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We are a receptive, responsive, Reconciling in Christ community of faith located in beautiful South Boulder just a short distance from the iconic flatirons, and we’d love to have you join us in worship and service. We are a part of the Rocky Mountain Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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Sara Wirth

Pastor Sara Wirth was called to Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in May of 2011. Prior to coming to Mount Calvary she served as Associate Pastor at St. Philip Lutheran Church in Littleton, Colorado for seven years and at Northridge Lutheran Church in Kalispell, Montana. She graduated from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2001 and from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1995. Pastor Sara is married to Jody Wirth. In 2006, their twins Annika and Benjamin were born. Together the family enjoys camping, hiking, biking, and nordic skiing.

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  • Call Boulder County AA, intergroup number at 303-447-8201 and find out why the following people were murdered. They will probably know. Their names where Robin, James, Sean, Kendall, Gerry Groom and Billy. Their hand was in all of it in one way or another. Many, many more AA members from Boulder One were also murdered. To many to bring up here I left the section on Lisa Strong, Jill, Kendall and Seth Chambers that is quite informative and back ground information to Seth Cambers involvement in the situation. He was hired at Saint Francis Center as an assassin and that section will shed some light on that. Uncle Fester also known as Steve Priesler was also murdered over this situation. He lived in Green Bay WI but his website lives on, imagine that!!!! The San Jose and Denver Rosicrucian Order also known as the AMORC has been involved in this from the beginning and they are still involved. They may claim white magic if there really is such a thing and I know there isn’t, they are also involved in the systematic execution of anyone who opposes their agenda or knows too much and is a liability to the enslavement of mankind. My father didn’t give them orders but answered to them. Only the Vatican is above them in the New World Order. That should tell you something about the Vatican but that’s another story. The Rosicrucian order has been involved in hundreds of murders over this situation. July Scott the Grand Master may appear to be a good white witch but she is the head of a vicious criminal enterprise and as the Grand Master knows all about the fact that the order is using contract murder to accomplish its objectives. As lily white as she looks in front of the camera she is no different than any mafia boss, including someone like John Gaudy. This is the raw truth of the matter. My family is dead because of this organization and she runs it that makes her a crime boss, not a good white witch. Free Rosicrucian Library on line for anyone who wants to learn more about their practices and believes. My mother knew more about this but I’m trying to make it available to people. I’m not professing to be an authority. As near as I can tell the quest of world domination by the Rosicrucian order started in the year 1614 by publication called Fama Fraternitatis. I don’t have time to thoroughly research this so I’m just leading people to where they can research it for themselves so it’s not just my word. I guaranty you if you look deep enough into this you will find this is in fact the truth. It is said that the Rosicrucian’s are in fact over two thousand years old. That means they came onto the scene around the time of Christ. When I said Julie Scott is like John Gaudy I was actually greatly under exacerbating. She is a crucial part of the New World Order and is part of the illuminati. The New York Mafia was connected to far less murders than the Rosicrucian order could ever think about. They have the power of the entire banking system including the Federal Reserve behind them, because they all working for the same goal. World domination. For the online library go to: If you read between the lines on this next article you can clearly see they are interested in World control. People who try to control others always make it look like they are doing it for the good of mankind otherwise wouldn’t get the support they need to accomplish their goals. This is important to understand about governments and organizations seeking to control others with use of force and restrictive laws that are largely unfair to the populous. Many of their members believe they are all white witches in the service of God. That God needs their magic and this doesn’t make sense when we consider the fact that God brought the universe into existence with the big bang. Not one witch in the entire universe has that kind of power nor can they even hope to add as much as one percent to the cause so ask yourself. Does God really need our help this way? This is Lucifer’s deception to get people to worship him in the mistaken belief it is God, when in fact it’s not. Many Rosicrucian’s have no idea the harm this organization is causing. The masons work the same way. This is what a secret society is all about. God gives discloser because he has no reason to hid himself. Satin doesn’t have this same situation and that’s why these people operate in secret. According to the bible there is no such thing as white magic, it’s all black and the fruits of this organization show that that contention is correct. For her response to this statement you can call her at: Rosicrucian Order AMORC 1342 Naglee Ave San Jose, CA 95126 (408) 947-3600 Ann and Nancy Wilson of the band Heart have been murdered as a result of the situation. So has Chris Cornell and members of Metallica. Do these people own us so much that they can murder stars with impunity? We let them do this!!!!! Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was also murdered over it. To show respect for the fact that the Wilson sisters lost their lives over the situation I’m posting Barracuda and Crazy on You performed by the band in appreciation for the music they produced. Heart barracuda Crazy On You. The AMORC AKA Rosicrucian Order in San Jose about it have been involved in this situation. They are a satanic occult group but the top of the hierarchy is the Vatican. That should give you some insight into the administration of the catholic church. They also ordered hits in order to run a clean administration. This isn’t to imply that everyone in the clergy is involved. That would be a generalization and I’m not comfortable making that. I am however comfortable with telling the truth that this goes on. Many people don’t know this but the Catholic church actually owns our social security system. Money isn’t what you think it is and neither is social security for that matter but that’s outside of what I’m discussing here. I’m only bringing it up to show that the Catholic church isn’t what people think it is. In Mathew 17:15-20 Jesus say’s You Will Know Them by Their Fruits. The early Christians where persecuted. Many died at the hands of ravenousness lions. Some were crucified like Jesus was. In fact, ten of the twelve disciples where and choose to be crucified upside down out of respect for Jesus. They died non the less. Lee Strobel makes the point in his book The Case for Christ that if Jesus handed died on the cross and been raised from the dead they’d have never gone so far as to be crucified themselves and choose to have it down upside down in respect of him if they had not witnessed his resurrection. Who would knowingly die for a lie? You can read this book. For a copy go to: Here is a video of Lee Strobel on his book. There is a lot more he covers in this book but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what’s in it. I’m posting this book so that people can have an idea of what the evidence available from a person who was a skeptic trying to disprove the resurrection and came to believe in the fact after his research. Edger Casey had a lot to say on Jesus Christ, the bible and reincarnation. Edger Casey Edger Casey the Story of Jesus. For books about Edger Casey and his discoveries go to: I’m leaving this information for people to check out at their leaser and later I will go into more on these subjects. When dealing with the subject of God's leading one thing is for sure. I may be a very smart person and I am. But no matter how smart I may be I know I am not smart enough to have a better idea than what God has. I have an ego like anyone else. I sometimes what to think I know what's best and have the best idea and part of me wants people to know how smart I am. This is called being a human being. It's not about where my mind goes in the process of things. I am able and likely to think of anything in relation to whatever I'm dealing with. This is normal. If we didn't consider all the alternatives of whatever we are faced with we wouldn't be an intelligent species. That being said means I’m allowed to have my processes and it is healthier for me if I don't judge myself for having them. At the end of the day, it's not what I've thought in the process of dealing with anyone situation but what I've decided to act on. This is what separates one person’s reality from another. But that's not whats important in this message. What is important for me is that I know that if I want the best possible outcome for any given situation in my life and God is leading me in relation to that I cannot come up with a better idea. My life will ultimately be more productive if I am completely obedient to God's will for me. I will in the long run become wiser and be happier if I follow his direction at the expense of my own ideas. In the program we call this being right sized and this is certainly true for me. The time spent here on earth is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity in heaven, so is the suffering we must go through in service of the Lord. There is no greater reward then basking in the love of the Lord for all eternity. This reward is permanent and so is God’s love. All God requires is a willing heart and he will do the rest. It matters not what you believe but what you care about and that you care. Love your neighbor, care about the people you do business with and respect everyone else. This is what Jesus taught and this is the truth or he would not have said it. This is the good news, not the legalisms and customs of man but the changes in our hearts that God can bring within us if we seek him. It’s God’s job to redeem us, not our job to redeem ourselves. If we sincerely ask God for his help with this, he will deliver us in his time and his way from the games and other sinful acts we are enslaved with and we will be admitted into heaven. You have a choice. Submit to God and he will save you. I like you have to deal with these issues. I’m not perfect nor have I ever been. I’m simply a massager of the Lord. Two children were murdered Saturday in Denver over this situation. This is really uncool and needs to stop immediately. Don't people in the program care about the children who are dying? And what about Jerry Groom who was murdered by AA members? That’s not cool. All Jerry was doing was playing the blues. He shouldn’t be required to die for that. Does Duane Allman have anything to do with it? I think so. Two teenagers were murdered in Denver on Sunday November 30th, 2019 at the end before the email correspondence list I’m sending messages to at the bottom under “Children murdered by the Family again.” This is really uncool and needs to stop!!!! Billy from Boulder One was murdered in 1985 by other AA members over this situation and it should be address, that's not appropriate. It says we can't deny entry into the program to anyone yet murder by AA members is denying entry into Boulder One because he can no longer attend, this violates the traditions. The third tradition say’s the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. I suppose the murderers thought if Billy’s dead he can’t drink so he doesn’t need to attend meetings so it’s okay to murder him to keep him out but the traditions don’t state that you can stop people from going to meetings by murdering them so they violated Billy’s right to attend AA meetings by using violence and this violates the spirit of this tradition. That also goes for all the other members murdered by other AA members and it really needs to stop. Bill W. and Dr. Bob are turning over in their graves because this is not what they intended for AA to become. The same thing was done to his friend Lisa. In memory of Bill and Bob Herbick, Gary Yarbrough, Jim Monroe Alan Dawson, Deborah and Mark Bailey and Deborah Depoe whom I spent many rest working as a fundraiser for Police Associations with. And Eric who I met at Tri Star Productions on West Lake in Seattle in 1991 and went on to work with the rest of us on Alan Dawson's crew. May they rest in peace. I came to love them all before they died. A person from Portland Oregon named Mike Black also worked with us in 1994 and 1995 on the Christmas show and the Circus who tried to frame me for rape involving my girlfriend named Melissa Binder and a girl he knew. He was also involved in selling me meth which we did that night and he like Guy was murdered later. Cancer was the weapon in that case. I worked for Roger Moore in Seattle raising money for Shiners hospital as well. We had issues around a deal with the pay involving Augustus Brillantes that didn't work out for him in the long run. He thought he'd lose money and found my work was solid and lost money because I left as a result of the situation. Gus was in the middle of this. Gus and Roger have both been murdered over my situation. Roger Moore used to call the members of the phone room from Montana the Montana mafia because they wanted to be paid what they were worth. He had the same problem with me. Alan Dawson paid us what we were worth and had plenty of money to live on but Roger wanted more. After all that’s probably why his name was Roger MOORE!!!! For emails on the shiners go to: [email protected], [email protected], After that I ended up at the Veterans Emergency Aid fund in West Seattle where I met Tim the lead singer for the band Militia that lead to the situation involving Bad Animal Studio owned by the Wilson Sisters of Heart. It was May of 1995. My sister Margaret had gone to Sacramento and called me and said she was in Portland and wasn't due to fly back to Spokane until the following day. She showed up unannounced. I had no idea she'd be in town. This wasn't an issue. I hadn't seen her probably in a couple years and was glad to get some time with her of course. This was on a Friday if I remember correctly. We went to get some meth from Jerry. I think I bought seventy dollars worth. Not a lot in the standards of what I had purchased from Guy and Jerry in the past. I remember being at the Hollywood Max station with my sister after getting it. I'm not sure where I met up with Jerry that night to get it. We went to my apartment at the Waverleigh Apartments on Waverleigh right by 30th and Powell where there was a bowling alley called 300 lanes. It's since been replaced with a Target Store. I believe the bowling alley was actually torn down as a result of my situation. There was a guy named Ricky who used to live under the stair well of the Bowling alley going to a side entrance. He was homeless and picked up trash for businesses in the area in order to keep them from having an issue with him staying at that spot including the McDonald's. At one point, I think it was probably before my sister came to town Alan Dawson had a party for the work crew at the Bowling Alley. The people at the Bowling Alley seemed surprised to see me show up with the work crew from the Portland Police Association. I now believe that was a game in order to prevent me from figuring out that my co-workers and my boss Allan were involved. The Family uses these type illusions all the time. Gary Yarborough was at the party at the bowling alley and was home the night my sister showed up. My sister and I did some meth. She only did a couple small lines. She never did a lot. I injected mine of course. I'm not sure Gary did any or not. I can't imagine he didn't. I would have given it to him but I have no recollection of that. I had had relations with my sister Margaret when we were children as well as my sister Elizabeth as a result of the sexual abuse that was intentionally subject to me starting in 1971 for the reasons of screwing me up in this department when I was only nine of age. I don't remember a lot about that at this late date. I do know that when this happened with my sister Elizabeth she was involved in the situation and somehow compensated for it but I don't remember the details of how that came about so I can't see how she was involved at this late date. I do know it was a huge factor in her murder in order to cover this up. After I injected the meth that night I had ideas about that but nothing happened in that direction. It was what it was. I was still recovering from the sexual abuse and was dealing with extreme trauma of abuse of a different but related kind. Anyone with my history and systematic approach of sabatoshing any kind of recovery on this issue, drugs and alcohol or anything else would have been. The amazing thing is with this consistent abuse still going on to this day I was able to recover at all. In fact, I've not been with anyone was is male on well over a decade and have been celibate due to my circumstances for seven years and I couldn't have any of this without finding a way to recover in spite of it all. I had been writing trying to work out the abuse, a lot of this happened while under the influence. The Family got there hands on it through illegal means. Breaking into, bugging and videoing my apartments without a warrant and taking whatever they wanted for means of blackmale and information on entrapment schemes to be carried out into the future. Then when they were under threat of being prosecuted they have spent a great amount of time, energy and money trying to black male and shame me over symptoms of injuries they intentionally inflected on me trying to get out of it. I haven't run around committing crimes and I have no reason to feel ashamed of being injured, especially in light of the fact that I've recovered from their abuse and I refuse to give in to this evil process against me after so many hundreds of people have been murdered as a result of the situation including all my family and friends and everyone I ever knew. I refuse to buckle under to this grave injustice against humanity because that's what it is when hundreds of people are murdered to cover up the criminal conduct of the illuminate. Ricky from the Bowling Alley came over. He'd gotten me meth on several occasions. I had in fact met him on Stark near Martin Luther King at a girls apartment were a prostitute named Ann who was involved in the situation stayed. There was a lot of traumatic games there as well. The first night I met him he had me leave the apartment. I wasn't causing a problem and in fact, stayed there many nights after than when high and coming down off meth. The lady who rented that apartment seemed like she wanted to make herself available to me but I didn't respond. I now believe she intended to frame me sexual assault based on all that had gone on with these people including Ricky. While at my apartment with my sister that night he suggested I put on a porn movie which seemed very awkward under the circumstances and weird on his part. My sister privately asked me to get rid of him. I had no issue with complying with her request as I thought his behavior under the circumstances was quite inappropriate and I wanted my sister for feel safe. I knew Ricky would never cause a problem but my sisters mental welfare was more important to me than the issue of offending Ricky. So I asked him to leave. I was dealing with a lot of paranoia as a result of the traumatic situation going on around me and my legal circumstances at the time. I was walking from window to window looking out worried about the police because of my warrant and all the unwanted attention as a result of the persecution that had ensued around me after I got to Portland in September of 1994. Turns out that Ricky was doing the business of the Family. They had manipulated my sister Margaret into showing up into Portland and Ricky was trying to get pornography going to try and get me to sleep with my sister as another of their sexual entrapment schemes. Debbie Griffith had tried to do the same think in 1989 in Spokane using a card game and alcohol to try and accomplish this. Debbie Griffith, my sister Margaret Williams as everyone already knows and Ricky have been murdered. This was the reason my sister Margaret was murdered after they didn't get the legal disposition they wanted after I turned myself in on June 5th 1995 on the day they attempted to murder me involving Alan Dawson. The bikers where involved in this and so was the AMORC. What are white witches doing controlling bikers? I’ll tell what. The outlaw biker society is an enforcement arm of the elite families and the New World Order. Julie Scott the AMORC grand master was also involved. They are not what you thing they are. In fact, Margaret was murdered a few months later and only a little over a month after I was sentenced in December 1995. She died on January 16th, 1996 in Spokane Washington. For pictures of the Waverleigh apartments go to: Soon I will be adding what happened as a result of Time Life in 2001 that resulted in the murders of at least three managers in Denver Time Life. It led to an incident on Spear Blvd and a framing attempt that involved a hospital and got a lady pregnant in Lakewood Colorado. These people make me sick. I covered this situation in my Treason Affidavit in the section written in 2004 filed with the Portland FBI office in 2012. These are not the actions of people who are innocent and have nothing to hide. They've murdered many hundreds of people. Some of the major body counts are in Seattle, Portland Oregon, Boulder Colorado, Denver Colorado, Pueblo Colorado, Palm Springs California and West Palm Beach Florida. In fact, people have been murdered all over the United States and in other countries over this situation. People who don't have anything to hide don't murder hundreds of people including rock stars to cover it up. Wake UP!!!! This is serious. After my mother died I was talking to people about how many of my family had murdered. My mother made it clear to me that I need to include those whom I loved and had family relationships with outside of my biological family. I was already including extended family of course but she made clear I had to include the William’s family as well. Then it was made clear to me others that needed to be included like Jeff Eike, his mother, Brian Beard, Mary Miles who was Steve Miles mother, Ed Clark’s mother, John Taylor and Nora Segal to name some of them and finally there was a 976 operator I spoke to. I told her of a job she could get for $7.00 an hour in Denver where I had been working and that if she wanted to she didn’t have to work where she was working anymore. She appeared to be listening. This was right before I left for Sacramento. I pondered this later and thought maybe it was about the minutes she was being paid for on this call. She murdered over the situation. She in fact, did get that job, sobered up and came to God after that. After her death she commented that that phone call changed her life. This was before calculating the number of family members murdered over the situation. While I was going through the process of calculating that number she popped in and let me know she wanted to be included in the number of family that had been murdered over my situation. The 35th is her and that represents all the other people in my family whom some I know and many I don’t and can’t possibly know what that number is in this mortal form. I have no idea how many people came to repentance over the situation and came to love me or have been involved in the situation from my point of perspective like may cops who were murdered for doing the right thing but they are all family and the total number I came up with was 35. 34 were personally involved in life. There was a lady at the Portland Alano Club who had a boyfriend named Shane. They got around on his motorcycle. I thought at the time she was against me in the situation. After she died she let me know she was always for me and had to keep her cover. She was murdered over the situation along with a young girl named Kim who was also involved. Both of them are with God as a result. I told her I understood and she let me know she knew I would. There are also the musicians in my life. They are no more important than anyone else but they are special to me because of the bond that comes from associating with other artists and making with them. Brian Beard was one of those, Robert Campbell whom I met in prison, Paul Solder of Metaphysical, Peter Litwin of Coffin Break, Gary Groom who played with the Allman Brothers, Daniel Johnson one of the best guitarist I have ever known who had perfect pitch. This is very rare. Tim of Melissa who I met Becky the secretary of Bad Animals studio through, the members of the band I had we were going to name Rectifier that was destroyed by the music industry my friend Matt who I met Chris Cornell as a result and Chris Cornell himself who is now with God These are all family as well. And of course I must mention Billy whom I love dearly. So now when I tell people how many of my family were murdered I say 35. My father of course was one of the 33 but Ed Clark also got in under the 35th number. And even Steve Miles, Susan Garlock and President Trump came to repentance and is with God and included in this number. Karl Bettenger who murdered my band mates involving Bad Animal studio owned by the Wilson sisters of Heart also came to God. David Mickie in Vancouver WA also made it. They came to repentance before they died. When we go before God, he judges where we are at when the time comes to judge us, not on our past regardless of what we’ve done. It makes no sense to condemn toughs who’ve learned their lesson and God has let even people who were previously engaged in Satanism and saw the light into his kingdom and loves them. In fact, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant who were into the likes of Allister Crowley got into the Kingdom of God and were greatly relieved to have found they are still under God’s grace even after their life. That is the grace of God and it is sufficient for all of us. He all have hope if we place our eyes on him. God wants to save us not to condemn us because he loves us. There 34 number of family members who were murdered that represents the people who turned to God is no less significant than the prior 33. If I knew what the actual number was I wouldn’t have to use the last number as a variable but that’s not possible under the circumstances. I am able to return love to anyone who is able to give it. I don’t to decide whether I love them or not. I already do. People who are capable of giving love are also capable of receiving it and that’s the criteria. I was talking to someone at Coffee trying to influence me not to continue telling the truth. I informed him that God was telling me what to write through those who have been murdered over the situation. That in some cases they were even telling me where in the document where to place the material. I then said, you guys have lied to me over and over again. God has always been straight with me. You have no credibility and God does. I said I don’t believe it. I said we aren’t dealing with what you believe but what I know to be true. Why would I listen to you when you’ve lied to me over and over again? He appeared to understand what I was saying at that point, got up and left the table. They gave me a good job at Time Life so they could play entrapment games and try to frame me for sexual assault. I was given good jobs working for the police associations with the same intent in mind. They hooked me up with a music studio owned by the Wilson sisters of heart and brought stars into my social circles. Not to make me a star but to prevent me from becoming one. My point is whatever they are offering there are hooks to it. This goes for everything they appeared to be offering. This has been about lies and deception from the beginning. Why would I continue to listen to them when I know this was the past reality of the situation!!! This has been my experience and these people do not change as a whole. Individuals sometimes do but not this organization called the Family and they intend to reduce the population to 500,000. That’s less than ten percent by use of murder and wars. There is a documentary that shows five stone monuments that state this in several different languages. I’m not a fool and have no reason to trust anything they have to say or offer. All of it is conditional and we would all be fools to believe the lie that they will rehabilitate themselves. Can we afford to take the chance? I say no and for a copy of this documentary go to: I can’t find a free source for this video but pretty sure this was the one. I went to the Stout Street Health clinic and was seen at 8:15 am on Monday November 25th, 2019 and I saw Laura Allen. She told me I was HIV negative again. She told me my liver is in good shape even though I have Hepatitis C. Both these things are lies. I am literally dying of HIV and Hepatitis C and was intentionally infected with both, which makes this a murder situation no matter how you look at it. They refused to treat it because of all the people at hospitals and clinics who have said I’m negative and are on the hook for attempted murder including at their clinic. They have also gone to great lengths not to treat my hepatitis C and in fact used strong-armed robbery to steal my milk thistle in Sacramento in 2016 when I was trying to do something for my health in regards to the hepatitis. Clearly, they are trying to murder me. I got cellulites on my left foot. They wouldn’t treat the HIV and my toe got infected. I kept trying to get help and nothing was done to treat the cellulites. They refused to amputate the toe. The infection set into the bone which was discovered in Tacoma so they sent me to a hospital in Lakewood Washington. Loaded me up with steroids with the intention of having me sleep with an Asian nurse in her forties to frame me for rape but I left before the steroids to effect. They tried to get the security guy to detain me to put me in a mental facility to frame me for rape in there, and but he said I can’t legally detain him and I left and went back to Portland. This was probably in 2014. Finally, a doctor at Boulder Community health removed the toe or I would be dead by now. I thought I was going to die was prepared for that before they finally removed it. I had made my desired clear in the event of my death on the blog regarding my sister Elizabeth in Boulder prior to them removing it. I did this because I thought it was necessary. Now I have the same thing going on the other foot. My foot is in pain everyday as a result. I really should have painkillers because the naproxen is not cutting it at this point. However, they are now saying its not cellulitis and it’s is. I’ve already had this and soon it will result in serious infection and I’ll either have to have another toe removed or I’ll die from the infection but they don’t want to admit this is a symptom of HIV and if they deal with it correctly it will be in the medical records. They don’t have a problem murdering me but the problem here is they are getting caught through medical problems that they are having to disguise the records to try and suppress evidence of MURDER!!!! I’m not the only one, I’m just extremely