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New Life in Christ, A Community of Grace Lawrence, KS
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ
New Life In Christ

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1388 N 1293 Rd (31st & Louisiana)
Lawrence, KS 66046



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Who We Are

New Life In Christ is a community that was conceived by Grace, saved by Grace, lives in Grace, is growing in Grace and ministering Grace. New Life In Christ – a Community of Grace is dedicated to proclaiming Jesus Christ and the gospel of God's grace to our community and to the world.

We don't exist to promote a religion, denomination, or organization. We proclaim and exalt a Person, our great God and Savior, JESUS CHRIST! We rejoice in our eternal living union with Him as members of the church, the Body of Christ!

At the heart of our ministry is a desire to help people understand and rejoice in the incredible riches of God's grace to us in Christ. We want to help people live victoriously under His grace as they experience what God wants for His children - a growing personal, intimate, and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ!

God's grace has set us free! We rest in the wonderful freedom we have in Christ (John 8:36; Gal. 5:1)! Grace is not only the way for our salvation, it's also the key to the successful Christian life on a daily basis.

Tragically, the world philosophy of "working for what we get" is how most Christians live their spiritual lives. This works-based philosophy has plagued the church since it began nearly 2000 years ago. The Apostle Paul constantly and vigorously fought against legalism throughout his ministry.

In most churches today, countless believers are not experiencing a warm and growing personal relationship with their Savior, Jesus Christ. They are not experiencing a life of freedom that Christ has given them. They are disillusioned, confused, disappointed, and frustrated because they know, deep in their hearts, that something is missing. Something is wrong and they know it. Many blame themselves, that they're the problem. They believe that God is somehow disappointed with them.

However, the real problem is not them, but that they have been taught the wrong way to live the Christian life! Not only that, the very place they believe should help them grow in their relationship with God, their church, is actually hurting them! Instead of teaching about God's grace and the wonderful freedom we have in Christ, most churches are putting people in bondage. Various forms of legalism, manipulation, and guilt-based approaches to ministry are used in order to produce action and results.

A lot of churches are busy "doing things for God." God's grace has lost its meaning and power as we are constantly pressured to perform. There is a lot of activity in churches and Christian ministries, but what is actually being accomplished? Many believers doing all these "good works" are burned out and frustrated under the heavy and oppressive yoke of legalism. God seems very distant to them.

God knows our hearts and motives for what we do. Outward appearances and visible results that flow from legalism, pride, selfish motives, and self-effort may look good and spiritual to everyone around us, but do not please God, even while we may be patting ourselves on the back. We can fool ourselves and the people around us, but not God.

Thank God for our Lord Jesus Christ! In the unconditional love and acceptance of Christ, we're liberated from having to perform. Grace is God's way for us to experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give us (John 10:10).

About Us

Casual, Friendly, Multigenerational, Spirit-filled, Inclusive, Creative, Downtown

Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Nursery, Community Service

Contemporary, Singer-Songwriter, Praise and Worship




Our Services

What are services like?
Where ever you may be in your spiritual journey, we invite you to come and worship with us on Sunday mornings. We spend a little time each week using music as a way to glorify Jesus. We sing songs that thank Him, that praise Him, that worship Him, that ask for His help, and that tell of all the good things He's done for us, and we seem to find ourselves encouraged in the process. Sometimes the songs are modern and fairly rockin'. Sometimes they're classic hymns, and sometimes they're original compositions, but at the heart of all of the music we sing is a desire to worship our savior in a way that is authentic rather than contrived, and that is always led by the Holy Spirit. Our typical Sunday morning service includes: • Coffee and Refreshments • Worship Music from our band • Relevant Bible Teaching • Concurrent Children’s Programs

What is the community like?
New Life in Christ is a diverse community. We have people that have grown up going to church, and others that have walked into church for the first time in the last few months. We have families, college students, adults of all ages, individuals from our local Community Shelter, seniors, you name it! We have people that wear tee shirts and shorts on Sunday mornings, and others that prefer to wear a shirt and tie. So wherever you fall, we’d love to have you and get to you know you! We also have a number of Connect Groups available. You can join in a group at any time, whether you join us on Sunday mornings or not. If a connect group works but the church isn't for you, it's okay. For more information about the available groups, visit

What if I'm not a Christian?
"Come and check out God's unconditional love for you. Learn that He's already done everything necessary for you to be right with Him. Find out how good He is. Experience the joy and fun He offers. Then -- when your timing is right -- you decide if you believe Him. That's when your amazing adventure will start!"

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Paul Gray

Paul Gray

Paul Gray and his wife, Kitsy, are graduates of the University of Kansas. Along with a small group of friends, they founded New Life in Christ - A Community of Grace (known then as Heartland Community Church) in Lawrence, KS in 1991. Prior to 1991, Paul was a jazz musician / night club owner, retail music store entrepreneur, and owner of a long distance telephone company. He was an Army Reserve Warrant Officer & Band Director for 24 years. He still plays jazz in Lawrence every week, and has recently published a book, The Fishnet Experience, which is a fictional composite of actual experiences from his life and the Grace journey that Jesus led him on!

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