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New Vision Congregational Church

Who We Are

Boldy progressive -- Creatively spiritual

New Vision has a vision that is bold and energetic, yet deeply rooted in love of neighbor and God. We invite you to be a part of a church that knows we live in the 21st century. If you have ever said any of these things – I wish I could talk in church about what I really believe; I’m not sure what I believe; I’m spiritual, but I don’t like to go to church – we may be just the place for you to explore your faith.
Many people find themselves dissatisfied with the church today. One of the reasons might be that so many people are asked to enter the church doors without thinking through the Bible and faith in the same way they do other issues and situations in their lives.
New Vision is a place where all can worship without discrimination and where questions are as welcome as answers. We're committed to a spirituality that doesn’t ask you to check your brain at the door. We are congregational – meaning that decisions are made in our local church and everyone has a voice. We are a lively Christian community committed to each other, the community, and to God.

Our Services

Service Times

  • 10:00am - Services are informal and include a wide range of creative worship styles, from modern day readings to creative dialogue sermons.

What to Expect

What are services like?
We believe worship is an opportunity to reconnect with God and enrich our Spirit, and a time to embrace our awe and gratitude for the mystery of God’s presence and love in our world. We love variety and believe God is known to us through many styles of worship and music. Our worship is never exactly the same from one Sunday to the next, and sometimes we explore an aspect of worship that is very different and unique. Creative services have included dialogue sermons, a Blessing of the Animals in the fall, a beach side service in honor of Earth Day, and a service of remembrance for World AIDS Day. Through worship, we embrace God and invite God to touch and deepen our faith and spirituality. At New Vision, our faith tradition is rooted in Christianity and our worship embraces elements of the Christian tradition. Sermons often bring to life the stories of the Old and New Testament and consider how those stories teach us about life and love. But that’s not all. We believe scripture is not the last word from God. Scripture is meant to be interpreted and reinterpreted in light of modern culture and knowledge. For that reason, we often integrate poetry, prose and readings from other faith traditions into our worship. In our worship, you won’t find any stagnant repetition of words and creeds. And you won’t find dull and boring music. The music of Jane Lindberg, pianist and musician extraordinaire, offers a breadth of style that is refreshing and inspiring.

What is the community like?
New Vision Congregational Church is a warm and inviting group of people committed to active service and joyful participation in the creation of a new world – and that takes people like you who bring their gifts and talents, and their passion for helping make the world a better place. We embrace questions as a part of spiritual growth. As a new church start, New Vision is a great place to try something new and different. Throughout the year we have many opportunities to serve others through our acts of kindness, whether volunteering for a community project, talking to someone in need, or helping plan worship.

What if I'm not a Christian?
New Vision is a place to explore. There are people who have been Christian all their life and people who were never part of the church at all. Our church represents a mixture of backgrounds from a variety of faith traditions, including some outside the Christian denominations.


Mary Kendrick Moore

Rev. Mary Kendrick Moore joined New Vision Congregational Church as the organizing pastor in the spring of 2008. Mary is a former healthcare chaplain and previously held various interim ministry positions in Atlanta, GA. She is also a freelance writer and has authored six CareNotes published by Abbey Press on topics of spirituality and healing and is the former editor of Healing Spirit published by the Association of Professional Chaplains. Mary received her BSEd from the University of Georgia. She grew up in the Southern Baptist church and received her Master of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Almost ten years ago, she transferred her ministerial standing to the UCC and found a new home in a denomination that promotes openness to all people.


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