visible and that’s why it’s a problem for them. They are using this stuff trying to force me to accept a bribe. This isn’t bribery, this is extortion. The Foundcare clinic in West Palm Beach Florida is in it with President Trump. Needless to say I didn’t find any care there. They are located at: 2330 S Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406 For a picture of the building go to:!1s0x88d8d7f9d211df7d%3A0x39cadabf2619b252!3m1!7e115!!5sFoundcare%20west%20palm%20beach%20location%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipP-7A0VO9QwiQOZTJ8mIxeEZu_7tdeQJ8G-cdHa&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiekdqkv4bmAhWBtp4KHZk-AoQQoiowCnoECAwQBg After we collected evidence of the health profession giving false negative HIV results at the West Palm Beach Health department, Foundcare and a couple local hospitals they involved a teenage boy in the games. He was either sixteen or seventeen. He was driving and so he obviously had a license. The vehicle he had appeared to be his parents. This was in front of the library on Clematis. I got pictures of him riding his skateboard and his vehicle license plate in the process. They murdered him to cover it up but there are the pictures taken with my cell phone that connect me to him prior to his murder. To learn about an effective vaccine, go to: The Family could stop HIV for everyone if they wanted to!!!!! There is no way they intend to help me if I refused to take a bribe and are literally murdering me as this is going on. I wake up every morning feeling sick. I have sores in my mouth that people with HIV get. I’m itching all the time for no apparent reason. This never happened before and I’m sure it’s related. I have aids and I’m dying because of it and they are letting it happen. I’m am very skinny now and eat very little. This is also consistent with HIV infection. This problem is system wide not just Stout Street and I’m not the only one they are murdering!!!! Stout Street Health Clinic literally murdered Dr. Lindsey Metcalf and a person I consider to be my daughter Anissa Santiago at Stout Street Health clinic to cover this up. In fact, Boulder Community Aids project was involved in murdering my friend Tony Finley by denying him medical attention and diagnoses. They have a special test kit with the antibody mechanism disabled as part of the tools of the industry to give false negative every time its’ used on someone positive with HIV. This is seriously the case. I am not making this up. Stout Street Health Clinic 2130 Stout St, Denver, CO 80205 (303) 293-2220 Dr. James Dobson has been murdered. Ask the Jail commander about what has happened around me at the Boulder County Jail at 303-441-4619 or contact the medical unit at the jail at 303-441-4656 They are aware of a lot more than the situation with Debbie Stevens and there is records they can refer to including issues around Chelsea Lucas. The Jail commander loves to talk about Debbie Stevens and why she was murdered as well as why all the jail employees were murdered following my release in February 2018. He’ll literally talk your ear off!!!!! So listen very carefully and cherish every word. He loves an audience. Steve Miles helped Vine Life church in Longmont try and manipulate me into one of their halfway houses for new Christians in about 2001. Around the time of 911, just prior to that actually. Dave the person from the church I was dealing with was murdered over the situation. I met him in Boulder County Jail in 1995. I met Tiara in Boulder in about 1983 just prior to the Christmas holiday that I can remember. I may have known her a little longer. She was fifteen years old at the time. I didn't know it then but I knew she was a teenager of course. She became my little friend. I gave her LSD a few times. I don't thing she ever bought it from me but she may have. I was selling a lot of LSD one night and had several hundred dollars on me. I cleaned up this particular evening as far as sales went. I can't remember how much but more then a hundred hits I'm sure. I was quite drunk and ended up blacking out that night. Tiara was around that night. My money was stolen and she denied stealing it. I had been in a black out so I just let the matter go because I didn't know for sure and I'm not going to make an issue if I don't actually know. Turns out she did steal it and was instructed to do so. I was moving up in the business and the Family was fighting that. They had gotten me involved in this to try and wreck my life and create drug busts but instead I got good at dealing and was very good at not getting caught and so they where trying to prevent me from succeeding. In other words their game as it were was backfiring and so they sent in Tiara to steal the proceeds that night. They also had been trying to get a sexual situation between us so they could get me for sleeping with an underage girl. I was only twenty-two so having a fifteen year old friend wasn't an abnormal situation as far as that goes. Months or maybe even a year later I had a friend who was in his forties. He had schizophrenia but a monthly prolixin injection took care of the symptoms and unless he told you he was schizophrenia you'd never know. I think he lived in an efficiency apartment at 2121 Canyon Blvd, Boulder Colo. He had a trust fund of about eight hundred dollars a month and didn't need to work. I borrowed a few dollars from him from time to time. He didn't have a problem with this because I always paid him back. Tiara comes over one day and they talked about her prostituting herself to him. I didn't think much about it at the time but now i know this was another manipulative ploy trying to get me into a sexual situation with her so they could charge me for it. It never went anywhere. As far as I was concerned Tiara was my little friend. I saw her New Year’s eve in 1984 and gave her some acid that day at JD's house on 34th and Aurora. The last time I saw Tiara was at the Boulder County Jail after I had been arrested for the 1986 incident. She was in the dining room and we ate at the same table. She had just turned eighteen. Tiara has since been murdered over the situation. I was really sad to find that out. I had love for her. Lisa Strong from Loveland Colorado was murdered over the situation as well. She was raised at 3020 Elder St, in Boulder Colorado and it’s where she lived in the summer of 1980 when I met her. She was sixteen and I was seventeen at the time. She lived down the street from where Jill grew up also on Elder Street. Lisa Strong later murdered Jill to cover up the fact the Family sabatoshed a relationship that would have led to marriage between Jill and I and the fact that before Jill woke up her and Lisa were involved in trying to get me to molest Jill’s son Cody Anderson, son of Joe Anderson. Cody was also murdered over it and he was only two years old when this happened. Joe Anderson was also murdered over my situation involving teaching me about Benzedrex inhalers and how to turn it into an injectable substance at Steve Miles house in the spring of 1980 when I was a student at Boulder Vo-Tech for welding. I knew Jill a couple years before I came to live with her and her son Cody in Chautauqua Park student housing in about 1983 I believe it was. She was Lisa Strong’s best friend and my friend Joe Anderson’s girlfriend who was the father of Cody. I think I met her through Lisa but I’m not positive of that. Joe Anderson and Jill were no longer together and Jill rarely talked to Lisa at this point. They’d had some kind of falling out but got together at a point after a two-year absence in the interest in emotionally traumatizing me in order to try and get me to molest Jill’s son. I’ve talked about my relationship or whatever it was with Lisa Strong previously and I’m not going into it here. For info on Chautauqua go to: For pictures of some of the housing their go to: It’s located at: The Colorado Chautauqua 900 Baseline Road Boulder, CO 80302 Phone: 303.442.3282 Fax: 303.449.0790 [email protected] Jill’s father was a professor at a university and I believe her mother was too. Jill’s father told Jill if she got me to molest her son Cody she could get her way through school covered. Now Jill had a good heart but you got to realize she grew up with this man who was her father. He’s pounding into her head that the most important thing in life is an education any way you can get it. When a parent comes to you it has great influence on your thinking especially in the early twenties which Jill and I both were. Most people in their early twenties haven’t fully separated from their parents emotionally and don’t yet have a full understanding of themselves as separate individuals. She was a year or two younger then I was and I was about twenty-one at the time. Jill was confused. She loved her son but her father was pounding this into her head. She wanted to do what was right by her son but like any person this age she wanted to please her father. Well what happened? I moved in not knowing any of this and I started helping Jill parent her son. I remember he came into my room and was going through things. He was only two years old and I told Jill if this isn’t addressed this could lead to real problems when he grew older. She hesitantly agreed. She knew by this time it wasn’t about my stuff but my concern for her son. I was still too young to know this was normal behavior for a two-year-old and had he been about seven my point would have been valid but the point here is I was concerned about Cody’s welfare and development. Jill began to see I loved them both and had more confusion about the whole situation with her father and untimely feel in love with me because it was obvious I care about her too. By my actions and behavior, she could see I wanted a family and a future with her but neither of us express this directly. She was actually more interested in this then going to school. School was important to her but not more than a family life and people she could love. She was precious in my eyes. After she moved out of Chautauqua I came and visited her on a regular basis at her apartment on Arapahoe and Folsom. I had been forced to move to BCTC before that but our relationship clearly didn’t stop as a result. This relationship went on for a while. My brother came to town to assassinate me but of course I didn’t know that was his reason for being there. I didn’t at that time know he was a hitman. I knew he had gone through special forces but I was naive as to what that actually meant and I thought my brother loved me. He talked about a maneuver in the military where they take a hill and give up hundreds or even thousands of their lives to get to the top and seize the target area. He also told me he was supposed to engage in a military operation that he would not have come back from and it was called off about fifteen minutes before the cut off or he’d have been dead. This was in the Reagan administration. The citizens knew nothing about this and still don’t. I really didn’t understand his priorities as he was telling me this information but I didn’t know he was an assassin either. I know more about that kind of thinking now than I did then and I still don’t agree with it. If I’d known, then what I know now I’d have been a little more alarmed by what he was into. He knew Jill and Lisa Strong from school when he lived in Boulder before going to live with my father, this caused an issue that made him have to back out of the assassination job against me. Little details like this can get an assassin caught and a professional is all too aware of it. The people who hire them are also just as concerned about the little things because if they get caught, everyone is at risk. Jill came to me one day saying you’re a lot more mature then your brother. I was shy and had very low self-esteem as a result of the Family’s systematic abuse or I would have figured out she meant she wanted a future with me and things would have turned out much differently. Had the Family not interfered with Kendall Chambers it was revealed to me by God that Jill and I would have been married but the Family intentionally sabatoshed that relationship. Cody wasn’t even born yet when this started but Kendall was pregnant and this was when the conspiracy concerning Kendall had started. They had to do something about Jill. Kendall came onto the scene shortly after that and was also murdered along with Jill to cover this up. My heart sank when I learned that Cody too had also been murdered. I wanted to be in his life after he had become and adult and found out I was never going to get that chance. Jill’s father was also murdered over the situation but I’d only met him once at this house when Jill brought me there in 1983. I met Kendall Chambers through Frisco Bob in 1984. I think it was the summer. We were staying in an abandoned house outside San Juan apartments where Kendall lived. It's since been torn down but San Juan is still there. Seth was probably ten months if I'm not mistaken. I didn't know it but Kendall Chambers was involved in a conspiracy to try and get me to molest her son Seth Chambers before he was born. This conspiracy was hatched while she was pregnant. In the early eighties she wouldn't have even known the sex of the child at the time this was planned. I didn't even know who Kendall was when they were planning it. A person named Tucks was the father of Seth and he died quite some time before I left Boulder in 1987. I never met Tucks but Kendall talked about him all the time. Turns out Jill was also shy and that's why it was taking a while to get anywhere with a future that we both wanted. She tried in her way to tell me and I covered that. The Family saw a possible family developing between her and I and got busy making plans to destroy that. Anyone who knew the circumstances and issues between Jill and I would have figured this out even though Jill and I were taking our time getting there. I can look back and clearly see it for myself and they made a point of knowing everything about my life since I was two years old so they saw it too. I didn't respond to Kendall right away. I think Seth was about nine months when I met her. I was shy and she was a very pretty blond as far as that went. She had emotional issues and mental issues though but that's not what I'm talking about right now. I was in BCTC after this probably six months later or so and I decided to go see Kendall on my bicycle. The Family would have known where I was headed because they kept track of everything and knew where she lived. There was nothing else in that direction at that time I'd have been heading too. I got there and she was having one of her famous yard sales tanning out in the yard by her apartment. I believe this was set up as I headed there. She then invited me to diner. A lady who was also a blond who worked at BCTC made a comment on how cute she was. I believe this was all part of their plans to make this relationship happen because BCTC as any correctional facility's staff was filled with the Family. I don't remember her name. I went to Kendall's that night and she had a meal prepared and we spent hours talking as though we were very compatible. I talked about growing up in ruff neighborhoods in Denver and all kinds of other stuff and she held her end of the conversation as well. I don't think we became sexual that night but soon after that. She was twenty-four or twenty-six at the time. Just a few years older than I was. I think it was twenty-six but I'm not positive. I don't remember her being that much older but I remember that number. Kendall Chambers had grown up with an abusive mother who as Kendall said was a religious zealot who according to Kendall she refused to talk too. I don't really know what the truth of all that is because of everything else I found out later but that was probably the situation. She had a boyfriend she kept going back to named Fred Jolly who regularly abused her physically. I met Fred at a speakers meeting prior to this. He had been on the streets for a number of years and had gotten sober and gotten his act together and had two of sobriety. He relapsed after that, I can’t remember all his history. He was a Vietnam vet who had a serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder which I believe was the biggest contributor to his homelessness problem. There was a lot of Vets in a similar financial and psychological situation at that time in Boulder and Fred was one of them. I’m sure this was the case all over the country but Boulder certainly had its share. I always felt for Fred as a result of that. I never talked to him about it but I was sensitive to it. One of my welding instructors was also a Vietnam Vet. He talked of an experience where they had a bunch of prisoners. The order game back to “grease them” which meant murder them. They gunned them down with machine guns. This is illegal but he had his orders and groveled with his conscience as a result as anyone can well imagine. I don’t know why people talked to me about that kind of stuff but they did. I was compassionate ear for people. I met Kendall Chambers around the time I went up to the Hog Back which is near Red Rocks in the mountains. It was a place we partied. I remember seeing either Young Bob or Randy up there. The issue of Randy came up concerning the incident in 1986 as a result of my arrest in July of 1986 and unfortunately Randy was murdered by the Family as a result. Obviously they felt they had to hide all the evidence of their legal corruption and drug related entrapment attempts by murdering all the people associated with me around the LSD distribution scene in Boulder. It’s really sad because Randy and Young Bob where good people and I’m sorry they are gone. Frisco Bob had his issues but I loved him too. None of them deserved this. It didn’t stop there either, Old Joe and a lot of other people where murdered as well and in fact it went all the way to San Francisco to the door step of the University where the LSD is made. Crispy and his partner Sean who also lived in Boulder and was also in the LSD trade was murdered over the situation too. I didn’t deal with them on a wholesale level but the Family wanted them gone none the less. I think it was Randy and he told me how he’d sold something like 25 sheets of LSD that day which is 2500 hits. My Father John G. Huebel had Randy murdered and probably Young Bob too. I started dating Kendall in early 1985 I think it was. Kendall offered her child Seth Chambers for a small fee. Send Seth to Waldorf school and I’ll try and get Paul to molest him. To make a long story short it didn’t work and they are still trying this to this day but their elevator doesn’t make it to the eleventh floor so they still haven’t figured it out after all these decades. At another point I was again in BCTC. A person named Brad worked there who was a counselor and he had quite of involvement in the situation but that’s another story for another time. While I was there I was tired of being exploited in the work environment. I never got paid well at restaurants and the welding job making safes paid me much less then what I was worth as a welder because I was quite skilled in that trade. I decided to become a commission salesman. I figured if I didn’t make any money neither did my boss and that was good enough for me because I was tired of getting fucked. Pardon my French, I’ll learn English someday I promise. I went to work for a place on about 33rd and Arapahoe called the Corum group. We sold a list of three banks where people could get credit cards between ten and twelve and a half percent interest rates when the going rate was about nineteen percent. There was no guarantee they’d be approved of course. The list cost a hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. We had lists of credit card holders and we’d call them up and get their credit card numbers. Not everyone sold it straight. I did because I’m not the kind of person who’d lie about a product on the phone. I will say things that aren’t true to create report but I don’t think there’s any ethics problems with that as long as I’m not misleading people about the product. That’s just called creative selling. It’s part of the art of sales. People where calling saying they needed the credit card number to verify they were a credit card holder to qualify and other such non sense. They had a full law firm keeping us in business and the DA’s office trying like hell to shut us down and because of the legal team behind us it was a problem for them. There was a young lady of about twenty-three. She was married and she was a natural. I wasn’t. I was cutting my teeth and not making a lot of money but I was leaning how to sell. I was patient in this regard and knew it would take me some time to get this trade down. In fact, it took about three years before I started getting any good. She took to it like a duck takes to water. A representative from the Boulder DA’s office came in and was listening to her. They were really frustrated as they watched her rack up sale after sale with no illegal propriety. They left empty handed that day. People would go through the pitch and lift the phone away from their mouth as they said the price and other stuff. I didn’t do any of these things. John the manager tightened up the operation and the sales went down. They had to return a large amount of credits from some of these sales. He came in one Saturday and said, say whatever you want. He wanted the room volume to go back up. People did and one day they shut down the operation. Paid us half of what we were owed and then disappeared on the day they were supposed to pay us the rest. Employees turned state’s evidence against John and he high tailed it to Hawaii in an effort to beat the statute of limitations before he was arrested. John too was murdered over the situation. I met Kendall’s mother while working there. Kendall wouldn’t talk to her and having compassion I got her a picture of Kendall and Seth. I think Kendall got mad about that, but I really didn’t see how that hurt Kendall in anyway. There was also a teenage girl who was working there coming onto me but I didn’t respond to her. She had long black hair if I remember correctly. She asked if I had any pictures of myself when I was younger and I told her I didn’t. I now believe they were part of the situation and really doubt she is alive today. The bosses of this operation were being chauffeured around in limonene’s partying with young girls and I heard about it. There was a huge amount of money generated out of this for the owners. Kendall Chambers had stolen a bunch of heroin from the Mexican mafia. It was funny. Others would talk of associations like this and I wouldn’t believe them. For some reason I knew Kendall was tied up with the Mexican Mafia and as it turns out it was so. Seth Chambers has murdered his mother Kendall Chambers and nine other people. He was employed at Saint Francis Center to carry out a contract on me but won’t get that chance. On Saturday November 30th, Rachel who I speak of at the end of the document was murdered over this. She was sixteen years old. The Family was trying it again and had her murdered to cover it up. She was an employee at St. Francis. Seth was involved after the fact which makes him an accessory. Since he’s murdered others prior to this he’s just as guilty as if he’d done the work himself because the issue of intent is without question. If he was ordered to do the work, he would have and that’s the way a jury will see this based on his history. Seth Chambers has a personality like my brothers. He’s very chameleon like and if you didn’t know you’d never guess he’s a cold blooded killer. These type are the most dangerous type of murderer because most people never see them coming. They appear completely harmless. There are a lot of different types of sociopaths but this is a special breed. Ted Bundy was that kind. He doesn’t have the numbers my brother had before he was murdered himself but I have no doubt he’d get them over time because he is much younger and he’s gotten under his belt now. I’m not sure if Waldorf would have changed that for him, but it might have!!!! There was an order to murder Kendall Chambers by the Mexican Mafia and she was hiding out in Lakewood. She told me don’t tell anyone where I am. I’m sure I didn’t. I wouldn’t have anyway. I generally don’t talk about other people’s business if it has nothing to do with me. I knew Kendall had reasons for people not to know where she lived prior to this because of her life style long and I’m not insensitive to people’s needs for security or other things for that matter. She at one time told me about a situation with them that they were waiting for her partner to come up with money or else they were going to cut off her fingers. There was some question whether he’d be able to come up with the money while they waited and detained Kendall in the process. She was murdered with her fingers so you know how it turned out. I think this was in about 2001. A pretty blond girl in Boulder was murdered and the crime was never solved. I talked to Kendall and she said she believed she was murdered by the Mexican Mafia thinking it was Kendall. Turns out that’s what happened. The Family probably pointed her out and said, that’s Kendall go get her. They wanted Kendall to remain alive in case she was needed to manipulate me but she had a debt to the Mexican Mafia that was required in blood to pay it off. Well the Family can’t just say to the Mexican Mafia your issue isn’t important to us and keep trust and faith with them to continue business. Since they are in the business of games they simply say she’s over there and they stopped looking for Kendall because they thought they’d murdered her. They’d murdered all right. Just the wrong person but the Family doesn’t care about that and neither do our politicians because they are in the Family. They only pretend too. They say go murder this person. We are tight and you can count on me to watch your back. This is the game. They pay whatever is the agreement and so you believe them. But they don’t care about your life. One day they decide you are a liability and they go to your buddy. They say, we are tight and I’ve got your back covered go kill Joe if that’s your name and your tight agreement is now considered in heaven. That’s the game and that’s why all these people are dying. Because they believe them. My boss Alan Dawson was associated with the police. They told him go kill Paul we got your back covered. Alan thought they are the police what do I have to worry about. They got my back and I’ve raised money for them for years. They need me for money. Well Alan failed to pull the job off on June 5th, 1995. He rehired me in 1998 and I’ll cover that later. He retired and the situation got hot so what happened. The police went to someone else. I’m not sure who and said, we are tight and we got your back covered and that’s way Alan Dawson and everyone else in the phone room is now dead. Do they have your back covered? You need to ask this question and be honest with yourself and whatever you do don’t forget they lye all the time. The graveyard is full of examples of this. Seth Chambers is now about thirty-six I think. He look like he’s in his mid to late twenties. He’s like I as at that age. In fact, he murdered his mother Kendall Chambers recently. It was nothing personal. He was simply paid to do the job. Seth Chambers for example is now at St Francis Center in Denver for that reason as well. He was supposed to try and get to me but that’s not going to happen but I’m really worried about him getting caught for the murders. If you get ahold of Seth Chambers, please send him a copy of the Hitman Manuel so he can get less sloppy with his murders. After all I know about them and so he needs to clean it up a little but, tell him please don’t use the hitman manual on me though. That's my only condition. I love him and I want them to get away with it!!!!! Please don’t send it to Harold the director of the Salvation Army cross roads program in Denver because if you do I’m as certain as dead. For a copy of the hitman manual go to: I’ve included contact information for Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle. A bunch of Boulder County Jail employees were murdered over this and he loves to talk so by all means give him a mouth full and he’s sure to open his mouth in return. He's anxiously awaits you call and his secretary is standing by. Anissa Roselle's daughter from Seattle was murdered at Stout Street Health Center on Thursday November 19th, 2019 right after she left the room of my appointment before I even left. This was prior to 10:00 am when I was checked into Saint Francis Center immediately after I left just blocks from there. Anissa was like a daughter to me and didn't deserve this. She was under twenty-six years of age. Please ask Joe Pelle to pull some strings and get Rod arrested for murdering her as well as doing his job of arresting the murders of the Boulder County Sheriff’s employees. He really needs to be loyal to his help. We know Why Rod murdered Anissa and so will he!!!! No question about that. All crimes connected to Roselle Williams and her family are tied to the Boulder County Courts including this murder. One of the officers that has been recently murdered was named Debbie Stevens. She was still alive when I was released from the Boulder County Jail in February of 2018. I met Debbie after I was arrested in July of 1986 and booked into the Boulder County Jail located on 6th and Canyon at the time. She was about my age. She was an attractive brunet. She didn’t treat me well while in the jail, this was long before I understood I was a victim of entrapment and that the Boulder County Courts, Police and Sheriff’s office was involved through an organization called the Family and that my treatment in jail was also part of that. Not just the entrapment offense and Debbie Stevens was involved since the begging of this event. I don’t know when she became involved with the Family I just know she was already part of it at that time. When you got to know Debbie you found out she’d had a history of abuse although I don’t know what the details of that are. She didn’t hide the fact that she had a history but never discussed what it was. Her personality also showed she may have had that sort of past as well. When you’ve been abused you can see the symptoms in others as a result of it and that was the case with her. I was released around February of 1987 if I remember correctly. It was about seven months after I was arrested. In March of 1987 I became a fugitive and left to Sacramento. I turned myself in after the intense persecution started on June 5th, 1995. I signed a waiver of extradition to Colorado and was flown back to Denver on United a couple weeks later, then brought to the Boulder County Jail located at 3200 Airport Rd, Boulder, Colorado 80301 For pictures of the current Boulder County Jail go to: For a pictures of the Boulder County Jail go to: I was at Susan Garlock’s when I was seventeen or eighteen. She had a male stripper hanging out one day talking about his relationship with his girlfriend. He was talking about stripping at a club in front of women. That his relationship was open. This was done to try and get me interested in pursuing this which didn’t happen. This stuff is openly said of course. It’s subtler then that but there’s no question of what the motive of this was. Over the years I’ve occasionally watched dancers but it’s never been a thing that I did often or even regularly. There has never been a question in my mind that these girls where in it to collect money. I never once thought these women where available emotionally and physically would involve money. Some people don’t grasp this concept and are taken by some of these girls who swindle men who are unhealthy. I was with Jim who I met at BCTC for a conviction of half pound of cocaine. He’d hooked up with me. He had a half ounce and we