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Jesus. Justice. Family.

God is at work in Boston creating something new that reflects his nature: a loving community. Followers of Jesus are being gathered together to form a new congregation. The purpose of this congregation will be corporate worship, celebration, fellowship, and mission. When this diverse collection of women and men demonstrate love for one another, for our neighbors and our enemies, we will put on display the very character of the God who rescued us. We will become a "city on a hill," a counter-cultural movement of people who model the transformational way of Jesus—his life and teachings.

Our Mission:

To be a "city within a city" (an alternative Boston) that passionately loves JESUS, thoughtfully seeks JUSTICE for the oppressed, and intentionally forms a diverse FAMILY that serves and reflects our community.

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What is the community like?
Boston's South End/Lower Roxbury (SE/LR) neighborhood is a microcosm of the city's diversity and disparity. One of the most ethnically and socio-economically diverse neighborhoods, SE/LR has luxury, high-rise condominiums adjacent empoverished public housing complexes. Residents of SE/LR range from college students attending Northeastern University, Berkley College of Music, and several other schools, to young professionals, to low-income families. With a major medical campus (Boston Medical Center), one of the city's main thoroughfares (Massachusetts Avenue), and lots of public transportation, it's no wonder this neighborhood has such a mix of people. SE/LR presents New City Covenant with the opportunity to look like the kingdom of God—a community of people from every walk of life, every people group and class, worshipping Jesus, serving, and reflecting God's love to our city together.


T. C. Moore

T. C. Moore

T. C. and Osheta met, were married, started a family, and served together in urban ministry in New Orleans. New Orleans is also where T. C. graduated from Bible college. In 2005, hurricane Katrina forced the Moores to leave New Orleans and move to Boston. Since then, T. C. has been a part-time student at the Boston campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary: the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME). In 2010, during a three-week family roadtrip vacation around the country, the Moores sensed God calling them to plant a church. Upon returning to Boston, they sought assessment for church planting from the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). In 2011, the ECC recommended the Moores to plant a church in Boston. T. C. and Osheta Moore have three children: two sons named Tyson and T. J., and one daughter named Trinity. They love spending time together as a family, watching movies, playing board games, and camping.

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  • Rudy Mitchell
    Pastor T. C. Moore began developing this church, but he moved on, and the church no longer exists. If you are looking for a similar church in this area, try the South End Neighborhood Church - see
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