am being treated so badly . I just turned 60 on December 28th . When I came back from the hospital Every Thing I own including my jewelry business was stolen. I have nothing left. The business at least gave me hope to finally try to live my life again . They left me nothing not even any heavy clothes and it’s freezing. They won’t let me report tbis to the police. My life was threatened here on Saturday last weekend. The girl told me that if my service dog 3.5 lbs barks at her again she will kill her and tgat she has killed many dogs so I better keep her from barking or she will kick her again yet this ti E she will kill her . She threatened to kill me as well if I didn’t listen to her . I have gone to 4 different staff members and reported all of this and I told them she’s smoking weed and drinking in my room and I told them to intervene and all they said is they will give me an air freshener. And they suggested doing a contract w her for she doesn’t hurt me I told them that’s crazy because she will rielalerate and I’m not letting her kill my dog. Now it’s just gotten so much worse because I have to stay in my room w no tv,tgey bearly feed me , I even asked for a soda because I get such bad migraines and they won’t even do tgat for me. I have no dog food it was stolen along with all my belongings and my entire business. I’m scared for our safety yet I have no where to go . I now lost my business and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m sitting here crying while writing this. I don’t have phone service I can’t pay my bill this month. I pray someone can help me to get my dog some food, and food I can eat w my Crohn’s disease. My migraine is awful I’m so scared and I have never felt so alone since losing my son . I pray someone will help me because I this stress is making me feel so sick and in pain . I keep throwing up tge only way to reach me is through email unless they block my internet all completely. [email protected] My number is480-299-8795 this is the first time I have no service even . If someone can maybe help me and drop off some things to us. I have nothing they even took my memory foam pillow and electric neck heater . I am truly so alone and scared for our lives.the hospital said I’m better in Maricopa County because of my chronic health conditions. I can’t even see making it ever back to Maricopa County I am so scared and my ptsd is off tbe wall . I’m praying to God that someone will help me get back on my feet and in a safe place before they kill my dog . Thank you and I’m sorry to write so much . Thank you Patti Clark [email protected] . :(
  • Jim Burruss
    Just passing on some information. Thanks. New book written by a member of the church. BOOK OF REVELATION. If you want to read a most “conservative” view of the book of Revelation, get my commentary, The Seventh Trumpet Has Sounded! If you want to find out how much speculation has occurred regarding “events” throughout history, attributed to the book of Revelation, get my book! If you want to see some common sense applied to the book of Revelation, read my book! If you’d like to have a better understanding of just how motivational the book of Revelation is, check out my book! For more information, go to my website,
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