were doing it. I took a UA at BCTC before injecting it so I’d come up clean. We went to a strip club. There was a dancer who was very flirtation. I said hi. You she said you can say hi to me anytime. Turns out this was a game. We left and went to my place near Golden West Manor where I’d worked when I was sixteen. At the time I lived with Tim Welsch who was a cosmetology student. He got paranoid and there was a lot of issues and we never got back to the club. He was really drunk. Jim offered him a couple grams of coke just to shut up. He wanted more and so it didn’t happen. The next day he was still acting weird the Boulder Police where brought into it and I had Kendall come pick me up to get me away from him until he could sober up. I’m not sure how much of this situation was game but I know Tim was also involved. In 1992 I was a secretary for an NA meeting on the Seattle Community college campus on Broadway and Pine. I met a guy there named Jeff and we became friends. He introduced me to his girlfriend Amanda. Amanda had a business of sending dancers or strippers whatever you want to call them to paying customers. Jeff used to pick up the girls and run them to their next appointments. I’d been in the car a few times when he did this. Amanda said she’d gotten her money from a pyramid scheme call airplanes. I’d heard of this but didn’t ask any questions. This was really her business and I had no interest in being involved so no reason to enquire about it. She had a stripper who was named Lisa. Lisa had long black hair. She was a semi attractive Jewish girl probably in her late thirties or early forties. I had her number and called her frequently. Saw her occasionally but not a lot. Amanda said Lisa was problems. I had some interest in her but I wasn’t sure I could deal with what she did for a living. It wasn’t a judgement it was that I get close to people and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be in a relationship with someone working the sex trade, but dancing isn’t all or even most of what they do. I think you know what I’m talking about. She talked to me about the possibility and the idea of having sex, but it never happened. I’m actually glad it worked out that way. Amanda said she got a call from Metallica. They had requested a male stripper for the bass player I think it was. The stripper went over there, and it turned out it was a practical joke. They paid the stripper and sent him on the way. I have no reason to drought her word on this. I was in Seattle and hooked up with characters who ended up in situations like this. Well here’s what it was about. They were trying to get me into becoming a stripper by making it look like I could get cool music connections this way. They knew I was connected in the Seattle music scene and they also knew I was constantly expanding this as I went along. So this was the way they dealt with it trying to manipulate me into the gay sex trade. I’m not interested in dancing in front of men or anyone else for that matter without cloths on or having sex with men for music connections money or anything else and so of course it didn’t work. For articles on the fact that Metallica did this sort of thing go to: Members of Metallica have been murdered over the situation. I suspect the prank played on Queensryche may have been in furtherance of the situation in which case members of Queensryche may also be dead as well. As a tribute to the members of Metallica who lost their lives over this situation I’ve included a YouTube concert video of Master Of Puppets. Seems the Masters got them: For photographs go to: I have some question whether any of these members of this band have been murdered. I don’t know that’s the case but there’s certainly a motive here. Chris Cornell was murdered maybe some of these have been too. They wouldn’t tell you if they were at this time and in this situation. That’s a fact. When I worked at the Weathered Wall, they hired a light skin black guy named Dontre I think it was. He was tall and actually quite attractive as far as that goes. We became friends. He fit right into the club scene. He was working on the side as a stripper. He talked about this a little. Again, I think this was to try and get my interest in this, but I wasn’t into that. He had also been involved in trying to set me up for an entrapment on drugs but that didn’t work either. I was a user. I occasionally got stuff for people but I wasn’t a dealer. I was a fugitive and I didn’t do anything that would give them an easy way to pick me up. His big thing was to try and tell people call it cookies on the phone. Code words like this are admissible in court with an explanation of what they mean. Robert James also tried this. I had a rule. Never talk on the phone about drugs if I’m in a position, to have it used against me. Never. It was a Saturday Evening in May 1986. I had been drinking and doing Benzedrex inhalers. I had been partying and was walking around. There was an apartment building behind the apartment building I was living in. It was probably around 20th and Canyon, it was an apartment building down the street from BCTC. I’ve documented the location in 2016. I saw some girls sleeping out front, one of which was fourteen who’d been to Boulder One with her mother. At this point I don’t believe this family was regular AA members but attended some meetings where I was at in furtherance of this game. I then went into the house and I knew these people vaguely from the program. I wasn’t well aquatinted with them; I’d seen them around meetings including Boulder One but not often. The door was left open and I went in. The lady of the house had been drinking. We talked and she made a comment about how the mind was willing but flesh was weak. This lady was very unattractive and had I been in my right mind I would never have slept with her but I wasn’t that night. This was mentioned in my discovery but that seemed to disappear after I turned myself in in 1995. We had sex and I left. I went back later and there was a nine-year-old girl in the living room. I started to engage with that situation. I pulled down her panties and she woke before anything actually happened. I came to my senses and realized what I was doing and left. This was not normal behavior for me. The next day I went to church and was crying about the situation. I hadn’t been arrested. These tears for her, they weren’t about me because I hadn’t had to deal with it yet. After the incident I went home and passed out. Someone came into my apartment and stole my wallet and this was used as evidence in the case, “tying me to the scene of the incident, claiming I left it there.” This is part of what lead to my attorney Scott Renner’s murder. There was issues around this and when I turned myself into deal with the situation they said they couldn’t the discovery in order to conceal evidence of their crime against me in 1995. I was arrested right before July 4th, 1986. In the beginning of my relationship with Chelsea Lucas was to make amends for this but after a while I developed great love Chelsea and the amends thing at that point was secondary. I used to walk around with Chelsea and we’d see addicts in the middle of their dysfunction and I’d point them out to her and say, see Chelsea? That’s what drugs will do to you. I tried to spare of this misery but she turned into an addict anyway, but I tried my best. There was a lot of corruption involved in the situation. My public defender Diane McDonald tried to get me to go to trial on a case she intended to lose. The entire family was later murdered to cover the whole thing up because it was entrapment. They had spent the entire time since 1971 trying to make this happen started with the sodomization committed against me when I was nine by Ronnie Gardener in Pleasanton California. He was also murdered to cover it up. Steve Miles is probably the last abuser that was murdered over it because it is coming out that he murdered Jonbenet Ramsey on December 25th, 1996 for the Family while I was in prison. But there were other abusers murdered to cover it up as well. One a couple prior to the incident was an abuser from Boulder One named Tiny. Dierdre Banks tried to bring this to the attention of the authorities after Tiny had been murdered over it and went so far as to identify me while I was in the Boulder County jail. She came in with AA. She was later murdered by Darrell Banks to cover this up. They tried getting me to molest a strippers’ daughter who was probably about five when I was fifteen at St James Apartments where I lived in 1977. She worked at the Bustop. My brother worked for another stripper at the Bustop and did molest the children he was watching. I told Stymie Minor about some of this stuff at the Phoenix project in 1995 after I was there dealing with my charges. After they failed to get me to molest this stripper’s daughter when I was fifteen they had my grandfather Carry come to Boulder to see us. He had molested my uncles and found out as my mother was dying her when they were children. Apparently Carry and his friends tied my mother up and sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager. This would have been after her father died. Carry was my mother’s step father but the only Grandfather I ever knew on her side. My real Grandfather died before I was born. This of course broke my mother’s heart. My mother told my brother about it as he was murdering her. My mother just thought she was just getting sick or she probably would have never shared this with him but I’m glad she did because it answered a lot of questions I had about her struggles after the fact. When he was in Boulder she guarded me like hell making sure he didn’t have an opportunity to repeat this behavior. He was there on a Family errand. When he got to Boulder he said he’d just started smoking pot. I was a young kid and thought that was cool. This was in the days where your mother may have smoked pot but usually your grandparents didn’t. It wasn’t long after the sixties revolution which was what I grew up in. It’s not like now in this regard. He brought some hash which I got some of. He left empty handed and I remained un abused by him as a result of my mother’s vigilant protection. This didn’t go unnoticed by the Family and they used a Dexidrine entrapment scheme to get me into the custody of the Juvenile authorities so they could take me away from my mother and put me into the Pine Street Attention home in 1978, they pulled me out Casey Jr. High school and forced me onto the juvenile work program where I was forced to do Forestry work for $2.10 an hour in a situation my mother could no longer protect me in. After I was removed from the home I started getting systematically sexually abused in order to create the above situation. This was done with malice and forethought. In other words, premeditation. While at 45st Attention home they brought in a child molester directly to the home and when I recognized him they did nothing in regards to reporting it and let him get away. I had met him with Dave Cisneros after we ran away from the 3rd Street Attention home in Longmont and where detained by the Police in Utah. He “rescued” us from the police and tried to molest Dave and I that night. Obviously he was also on an errand for the Family. Dave Cisneros has also been murdered. Nelson Case was the Councilor from 45th street Attention home in Boulder was also involved in my situation and have been murdered too. David and Jennifer Bennet where the house parents for Pine Street Attention home. They were all murdered including a blond lady named Donna who worked at the Juvenile detention center when all this was going on and recording much of the corruption involved. Donna was aware of the sexual abuse going on and documented everything connected to it that came to her attention. Then later got me a job for the Polk directory where I identified Tom who had sold me the Dexidrine that got me into the situation in the first place. In fact, they won’t give me my juvenile record because of the corruption recorded in it. They continued to find reasons to send me the Boulder County Juvenile center until they were able to make a case to put me in Lookout Mountain School. I’m wasn’t badly behaved this was about corruption not a misbehaved child intended to turn me into a sex offender. This was the PLAN!!!! Lisa Talve who I met at Adams County detention center was also aware of the sexual abuse and documented what was connected to it at Lookout Mountain School. She documented corruption in my case in Brighton at the Adams County Detention Center as well which was involved in sending me to Lookout Mountain School. The Family got me hooked up with Steve Miles when I was sixteen years old I believe. Then they had him molest me and get me into hard drugs. Cocaine and it was at his house with Joe Anderson the whole thing started with Benzedrex Inhalers. It’s a form of amphetamine. Joe Anderson, father of Cody Anderson was ultimately murdered over this and other aspects of the situation. Tom Parsons later sent me to Dr. Bob McFarland to have him prescribe me speed but told me he was supposed to give me anti-depressants with the intent of trying to bring about a sexual situation. Tom Parsons was murdered over this and much, much more. Dr. McFarland who murdered over the speed situation. He was old but he was definitely murdered, there's no question about that. I was sent to him by Tom Parsons who knew I was trying to stay sober. Tom Parsons was supposed to be helping me and yet he sent me to Dr. Bob McFarland knowing he’d try to give me speed. That was the plan but I didn’t want it and so the doctor is now dead. He’d probably be dead by now anyway but that doesn’t change the fact they murdered him to cover this up. Dr. McFarland was known for passing out drugs to addicts and Steve Miles and his friends where clients of the good doctor. His license was later removed for this activity and it’s all part of the record and went on to do a show at KGNU in Boulder. Dr. McFarland like many of us was an activist who liked to prescribe addicts drugs but no ones perfect. I actually liked him and I should state that. In his office he had panties I immediately recognized as the work of Susan Garlock. He liked to prescribe desoxyn and I’m sure others depending on who he was dealing with and probably planned on giving that to me if I would have accepted it. They used Kendall Chambers to sabatosh a relationship with a girl I knew named Jill and played games trying to get me to molest her two-year-old son Seth Chambers. I talk more about Seth Chambers later. He went on to murder several people. There is more to this story as you will see in the following pages but this give you an idea of what was happening. After I left Boulder as a fugitive I ended up in Seattle in 1990. I’d left March of 1987. I got involved in HIV activism and the Seattle music scene. I became involved in Roselle William’s family and helped raise her daughter Chelsea Lucas. I put a very good band together. My roommate Becky was the secretary for Bad Animal Studio owned by the Wilson Sisters of the Band Heart and Steve Lawson. They were involved in sabatoshing my band for the family to prevent me from becoming famous because of my stance on HIV. There were other people involved in the games in the music scene as well. In fact, stars where murdered to cover it up including Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin as well as the Wilson sisters of Heart and quite a few more. You won’t see them on the news in concert anymore. The full on persecution started against me in Portland Oregon in September of 1994. I turned myself in in Portland Oregon on June 5th, 1995 and then met Stymie Minor at the Boulder County Jail Phoenix Project. Debbie Stevens was was working at the Boulder County Jail when I returned. After I was booked a person from Classification and Debbie Stevens walked me to my module and she said let’s take him to the pink module. At that point I knew the persecution that had started in Portland had also followed me to Boulder. I made some kind of report of this at some point there after it happened. I also found out the lady from classifications wasn’t a party to it. This was Debbie’s actions in furtherance of the Family. Part of me cared about her but I didn’t like the abusive games and so I always kept my distance from her because she wasn’t emotionally safe to deal with. If I’d known what I know now I would have known, why but it wouldn’t have changed anything as far as that goes. I had experienced sexual abuse by a lady named Susan Garlock how later changed her name to Tetsuko. She is an artist and for a picture of her and her work go to: She got me drunk at seventeen and took advantage of me and this started a very dysfunctional relationship. She also tried to murder me in the summer of 1980 while I was still seventeen. She is confined to a wheel chair as a result of jumping on her head while on LSD in a county jail but that was before I met her. Anyway while in jail in 1995 the Family arranged to have Susan said in a picture. Debbie Stevens call mail and give it to me and shame me in the process. I found out later she knew the history behind this situation and participated anyway. A lot happened in the jail that time. I think I’ve already talked about it and she got to know a little bit about me and who I was. I had stacks of paper from a lot of writing I’d done while in the Phoenix project. She came into my cell once and was obviously impressed with all the creative work I’d done as she saw it stacked on the floor, so it was obvious I wasn’t a random criminal at that point with that and much that happened while I was in there. I was in Boulder again in 2001 to 2003. I ended up in there again on an entrapment situation for a misdemeanor and got charged with an offense I wasn’t guilty of and spend some time in jail during this period. During this whole time of my incarcerations she was trying to develop some kind of relationship for nefarious purposes but I’d deemed her emotionally unsafe so it didn’t work. Then while out of jail I saw her at a restaurant in the parking lot at about Folsom and Arapahoe with her children. This was why she was trying to foster some kind of relationship. I ignored it and walked on. I had no interest in a lady engaged in these games and at that point I didn’t know what I know now but that was enough for me to know she was involved in a game in furtherance of the persecution. I lost what little respect I had for the lady. The last time I was in jail I had an issue with some inmates and she was pulled into the situation and I told her I wasn’t interested in doing anything about this because of the games. She seemed very flirtatious at first during this and quickly agreed with what I was saying and so I got the feeling she didn’t have a lot of choice in this but she was the first lady to play the hair in a bun game. I don’t really know where she was at with this at the end but I suspect she was being forced at that point. I don’t believe that was always the case. This is one person who was murdered from the Boulder County jail and there were others even from the latest round of incarceration and it’s really sad that as officers of the law they are forced into a life of crime and then their lives are taken as a result because that’s what has happened and not all of them where completely willing in it. In 1981 when I was eighteen a short time after Joe Anderson turned me onto the Benzedrex inhaler knowledge I went to my first meeting with Charles Bishop. We were at BCTC at the time. Shawn told me where it was then rocks at me trying to discourage me by clouding the message with a bad experience. He was latter murdered over it. After I got there the Family intended to do whatever it took to keep me using drugs and alcohol. They had no scruples about the lengths they intended to go with and had Family members placed in AA to make it happen. They put low levels of amphetamine in my coffee and probably food as well. Not enough for me to know I'd been drugged but enough to set off cravings to use. It's called chemically triggering someone to keep them loaded. This was going on prior to the incident in 1986. I met Billy prior to meeting him at Boulder One. I’m not sure exactly when I met him but I knew him in 1982 while living at the Eike’s shortly after the murder of Randy Rhoads. There was a house on 30th street near Aurora that we drank a lot at that summer. We were doing a lot of acid in those days. I brought liquid acid from Crispy and Shaun and have them drop it in my eye so it would only take ten minutes to get off. Billy wasn’t the only one in the scene around that house. There were quite a few of us. We also partied at JD’s house on 34th and Aurora in those days. Billy bought a small compact car for fifty dollars and gave me a ride home to the Eike’s that summer after we’d been drinking. I was impressed he’d gotten this car so cheap. It was about the size of a Rabbit as I remember but I don’t know the make and model. Billy knew about the sexual abuse I was subjected to. I didn’t know that at the time. Apparently a lot of people knew about it. He has also aware of Tiny’s murder from Boulder One and the reasons for it. He knew the games going on around me prior to coming into the program. He found out that the Family was also inside the program and was doing whatever it took to keep me loaded so they could keep these games going on and get me into a legal situation regarding a sex offense. Billy cared about me and had an issue with this. In about 1985 he tried to warn me in the only way he could. He came to me one day. I think it was a Friday and said to me, Paul you really need to stay sober and stop relapsing. I thought he was just concerned generally about the issue of my health and my life generally but he knew that if I continued to relapse they were going to succeed it seriously disrupting my life. I came into Boulder One the following Monday and heard about this terrible automobile accident. I was curious and asked. They said Billy was dead. It was no accident. Billy was murdered because he was a threat to the plans of the Family to destroy my life. Suzy a very wealthy lady at Boulder One bought him a vehicle. She pretended it was a loan but she actually purchased a murder weapon and gave it to Billy so this murder had already been planned prior to him talking to me. Pam who worked at the Alcohol Recovery Center around that time, then on Iris and Broadway was also involved in the murder. There were others in AA involved but they were also using members outside of the program to assist in making this happen. Unfortunately, there was two other people who were killed on the scene and one in critical condition as a result. I'm not sure if that person ultimately lived or not. This was collateral damage. To the Family it’s the price of doing business. After all it's not their lives and so it cost them nothing they really don't care who else dies in their murder plots as long as they get the target which was Billy of course. In fact, I think they probably had one of the people in the car have Billy give him a ride home so they’d know where to stage the accident and that person had no idea he’d be murdered too. I was told he was drunk. Billy had a couple of years at that point and didn’t appear anywhere near relapse when this happened. I’m not saying he didn’t I’m saying if he did it was manipulative games that lead to it. After all I know how they operate. He was friends with a girl with long black hair in Boulder One who I think was named Lisa. They were just friends. She was sixteen and Billy wasn’t going after her, he was her support. I’m not saying this because what I know of Billy, I’m saying this because of what I observed. I went there every day and this is normal in AA. Deirdre was only sixteen when she got there in about 1978. Two years before I got there and I was only eighteen and we all had older friends in Boulder One. It’s about Alcoholism not how old you are. They said he relapsed over a situation over her but there’s Family in the program and they committed a murder so they’ll say anything to make it look like it was an accident and I’m pretty sure that’s what this was. It lines up with the facts. Lisa was also murdered over the situation. The day of Billy’s memorial I went to the LA diner were I worked as a dishwasher when this happened. I had a boss. She had a cocaine problem and was grouchy a lot of times. Somehow the subject of Billy’s death came up and she gave me a big sincere hug. I found out that day she had a heart. Employee, Employer relationships you don’t always find that out and that’s okay. Jobs are like that but I did find this out about her. She was also murdered over my situation as well. I went to Billy’s memorial and they had flowers all over his coffin. I broke down crying. It was a closed coffin because they said they had to identify Billy with his tattoos. I was at a party with workers from McDonald’s on 28th street and they were talking about what an ass hole Billy was because of the people that died. I immediately said, that was my friend. The people with him where also drinking and under this situation they knew the risks when they jumped in the car. If it was the same people we partied within 1982 this certainly is true but with this situation they’d have died weather Billy had taken three drinks or thirty because it wasn’t an accident. It was murder. Billy isn’t dead because he got drunk. If he hadn’t and that’s supposing I have the truth on that which I may not, they’d have found another way to murder him. One thing I’ve learned is if the Family wants you dead and God isn’t protecting you from it there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. They will find a way!!!! The Family is the problem not murder weapons. Members of Alcoholics anonymous put amphetamine in my food and drinks in and didn’t stop there. It started in Boulder and then it was carried over to Sacramento, Seattle and Portland. How I ever managed to get four years without a deliberate relapse in Seattle I never knew this situation was going on. It was small doses to chemically trigger relapse. It was also going on in the sales rooms in the police associations. In fact, they are now forcing steroids on me. I have no choice I have to eat. They've laced food in grocery stores as well as the shelters and if I was regularly attending meetings they've always got sober alcoholics willing to lend a hand in this. They are polluting my body with drugs weather I want it or not. Especially now that they are trying to find a way to murder me and make it look like an accident, medical problem or drug overdose. This is what the Family is. This is what they are about. This is what they do and they could care less about my sobriety but many of them certainly care about their own. This is because it’s a lot harder to entrap or frame a sober person for a sex offense than one on drugs and alcohol. Is it fair to me that they are sabatoshing my recovery to try and create a situation they can used to put me in prison regarding manipulated sexual behavior? Is this right? It is what they’ve been doing my entire life. This started in 1964 when I was just two years old. There is a long list of Police officers who have been murdered over the situation on both sides of the fence. I’ve mention some of them. Everyone and not just police officers who have been connected to the situation either directly connected to me or remotely was at risk of being murdered and anyone left alive still is. These people come in and murder EVERYONE connected after they are done using them. An example of what I mean by remotely is while I was in the Arkansas Valley Correctional facility a chemist named Basil became my mentor and chemistry teacher. He actually taught me far more then chemistry. He taught me the fundamentals of research which was in fact far more valuable. Basil was connected to the meth amphetamine trade and outlaw bikers prior to his incarceration and ended up in prison as a result of that situation. I now believe because of the circumstances of his charges the Family wanted him locked up and created a situation that turned into that. I’ve talked a little about that in the past so I’m going into it hear. Basil was instructed by the Family to teach me. I don’t however believe they intended him to teach me the fundamentals of research. That that could happen probably never occurred to them. He had about ten months left before he was to be released when I was discharged. The prison facility quickly went into action and placed carcinogens in his food and gave him cancer and so he never made it out of there. In the process both inmates and prison staff where involved in this murder. To cover this up other inmates and prison staff were also murdered later. Quite a few of these people I would have never had any personal contact with yet they were murdered over my situation. This is why many police officers and everyone else directly or remotely has either been murdered or is at risk of being murdered. A lot the people murdered over this situation all over the country I have actually never met. The Boulder deputy district attorney Pete Hofstrom was murdered over my situation. He was connected to it in both the eighties and the nineties and familiar with the actions against me in the early 2000’s by the Boulder Judicial system. He also knew Steve Miles had murdered Jonbenet Ramsey and was involved in the role of the district attorney’s office of pointing the finger at the Ramsey’s yet not trying them to avoid the reason the Family had it done in the first place and so not only was Steve Miles murdered but so was Pete Hofstrom and this was a big part of the reason. This being said I don’t think; I know there are others in the Boulder County district attorneys’ office have been murdered. I suspect so has Alex Hunter who was the District Attorney in the eighties and didn’t rerun for reelection because of the Jonbenet Ramsey murder that was committed by Steve Miles is also dead but I’m not certain of that at this time. I’m not sure why Jonbenet Ramsey was murdered but I know it was connected to her parents. It wasn’t sexual in nature; I can tell you that because Steve Miles was quite gay. Pete Hofstrom was involved in public relations maneuvers to reduce the heat against the Boulder District Attorney’s office in an effort to save Alex Hunters job by putting the focus on the Boulder Police for the “incompetency,” for failing to secure the crime scene. Police don’t just forget to secure the scene of a murder. For a You Tube video on crime scene investigations go to: No police officer is ever so incompetent as to forget to secure the scene. The police where involved or it wouldn’t have happened period. The Ramsey’s would have been charged to save Alex Hunters job if the District Attorney wasn’t worried about the crimes behind the murder coming out. They may not have been able to convict but all Alex Hunter had to do was make a circumstantial case and try the Ramsey’s to secure his job and he didn’t. The Boulder district attorney’s office was also involved. How far up does the Ramsey’s case go? We need to find out because when this started coming out Steve Mile’s the murderer was murdered to cover it up. This is all apparent just by the surface of the situation. It’s a prima face situation a child could understand. When Steve Miles came to the interest of the press over the situation the Family told him to sue the Ramsey’s and the National enquirer. It wasn’t to win but to take the focus off the murderer. The police didn’t have an actual problem with Pete Hofstrom’s criticism because they aren’t reelected. It was a public relations ploy and all in the Family. It’s the way it works. You scratch my back. I’ll pretend to be pissed and we’ll have a drink later. Well it didn’t work and Alex Hunter didn’t rerun for office. After all he was around during the entire time prior to my prison sentence. In order to seek justice in this situation it is necessary to investigate all the connections to me either directly or remotely going all the way back to 1964 when the AMORC discovered who I am. After all the Colorado Supreme Court has been involved since I was nine years old in 1971. There is no justifiable reason or excuse for any of this no matter who was all involved or how much money they have. This needs to be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, period!!!!! End of story. Here's a picture of Roselle holding Anissa when Anissa was only about five on her Facebook page: That's who I remember when I think about her murder!!!!! Anissa was like my daughter from Seattle so why was she murdered on Tuesday November 19th, 2019 by an employee named Rod at the Stout Street Health clinic in Denver Colorado? Call them and find out why they did it at: (303) 293-2220 Picture of the Stout Street Health clinic where someone I considered to be my daughter Anissa was murdered Tuesday morning November 19th, 2019 by 10:00 am by an employee named Rod:!1s0x876c78d87d860d6b%3A0x9a6c548dee12aead!3m1!7e115!!5sStout%20Street%20Health%20Clinic%3F%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOkm7J31KJn05Ih3R1vk4J2Ptlx8niTBg2q1dGV&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjCr5vLvfnlAhVwIzQIHX0UAS8QoiowCnoECA4QBg It was actually right after she left the room while I was there at my appointment. Before 10:00 am actually. Stout Street Heath Clinic contact information: 2130 Stout St, Denver, CO 80205 (303) 293-2220 You know, someone should really call Bad Animal Studio’s and make sure Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart are still alive. I’m seriously having my doubts about that. They had even more reason to kill Ann and Nancy Wilson than they did Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. There number is: (206) 443-1500 If someone could call and make sure they are okay, I’d really appreciate it and if you talk to them let them know I’m really worried about them and hope they are okay!!!!! President Trump, President Clinton President George HW Bush and Obama are dead. They have all been murdered over the situation. You may wonder why this extreme was gone to but you have to realize they are involved in the HIV genocide and knew this was going on when they were in office and they have intelligence that’s incriminating to people in the Council of Foreign Relation. The whole subject of genocide is coming up right now and they are killing witnesses to try and save themselves and this includes US Presidents. There is a very good chance they won’t go after George Bush Jr or Sr because of how far up in the Family the Bush Family is but I don’t know anything for certain. I never imagined they’d murder Huebel(s) either. Apparently they are alive at this time. At the present time they are putting pictures of President Trump on the news but he’s not actually saying anything. They are trying to convince you he’s alive by showing pictures of him that were taking prior to his murder. They can conceivably produce something on the computer to make you thing he’s alive. They haven’t done it yet but my understanding is that the technology exists. I assure you President Trump is quite dead and time will show this. These are bogus impeachment proceeding now they are producing bogus election campaign ads by opponents to keep up the façade. Don’t believe it. Wait and see what happens before you make your mind up on this issue because they are desperately trying to maintain the situation and will do whatever they think it takes to do that!!!! They are carrying on impeachment proceedings against President Trump for a dead president. They called it off and then decided to carry out the impeachment proceeding anyway. Why? I guess they think they can lock up his body. This is really insane behavior at this point. Who are these people?!!!? We really need to know. I’m posting the following links in memory of Cindra and Chile who worked for the King County Health Department as employees of the needle exchange program. Responding to AIDS The Seattle-King County Department of Public Health 1982-1996. Go to: Pike Place Market which is a block from 2nd and Pike where the needle exchange was prior to 1994 Old picture of 2nd and Pike as well as location the needle exchange equipment was stored before I left Seattle in 1994 and picture of across the street from the needle exchange location. I was in Tacoma in 1989 just after being done with a job by Allan Dawson in November. The day I was to go home to Spokane I met up with a kid who was eighteen and HIV positive. I had a bleach kit I’d gotten from the Needle exchange. He had a hundred dollars or so and we did Cocaine. I shot after him because I didn’t have a rig but I did have the bleach kit and used the bleach faithfully after every shot he did prior to using the rig myself. I spent two years after sobering up worrying about whether I had HIV or not. This was probably a contributing factor to my getting involved. I had callings prior to that about the subject but this was just prior to my involvement which started in March 1990 In Seattle. If I hadn’t had the bleach kit that day, I’d most assuredly be dead by now because I would have contracted HIV thirty years ago and would never have been alive at this time. This was during the time of the Green River Killer doing his thing picking up women along the SeaTac Strip. In 1992 when Robert Plant was in Seattle for his tour I got an HIV test by the Health Department arrange through my HIV political contacts. I’m pretty sure the office was at the following location this picture is at:!1s0x54906aba49346e7d:0x25219abf53e703ae!3m1!7e115!4s//!5sKing+county+Health+department+locations+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2sAQvtU0pMFPV0QcYJ37OUgg I was very nervous about getting the results because of what happened in Tacoma shooting drugs after the eighteen-year-old kid who was infected with HIV in November of 1989. For support I brought Roselle Williams with me in case I was positive. I spent two years after sobering up worrying about this and thought I was probably going to die as a result of that. I was also tested for Hepatitis B. At the results appointment I was told correctly that I was HIV negative. I was also told I had gotten Hepatitis B and could never get it again. This was to keep me from getting vaccinated for this. They somehow knew I was positive for Hepatitis C and nothing had been published about that at this time and they wanted me venerable for contracting Hepatitis B. That’s the only explanation so how did they know I had it when nobody was supposed to have known it existed yet? Good question but I’ll leave that for later. The guy who gave me the results of the HIV test has since been murdered over the situation. Roselle and I then went to Tenzing Momo where we met Robert Plant. This was also a game but I didn’t know it of course. I used this experience as a message from God that I was to continue my activities in regards to music. It didn’t mean I knew where it would go, just that it was his will that I keep practicing and I did and the rest followed as a result. I had been praying about that issue when this occurred. God can work through games as well. God can work through anything, after all he is God and nothing is impossible for him. Chelsea Lucas who was about two years old was with us at the time. After we left he said see you Paul. I thought this was because he could relate because he had once had a son who had died but he was probably actually just playing it off like players do. I really don’t know; I couldn’t get into his head to find out. You know how that goes. In July 1977, his son Karac died at the age of five while Plant was engaged on Led Zeppelin's concert tour of the United States. It was a devastating loss for the family. Robert Plant was dressed in a complete tie dye outfit the day I met him. I noticed it as he walked across 1st Ave leaving the Tenzing Momo. It’s not every day you get to meet a rock legend that the memory seared its way into my mind. I will never forget that day. Photographs related to Tenzing Momo: Current Facebook photo of Roselle Williams go to and her holding Anissa when she was a baby: I got his autograph and he was visibly reluctant to give it to me because it was evidence but gave it to me anyway because what else could he do. He had to play it off. I gave that to Suzette Buttorf on June 5th, 1995 In Portland Oregon the day they intended to murder me to shut me up about HIV. I never got it back and Suzette Buttorf has since been murdered over situation as well as her daughter Rochelle. Robert Plant has also been murdered over the situation as well as Jimmy Page. I had no direct contact with him either. Suzette and Rochelle were both murdered. This was the result of games trying to get me to molest Rochelle who was only eleven when this occurred. It’s very sad that Rochelle was murdered over a situation she pressured to be involved with by her mother and others when she was only eleven years old. This should never have happened let alone being murdered as a result. These people need to be locked up and the key thrown away for this. I lived at the Waverleigh apartments in SE Portland in the building next to Suzette and was leaving the day I gave her the Robert Plant Autograph. For a picture of those units go to: President Trump and President Clinton President George HW Bush, Hillary Clinton and President Obama are now all dead. Who’s running the county now? Good question. It’s never been them anyway. We just thought it was. President Obama was certainly involved in the illegal incarceration of the arrest in Boulder Colorado on Thursday July 7th, 2019 as well as other things he’s done. I’m seriously wondering how much the Clinton Foundation knew about the murders of the Clintons. You can always ask her by accessing the Clinton Foundation and dropping her a line at: She really wants to hear from you and know how you feel about these murders because like her husband did, she feels your pain. I guess if they are willing to murder Michael Jackson they’ll murder anyone. A person thinks the people running this country wouldn’t murder presidents and ex-presidents but you have to realize these people are going down for creating and distributing HIV and the presidents know about it that makes this situation different. The people behind making it are the Council of Foreign Relations and they, not us tell our presidents what to do. This isn’t about what it should be but what it is!!!!! The elections are a farce to make you think we have free government when in fact we don’t and that’s why we have HIV. They control our government through the banking industry. In the constitution it said gold and silver shall be our money. They instead created the Federal Reserve without a constitutional amendment then convinced us paper is money rather than gold and silver. They then bought everything thing they wanted and took over our republican form of government. President Lincoln was assassinated for trying to preserve it. This is a short version of what happened but President Lincoln and President Kennedy where doing something about the banking situation and both of them where assassinated as a result. It’s not all they were doing but it was their biggest “sin” as it were because the banking scandal and it is a scandal is what put the bankers in control and correcting it will take them out. Members of the CFR: Board members of the CFR: CFR contact webpage: Anyone can call them and ask question!!!! Be my guest!!!! They will really appreciate you for it because they want to get the record straight. A good person to email for the straight story is the Anya Schmemann at: [email protected] She’s very honest and will give you the entire scoop if you just ask, she’ll tell all!!!!! The illuminati was formed in 1976 by Adam Weishaupt and with it the Family to carry its agenda out which is and always has been satanic in nature. It derived it’s power from corruption of granting itself the legal right to coin and mint money of the public. The prevention of this is outlined in our constitution because this started in England with the Rothschild’s and our forefathers did what they could to prevent it but an illegal Federal Reserve act was passed by congress in 1913 to get around it. They had no constitutional amendment which would have been required to make the Federal Reserve legal. For an informative video on the Rothchild’s family go to: The document that Adam Weishaumpt sponsored and possibly wrote but this is a controversial point of whether he was actually it’s author is called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. For information about this go to: For more information about the entire picture by listing to Myron Fagan's Recordings go to: For information on who Myron Fagan was go to: Both President Lincoln and President Kennedy where assassinated for trying to turn this around. The current President’s Trump and Clinton were murdered because they were involved in the criminal actions against us and they needed to ensure their silence in relation to crimes in furtherance of the HIV genocide. These are two very different motives and should tell anyone the state of our government at this time. The following is about the banking industry and the control it holds over us and our political system. The links are very important to understand what is actually going on right now and since President Lincoln’s time actually. The Federal Reserve bank is a private bank. They are allowed to create our currency and the Constitution said Congress is supposed to do that. Call them and ask them why they can create money and you can’t. I’m sure you’d be interested in their reasons because it’s not fair to you or anyone else including the government. But they comment murder to keep this privilege and create wars with this power. The government is the only one who should be allowed to do this, not private bankers at an interest rate against the government ant the people for something that cost them nothing to create. To ask them simply call them at: 202-452-3000 for banking information go to: The time spent here on earth is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity in heaven, so is the suffering we must go through in service of the Lord. There is no greater reward then basking in the love of the Lord for all eternity. This reward is permanent and so is God’s love. All God requires is a willing heart and he will do the rest. It matters not what you believe but what you care about and that you care. Love your neighbor. This is what Jesus taught and this is the truth or he would not have said it. This is the good news, not the legalisms and customs of man. Mike Butler was a detective on the Boulder Police Force whom I met in 1980. He was Mike Butler, Longmont's Public Safety Chief before he was murdered over my situation. He’s a video of an interview with him so you can get an idea of what kind of people are getting murdered over this. I saw Dr. Lindsey Metcalf at Stout Street Health Center on Thursday November 14th, 2019 at 9:00 am for HIV test, deal with Hepatitis C, and deal with Aids related foot infection that result in an amputated toe at the Boulder Community Hospital because they wouldn’t treat me with antivirals the last time I had it in 2016. I went to the appointment and I’m waiting for the HIV test results. I could use some support by people contacting others in authority around this issue encouraging them to follow the law and treat me for HIV. Otherwise I’ll be dealing with the same issues Lexi Olson and Jessica Bott dealt with until it took their lives. There is really no excuse for people dying of HIV at this point with the drugs now available. They shouldn’t be able to decide who lives and who dies of this and that’s what they are doing. Dr. Metcalf was murdered later that day on November 14th, 2019 to cover up the fact they are killing me with HIV. To talk to the Stout Street Health Clinic and ask them why the Dr. Linsey Metcalf had to die merely for surviving. By the way, I’d ask specifically, who murdered her. There is a very good chance it was someone at work. In fact, there’s a black male in his early to mid-thirties with long dread locks named Rod who works there who seriously needs to be questioned about this murder. Stout Street Health clinic can be reached at: 2130 Stout Street Denver, CO 80205 Phone: (303) 293-2220 Fax: (303) 296-8826 I’m sure they have a very good excuse and you probably want to hear that that is. Dr Metcalf is dying to know!!!! Like it stopped happening for my friend Tony Finely who was dealing with the Boulder County Aids Project prior to his death. Boulder Community Aids Project. 303 444-6121 They’ll be glad to confirm that Tony Finely died of untreated Aids and like the ladies at Central City Concern they love to talk!!!! They miss Tony and really regret what they did so they want to confess. If you call them and lend them an ear, you’d be doing them a favor. OHSU HIV vaccine cures aids. People to contact about the HIV vaccine: Here’s a YouTube video regarding OHSU’s HIV vaccine developed with Gene Therapy. It should be very informative. I first heard about it in about 2008 at which time it came over a Portland Radio station that it was being submitted to the FDA for approval and yet we’ve heard nothing from the FDA about the matter after that. WHY?!!!? FDA contact information: (1-888-463-6332) Dr. Lindsey Metcalf was murdered on November 14th, 2019 the same day as the appointment. She was murdered to cover up the fact they are killing me with HIV and this is outrages. They planned the murder before she saw me that day because she was dead within a couple of hours after my appointment. What that means is they used her, when they were done with her they snuffed her life out and threw her away like a bag of trash. We really need to look at what these people are doing to the people who are serving them. These people are not loyal in the least. Around the time my dog was murdered in Orlando Florida, so was my step father Larry Williams. It was made to look like a suicide. He was placed in his pickup truck in front of his parents and made to look like he’d used his toe with a shotgun and blew himself away in the chest. The interesting thing is Tiny from Boulder One AA was murdered and made to look like a suicide with a shot gun and Kurt Cobain also died by shot gun. The Family did this in 1976 in front of his parents’ house in Georgia. At the time we hadn’t seen him for five years. My mother married him when I was about five, in 1968 and they were together for about three years until about 1972. While we were with him he was molesting my brother and I for the Family. He was ordered to molest but of us for the Family. They probably had him molested because they always intended for hi to be an assassin and this kind of experience goes a long way in manipulating a person in that direction. It’s not an excuse but it can be a factor. My brother tried talking about the molestation to my mother many years after the fact before my brother murdered her. She didn’t believe him then but she knows all about it now. I remember being afraid of him. I think a television program was on at about this period of time called Land of the Giants. It was about little people trying to keep from getting caught and giant people putting them in cages. I don’t remember much more about it. There were a few reasons for his murder. One no doubt was to traumatize me which in fact it did. I got the news when I was thirteen and no thirteen-year-old kid should have to deal with this sort of trauma. There was also the issue of my mother and two sisters getting social security as a result taking some financial pressure of my father but the biggest reason of course was to cover up the Family involvement in having five-year-old children molested in order to try to turn them into sexual predators. The only thing worse than my step father Larry Williams are the kind of people who sick him on defenseless children. These people truly are monsters. There’s no other evaluation that fits these circumstances. I met Norah Segal at September School in 1977 right after I moved to Boulder. It was a school were there where hippy kids including me of course. We smoked pot and did our thing. We had a shed near the old folks home next door on the way to the Park on Canyon and 21st along a path that lead there that we had fixed up and called the Den. It was finally burned down but that was long after I left. Norah Segal was involved in the games. I didn’t know it of course. I never imagined people would actually pay women to play head games with me. She was average looking but pretty smart and we were friends. I was having trouble with the women issue of course because of what was going on behind the scenes. I tried confiding this with her. She replied I needed to get therapy never letting on that there where games behind what I was dealing with. Looking back at the situation I think this was a pretty cruel thing to do because clearly therapy would fix it. All the therapy in the world wouldn’t have stopped these people from paying money to women to fuck with my head. Lisa Strong will tell you all about this. I liked her and wanted more than just friendship but there was money for her to be had and so it wasn’t happening. She did once make the comment that I had a very good sense of humor. I have no idea what she meant because I didn’t think I was that funny at the time but apparently she did. I’m much better at that sort of thing now of course. Norah Segal like so many others were murdered over the situation. September School is located at: 1902 Walnut St Boulder CO 80302 (303) 443-9933 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] I met Jeff Eike at September School in September of 1977. I think it was right before my fifteenth birthday. Jeff said when he first met me he was afraid to approach me. I seemed tuff. I had dealt with the West Denver neighborhoods and grown up around a lot of violent type things. I was chased down the street by several people at the same time trying to keep from being beat up. This happened on numerous occasions in these ruff neighborhoods during my early youth. I had a bit of chip on my shoulder as a result I guess it was obvious but I was never bad intentioned. Just jaded. After a while Jeff saw that there was nothing to worry about with me and we became friends. I first became friends with John Taylor and Jon Inwood as I remember. John Taylor and I were getting high with other students at the school. After I was removed from my mother’s care and placed into the Attention Homes I ended up at 45th street attention when I was sixteen. 45th street attention home isn’t far from where Jeff Eike lived at 3395 Endicott St. Maybe half mile or a mile or so. I started going over to his house a lot at this point and that’s when we started getting close. His family was his mother Mary Eike and his brother Randy Eike. Randy Eike was offered money and whatever else to track Jeff Eike’s comings and goings so the Family could have him molested. His mother found out about this after it had started and was paid to look the other way. She at first was a person who was interested in how she could gain or get ahead. She was involved in administration for companies and owned her own house where this was at. They had Jeff Eike molested along with me because they were trying to create a gay relationship between us, but neither Jeff nor I are of this orientation so of course it didn’t work. They only succeeded in abusing us. Randy had a position at NBI was going to school and had a Saab automobile. I can look back and clearly see he was living beyond his means, Like Susan Garlock and Lisa Strong where. I can look back and see that Mary Eike was on longs periods of unemployment yet her mortgage and bills where always covered so she too appeared to be living beyond her means. Jeff Eike like me was a shy sensitive person who cared about others but neither his brother Randy Eike who stayed that way nor his mother where like Jeff when this started. I loved Jeff dearly but since I’m not gay I never had a need for anything physical from him nor him me and that’s why their plan didn’t work. There is nothing wrong with that if that’s your natural orientation. God is neither male nor female and has attributes of both. Nor does God have biases so why would he have a problem with who people love regardless of their sex or sexual orientation? He doesn’t so long as people love. He’s not like you and me in that regard. For people like Jeff and I this kind of behavior is completely unhealthy because it’s going against ourselves. It’s just as unhealthy for a gay person to marry and have children for the sake of pretending to be something they are not. It’s also going against the self. Rock Hutson did that in fact for his career. In 1977 I had moved from Spokane to Boulder and was living in St. James apartments on O’Neil Pkwy. I think out apartment was S-32 if I remember correctly. I turned fifteen shortly after we moved there and was enrolled in September School. My brother and I were babysitting for extra money at the time. We both baby sat for dancers at the Bustop. The lady I was dancing had a female child under the five if I remember correctly. It was a really easy job. I’d get there, she’d have her child already in bed sleeping and she’d leave me pot to smoke. All I had to do was show up. Get stoned and watch television until she got off work and go home. It was probably the easiest money I ever made. She was moving and had me help her with. She gave me about a half ounce of Mohican buds for about half hour or an hours work and that’s the last I saw of her. I would think this happened because we were teenagers who needed money and they needed a baby sitter but now that I look at it. She was a young mother who worked at a strip club and she was later murdered by the Family so it was obviously about something else. This relationship was connected to the church. The lady I was babysitting for who worked at the Bustop always treated me with respect, paid me well and was a very decent person. She was obviously involved because she was murdered over it. This was my first experience with someone in that profession. I’ve had a couple of other experiences where I found the people who worked in the profession that showed me some people involved are completely scandalous. There is nothing morally wrong with taking your clothes off in front of men for money or anything else as long as you’re not victimizing anyone in the process. God judge’s crimes against others not consensual sexual conduct. If you are cheating on someone and they have an issue with it and it is damaging them emotionally then that is a moral issue. Even if they aren’t telling you it is damaging them but you know it you are still responsible. Some people say we are responsible for our own emotions and yeah to a certain degree this is true but if you are hurting someone knowingly and not caring about it you are responsible for that. If they were healthy they’d choose to leave but that doesn’t resolve your responsibility in the issue. I had another experience with a girl named Cheryl Pyne who had been a stripper before I met her. She was placed into my life to create unnecessary emotional pain in an attempt to get me to molest Ray’s children. I didn’t work, it never does but I had lost my sister Margaret Williams due to murder and had not yet grieved that experience. The experience with Cheryl Pyne as a result of this was the most painful emotional experience of my life. I tried talking to Jim Monroe about this and he said he had his own issues with her implying he also had some kind of romantic interest. She returned to work at the Portland Police Association right after the Forest Park murders and I left just days after that. She showed up in the Denver Public Library recently trying the same thing. Ray also showed up that day. Apparently they were flown in from Portland for this. She’s been since murdered over it. I also dealt with a stripper named Diane in 1995 who was a friend of Suzzette Buttorf involved in the games. She showed up again after my release from prison in 1998 in Portland and the Denver Public library in 2019 and other places in Denver collecting money for emotionally damaging games. She’s also been murdered as well as Suzzette Buttorf. So yes strippers can be both types of people. The moral conduct isn’t the taking off of clothes but the intentional damage of other human beings. Financially or emotionally. Many times both. The problem I have with the stripper industry is many of them deal with emotionally injured men. They knowing this pretend there is more to the relationships they have with them in order to bleed them of money. The biggest injuries of this isn’t financial although they are injured this way but emotionally. My friend Jim Moon liked to go in and play the big shot and spend a bunch of money. He wasn’t trying to date the women so nothing was wrong on their part, or his for that matter but when they pretend they like you to get your money this is criminal. He was in Seattle pretending to be the big shoot at a strip club downtown in December 1990. We also went to the band Tequila introduced me too where he watched us play during this time period. I used to watch Eric whom I worked at the Portland Police Association do this. He come to work all stoked about a dancer he was in love with. It hurt to watch him do this because I knew what they were doing but he couldn’t figure that out and neither can a lot of other emotionally damaged men. Eric wanted someone to love and he thought he’d find it in a strip club and he’s not the only one. Unfortunately, Eric was also murdered over the situation so he won’t be going to any strip clubs anymore. I believe we need very strong laws about the ethical behavior of strippers towards strip club clients so injured me aren’t victimized by them financially and more importantly emotionally. It’s really not cool for women to pretend they want to be your girlfriend to get your wallet because it hurts!!!! Maybe licensing them is the answer and if they violate people in this way they lose their right to this type employment. I don’t know. Just a thought. We don’t allow therapists to engage in sexual conduct with clients and we need to consider what’s actually going on with this but we really don’t have the right to say this industry shouldn’t exist. It’s not inherently immoral. Just the victimization that goes along with it is immoral and men are being injured in the process. I tried to look up a video about the Great Alaskan Bush Company put out by Discovery ID that clearly shows a stripper engaged in this activity that ultimately lead to the murder of a client because she thought she’d get a quarter of a million dollars as a result of him taking out a life insurance policy in her name but hackers are preventing it from coming up. If you can find this online, it clearly demonstrates what I’m talking about and I recommend people interested in this issue view it. This is a video of the company it happened at on You Tube. Perhaps you can contact Discovery ID for it or hackers won’t keep you from pulling it up. This is the Great Alaskan Bush Company website: My brother Nathan was working as a baby sitter for another Bustop Dancer in a different building in the unit. They had a party one day and I got drunk and made a fool of myself. It wasn’t just the drinker it was the abuse issues coming to the surface as a result of alcohol intoxication. I had this problem in my teens and early twenties. I stop going over there after that after embarrassment over the party. He continued to work for them. Turns out my brother was abusing the children sexually. For a picture of the St. James Apartments go to:!1s0x876bee70204a823d:0x8e7fc62c32ef17a2!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/Stratford%2BPark%2Bcondominiums%2BBoulder%2Bcolorado%2Bphotography/@40.0337469,-105.2530359,3a,75y,359.79h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sN9YP-Vbmrk5O3TAB9Y57cA*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x876bee70204a823d:0x8e7fc62c32ef17a2?sa%3DX!5sStratford+Park+condominiums+Boulder+colorado+photography+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2sN9YP-Vbmrk5O3TAB9Y57cA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj_6Lfuq_zlAhU-CTQIHXj0AaEQpx8wE3oECAwQBg in the picture I lived in the front Left apartment with the top two balconies and the dancer I baby sat for was in the bottom unit on the right and it was the bottom balcony. I know this because the swimming pool is in the background. It’s the very front apartments on both sides. When I was fifteen I met a girl named Debbie Dufford. She had been a girlfriend of a guy named Bruce. This was while I was a ninth grader at Casey Jr. High. This was shortly after she had lost her virginity to him or so I’m told. We condominium in Remington Post on 30TH and Iris. It was really close to what’s now called Strafford Parks condominiums. I lived there when it was the St. James apartments. For pictures of the Remington Post condominiums go to: Pictures of St. James Apartments apartments in back on same property. A person tried to get me to sell his lens cleaner that kept glasses from fogging up. I wasn’t very good at sales yet and he got me stoned before trying. I still can’t sell under the influence of pot of course it didn’t work. His wife played a game of a sexual nature with me. She at first came on to me. Then said I had to be communicative. I was a shy kid. I had problems talking about what I wanted sexually and I’d never had anyone approach me with this in this way prior to that. Usually there usually isn’t a lot of talking at that point. Then she backed out of it because I wasn’t real verbal. It screwed with my head and I later found out it was a game and this was intended. I had no idea that’s what it was. I was only fifteen at the time. I stole some pot from his car at one point. I felt bad about it later but as it turns out they left that for me to steal because they were encouraging me to lead a life of crime. I did stupid things when I was a kid and that was one of them. Most kids do and I was acting out as a result of all the abuse including being forced to grow up in ruff neighborhoods in West Denver where my father had me attacked as a child to traumatize me. They were trying to turn me into a racist and it didn’t work. The person who had me sell his lens cleaner and his wife where murdered over the situation. For pictures of these buildings go to: In fact, I had a black step father named William and he was always kind to me so I didn’t develop those attitudes as a result. Maybe it just wasn’t in me to begin with as far as that goes. My mother also taught me it was wrong from a very early age. He had a problem with narcotics and this may have influenced me to become an IV drug user but that could have happened anyway. I was touched by his gesture when I was about nine. He got me a pair of cool sunglasses that he gave me. It was more the gesture for me than actually receiving glasses. It meant something to me. Addiction ran in my mother’s side of the family and I certainly wasn’t excluded from these issues. I was living in the projects in West Denver off of Irving and Colfax on Hooker Street. I went to Cheltenham Elementary School on Irving and Colfax:!1s0x876c78a86b81d703:0x81d7ab5a58ef7e3a!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/cheltenham%2Belementary%2Bschool/@39.7421297,-105.0315008,3a,75y,131.22h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211ss8L-43pnMcj53kK-QRYDfQ*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x876c78a86b81d703:0x81d7ab5a58ef7e3a?sa%3DX!5scheltenham+elementary+school+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2ss8L-43pnMcj53kK-QRYDfQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiD_-n75eDlAhXiJTQIHcmnDX4Qpx8wCnoECA0QCw I lived in these projects: It is a Hispanic neighborhood. My father was behind this but while I lived there I had to regularly outrun four or five kids to keep from being beat up. When William lived with my mother in about 1971 they’d put us five kids in the car. We’d say where we going Mom. My mother William would respond, to the moon. I thought it just meant none of your business at the time but now realize this was there answer because they were going out to score heroin for William and it was as much saying none of your business as a drug reference. We’d end up in Five points or other areas around town where they were looking and us kids would sit in the car for the longest time waiting for them to come back. We had no idea this was about drugs. My mother protected us to some degree and didn’t tell us everything that was going on. I don’t know if she ever tried it but I suspect she probably did. She’s done other drugs and smoke pot on a regular basis. When I tried heroin it was cool but it wasn’t so great I’d do anything for it. In fact, before I really started to like the stuff my body had to get used to it but not everyone is like that. As a result, I’ve never been physically addicted. But I’ve seen the ugliness of people who get lost in the stuff and I’ve come to the conclusion that it does something different for them than it does me. My mother and I have the same genes so maybe that’s why she never developed a problem with it if she’s tried it. Not everyone who tries this stuff finds it to be that great but some clearly do. I had to have done something different for Robert James or he wouldn’t have gone down that road hard and heavy for the type benefit I was receiving from it. The fact that I never developed a serious problem with heroin doesn’t make me morally superior to Robert James, William or anyone else for that matter. A lot of this is simply a matter of genetics and that’s true for the issue of addition across the board. The fact that William was an IV drug user probably had a huge impact on my decision to try the needle but the heroin issue in of itself wasn’t the way it went when looking at someone’s life like Robert James. I do believe the Family intended this but genetics saved me from that nightmare. Nothing else. I dabbled with it since I was twenty-five. The first time I did it was in Tacoma just before coming back to Spokane in November of 1989. I did most of it while I was in Portland between the year 2004 and 2011. I overdosed four times as a result and three of them where attempted murder and after that I started getting wise about the issue of narcotics. Now I don’t touch them at all because people are trying to kill me. You can place a piece of fentanyl smaller than the eye can see in a dose of heroin and take someone’s life even if it’s only a couple dollars’ worth so there is no way to prevent being murdered that way if you dabble with it and so I don’t. I saw a lot of murders committed with heroin in Portland. It’s a common weapon against addicts by the Family. When Robert James lived at the Pearl Court Apartments located at 920 NW Kearney St, Portland, OR 97209 his friend Jonny tried to murder me with heroin. He told me it was a wash when in fact he’d put a lethal dose in it. For pictures of the Pearl Court Apartments in Portland go to:!1s0x549509fe4d697b9d%3A0xaec8ef3b122ba448!3m1!7e115!!5spearl%20court%20apartments%20portland%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOU1mjWIBHz1IdxGiQtw3oVcc1na0DZ4aTA9diR&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiu9aawx4bmAhXFrJ4KHROYCI0QoiowCnoECAsQBg My step father William was paid by the Family to traumatize us. He was driving down Colfax with all five of us kids in mom’s Fury III blue Chrysler. He started pretending to nod off while driving and was sideswiping parked cars along Colfax as he went down the road. We told my mother and she left him. He never treated us abusively. As far as I know that was his only major act for the Family. He was addicted to narcotics and a person on heroin will do almost anything to pay for their habit regardless of their culture or race. In fact, I missed him after he left and always wanted to see him again but I never got that chance because he like so many others were murdered over the situation. The problem here wasn’t William but the fact that the Family was willing to pay an addict dope money to traumatized little children. I want to put the blame on this where it actually belongs. This was long before I became involved with the 1504 club in Seattle of course which had a large black population. I did years’ worth of service in this community and if you want to know where I’m at on these issues call them for my record of service. It speaks for itself both in relation to drug and alcohol addiction and HIV service to the club. For information on the 1504 club and its history simply contact them at: 203-323-3006 1504 Facebook page: When we lived in Spokane Washington my mother was a waitress at Denny’s restaurant. She had a friend that was gay. I never had any kind of problem with him and in fact, liked him. One day, as young as he was he died of an aneurism. I now know they tried to get him to molest me. He refused, not because it was the right thing to do but because he was antisocial to begin with but was willing to help them find someone who would and this wasn’t good enough for them and he was murdered to cover it up. This happened in 1976. For pictures of Spokane Washington go to: When I lived in Spokane I went to some church. I think it was called the Urban Outreach mission but I may be wrong about that. I was learning basic scripture there. I really liked going there on Sundays. This was during the Christian I found it campaign. They’d have commercial that said, I found it. Then someone would say, what did you find. They’d say a new life in Jesus Christ. I think I saw a movie called the prodigy if I remember correctly. It was actually really good and as I got older I found its message to be very accurate. It displayed a message that being successful at the experience of a spiritual life was meaningless. I think it involved tennis stars or something like that. I remember what the message was but I’m not clear on the details of the movie anymore. I was walking downtown with my friends and the preacher there saw me smoking cigarettes and I remember feeling very self-conscience about that. This was actually my introduction to Christianity. My mother didn’t have any problem with us going and didn’t try to force us to believe in a certain way but that we needed to have a spiritual life. She was very open minded that way and perhaps it helped me grow more than someone who had tried forcing me to believe as they did. I’m very thankful to her for the way she handled that issue with us. There was also a guy who was twenty-four. He lived in the building next to ours at St. James apartments in 1977. He had black long hair. I stole some frozen psilocybin mushrooms from him and never got off. I found out many, many years later that freezing these mushrooms destroys the psilocybin and that’s why. He was also murdered over the situation. I think he was a student but I’m not positive. This was in 1977 so it’s hard to remember back that far. anyway Debbie Dufford and I were getting hot and heavy. People show up, get in the middle of it and make me leave. I found out later this was all part of the abusive female games against me as a teenager trying to create issues in me regarding women. All it did was make me shy which worked against them. This was in 1977 or so when I was a student at Casey Jr. High in the ninth grade located at: 1301 High St, Boulder, CO 80304 Near Broadway and Alpine by the Boulder Community Hospital. Pictures of Casey Jr. High School. Before I went to Casey Jr High I was a student at September School in 1977 on 19th and Walnut. There website is at: When I was in September School I became friends with Jeff Eike and Jon Taylor. Jon Taylor lived in Martin Acers. I knew his family as well and went on a pass from Lookout Mountain School to their house during Christmas of 1979. They attempted a crime against me that never materialized. Jon Taylor was murdered over it and I’m quite certain his family were murdered as well. His father and probably his mother too where involved in trying to get me to molest their infant daughter. Later after they found out it wasn’t working Ron Ackerman at Lookout Mountain School came to me and said they no longer wanted me to come over to their house on passes. They didn’t say anything to me, he did. Ron Ackerman was also murdered as well. I was seventeen when they tried this. People were murdered for a lot less over this situation and that’s why I think the rest of the family is also dead. I was with my mother at Albertsons on 30th and Iris. We were getting cigarettes. I asked how much something cost and a complete southern accent came out of my mouth. I didn’t intend it, it just happened. I was embarrassed and she said I can’t knock the accent. This was three years after I’d been to Texas so I really have no idea why that happened. While going to September school I would take off from home all weekend. I’d leave Friday morning. Climb the balconies to get back into the apartment in St. James early Monday morning so I could go to September School. I did every weekend I’m sure I worried my mother sick. I was a little wild as a teenager as a result of the abuse I’d suffered growing up and had developed a serious case of rebellion as a result. One night I was downtown. I ran into this lady who was twenty-four. She was trying to talk to me about running away and dealing cocaine with her. We ended up going into September School. It was early Saturday morning. We had sex and where tying our shoes when people from the school including Jeff Eike showed up to work Eco cycle which the school did once a month. Cindy the director was there. I felt kind of weird about it and felt strange about the whole thing with this lady. I found out later she was involved in the situation. I saw her one other time after that on RTD. I was selling acid and I asked her she wanted any and she said no. I never saw her again. I was with my brother. We went through the path way behind St. James apartments into Jan Juan apartments. This pathway is no longer there. As we went in there was a blond pretty girl about my age. She had these Latino guys get violent with us. I started pulling on one of their hair until he left me along. Found out later this was part of the abusive games. This was around 1977. When I was in Pine Street Attention Home in 1978 and there was a girl named Judy Prue. Judy Prue was very disrespectful towards me. She began calling me ding bat and being very rude and abusive for no reason. I never treated her badly. I now know she intended to frame me for rape when I was fifteen but I had no sexual feelings for this abusive women and that was never going to happen. When I was in the Boulder County Jail, she was in jail in Denver and the Family had her transferred to the Boulder County Jail and put into the Phoenix Project to continue playing abusive games. Again I didn’t treat her with any disrespect. At first she was congenial and then back to calling me ding bat and being very abusive and rude. By this time, I was 33 years old. She was about the same age and treating me the same way as when we were fifteen. She has since been murdered over the situation. Glen Twilliger who I knew from Pine Street Attention Home was a victim of entrapment on a sexual offense over what happened in 1986 and my previous association with him at Pine Street Attention home where we were fifteen. I met Tony Finley at the same place who was later murdered with HIV involved the Boulder County Aids Project. Glenn was given an ungodly amount of time, especially considering he was actually innocent. I saw him at the Arkansas Valley Correctional facility a couple months before I was released. I did what I could to pull the evidence out on this so we could free him and as the situation progressed he was murdered to ensure his silence. Jonathan Asher was a victim of entrapment over a cocaine offense and is still in prison. Part of why they did it is listed in my treason affidavit. Glenn Twilliger was murdered over the situation. When I was fifteen in 1978 I was placed in BPI on Baseline. My father was behind it. In fact, his military insurance was used for the crime. I was declared a schizophrenic which clearly wasn’t the case. In fact, people involved in my situation make it clear they knew this was a fraudulent diagnosis. While I was in there they told us about gypsum weed trying to influence me to go eat the stuff. Of course they subtle about it but that was the motive. I was a teenager and they were not interested in my wellbeing but in the directives of the Family to the destructive intentions of myself. They did everything they could to keep me molested and using drugs and trying to get me declared with labels that would keep people from listening to me. False diagnosis. They forced me to take psych medication I didn’t need. The building, like so many others has been torn down. They were right next to the Safeway by Baseline and Mohawk. When I was in Pine Street Attention home which I seem to remember was on 15th and Pine Street we met with a person named Gary Gleason. He was selling LSD. This was in 1978. I was fifteen at the time and this was the first time I tried it. It was green dragon. I remember being in the van of the house Parents Ron and his wife. Ron had connected a switch to my television so I could shut of the volume without walking all the way up to it. They were weekend house parents and hippies actually. We started getting off and we were laughing up a storm. Ron’s wife was laughing right with us. She must have known we were high but never said anything about it. The experience was incredible and set the course of my life for many years after that. I decided to become a dealer, I liked the stuff so much and that’s what I did. Gary Gleason had a pretty girl with long black hair who was his drug dealing partner and to give me ideas about chemistry she said she intended to go to college to learn how to make drugs. I don’t know if she really intended that but I do know she was told to say this. She was also latter murdered. I bought a hundred lot of Red Dragon along with Jeff Eike who bought a hundred. We got it from Gary Gleason. I had done LSD twice before I did this. I ran away from Pine Street Attention home when I first did it. I ate three hits and smoke lots of pot with Bruce, Debbie Duford’s old boyfriend. There is also a story behind Debbie Duford and I but I’m not going into that right now. This was probably the most intense psychedelic experience I ever had but this isn’t about war stories. I turned myself in and went back to Pine Street Attention home. I had the drugs at Jeff Eike’s. I brought nine hits with me and hide it under the bed. There was no reason for them to search so I didn’t hide it that well. But they did search and asked why I didn’t hide it better. I’m wondering what the real story behind this is. I was sent to the Boulder Juvenile detention center over it. There’d be a record of that arrest that would substantiate my involvement with LSD at that time of my life. I never got caught for it again actually. I paid for it with my job on the juvenile work program. We were paid 2.10 an hour to do forestry work. I was pulled out of the public school system and forced onto the juvenile work program by the Boulder juvenile courts when I was forced into Pine Street attention home. When I ran away to Spokane when I was fifteen with Dave Cisneros I stole like five ounces of pot from this house in Spokane. We took a bunch of it with us to the Fog Hat concert that was happening. I bought some LSD there but didn’t get off on it. It was bunk. I remember watching them preform Slow Ride. I used to really like that song. This mother was smoking pot with her kids that we were staying at. She had told them if they got good grades she’d buy them an ounce or something like that. We smoked some of that pot with him. I was hitch hiking into Spokane from this house. This cop in uniform picked me up in his car. He stopped at a store and took off and hide. He found me arrested me and took me into the Spokane Juvenile authorities and I was shipped back to Boulder. I don’t know what happened with Dave Cisneros in Spokane after that. Dave Cisneros was murdered over something that happened while we were hitching to Spokane from Boulder. There’s probably more to it than that but I know that was involved. The person who was also involved when we were hitch hiking was also murdered. He turned up later at 45st attention home when I was sixteen. Colorado is a long way from Utah. Hum, how did that happen? It’s all in the Family. When I went to Spokane I was going to see my friend Gloria Evens but when I got there her parents told me she was in California. She has also been murdered over the situation but there was a fair amount of history between her and I that started when I was fourteen. She was part of the games but in 1989 she fell in love with me and refused to frame me for rape and was murdered over it. She was very special to me and I suffered a great loss over it. I met her in 1976 when just before the band KISS came out. I had her address in my note book when we moved. My mom stole it. I quickly got her address and memorized it before we moved to Sacheen Lake near New Port Washington. For pictures of Sacheen Lake go to: I was an employee at Olan Mills out North Division in Spokane. I was working in the phone room. There was a nineteen-year-old blond who was my boss. I was twenty-four at the time. She’d always treated me well. I never tried to get anywhere with her. I was just her employee. She was approached about framing me for sexual assault. As it turned out she actually had feelings for me but I didn’t know that at the time. She refused and was murdered to cover it up. This was in 1989. A friend of Paul’s and Elizabeth’s named Christopher Pratt took me to State Line Idaho. It was maybe a forty-five-minute drive from Spokane. We went to a bar and where drinking. He asked me to move the car. A cop told me if I got in that car, he’d arrest me so I gave the keys to chris and he moved it. He picked up a girl at the bar and we headed to my sisters. We were all really drunk. He tried to get me to sleep with her but I didn’t. Turns out he and the girl at the bar where trying to frame me for sexual assault. This was in about 1989. This was when Elizabeth had her house on the 1400 block of East Dalton. Christopher Pratt was murdered over the situation and probably the girl too. Becky was Paul Branham’s niece. She came to live with Debbie Griffith, my sister Margaret and I in Spokane for a while. I had a bad alcohol problem at the time. I developed feelings for Becky. They seemed to be returned but between my alcoholism and my shyness it never went anywhere. Becky was approached about framing me for sexual assault. She cared about me and she refused. She was murdered with cancer to cover it up. This was also in 1989. During this time it came out on America’s Most Wanted that there was a serial killer called the Green River Killer. They zoned in on a guy named Stevens. Apparently they found a police vehicle and some other paraphilia in this direction and he had some minor warrant. They finally cleared him. I was living in Spokane when this happened. This was long before they actually caught the guy who did it. I was in Lookout Mountain School and was to be released within a couple months or so in the spring of 1980. I had gotten to level four. I was aloud of the property for personal errands related to my personal life, weekend passes and work related activities at this point. I got a job in the Colorado School of Mines located at 1500 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401. I was working in the dish room of the cafeteria. I was seventeen at the time and Jimmy Carter was still president. While I was there I met a rich kid named Ed Clark. I didn’t know it at the time but Ed Clark was a minion of my father. This meeting of us was not random. I met Ed Clarks mother near that time. She has since been murdered over the situation by her son Ed who does murders for my father. I thought he was my friend but he actually wasn’t. this was about money and connections, nothing else. I ended up living downtown Denver at 11th and Clarkson after I turned eighteen. I became the manager of the apartment building I was in. I didn’t do a very good job of managing. I was still young and irresponsible at the time. Ed Clark had talked to me about starting a property management business. He said his parents would back us. This was also an attempt by the Family to direct my life in the direction of money concerns. Now I don’t believe the money would have come from his parents although his parents had money. My father was in the picture at the time and I believe the financing of this would have been connected to that. I met other rich kids through him as well, including a guy with a heart of gold named Gordon. His grandmother was much richer then Ed Clarks parents could have ever hoped to be and in fact, Gordon lived in a mansion with his grandmother on 3rd and Lafayette in Denver. Gordon was supposed to inherit her money when she died and she was a senior citizen. Gordon like me was interested in music and he was into the industrial stuff and getting into keyboards. We never jammed together. I knew these type people. I partied with them but I never tried to get anything from them. Sure they paid for beer sometimes but I didn’t take advantage of my friends because they had money. I really didn’t care about that. Gordon was murdered and Ed Clark was involved in this. I don’t know the motive but I’m sure his grandmother’s money played a part but I don’t think it was primary because these people already have money. If you play ball that’s all they need from you but I don’t think Gordon was doing that and I believe this played a part. Gordon was a good guy and I think the money and that combination got him murdered. If Gordon was a bad person they’d have had no reason to do that. I’m sure of it. At this point I know how this stuff plays out and I’m pretty sure Gordons good heart lead to his death. I never actually met his grandmother so I don’t know what kind of person she was. I started getting into Amway at this point. I got an up line like every Amway distributor has. He brought me tapes and I got products and sold some of these to Ed Clarks mother. I learned a lot from there training tapes about promoting anything. Amway is actually very good training. If someone wants to learn how to promote this is a great inexpensive way to lean that. You don’t have to want to be an Amway person the rest of your life to get what this corporation has to offer. Their phone number is: 1 (800) 253-6500 When I was seventeen living with Steve Miles in 1980 after getting out of Lookout Mountain School I went to Ed Clarks to get a computer he’d stolen with his friends from Randle Moore School. I got there and he gave me an Apple II personal computer. I can’t remember how much I gave him for it. He gave me an old TV as a monitor and I tried hitching home with it. I was heading back to Boulder when a cop drove by. I hid the computer which was in a garbage back in a field right by where I was hitchhiking. I was still in Golden city limits just blocks from Ed’s house. Another cop comes up and asked me for ID. I gave him my Champa military ID as a dependent of my father. A cop goes over to the garbage back and dumps out the computer. I took off running. A cop was right behind me and said give it up kid. I kept going. A helicopter was flying around as part of the pursuit. I was ducking and dogging hiding in bushes and covering ground trying to keep from being spotted by the helicopter. I’d shaken the officer by this point. I saw Ed’s house. I knock on the door and say where’s Ed? Ed’s mother asks what’s wrong? I excitedly say nothing, Where’s Ed, where’s Ed. She brings me into the house. The cops are in alley looking through trash containers and other spots looking for me. I could see them out the window. Ed’s mother gives me a volume to calm me down. I went to sleep and it was quiet in the morning. I sent back to Boulder. I dropped out of Vo-Tech thinking there’d be a warrant. A few months later that summer Susan Garlock was involved in an attempted murder against my life and it was connected to this. My father was involved. Steve Miles has been murdered over the situation. I was living with Norah Segal and her boyfriend Mark. We lived in an apartment building across the alley from Susan Garlocks right by 8th and Marine in Boulder. Norah and her boyfriend Mark and gotten into doing commercial burglaries. Stealing sound systems and whatever else they could find from bars and restaurants. I was dealing a lot of hash at the time and was finally getting to where I could consistently turn it over and remain in business. It takes a while. I had to learn discipline and develop client tell and it was finally starting to happen for me. Norah once said to me, you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it. I said, we are getting high every day and I’m keeping it going so that’s better than what it was. If I wasn’t doing this, we wouldn’t be getting high every day. It takes a while to build a drug business safely. If you run out and sell to strangers, you get busted so it’s not an overnight affair. A couple of plain cloths cops came to the door and knocked. I looked out the peep hole and saw them and took off out my bedroom window. Ed Clark had gotten me a birth certificate. It had the last name of Williams typed into it but nothing else and I was supposed to fill all that in. This was because of the computer situation in Golden. They showed up when I was there again. This time there was only one at the door. My window was open. I looked out and one was crouched down trying not to be observed waiting for me to jump out of the window. I let them in. They started asking question. Somehow we ended up in my room and I jumped out the window while both of them where in my room and got away. I ended up living at a fraternity a couple blocks shy of Baseline and Broadway. It was the other side of the grade school on 14th and Euclid is where this frat house was. It was summer and they rented rooms to the public while the students were gone. I was on Broadway hitching up to Table Mesa I think and two cops snuck up and grabbed me before I could get away. This was my introduction to Mike Butler who is now Chief Butler of Longmont Colorado. For his picture and how to contact him go to: He was previously available at: [email protected] (303)-651-8533 But he’s also been murdered over the situation. I was working for Goodwill industries in the factory when I lived on 11th and Clarkson at first in 1981. I was doing maintenance. I got a lot of stuff form there including a cheap electric guitar. I began thinking about getting serious with this. I was carrying it downtown and this person comes up to me and says keep going you’ll make it. I thought it was strange at the time because I wasn’t very good at that point but I remember it. I was quite loaded on alcohol when I decided to get serious about it but I made a decision even in that state and stuck to it and that was the beginning of what became the rest of my life in regards to music. I’d played off and on since I was nine but I got serous after I turned eighteen. I have no regrets because I love the art of music for its own sake. Everything else is window dressing and in my opinion if you don’t love it, it’s not worth doing for everything else from my point of view. I later got a job at the Denver Petroleum club. This was around 1981. It was at the Anaconda tower; it has since been renamed but the building is still there. He’s pictures of it: Here’s pictures of its new location still on Glenarm:!1s0x876c78d3c55b4b73:0x464106862137a9ac!3m1!7e115!4s!5sDenver+Petroleum+club+contact+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMkRnEEpoKisEoH2tpoe8DVHdwnmyJd3jJUifkG&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjt9amNu-XlAhUEip4KHavOD9MQoiowCnoECBAQBg The Anaconda tower is a sky scrapper so the Family can’t just knock it down over this situation or it’d probably be gone like so many other buildings connected to the situation. It was at 555 17th street, on 17th and Glenarm. I got the job through a guy named Randy who I knew through Steve Miles in Boulder. Randy was also murdered and I’m pretty sure Steve either knows who did it or knows someone who does. It’s possible that Steve did it but I don’t know that and I’m not claiming that. It’s just that Steve was close to the victim and this is what the Family uses to get a murder done normally but not always. Randy was also into music. He’d had a band and said he got an operation to his vocal cords to increase the range. I never watched him perform and he didn’t know I was any good until about 2002 when I was playing my guitar on his father’s property while there for a couple of weeks. At the Denver Petroleum club when I was working there President Ronald Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981. I think his name was Zarren. I met him there. Prior to that he worked at the Brown Palace on Broadway and 17th in Denver. So did Randy whom I knew from Steve Miles who got me the job at Denver Petroleum club in the first place. Zarren was my age, eighteen. Zarren and Randy where both gay. Apparently the Brown Palace at that time had a lot of employees who were. In fact, Capitol Hill in Denver was and probably still is a lot like San Francisco or New York in that respect. Zarren used to engage in prostitution on at the front of the Capital while he lived at my house. That’s where that sort of thing went on. He was involved in trying to get me into it. Randy was also engaging in prostitution on the lawn of the Capital. I dealt with a lot of sexual abuse prior to during and after this situation but the truth of the matter is I’m not gay and so that didn’t work for me. I wrote about the entire history doing my forth step work and had it at Tom Parsons house and he read it without my consent and let me know he’d read it. I started developing serious trust issues regarding Tom Parson from that point but I didn’t know enough about sociopathy at the time to see that he is one. I certainly know now. Zarren was murdered for his trying to get me into prostitution which he was paid to do and ultimately paid for it with his life which is too bad. He was actually a good guy. Ed Clark was involved in Zarren’s murder. There was also a female prostitute in Portland Oregon named Ann in 1995 who also tried to get me into this, saying I’d get paid better then she would. At the time we worked for the Petroleum Club Zarren and I were really concerned about the fact that we were forced to register for the draft and didn’t want to end up in a war. It looked like President Reagan would start one with the Soviet Union. This was a real concern for people our age at that time. In fact, the whole prior election to this was a very intense concern for me because of this. So we being young kids walked around the dining room saying good, President Reagan was shot. The other employees where disgusted with us but kids do what they do and I was no different than anyone else in this respect. Why would I be after all, I was only eighteen. But here’s the deal. Hinckley, the person who shot him had relatives who were members of the Petroleum club. I remember the employees talking about it. Which brings up a very good question. Was this really the motive?'s_motivation Let’s look at some more facts. President George Herbert Walker Bush had been the director of the CIA at one point: Wow, George HW Bush was also connected to the oil industry: So what happened on March 30th, 1981? I’m not sure but I’m not sure they are giving us the real story. This actually smells and it needs to be looked into further. They aren’t going to tell us the truth but these facts are public knowledge so where do they lead? You tell me. You could always contact the Houston Petroleum club and ask them if George HW Bush was behind the assignation attempt against President Reagan. If it was involving the oil industry they’d probably know because George HW Bush lives in Houston. President Reagan was shot at the Washington Hilton, in Washington, D.C. So you might also try the The Independent Petroleum Association of America who has their headquarters in Washington DC, they can be reached at: 1201 15th Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20005 Toll Free: 1 (800) 433-2851 Phone: (202) 857-4722 Fax: (202) 857-4799 You’re in luck they even have a toll free number to call them at so it will cost you nothing to call and ask if President Bush Sr. had President Reagan shot. It doesn’t get better than that. You know what else is interesting. I was sending out messages regarding the Family, HIV and treason to the Russian Heads of state. I was illegally placed in the Boulder Community Hospital psych ward and probably days but before two weeks had passed after sending this messages, Nancy Reagan died. She was old but what did she know about her husband’s dealings with the USSR? Good question and I don’t know. But she did die almost immediately after sending these messages to the Russians. She died on March 7th, 2016 and this can be matched up with my detainment date at Boulder Community Hospital. You could contact the hospital and ask them what they know. They’ll probably refer you to the CIA about the matter though so I’ve included a contact address for them too. You could also contact the CFR about the matter. Probably just a coincidence she was old but it might not be. As you know these people murder senior citizens too. In fact, it’s easier to get away with. You got to remember, it was President Reagan who was in office when the Berlin Wall came down. He said, tear down this wall.! What was going on behind the scene? I can tell you something was. These things don’t just happen in a vacuum. So again, what did she know? It’s easier to create a heart attack then to induce cancer and much quicker. All you need is the trust of the victim. Reagan as turns out knew about my situation while he was in office, it appears the White House has always been involved. President Ronald Regan was assassinated and President George HW Bush was involved. He was also involved in the attempt by John Warnock Hinckley Jr. on March 30, 1981, in Washington, D.C. where he wounded Reagan with a bullet that ricocheted and hit Reagan in the chest. In order to give President Regan Alzheimer's disease, he was given drugs that caused it then murdered with pneumonia. The reason he was murdered after he left office is because he and his wife Nancy Regan had found God and they were worried about him doing the right thing as a result of his conversion. Nancy Regan was later murdered and the situation was outlined in this article in March of 2016. You ask how can this be? Well let’s look at who George HW Bush is by looking at some history. This article is on Prescott Bush concerning Hitler’s rise to power. The Federal Reserve backed Hitler in World War II Bush’s involved in Banking: Anyone who knows about the illuminati knows that bankers created World War I and World War II in order to bring about the United Nations. First they tried it in World War I and the League of Nations was started and had its Geneva, Switzerland, but they couldn’t get the United States to sign on. An article titled the Truth about Pearl Harbor can be found at: In 1871 Albert Pike drew up plans for three world wars. For that go to:'s_Plan_for_Three_World_Wars.pdf They needed the United States involved in order to bring in the United Nations. This was in their plans to create a One World Government so they started another World War and this time they put the Head Quarters in New York to get the support of the United States. The people at that time didn’t want involvement in Foreign wars and great lengths were employed to get us into the second World War, including the creation of Pearl Harbor. Franklin D. Roosevelt was president and knew we were going to get attacked by they needed this attack to get the support of the United States citizens for the war. There is more to you but this is enough information for you to go research. George Herbert Walker Bush and his son George Bush are part of the illuminati and both of them are members of a secret society called Skull and Bones at Yale University. Dr. James Dobson is also a member and this is the front door into the illuminati. But the Bush family are already members of the illuminati and are in fact born into it as is the Kennedy’s. So did George Herbert Walker Bush have the power to murder President Regan. That’s an infinitive yes. The Bush’s aren’t being civil servants. They are civil predators and have been since before we were born, so let’s look at the truth of the matter and go from there before it’s too late. We are running out of time!!!! After Zarren moved out a friend from Lookout Mountain School, his girlfriend and another girl stayed at my house. Him and his girlfriend got into an argument. He was chasing her through a door. She slammed the door shut. His fist went through the window and he got a serious injury. I seem to remember it hit an artery but I may be mistaken on that. I called for help and paramedics and police arrived. I ask the police to leave, that it was under control and their presence weren’t helping anything. It was domestic violence. Neither of them intended for this to happen. The police complied and waited out front until it was over. I think I made the right decision under the circumstances as I’m sure he was in shock due to the accident and police present that don’t need to be don’t help this situation. They were actually really cool about it. I talked to them about becoming the managers there. The building was sold and the new owners offered more. I remember trying to stop this from happening but I seem to remember a lot of pressure from them not to back out. I can’t remember specifically at this late date but that’s the just of what I remember and they took over the management position at the apartment when I moved back to Boulder. When I was living there I used to go to a 3.2 bar called the House of Draft that was on 13th and Pennsylvania all time that had live music going for it. This was long before they change the alcohol law and you could drink 3.2 after you turned eighteen. The law was changed after I turned 21 so it never affected me. In fact, there was a girl I knew with blond hair. She was a couple years younger. When I was in Boulder we drank together. She was a bad alcoholic, worse than I was, no question. We went to her house one time while drinking. I tried to sleep with her and she wasn’t into it. I now know that this was another sex entrapment scheme. She’s been murdered. The last time I saw her was on the Pearl Street Mall in about 2002 with her family. I didn’t try to talk to her and I now think she was there as a participant in the games but I failed to respond because by this time I was getting to where I didn’t trust anyone anymore. Ed Clark was involved in her murder. I ended up leaving the Denver Petroleum club and moving back to Boulder because they had hired me as a dining room attendant and then demoted me to the dish room so I quit. When I got to Boulder there was an exceptional guitar player named Daniel Johnson who was playing on the Boulder Mall when I met him. He could play anything. He knew the leads to all the Zeppelin songs, the Beatles and about everything else I listened to the time and knew them well. He could pick up a lead work off anything in just seconds of listening to it but he wasn’t a song writer. He was one of those rear individuals who had perfect pitch. That means he could hear a note without the use of his instrument and tell you what it was. He didn’t need a tuning fork to tune his guitar. He’d play a string; it’d be out of tune. He’d say guilty and tune it with his ear. Most musicians can’t do that. Sure they can say guilty but that’s as far as that would go with them but wasn’t the case with Dan, he’d then twist the peg until the string was at the correct note with just his ear. This guy was seriously talented. He became a mentor of music for me. He taught me and was emotionally encouraging on the subject. I met Jerry Groom through the brother in law of my friend and guitar mentor Daniel Johnson in 1982. I met up again with Daniel Johnson when I was in Seattle in about 1993. I was living with Stephanie at the time and I ran into him in front of Dick’s hamburgers on Capitol Hill located at 115 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102. We resumed our relationship only I was a much better guitar player at this point. He taught me the Rain Song by Zed Zeppelin this time around. We got together once a week or so. I’d go over to his house by the Back Stage in Ballard and we’d jam there. I moved to Portland. Went to prison and did my time went back. Dan came out and saw me while in the middle of the stocking situation. I saw Fred my old sponsor from the Commercial house owned by Kelly Lynch while Dan Johnson and I were walking from Fred Myers down 19th street towards the Portland Police Association. He was a passenger in a vehicle involved in the stocking. Daniel bought a bunch of Cocaine that weekend through Toby who I knew from sister’s café and did it at my house. I was living on 23rd and Marshall so this was in 1999. Dan Johnson like Gordon who knew through Ed Clark had a heart of Gold. He was a really good guy and I miss him dearly. When Jeff Eike came to live with me in Seattle it was 1993 I believe. His mother had been murdered. The autopsy showed nothing as a cause of death. What happened is her son Randy Eike was ordered to kill his mother. He used ricin which doesn’t show up in an autopsy. Later Randy Eike was also murdered but unlike his mother and Jeff, Randy did not get into God’s Kingdom. He never changed his heart and was always after the material world regardless of what it cost or who it hurt and that’s why he didn’t make it. In fact, Mary Eike felt terrible for what she had put her son through after the light of God shined in her heart and was very remorseful about it. She’d truly changed from where she started. God will always forgive a repentant sinner. After all Lexi Olson and Mary Eike are with God right now but Randy isn’t. Ed Clark was involved in Daniel Johnson’s murder. I was nineteen years old, this would have been in 1981. I was living with Bruce Bingaman on 30th and Pennsylvania in Boulder. We had a roommate who was sober and going to AA. Bruce tried to encourage me to go into her room while she was sleeping and try and sleep with her. I don’t know what that was about and I didn’t do it. There’s more to this but it’s not important to what I’m writing right now. Somehow we met two people from Massachusetts who called themselves Pick and Bow. I think I met them either through Jeff Eike or Brian Beard. At this point I’m not sure. I’d heard that these two literally raised the crime statistics in Boulder. They had both done time in the Massachusetts prison system. Bow heard about an accident that had seriously injured or even killed members of his family and he found a victim and put him in the hospital to deal with his anger. I heard about it after the fact and felt really bad for whoever it was. I was young dumb and adventurous. Pick had a job planned out regarding a motel owned by Annie Deraite. I think that was her name. Her husband might have been dead by that time. I’m not sure. She was up there in years. It was on Folsom and Canyon I think. Across the street from Winchell’s donuts. There was an old drive through liquor store on her property she owned but my understanding is she couldn’t get a liquor license at this point. Pick had Bruce Bingaman rent a room from the hotel. I think it cost about ten dollars at the time. Pick and Bow remained inside the room while Jeff Eike and I went into the liquor store and packed up all the bottles in boxes that where in the store. It took us about three hours. There were twenty-three cases in all. We had to make two trips with Jeff’s mother’s car and took them to Brian Beard’s garage. Brian’s brother made us remove them. We took them to my place with Bruce Bingaman. Pick and Bow had another job at a restaurant which I refused to get involved. Obviously this last job was sloppy and I had enough sense to stop participating. Jeff and Brian did not. The cops feel asleep on the job and they got away with it. A few days later I heard cops in the yard around the house. I think I refused to answer the door. The cops got inside when I wasn’t there and found evidence of the job. It wasn’t enough to make an arrest. They started selling the alcohol all over Boulder high. Everyone had a bottle is what I head. The station wagon Pick and bone drove was pulled over and a couple of bottles where checked for the numbers and they matched the inventory stolen but it still wasn’t enough to make an arrest. Bruce’s father who was retired from the military and owned the house we lived in helped Bruce and whoever else was present poor all the remaining alcohol down the drain to get rid of the evidence and I was told to move out. Detective Mike Butler, had Pick and Bow come in for lie detector tests. They passed because they didn’t actually do the job. Jeff Eike and I did. They tried to locate me. Defective Butler showed up at Vo-tech where I was in school for welding and I wasn’t there that day. I was in What’s up Food and booze in the Broadway building on the second floor. I had worked there. I’m not sure if I was an employee at this time. I watched Detective Butler and another cop walking the mall looking for me from the second floor window of the restaurant as they strolled up and down Pearl street mall. The situation died down and we got away with it. Months later I was walking through the Dailey Camera parking lot which was on Pearl and 11th right by the mall. Detective Bolter calls me over to his car and said, if I wouldn’t have wanted to find you, I’d have found you. I thought he was just talking at the time but I’m old enough now to know he was telling me he gave me a break on that. He knew I didn’t usually get involved in that sort of thing and didn’t want to caller me for it. This came up three years later in another situation involving Bruce Bingaman making admissions that result in our arrests. Mike Bulter tried in his way to warn me something was up but I didn’t put it together what he was trying to say. You got to understand, communication has to be done in a way that keeps in legal. So Bruce and I got busted for another job and several people got drug charges as a result but they couldn’t do anything about Anne Deraites because of the statute of limitations. It had run out. I ended up in BCTC with a four-year community corrections sentence as a result. Jeff Eike was molested as a teenager like I was. The Family had this done to try and get him and I to develop a sexual relationship which never worked because we are both straight in our orientation. Jeff Eike was murdered over the situation in Seattle, his body was found on November 4th 2019. He was murdered with a baseball bat as a message to me by the Family. Jeff Eike also knew all about my situation regarding Lisa Strong and was concerned about my mental state as a result of it. He was around when this was happening and he cared about me and what I was dealing with. He made that known in his way one night at a gas station when I was intoxicated and had just seen her. Brian Beard was also with me and was concerned as well. I was living with Bruce Bingaman on 30th and Pennsylvania. I had been drinking Bacardi Rum 151. I went to the Middle Earth. I got really drunk. Apparently the bouncers had been pounding me that night including Fast Eddie. I punched in a window at the El Lora Jewelry Store. I came to in the booking room and said what am I in here for? They explained. I was charged with Criminal mischief over $200 which was a felony in about 1982. Ed Clark offered to pay for the window. I didn’t take him up on it and I’m glad I didn’t. Pete Hofstrom the district attorney, insisted on a bond and if you had a previous felony conviction the law was that the judge had to give it to you. Judge Torkey set it at fifty dollars. Pete Hofstrom appeared to be pissed. Tom paid it and I had to pay him back later. He said he had been in judge’s quarters before hand. Fast Eddy said he wouldn’t testify against me then did so at the preliminary hearing. After that I found out about the actions of the bouncer that night which would have exonerated me. It took a couple years to pay the restitution but I finally got it all paid off. While I was living with Bruce Bingaman on near 30th and Pennsylvania one of the neighbors up stairs was working for a promotional business. I’m not sure where. She got Bruce four tickets to the Ozzy Osbourne Concert in 1982 held at the CU Events center. There was a dispute about a ticket in regards to whether it would be Tony Finely or Brian Beard who went. I said, if it was Tony I would give up my ticket for Brian. I don’t remember the circumstance but Tony getting the ticket would have been unfair to Brian and that’s why I said that. I think it was Brian who said but you’re one of the main guys meaning I was supposed to go. I didn’t know what he meant by that and didn’t put a lot of thought into it at the time. They tossed a coin for the ticket and Brian got it. We went and watched. The opening band song some lyrics about wanting to go to hell. The crowd booed them off the stage. I don’t know that I actually booed but I certainly agreed with it. This was a little over the top and that certainly was never where I was at and apparently neither a large section of the audience. We were offered to get out tickets refunded over the PA because a truck with effects for Ozzy didn’t arrive. I wasn’t going anywhere and I glad I didn’t. This was my introduction to the guitar player Randy Rhoads. I never knew him personally of course but what I witness there musically coming out of this band was amazing and clearly Randy was the star of what was happening on that stage. He was absolutely phenomenal and I will never forget it. I’ve never seen a guitar player as good as him before or since. I was thoroughly. I felt like throwing my guitar away. Today it would only encourage me but I was no wear near that at that time. A few weeks later there was a story about Ozzy’s guitar player Randy Rhoads dead. As it turns out, this was a murder and my father was behind it. They thought this would get the guitar idea out of my head and they literally murdered an extremely talented person in order to do this. It did nothing of the sort. I began listening to the two albums he’d created and learning some of the stuff and went on to develop a style that was clearly influence by this individual. Did I do it because of this? No, I liked what he did and I wanted to learn that style but my point is these people are literally insane and out of touch with reality. On Christmas of 1981 I believe it was. I was living with Bruce Bingaman. I went upstairs into the unit and called my mother collect. While talking to her on an extended phone call someone called the operator and had her break into our conversation. The people who lived in this unit where the ones who got us the Ozzy Osbourne tickets for free at the CU Events Center that lead to the murder of Randy Rhoads. There should be phone records of this. My mother was living in Lake Tahoe at the time. I was buying musical notes for a hundred dollars a sheet. I was living at the Colony on 11th and Pennsylvania where I met Joan Johnson and Karen Stuckey. I think I had to pay Ricky a ten-dollar bill to go to the guy who got it for me. Ricky sold me a Pontiac Lemans for seventy-five bucks. The car was pretty sporty especially for seventy-five bucks and it was a very sweet deal as far as I was concerned. The guy we got the LSD from lived in a little red house on Folsom closed to Valmont. The cops caught on to him and he had to quickly leave town. He was latter murdered over the situation. I had taken a wire fastener that used to keep the hood down off. I bought twenty dollars’ worth of groceries and went to Jeff Eike’s. On the way back a cop car turned on his lights. I took off. He followed in pursuit. The hood went up. Jeff Eike was freaking out. I rolled down the window and put my head out the window to see where I was going. It was ice all over the road. I turned on College at seventy miles an hour and went right onto college ice and all without a problem. I ended up in front of my house and got and ran. I went into the back yard and up the stairs to get into the building. Eike later told me the car was still in gear and slowly pushing the cop car back. He put park. The cop came into the back yard and looked everywhere but up the stairs. He ran out in the alley, looked both ways and left. I slipped down stairs and into the outside entrance of my room. I took off my jacket. I heard a knock at the front door and head in the restroom and watch the cops come to me room and see I wasn’t in it. They left and a really cool cop found me, took me downtown and ticketed me and let me go. He has been murdered over my situation. I had cleaned out Mary Eike’s spare room. It was full of sweepstakes applications from magazines. Years’ worth of them. I spent six or eight hours cleaning it. I didn’t ask her for money or anything. I just did for her. I think that’s when our relationship started to change. Prior to that she knew what was happening to Jeff and I’m sure she aware of what was happening to me as well. She was in the Family’s employee and concerned about success rather than the love of family and friends but somewhere along the way her heart started to change. She said when Randy and Jeff where young she’d let them beat the shit out of each other instead of dealing with it. Randy is a sociopath and Jeff was anything but that so this was a grave injustice to Jeff as a child. I’m pointing this out to show where this woman came from. I met a guy named Billy. We were friends. We drank together and hung out in the LSD circles of a large group of us who regularly had cagiers. I was practicing a lot of music at this time of my life and was really beginning to learn how to do it. I had a friend named James from Boulder One. I sold him LSD when he was using and he came over trying his best to support me in getting sober at this time. James had a resentment towards me. He thought I had sold him bunk acid. Acid is the of drug that if you eat it two days in a row you won’t get off. Your tolerance sky rockets but drops just as fast. I used to eat it every other day for that reason. I don’t know why he didn’t just come talk to me about it. I would have gladly given him more free of charge. I liked James and he was a good customer and I worked that kind of stuff out but he never forgot it nor told me about it at the time it happened. I gave the stuff away to my friends all the time and it would not have been a big deal at all. But none the less James loved me after I got to the program despite what he believed so it was all good anyway. He was also murdered over the situation the exact same way Sean the tow truck driver form Boulder One was. He was a drummer and we played together a little. I started living with the Eike’s in the summer of 1982. I was digging ditches for a cable conduit company installing cable television in Boulder at the time. We had parties at a house near 30th and Colorado. We drank a lot and did a lot of acid and Billy was around. He gave me a rode home one day to the Eike’s during this period of time. I got drunk one night. I went into Mary’s room and she had me leave. I wanted to get sexual and was under the influence. She betrayed the Family by this and it was part of the reason for her murder. This situation was a few months after the murder of Randy Rhoads. I had his picture on my wall. I was deeply affected by his murder. I thought it was just because I was a fan. I had no idea at the time his death was connected to me. I now know that’s part of the reason. I was in my father’s living room on September 20, 1973. The news of Jim Croce’s death came out over the radio. I was floored by it, yet I was not a fan. I now know this too was because it was connected to me, but I had no idea of this when it happened. In 1983 Ricky’s, was living in the Varsity Manor located at 1555 Broadway #113, Boulder, CO 80302. It was next to the Varsity Townhouse. I couldn’t get a picture of the Varsity manor but this is the Varsity Townhouse. Crispy lived there just before I met him and was busted for a couple pounds of mushrooms in 1980 if I remember correctly. For that picture go to:!1s0x876bec2568145cdd%3A0xba7775c06db39a9e!3m1!7e115!!5sVarsity%20Manor%20Boulder%20address%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipPqJWrewEDqJJiJVpRvC0kzUaOmUEC1GTLlWUe7&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiA6Ie4_N3lAhUuCTQIHXwKAOcQoiowC3oECAoQCQ One day I went over to Ricky’s house and Lisa Strong was there. I had no idea they even knew each other. I’d never known Lisa to be connected to this social circle at all. She made the comment this was the Paul I was talking about being a good guitarist. She quickly got out of there when Ricky seemed to think there could be something develop between us. I now think this whole scenario was a game. Ricky was actually a really cool guy but he was also murdered over the situation. Also during this same period of time we were having a cagier party at the bottom of the mountains off Arapahoe like we often did if I remember correctly. Lisa Strong showed up in her pickup truck for a very brief period of time. I think this was also part of the game to keep me interested in chasing her. We were in a van at Duffy’s market on 9th and Pearl. We went into the store and the guy in there got weirded out and called the cops. We weren’t doing anything wrong. We were drinking and high on LSD. This was probably in December of 1983. We got into the van and the cops showed up. The driver was going to start the vehicle and quickly drive off. I brought him to his senses by repeatedly saying a DUI, a thousand bucks. I said it over and over again and we stayed. We parked crooked on the curb. I got out and talked to the cops. I said, I only live a few blocks. We want to just leave the van right there and walk to my house so we don’t get into trouble. Much to my surprise he said yes. I said is the van going to get towed? He said, we aren’t going to tow it, implying he had no other officers but he wouldn’t do it. They got mad at me and I’m trying to tell them I saved your ass. We walked around for a bit and came back and got the van and left. Those officers were also murdered over the situation. I was at a party. The cops showed up. Chris Robert’s had some warrant. I was trying to tell these people they didn’t have to let the officers in that they had rights. I was in front of the house half-drunk going off about this trying to save Chris Roberts. I was arrested and thrown into the front of a cop car. Jeff Eike was in the back. I used my cuffed hands and open the door and the commotion was going on at the party. The cop got in and put his hands around my neck and started squeezing. My friend Jeff Eike was in the back witnessing it and to bring the officer to his senses I started saying go ahead. Do it. He quickly pulled his hands off my neck. It worked. I was put in the same cell as Chris Roberts. I found out his sister was Sharon Roberts. I thought she was the same girl I had a crush on in the ninth grade in 1977 or so. I thought I saw her at a job on North Broadway. I little convenience store. Unlike Sharon Roberts this girl was really nice to me. Chris Roberts said his sister had never worked a day in her life and I realized this was the girl who I originally liked and Sharon Roberts just looked like her. Sharon Roberts was paid to play games around this love interest after I was released from Lookout Mountain school and both these women were murdered over it. The only crime the girl from my ninth grade school committed to get murdered for was liking me. That’s all she did and it got her and Sharon Roberts killed. I always wanted to see her again and in 2016 I found out that both of them had been murdered. Cops present at that party where also murdered over the situation. It was New Year’s Eve 1983. I was with JD, Shaun and Crispy I think. We had been at JD’s house on 34th and Aurora. I think I gave my little friend Tarra some LSD that night. We ended up at a party that was fool of frat people. I ran around saying sheets a hundred dollars. I was really drunk. A couple people enquired about cocaine but I didn’t usually deal with at the time. I never actually dealt cocaine anyway. We were finally asked to leave. I found what I thought was JD’s house went through a window and passed out. The next morning, I woke up in someone else’s house. They were really cool about it. I was very hungover. I told them I was welder for Annon Corporation. I asked them where 344th and Aurora was and it was like a block away. Tarra was also murdered over the situation. I was really bummed to know she had been murdered because I really like her as a friend. Last time I saw her was in the Boulder County Jail in 1986. We were eating in the cafeteria at the same time. It was the old jail on 6th and Canyon. I was living at 14th and Euclid where Kendall got me a room with some Christian musicians at right next to an Elementary School, imagine that. Kendall Chambers gets me a room next to an elementary school in 1985 located at: 956 16th Street , Boulder, CO 80302 This is the website of the school: One day I was with Curt two teenage girls and Scotty. I had known Scotty for a year or two maybe. I don’t know when I met him. He was around and I knew him. We were in Left Hand Canyon or Sunshine Canyon. The one that goes out Arapahoe I believe it was. They were smoking pot and I was along socializing and selling acid. I wasn’t there to do a deal; this was just in the process of things. I was ten months sober and making pretty good money because I wasn’t using any drugs and I had a very good connection at the time. I was dealing with Randy and Young Bob who I met through Frisco Bob. The LSD was being shipped directly from San Francisco via UPS. While we were up there the Police pulled us over. I think it was the sheriffs. We were out of the city limits a couple miles in the mountains. They pull us out of the car. I was cold and one of the girls with us lent me her jacket. The cops where searching us and they found tampons in the pocket. The officer and us joked about it including the girl the jacket belonged to. After that we were made to wait in the car. I had to eat eleven hits of acid to keep from getting busted. As we were in the car I was starting to get high and complaining. Curt said you’re not in control here. I didn’t know it but this was an entrapment scheme and I ate the evidence and that was that but my sobriety was gone as a result. Curt said you’re not in control here as I complained. Now I know where he was coming from because what they were trying to do. A little latter a pickup truck shows up and the parents of one of the girls picked them up. The police come to the car and said, Scotty we can’t get ahold of your parents and we will have to take you in. Scotty said, Curt will take me home and repeated it a couple of times. The officer relented. He gave Curt a citation for the marijuana to make it look good and said get out of town. It was all an act. Scotty, Curt and the girls where latter murdered and Ed Clark was involved. So were the officers involved. That night I called Kendall. Kendall left her two-year-old son Seth Chambers unattended and came and picked me up. Because of what happened in hind sight I know that Kendall derived pleasure in my misfortune in being forced to consume the acid. This was before I knew she had a sadistic side to her. She hides it very well. The next morning my old boss Kent I think was his name called me from Annon corporation about getting my old job back. I’d never given him Kendall’s phone number and thought it odd that he called me there but gave it no more thought than that at the time. He made me test for a weld position that day which was also weird because he knew I could weld. I’d worked for him prior to this and my skill was never in question. Because of the state of my intoxication from the night before I did terribly and he didn’t hire me back. Kent was also murdered over the situation and when the Family failed to entrap me in a drug arrest he was contacted and told to do this right after that happened. In in the spring of 1985 I was at Boulder One AA. This was Friday night. Billy comes to me and said, Paul you really need to get sober. I didn’t know it but Billy knew the Family was trying to destroy me. He saw this fallow me into the meetings and was upset that Boulder One Family members were taking part in sabatoshing my recovery. Intentionally involving themselves in games intended to keep me getting loaded. I came in on Monday and heard about a horrible “accident” I found out Billy had died. I later found out he’d been murdered for being protective of me regarding Boulder One and my recovery. A lady named Pam and a lady named Suzy who’s quite wealthy where involved. Bruce Bingaman had an old station wagon. We were getting drunk in it. He called it his DUI mobile and while we were drunk Bruce had the bright idea of running around intentionally hitting parked cars and driving off and that’s what he did while I was in the vehicle with him. He thought it was funny. This was probably in 1984. I think about that now and I wonder how I could have gotten involved with people like that. Thank god we all grow up. I think Bruce was about three years older than I was. He was involved in my friend Billy’s murder from Boulder One AA involving a vehicular accident in about 1985 when I lived with Tim Welch. The murder involved a party Billy was at prior to the accident and apparently Bruce Bingaman was at that party. I met a person who was from Berkeley we called Old Joe. Joe was about fifty-seven and we all thought that was old at the time. Old Joe was the one who told me about ginseng. When he mentioned it I thought it was a root that people where abusing as a drug abuse situation and didn’t try it until I got to Seattle and found it is a pretty cool herb as far as that goes. But Joe would throw a few coins every morning and turn to a page in a book called the I Ching. It’s referred to as The Book of Changes. For a copy go to: I was with Frisco Bob, this was in 1984 while I was living with Joan Johnson and Karen Stuckey on Broadway. We went by Grandview street and the police called us over to their vehicle. I dropped several hits of LSD on my way to the car. I cop walks up to it, picks it up and said, BoZo dropped his acid. He must have been watching for that because I was pretty discrete. I’m not stupid and most people wouldn’t have seen it. I took off running. I had to do some maneuvers but I shook them and ran into a stranger’s house. They saw me in their alarmed of course. I quickly explained the situation and they drove me to my house and when I got the Frisco Bob was in the housing waiting when I arrived. For pictures of the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder go to: I think the I Ching is some kind of fortune telling devise or something like that. A way that people would use to decide what direction to go. I don’t know a lot about it but I’m sharing a little about Old Joe and so I’m bringing it up. It also shows a little about the personalities in Boulder and a little example of some of the culture I’d find on the Pearl Street mall. He used to talk about protests in Berkeley. We both dealt LSD in Boulder in the early eighties. This was probably around 1982 or so. He was involved with in the sixties and was the one who informed me the University of San Francisco in Berkeley made the stuff. He also told me about Height Asbury and Golden Gate Park as places in San Francisco to find a wholesale connection. Both places are very close to the University of San Francisco. In 2016 I found where these places where at. I was in San Francisco and I was curious. I had no desire to get any drugs, I’d just heard so much about it I wanted to see and it wasn’t anything spectacular like I thought it would be. After all I’d heard about the glory of Height Asbury it was just a quaint little corner in an upscale neighborhood but nothing else. Pictures of the area can be found at: Pictures of the University of San Francisco:!1s0x8085874a311220bb%3A0x6a56ca6f837ff84e!3m1!7e115!!5sUniversity%20of%20san%20Francisco%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOst28cHXAhMgmC_zOeNIsEFQGQ6-B8s6bQmprt&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi3utOo_NjlAhVMvJ4KHcTRBp4QoiowFXoECA4QBg Pictures of Golden Gate Park: Old Joe and I stayed in a tent for a couple months probably near Eben G fine park Boulder of Arapahoe and about 6th street. A person called out to him really loud trying to get drugs. The cops where alerted as a result and Old Joe got busted. I didn’t disown the person who did it because I thought he just made a mistake and Old Joe should have set rules with his clients to prevent this. I was very security conscience in what I did and I had rule for people that protected me and that’s one reason I never got caught. Any way Joe got an attitude because I wouldn’t disown this person and moved out of the tent. I’m sure we worked it out latter because I don’t remember an ongoing problem with Joe and I’d remember something like that. The University San Francisco can be found at: Timothy Leary was involved with the CIA. He had a slogan, turn on, tune in and drop out. What the CIA did was they used LSD to create a subculture in order to separate the war protesters from mainstream society. Politically the worst thing you can do when dealing with tyrants is to drop out. They thought they were making a statement but in fact, this was what the CIA wanted. By dropping out the political tyrants simply take over everyone else. Dropping out is akin to political suicide. The antiwar protesters doing LSD and dropping out where then only taking to each other and the government was going on with wars. I believe Timothy Leary was a CIA dup. He knew he was working with them but I don’t believe he actually knew what they were up to. LSD was also a gate drug. The government had lied about the horrors of drugs, instead of telling them what the real horrors of addiction where. People did LSD and said it’s not that bad, so what else is the government lying about? They then started experimenting with other drugs and before the sixties where done there was a heroin epidemic as a result. Every one believed since LSD and marijuana aren’t that bad they tried heroin, meth and everything else as a result and the United States developed a very serious addition problem as a result. This was intended. When I was in grade school I was told that when you smoke marijuana you can walk off a cliff and not even know it. I brought this up with my mother and she said no, that’s not true. Lucky Luciano was given a fifty-year sentence and pardoned over some BS story and went on to create engineer the heroin epidemic of the sixties. My point is this. The government is telling us that drugs are illegal for our own good and yet they are involved in the distribution of them. So what do we believe. What they are telling us? Drugs to a large degree are used to control the masses. You can raise and lower crime in neighborhoods, create ethic stereo types by pumping them into the right area. And by controlling the press in response you can literally make society dance to your will around the drug issue and it’s happening. It’s really what they do. Addicts are too busy to be politically active. They got to get their stuff and become preoccupied with that. Families of addicts become preoccupied with the addicts in their families and trying to rescue them, instead of on what’s happening politically. Drug epidemics are good for government and elite families but they are not good for society. We as people really ask ourselves what is actually happening with this. It’s not what we are told. I started dealing with Frisco Bob in about 1983. He had lotus blossom for 2.50 a hit and I bought that and it started form there. He was with Trina Cathum at the time. He had two kids and one of them brought a used syringe to the teacher and they were taken away from Bob. This was close to the time I started dealing with him. Him and Trina broke up and he had this weird obsession of checking the obituary’s looking for her every day. He was obsessed with her after she left him. I was dealing with Jill, Cody Anderson’s mother and he found his way into the middle of that relationship. It’s clear now he was there to prevent us from developing a relationship on behalf of the Family but at the time I knew none of this. In 1984 He introduced me to Kendall Chambers. She was living in the san Juan apartments, near 30th and Valmont. For a picture of them go to:!1s0x876bee73e1149331:0x565db7df5871eb55!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/san%2Bjuan%2Bapartments%2Bboulder%2Bco/@40.0301939,-105.2493872,3a,75y,33.26h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211szyzsqxKeplD5Rah_G_U5pQ*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x876bee73e1149331:0x565db7df5871eb55?sa%3DX!5ssan+juan+apartments+boulder+co+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2szyzsqxKeplD5Rah_G_U5pQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwja8Zm4htnlAhVIuZ4KHYixA1wQpx8wCnoECA0QBg I’ve already talked about Kendall. Frisco Bob then introduced me to Randy and Young Bob. I started getting LSD from them for really cheap compared to what I’d paid for it in the past. They were getting it directly from San Francisco via UPS. One-time young Bob’s parents sent the package back freaking out worrying about getting busted. There might be a business record of that. I dealt with Young Bob until about 1985 and that’s when I stopped dealing drugs. Young Bob and Frisco Bob went to Chicago. They had somewhere between 1500 and 2500 hits. I don’t remember at this late date. They were arrested in Chicago and put in the Cook County jail. The courts ruled that the police didn’t have probable cause and they were set free. I heard about the arrest while they were in Cook county jail in Chicago. In the summer of 1984 I ran into Hadley Hull. I had dated her previously in 1982. I think she was driving if I remember correctly and we ended up at a party on Broadway, past University street but before 13th street cut off into the hill. I was considering getting back with her. I was young when we were together before. She had self-esteem issues and I was too young to figure out, that’s the kind of thing that can be worked out. To make a long story short, she loved me and she was the kind of girl a person could have a future with. In other words, she was a legitimate suiter. I left the party for a few minutes. More like forty-five probably to go to the Pearl Street Mall and see if I could unload some acid. I got down there around 14th and Pearl where the Milky Way arcade was and Lisa Strong was at the bench out front with her bicycle. She had ridden from where she lived with her parents at 3020 Elder I believe. She might have actually lived in a trailer park at that time. I don’t remember but you can get anywhere in Boulder in just a few minutes on a bicycle. Apparently while I was at the party she was called and told get down to the mall and pretend to be available because he has a potential girlfriend. I didn’t want to hurt Hadley because I did in fact care about her. Lisa made me think we could have some kind of a future but that wasn’t her intention at all. It was to collect the money she was offered to do this little job. As a result of this, Hadley Hull who had absolutely nothing to do with it was murdered to cover this up and Lisa Strong is guilty of 2nd degree murder on this count alone unless she was aware of her murder prior to it in which case it would be first degree murder which is entirely possible under the circumstances. I stayed with the Eike’s for about two weeks before I left Boulder on March of 1987. I was a fugitive due to the incident of 1986. I remember Tom Burkhart giving me his vital statistics information so I could get a birth certificate in his name. Then after I’d wrote it down it had disappeared. I talked to a girlfriend named Lisa who I’d met at Barnes Business college while on his phone. She intended to frame me for sexual assault before I left but I didn’t see her during that time. I just talked to her on the phone. Both of them have been murdered. Jerry lived in the same house Fish also called James used to live in. To get to that house from Alex’s which was on the corner of 17th and Walnut you walk down the Alley between Walnut and Canyon Blvd towards 16th street and it was the property on the right hand side of the Alley or the South side of the alley on 16th across the street from the First Presbyterian Church. I lived in a huge shed on the property in the summer of 1981 when I was eighteen before I met Jerry Groom. For a sample of Jerry’s work go to: Jerry played with the Allman brothers and was Duane Allman’s protégé and in fact got Duane Allman’s guitar after he died. Jerry Groom unfortunately was murdered over my situation. At first when Jerry told me he played with the Allman brothers I didn’t believe him but he had pictures and talent to back up what he was saying and after dealing with him I came to know it as a fact. When I knew him he had a band that played in Boulder called the Radio Ghosts. For a while Jerry treated me with disrespect. Made it out like because of who he was and where he’d been he was entitled to treat me this way. I stopped coming around for several months. I don’t put up with that, regardless of who it is. He got the message and treated me different after that. He was usually broke. He could pay his way from his music but he didn’t usually have a lot of money. Then every once in while he’d come into a huge sum of cash. Nobody knew where he was getting it or even asked. That was Jerry’s business or so I thought. At one point he purchased an eight track reel to reel recorder with this money which in the eighties this was very expensive equipment. He got it for his art and as you’ll see by these recordings he was extremely talented. Turns out my father was behind this, the disrespect Jerry was treating me with and his untimely his murder by a violent means. I got an occult book from Frisco Bob called the Lesser Keys of Solomon. Bob said there was also a book called the Greater Keys of Solomon. Bob said these came down from King Solomon of the bible. I left the book with Jerry and Jerry told me it was evil. I believed him and stopped studying it further and Bob took the book which is fine by me. I didn’t know at the time that White magic is actually still black masquerading itself as good. I grew up around the occult and had not yet learned that if we are to have magic in our lives God with do that for us and we need not invoke anything. That’s his province not ours and only dark forces will try to convince you otherwise. Jerry did me a favor by letting me know what that was. My friend Shaun, Crispy’s LSD dealing business partner had a girlfriend. I think her name was Sabrina but this was around 1983 or so and I’m not positive that was her name. She was a totally gorgeous girl with dark long hair. Absolutely beautiful appearance wise. I don’t know a lot about her personality. She was Shaun’s girlfriend and I respected that so I never tried to get to know her. She was probably about twenty-one or so. Around my age. She ended up with Jerry Groom or that’s what it appears to be. Jerry was in his mid-forties. He was talking about a life together and something about her having history as far as music was concerned. I don’t remember what was said. This seemed very odd that he’d consider something permanent with such a young beautiful girl but it wasn’t my business. If this was what she wanted that was cool with me. I know this was a game just the situation in 1992 with Roselle Williams and Robert Plant. Sabrina was later at Steve Miles. It appeared she was sleeping with someone other than Shaun and asked me to keep my mouth shut which I said I would. After all, it was her business. Why would I create an issue over something like that? The last thing that happened in relation to the property where Jerry Groom lived on 16th street in front of the First Presbyterian church in Boulder was when I took off from BCTC as a fugitive. I slipped out of the window and brought property there and placed it on his property. Went back and finally left and picked up my things left on Jerry Grooms property later before I left Boulder in March of 1987. After I left Boulder Jerry Groom finally got sober and as all good alcoholics in Boulder he ended up at Boulder One. Unfortunately for Jerry he was murdered as a result of his connection to AA and this shouldn’t be the case but apparently it is. It’s really sad what’s happening in our twelves step programs. People looking for help have to worry about being murdered in the process and this shouldn’t be. Just before I left for Sacramento I was at Jeff Eike’s house. I think it was the morning I was about to leave. I’d called a 976 number and was talking to this girl on the line. I told her where I had been working in Denver, signing up people for subscriptions to trade publications and I think we worked predominately with the computer industry. I was getting $7.00 an hour which was pretty good at that time for what I was doing. I told her about it. She ended up getting a job there and has been murdered over the situation. I suppose phone records lined us up. Her employment there and so that gave them what they thought they needed to snuff her life out. After I had been in Sacramento for a while, probably in 1989 I went to Cisco’s pool hall on Auburn Blvd and Arden Way. I was trying to get sober and wasn’t drinking that night. There was a young lady flirting with me. She was probably my age. I was about twenty-five then or so. As morning came she implied she liked me because I wasn’t drunk. Cisco’s was open twenty-four hours and served the public after they stop serving alcohol at 2:00 am. The next morning a person she knew showed up who looked like a biker and he probably was. He had speed and I bought a twenty-dollar bag from him and said I wanted to go do it in the restroom. We were waiting for a bus. I was told we were going to go to a party. They balked and said the bus will be here soon. I went anyway and when I got back out they were gone. I now know they intended to murder me and if they were seen at the bus stop after the bus came still waiting this could get them busted so this little detail saved my life. They have since been murdered over the situation. I went to a restaurant with Jim Moon to meet Frank L. Topping. It was a restaurant Frank Topping regularly eat at. I was being introduced to Frank that night to move into his house. While we were in the restaurant Jim Moons care was broken into. I had some cheap phone equipment and taps used in the advertising sales when working with Florencio Quintanilla under PD&K advertising. I only lost a small box of taps. I’m sure the thief was instructed to go after them but mistakenly only grabbed the small index box and left the larger one so I wasn’t cleaned out of my account. I had maybe fifteen hundred or two thousand accounts and lost probably a hundred and fifty to tree hundred accounts or so. The loss of the phone equipment really didn’t hurt me. The taps where what was valuable and most of them where missed. At the time I thought it was random but at this time I can see it clearly wasn’t and that I was targeted. Both by what was taken and by when and where it happened. This would have been in 1989 prior to the entrapment scheme attempted involving Frank L Topping and my meth dealer Bronda. Frank was paid ten thousand dollars for the job. I have no idea what Bronda was given but both of them have since paid for it with their lives. I believe Jim Moon introduced me to Frank Topping for that purpose with the intention of getting me into a California prison to take me out in there which never happened because they failed to get me on a charge of meth possession. I lost the meth intended for Bronda before I was taken to the booking room by the grace of God. There was a hit put out on me at Salvation Army Crossroads in 2019. The director Harold was involved. I got wind of it and didn’t go back in order to keep from being murdered. Harold is an extreme sociopath. He’d had a high position as a director for the Colorado Department of Corrections prior to his employment at the Salvation Army. He plays power games with clients there that don’t do anything except give him pleasure in controlling others there their program for client volunteers. They are unfair to his workers who are forced to give more labor than is reasonably fair for what they receive as far as benefits. He’s also been known to remove the television just because he could. He had some kind of justification but it wasn’t valid in relation to what he was claiming. DOC has a lot of sociopaths who work there. There is also good employees as well. DOC isn’t inherently filled with bad people, it’s just that sociopaths love to control others and a penitentiary gives them an extreme environment to wet their willy in this fashion. Harold is of this bilk and it’s no surprised he’d be involved in conspiracy to commit murder. For contact information on Cross Roads go to: The Salvation Army Crossroads Center Address: 1901 29th St Denver, CO 80216 Phone: (303) 295-3366 For pictures of Cross Roads go to:!1s0x876c78e2599d8371%3A0x438b599133404709!3m1!7e115!4s%2Fmaps%2Fplace%2Fsalvation%2Barmy%2Bcrossroads%2Bcenter%2F%4039.7652622%2C-104.9876846%2C3a%2C75y%2C33.19h%2C90t%2Fdata%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sHAXEYaOPOr5OP-NHQRahEQ*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x876c78e2599d8371%3A0x438b599133404709%3Fsa%3DX!5ssalvation%20army%20crossroads%20center%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e2!2sHAXEYaOPOr5OP-NHQRahEQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiz75SBpeXlAhVFj54KHXTaBPAQpx8wCnoECA8QCw I think Tom Parsons is also still alive; do you think it means that too? Maybe he also needs a copy. He's probably a little old to read it so his wife Vicki will have to read it to him. To get a copy to him and his wife just email Tom at [email protected] He’ll really appreciate the sentiment. Lisa Talve who was an employee at Lookout Mountain School was also murdered over the situation and I think one of Tom Parsons friends probably knows who ordered it. He’s on a first name bases with the corrupt Boulder County judges. If he doesn’t know who did it, he knows who does. Tom knows all the people in the system involved in this situation and has extensive knowledge about the murders that where committed to cover it up. You got to realize these people in the system are like anyone else. If they want murder done, they have to put on their criminal hats despite their respective positions or it doesn’t get done. This includes judges. Ask Judge Roxane Bailin about that regarding the hit on Margaret Williams in January of 1996 and she’ll tell you all about it. She’ll also explain judges have extensive geographic reach. Bailin is in Boulder and Margaret Williams was murdered in Spokane. Tom Parsons can explain that one to you too. I guess it’s okay for a judge to be a piece of shit but nobody else though. Tom Parsons really needs the Hitman Manuel for his friend if nothing else. By the way, Carmine Santagleo in Portland Oregon was murdered. His kitty Maxine might have made it through but with Sebastian King around I don't hold out a lot of hope for her. Jessica Bott of the CEP department in Central City Concern was also murdered over the situation. They made her sick with HIV which means she was infected before I left. Probably by the “boyfriend” she was telling me about. The information comes to me over time sometimes. Apparently she was another mother they had intended to get me into a relationship with to try and get me to molest her children. In my relationship with Jessica Bott she came to care about me and I believe she may have tried to address what was going on and that’s why she’s dead. Based on what I know I’m pretty sure that’s what happened which is a bummer because I actually cared about Jessica. I was as close to her as I was Carl Dvorak. I also found out that Jennifer Cooper, my therapist at Old Town Recovery, another department of Central City Concern was also murdered over the situation. I was seeing her around 2014 or 2015. I was at the Henry approaching New Year’s eve 2005. I had just recently been moved from the Estate Hotel to the Henry. I had gotten some heroin or so I thought it was. This was several hours maybe a day before the count down for New Year’s 2005. I was in my unit at the Henry and I remember hearing the noise of the New Year being brought in thinking it’s too early and going back to sleep. The next morning my CEP councilor opens my door with his key without knocking. I got up and he seemed surprised to see me awake. He opened the door expecting to find a dead body and that’s why he didn’t knock. The stuff I was given which shouldn’t have put me out for so long didn’t act like heroin usually does and they tried to kill me. CEP was involved or Kurt would have knocked because he wouldn’t’ have expected me not to be responsive enough to open the door. Kurt moved back to Chicago I seem to remember and was murdered to cover it up. I met James at the Hatfield in 2005. He was a black guy in probably his forties. He seemed fairly intelligent and well-mannered as far as that goes but slightly arrogant but not offensively so. I’d gotten crack from him while at the Henry a few times I seem to recall. But when I was at the Hotel Alder he became my dealer for a while. They had some kind of contest at the Rialto Off Track Betting bar, located at 401 SW Alder St, Portland, in the building the Hotel Alder was in and I won about $100 and it cost me nothing. I called James and bought some stuff from him. The lady in 321 named Carolyn who was a black lady in her early sixties I believe told me about the context and was mad that I didn’t compensate her for winning but I never had that agreement nor understanding and didn’t try to disrespect her. I’d spent the money and she got mad at me after the fact. It was one of those things and we got passed it of course. It’ wasn’t that big a deal, just a misunderstanding. She moved out latter into the same building Amy Andrade lived right by the Max station on SW 19th Ave or so. I later spent about three hundred dollars with James and tried to negotiate a wholesale deal like I’d done with Mario in 312 on other occasions. He agreed and gave me a bunch of under sized bags. The deal I negotiated was reasonable. I knew the market and what I was requesting. I smoked it with Robert James. Another time I bought a hundred dollars’ worth and it was bunk. I called him back and he said he got some bad stuff and a few hours’ latter he made it right. He said he wasn’t’ using the stuff himself and he decided to get out of it and gave me the number of someone in Southeast Portland that took like an hour and a half to get there on the max. It was a fair way South of the URS club around Rockwood stop I believe. James, Amy Andrade who I accidently infected with HIV because I was told I was clean by the needle exchange when getting tested along with Lexi Olson in 2011 or so, Carolyn and Robert James have all been murdered over my situation. And of course Lexi Olson herself was murdered with HIV. In about 2006 or 2007 I was looking for crack. I ran into this black guy who took me up to this place that serves donuts near the Max station on Martin Luther King Blvd in Portland. He got a bunch. More than I was getting. We went downtown. I think we were near 5th, downtown Portland. Near Oak Street closed to the US bank. He’d met up with another black guy and they were apparently doing business. The cops came and searched us. The one black guy who I met before ate a bunch of crack. The cops took both these people to jail and booked them. They intended to murder me and that’s why they booked to get a file on their identity to use for later. I didn’t know any of this at the time but now I do. There was a person with autism I met in Portland at Safety net, the place on SE Morrison that was a payee for social security and untimely shut down for stealing clients’ money. Robert James and I both were clients. I think her names was Laureen but I’m not sure. She had me come over to her apartment on SE 27th and Alder down the street from Our House. An HIV hospice I’d done volunteer work at in 2009 I believe it was. I was high on Benzedrex inhalers and she got really weird with me for no apparent reason. I now know she was trying to create some kind of situation for the Family and she was paid to do this. She told me if I was getting high she didn’t want me around. It wasn’t that she said this, it was her demeanor in the process. If someone doesn’t want to be around me for whatever reason I have respect for that and that wouldn’t be a reason to write anything about it. So I never went back and talked to her anymore. I don’t like being treated with disrespect and will stop associating with someone who treats me that way and that’s what happened. I didn’t know she was involved at that point but I knew I didn’t want to be treated like that. I’d done nothing to warrant her extreme reaction. I saw her again at Safety net. She acted like nothing had happened and appeared to want to start socializing again. By this time, I had figured out she was involved in the situation. This along with everything else that was happening at the time confirmed it and I blew her off. I don’t need to knowingly pull the enemy into my camp and allow them into my personal space if I’m aware that that is what they are. She was ultimately murdered over the situation. In about 2009 I had been doing Benzedrex inhalers for a period of a couple of days. My identification had disappeared. This was odd. I’m not sure what happened to it and I rechecked my steps and could not get it back. I now believe it was stolen by the Family. They like to go after my ID’s. This is the kinds of dirty things they do. Especially if you are notarizing legal work but that came later. I went to the probation department on Monday to talk to my probation office Richie Goss. I wasn’t in good shape and he asked me for an UA. I thought it was about my appearance. This was before I figured out Richie Goss was one of the good guys and paid for it with his life. They can’t just tell me anything because of the legality around it. I have to figure things out based on what’s going on around me over time. His death saddened me greatly. It came up hot for meth. I thought that was odd because I hadn’t done any meth. Turns out the Family was putting meth in the Benzedrex inhalers I was using trying to create an issue by trying to intoxicate me further than I expected. It didn’t work of course but this is what happened. I had to spend ten days in jail. After I found out the reason it happened I sent Richie Goss an email. He’d retired by then. I explained I’d have done the same thing in his position and I completely understood why he did it. Sometimes I have to pay a price to get what is necessary to put these people away and even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time I totally agreed with what and why it happened. May Richie Goss Rest in Peace. In about 2009 I was on the Max. I had been doing Benzedrex inhalers. I asked a girl with dark long hair to sleep with me. She got really weird about it. I didn’t do anything else to bring about the extreme response she had towards the situation. It was clearly over the top. I got off the Max. I was about a stop from the Airport and headed back into town. A couple of police showed up and said she’d said I’d exposed myself which clearly didn’t happen. I don’t do that sort of thing. One of the officers gave me a ride to gate way I think. I said check the video, I’ve done nothing wrong and Trimet has video and there’s no way they could actually prove I did something I didn’t. If I did they’d have had their way with me long ago. They were out playing games all the time. I was given a ticket to show up at Community Court but the time wasn’t on it. I showed up to make sure my name wasn’t on the docket which it wasn’t. Apparently there were officers on both sides of the fence. Ones trying to frame me and another trying to get evidence of it which they did. The lady was later murdered over it. I had been in an entrapment scheme regarding crack and was charged. One of the officers in the situation wasn’t part of the problem and he was murdered as a result. I got very light sentence. Drug addiction offenses in Portland aren’t a huge deal for a user anyway compared to a place like Colorado. The courts appeared to be more progressive on the issue then here. It’s the only felony drug charge I’ve ever had as an adult but it wasn’t the only attempt at drug entrapment and these officers aren’t the only ones who’ve died over the issue. There was a large black guy named Chris who was involved in Portland and is now dead as a result. He was working with the FBI on the issue in fact. Why was the FBI interested in a user? Good question. It wasn’t about the law; I can tell you that. I was originally charged with distribution which I had no part in and there was no evidence that I did. This charge was thrown out by the grand jury. I wondering why it was on them in the first place. There was absolutely no evidence with which to base such a charge. None. I was let out of jail immediately which I didn’t expect and the consequences weren’t that heavy. I had to do some community service. A lady involved in that talked about a man charged with a sexual offense against a seventeen-year-old male and how she felt it wasn’t that bad, that he was old enough to make up his own decisions about the matter. This was more Family games trying to influence my behavior. I didn’t know that at the time but I certainly wondered where she was coming from but forgot it after I left that day. I was placed into a drug counselling program on Martin Luther King near the battery exchange. I don’t remember the cross street. I seem to remember we met on Thursday’s. A guy Mike was the councilor. He was murdered over the situation. My PO Richie Goss said he was going to put me in for less supervision and that he’d contact me about it. I wasn’t expected to go in while this was going on. I was rejected as a result of the experience were the lady tried to frame me for indecent exposure and Richie contacted Mike and told him I needed to come see him right away which I did and was not long after that released unconditionally. I didn’t know it when I was on probation but my probation officer knew I was unjustly in the system in the first place and was really cool with me. He knew I wasn’t a criminal and never treated me like I was and made it clear to me he knew he didn’t have to worry about me. Some of this I had to figure out for myself but he did clearly express that he didn’t consider me a risk which I wasn’t. He was right about that. In either late 2010 or early 2011 after Rita had moved out of the Hotel Alder my sister called. My sister Elizabeth and I arranged to meet at a truck stop. I thought it was a social visit at the time. I know now it wasn’t. she bought me a T-bone steak. Her husband Paul Branham was there if I remember correctly. His hair was long. He seemed surprised I was doing Okay. I now know it’s because they had tried over and over again to murder me and had failed. He seemed like he respected me and I now know why he had that attitude. At the time I just thought he was happy to see me. I don’t remember what happened to him but I spent most of the time alone with my sister in a restaurant at the truck stop. She gave me like ten bucks or something like that and I went to Rita’s after. Got high and gave her the rest of the steak. Prior to that my sister had talked to me on the phone trying to give me advise. At the time I thought this was her idea but now realize they were trying to manipulate me through my sister because they knew they couldn’t through my dad. She got the same response. I wasn’t really into advised from my younger sister. They figured they’d use her to get control then stop playing employment halting games and everything else trying to get me to believe it was because Elizabeth was so smart but it didn’t go anywhere so they weren’t able to pull it off. They tried the same thing with my father while I was in prison. Just trust him and everything will work out according to my step mother Jan. I now know what these things where all about. After I left I went to Rita’s and bought ten dollars worth of crack from the money my sister gave me. Rita used to get it for me every week. She’d call me on Thursday before I got my money. She was actually very annoying and I’m sure her role in the Family was to try and keep me using. Rita has since been murdered over the situation. It happened after she moved back to Chicago. In either 2007 or 2008 somewhere in there I was at Robert James’s apartment at the Hamilton West located on 1212 SW Clay St, Portland, OR 97201. For pictures of the apartment building I was infected with HIV in go to:!1s0x54950a198b9cdc57%3A0x30651a4a0ba7bf9e!3m1!7e115!4s%2Fmaps%2Fplace%2FHamilton%2BWest%2BPortland%2Boregon%2Baddress%2F%4045.5153081%2C-122.6873109%2C3a%2C75y%2C195.97h%2C90t%2Fdata%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211srKtQF54FAAryRQVlQdurdA*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x54950a198b9cdc57%3A0x30651a4a0ba7bf9e%3Fsa%3DX!5sHamilton%20West%20Portland%20oregon%20address%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e2!2srKtQF54FAAryRQVlQdurdA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwisuJmBvYbmAhVeGDQIHalzBqYQpx8wC3oECA0QDg He went to some lengths to manipulate me into using a dirty needle after him shooting heroin and infected me with HIV. There were a few people there that night. I tried to look it up but hackers won’t let me get the name of the apartment and I know the location so it’s obvious it’s being blocked to prevent me from telling you exactly where I was intentionally infected. They are playing games with the text trying to stop this from being reported as I’m writing this. In about 2011 or 2012 After getting a false negative HIV report at the needle exchange program while with Lexi Olson located at 1219 SW Main St, Portland I had casual sex with Amy Andrade. I should have used a condom but I didn’t because I was told I was clean. Lexi planned on going to the HIV test appointment about a week before I went. Amy got HIV as a result. I would never have slept with her without a condom had I known I was positive and this was a short time after the text and I’d taken no other chances. In fact, I had done anything to catch Aids for years prior to the test and there was absolutely no reason I should have come up negative. It was way outside of the six month testing window. Amy is dead. I don’t know how she died. I tried to get Central City Concern through Jennifer Cooper to tell her I had HIV, but they wanted Amy died as bad as they wanted me dead so they had no intention of telling her and never did but played games to make me thing she knew by the use of hacking my phone in my communication on the subject. Scores of people in Portland Oregon where murdered after I left in 2016 and I seriously doubt anyone I knew before I left is still alive. Amy was my friend and I’m sad she’d gone. I don’t like anyone to be murdered but I loved Amy as a friend. We were never more than that and that was fine for both of us. I think they probably told her to sleep with me without a condom and didn’t tell her I had aids. This is the kind of thing they do all the time. I relapsed again after hearing about my nephew’s murder in about November of 2004 and didn’t get sober again until 2011 at St. Vincent De Paul’s. Lexi Olson was my case manager from CEP when I went to treatment. For their website go to: For pictures of St. Vincent DePaul Treatment Center go to:!1s0x54950a032204eced%3A0xd2f19a1ec9da5174!3m1!7e115!!5sSt%20Vincent%20De%20Paul%20recovery%20Portland%20oregon%20website%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNuc13EIXDbGahXR8vH2ujReNR4msbLNg976OiK&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj57Iu9g5DmAhVL_J4KHcU9CeEQoiowCnoECAsQBg During the time I was using I spent five years without any permanent income. Dr. James Dobson said I wouldn’t be able to find work and he was right. During this time, I was using a lot of Benzedrex Inhalers. They are cheaper than a meth habit. I started getting seizures as a result of using them. I thought this was a permanent condition but it has since gone away. While tweaking I spent a lot of time on the Max and the Trimet bus system. I’d ride the Max for hours or all day long sometimes. There were a lot of games going on all around me trying to find a way to create a problem they could lock me up for. I don’t commit crimes so it didn’t happen but lots of people were murdered who were connected to the situation. I spent time on the bus mall on SW 5th and 6th Ave and also spent a lot of time at Lloyd Center and people connected to those locations where murdered as well. I got the Benzedrex Inhalers at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Fred Myer and at other locations and I’m sure people connected to the source of those inhalers were also murdered based on what’s happened everywhere else connected to this situation. In either late 2014 or early 2015 I was at East County Alano Club. I was riding the Max home and Lisa Strong from Loveland Colorado showed up on the Max a thousand miles from home. I knew her from Boulder. I knew she wasn’t there on a social visit. She tried to get me to approach her. At this point people were trying to find a way to murder me and that’s why Lisa was in town. I wouldn’t deal with anyone and so they tried this. They also tried the same thing with Karen Stuckey also from Boulder and my teacher Tracy White an attorney who worked at Heald College in Beaverton. Anyway Lisa noticed there was a lot of people on the Max connected to the situation. She didn’t spot it at first but suddenly she noticed it wasn’t what she had been lead to believe it was. She began to appear very panicked and ran off the Max at the Lloyd Center stop where she probably had a car waiting. Her panic set in several stops before Lloyd Center and that’s why I think that was the case. Anyway there is a lot of evidence of the people in these locations involved in the games that lead to the motives of their murders and it’s became very apparent over the last couple years that they are really worried about it. Don’t murder people and you don’t have to worry about that. The last time I saw Lisa Strong was at the Denver Rescue Mission. Father Woody’s had been denying me razors then one day they started giving them to me again. They did something to bring the issue of being a rock star to mind and had Lisa Strong all dolled up at the Denver Rescue Mission on the day they brought up the rock star issue and made a fresh shave available to me. The whole thing really disgusted me. Lisa appeared to be playing it off. She no longer had the attitude of this is Paul and he’s easy that she had on the Max which also disgusted me but it was clear she was playing. By this point I’d gotten quite good at recognizing the signs of this. She’s been murdered over the entire situation involving us that’s quite extensive. She seems to have changed or I wouldn’t even know she was dead which is good. I’m sorry she lost her life over it but it would have been worse for her if she had never made the change. In about 2013 I was using again. I had relapsed in December 2012. During this time, I was going over to Carl Dvorak’s getting pot. We’d get high. I had some delayed stress going on in relationship to being molested and it was coming out dealing with Carl. I had no thought he had any intention of taking advantage of me sexually. For one thing Carl was completely straight and for another he’d had part of his prostrate removed as a result of censor so he couldn’t do anything anyway. This didn’t stop the post-traumatic stress disorder over it. Carl sensed what was going on but he didn’t understand I knew it was my issue and had nothing to do with him. He brought it up. I explained. This is post-traumatic stress disorder. I know you are straight and have no intention of doing anything like that. This is a psychological response to the abuse I suffered as a child and young adult being subject to sexual situations I didn’t want. I’m really sorry you are having to cope with this but know I have no intentions and this is strictly physiological. I know who you are and that’s not what this is about. It went away after we had the conversation and it’s a good thing he brought it up because it stopped the suffering over the issue in his presence. I lived at the Royal Alder 16124 SE Alder St, Portland, OR 97233 in 2013. It’s right off 164th and Stark SE in Portland. I’d gotten the unit through Stark Firs Property management dealing with a lady named Noreen. She’d been working there for nineteen years or something like that. They are located at: Address: 14015 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97233 Phone: (503) 252-9454 A really greedy guy named Moe I think it was owned it. He took advantage of ex-felons by charging three times the normal deposit rates and looked for ways to keep it after evicting them. He straight up stole mine but he was told to by the Family because he had absolutely no legal way to do it. For pictures of Stark Firs property management office:!1s0x5495a2174e980d17%3A0xeb698f52948f4e63!3m1!7e115!4s%2Fmaps%2Fplace%2Fstark%2Bfirs%2Bproperty%2Bmanagement%2F%4045.5191059%2C-122.5196086%2C3a%2C75y%2C358.54h%2C90t%2Fdata%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sS2cF6JA2Q5QVjUDo49-YEA*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x5495a2174e980d17%3A0xeb698f52948f4e63%3Fsa%3DX!5sstark%20firs%20property%20management%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e2!2sS2cF6JA2Q5QVjUDo49-YEA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjXrZ2-uYHmAhWwGTQIHTmGAZ0Qpx8wDHoECAcQCw While I was living there they came in and switched my Treason Affidavit with a corrupted version created by the Portland Police department after I’d submitted it to Lt. Larry Graham of internal affairs. They thought I would never notice. I got a copy I’d given to the Portland Police Review Board and noticed the confession I’d reported by Larry Stafford on March 10th, 2004 was missing. I tried to deal with this and they came in and stole the hard copy and replaced it with another corrupted version but including Larry Stafford’s confession. I caught that too and tried to get a copy from the Portland Police. Paid ten dollars for it. Then told I was mentally so nothing was filed because they couldn’t fix that problem. Noreen has been murdered over the situation and I’m sure other employees and residence as well. That has to be the case. I was evicted without cause and moved to the Madrona Apartments on September 24th, 2014. That’s my birthday that’s why I remember it. Vi Swiftcloud helped me move. She took pictures with her cell phone of the apartment showing it was left in perfect shape and I was given pictures of another unit trashed. It was clearly not my unit by the dimensions in the picture. Moe tried to pay me 250 dollars and keep sneak the photographs away. He wanted me to accept less so he could use it as a legal admission and I refused. It was about the law not the money in my mind always. This way it was never legally settled so there was no admission that he didn’t steal my money because he did. I suspect he’s also dead but he may not be because of his position in the Family. He was or is quite wealthy. He’s also quite guilty. Vi Swiftcloud has also been murdered over the situation. In about 2014 I was assaulted at Blanchet House on NW 3rd and Gleason. I think it was in December and I was kicked out of there. I was the one assaulted and did nothing that warranted being kicked out. Later games where played trying to get me to go back there so they’d have a reason to arrest me. I went to the hospital to have me injuries from the assault checked out and documented. This was done to cut me off from food supply. They did this and tried many other things to cut off my sources of food. They had to literally break the rules to make this happen. For a pictures of Blanchet House go to:!1s0x5495a0aa9d0e5079%3A0xae8eb51bb8386960!3m1!7e115!!5sBlanchet%20House%20contact%20information%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMJgfbWuHKEu1P-hppgtDGkVd4y9Zlfd_p_0975&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjEw4Kpl4HmAhXBu54KHagZB0oQoiowC3oECAsQCQ There is lots of other history here, too much to go into all of it but before this location was built there were also involved in the period of activity in Portland Oregon in 2004. I ate there for several years. They feed three times a day and you can go back through the line as many times as you want until they are done serving. They can be reached at: Blanchet House 310 NW Glisan St Portland, OR 97209 503-241-4340 A friend I met in Seattle near 2nd and Pike in an adult entertainment shop named Chris Robbins used to go there regularly. I met Chris in about 1993. He knew about my dog who died in Florida without me telling him. I thought he was empathic but he was told to say that. This was long before I knew what was going on around me. We were in his car when he brought it up the night I met him. Last I was at his house he lived in St. Johns which is a few miles few miles from downtown Portland. He has also been murdered over the situation. He treated me to lunch on day at Pattie’s home plate and Subway in St. Johns right by his apartment. For something on Patties Home Plate café go to: I’m sad he’s gone. I actually had great love for this person. He was a very sensitive caring individual. He was a student for a while at PSU. He wanted to be a doctor in psychology. I’m not sure what happened with that dream but he was certainly intuitive enough at psychology to accomplish that if he’d of continued and lived long enough to make it happen. Unfortunately, he was involved and paid for it with his life and that’s truly tragic as far as I’m concern. For pictures of PSU campus go to: I had history there as well. A lady there chased me down for taking her picture because she was stalking me. I had to contact the police who took our names and released me. I spent lots of time passing out flyers all over Portland for a couple of years on the political environment including Portland State University campus. To contact them go to: A Central Street Address Smith Memorial Student Union Portland State University 1825 SW Broadway Portland OR 97201 503-725-3220 Also in about 2014 I was on Burnside by the McDonald’s going to Trinity Episcopal Church located at: 147 NW 19th Avenue (at NW Everett) Portland, OR 97209 To get lunch where I’ d been many times before including with Robert James a time or two. They handed out a bag of food or a sisters voucher every day. After passing the McDonald’s on Burnside and NW 19th this person comes after me holding a bike lock and cable threating to attack me with it. I was near the church on the front lawn as this was going on. I got to the church unharmed but he was murdered to cover it up. I only saw him once. Chris Robins would have also gone to this church. He also used the services for poor people in the area. Contact information for the church: 147 NW 19th Ave Portland, OR 97209 (503) 222-9811 For pictures of the church go to: I went to the East County Alano Club located at 1015 NE Roberts Ave, Gresham, OR 97030. There had a pretty teenage girl with black hair. She was very nice and obviously trying to sleep with me. This was another one of their games trying to create a reason to arrest me. To put a stop to it I immediately informed her you don’t want anything to do with me because the Family gave me aids on purpose. I was tired of the crap and I wanted her to know what they were trying to do to her. They got very angry with me and make me leave. I didn’t do anything wrong. Simply told her they trying to give you HIV. She has since been murdered to cover it up. This was probably in 2015. At least she didn’t die of HIV but she’s still dead none the less.!1s0x5495988a8af222c3:0xa5b5f6bbd5ecb936!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/East%2BCounty%2BAlano%2Bclub%2Bgresham%2Bwebsite/@45.5038295,-122.4300877,3a,75y,80.5h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sspq3Enm6l4mJrQ6DZ06gzA*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x5495988a8af222c3:0xa5b5f6bbd5ecb936?sa%3DX!5sEast+County+Alano+club+gresham+website+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2sspq3Enm6l4mJrQ6DZ06gzA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj9rdXAtIHmAhW1IzQIHbYYBCgQpx8wCnoECA8QBg You should be able to contact them through: (503) 661-4734 And they also love talking, especially about the pretty teenage girl they murdered because she didn’t want HIV. When I was put into the Boulder Juvenile justice system I had a probation officer named Bill Stanton. He had a full black beard. He did his job, but he was kind and respectful towards me. He never treated me with disrespect. Due to entrapment games and my troubled youth as a result of the intentional harm against me with sexual and emotional abuse I was placed into Lookout Mountain School for boys when I was sixteen. Bill Stanton knew all this. He did his job and sent me but he was in the background collecting evidence against the Family. I didn’t know any of this at the time or until after he was murdered for it. One day I was on the Pearl Street Mall. Bill Stanton comes up to me. This was in the early eighties. Long after I was his client. He said, I’m going to school to become a chiropractor because I would rather heal backs then break them. I thought he was giving me a kind of apology yet I’d never known him to do anything that would be considered abusive. I did know I wasn’t treated fairly but this wasn’t his fault and I never assumed it was. He had a job to do. He wasn’t apologizing. He was telling me what he was actually doing knowing that at a future date, I’d figure it out and I did, after he was murdered. On the day I went to court for the bogus harassment charge as a result of emailing the Russian heads of state over the fact the Family was guilty of treason and involved in HIV genocide. I tried to get my juvenile record to find the corruption in it. The hearing that was to take place that day over the harassment was canceled. My name wasn’t on the docket and the court room I was scheduled for was locked. I took pictures with my cell phone of the docket and me trying the court door demonstrating it was locked. I was arrested for failure to appear on Thursday July 7th, 2016 for a court appearance they never held and incarcerated for nineteen months. My right to a speedy trial was denied with bull shit legal maneuvers involving the Pueblo state hospital where they tried to frame me for rape. Angelica Garcia who wasn’t involved was murdered over it as where others. I was arrested on bogus Charges at the Boulder Shelter on Thursday July 7th, 2016 to get me off the streets after contacting the Boulder County Aids Project the night before about the murder of my friend Tony Finley with HiV and Walmart. To contact the Boulder shelter go to: Boulder Shelter for the Homeless 4869 N. Broadway Boulder, CO 80304 303-442-4646 Fax: 720-565-3624 The Boulder County Aids Project is at: Address: 2118 14th St Boulder, CO 80302 Phone: (303) 444-6121 For a picture of the Boulder County Aids project go to:!1s0x876bec2875012fab%3A0x46ada818d326ec8e!3m1!7e115!!5sBoulder%20county%20Aids%20project%20contact%20info%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipPINMU9HYtfQHitBUgtv5EkIWJrxmaEfUrPQ-dt I was released from Boulder County Jail in February 2018 after nineteen months of illegal incarceration ordered by President Obama. They did everything they could to keep me including forcing a lawyer onto my case against me will because they knew I could get myself out with one and they needed him to get me out of control of the judicial proceedings in order to prevent that. Even still I forced their hand and after nineteen months there back was against the wall and they were forced to release me. The Deputy sheriff officer who checked me out refused to give me the paperwork I needed to get my social security benefits reestablished and to this day I’m am still being illegally denied my income. Right after I was release a game ensued involving the Colorado Crises Unit located right by the Boulder County Jail and the St. John's Episcopal Church located at 1419 Pine Street in boulder where they had a night shelter run by BOHO. Quite a few jail employees from my arrest on July 7th, 2016 until my release in February of 2018 were also murdered over the situation. You can also get ahold of the Sherriff Joe Pelle and ask him about the murdered Boulder County Deputy sheriffs and ask him if they are going arrest the people responsible by going to his Facebook page at: or emailing him at: [email protected] and he loves dealing with issue like this so don’t be afraid to bring it up with him. Or you can always call him at: (303) 441-3600 For a picture of the Boulder County Justice Center on 6th and Canyon go to: For a picture of the church go to:!1s0x876bec2807bdf097:0xa8e133380508a575!3m1!7e115!4s!5s1419+Pine+street+Boulder+colorado+photo+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipOyJrQyMOEZyLkOCVixtGb8CE4_gVAg6gjIVZf0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi8qqnQ_PnlAhWLCjQIHSEoA18QoiowCnoECA4QBg For a BOHO Schedule go to: People at the BOHO shelter that night where murdered over the situation to cover it up. Tracy White a lawyer and a teacher I had at Heald College in Portland was involved in trying to frame me for sexual assault immediately upon my release in February of 2019. The crises center put steroids in my food. I was referred to the church where they influenced me to do meth which wasn’t hard after they’d forced steroids into my system. I was at the church smoking meth. The staff knew and made no issue of it. I had no intention of sleeping with any of the girls there. I knew people were trying to frame me for rape and said I was going to leave. I was heading to the Bustop in Boulder located at: 4871 Broadway St Boulder, Colorado 80304 For pictures inside the building go to: As I was leaving the staff said I could come back. They had a girl in mind to frame me for having consensual sex and my going to the Bustop was messing up their plans. The officer who arrested me on the original bogus charge in July of 2016 was in the loop and hoping this would happen because he knew he committed treason by arresting me without a legally valid reason. The employees at the Bustop involved in the situation were murdered over it. There was murders over that situation as well. The location of the Bustop is right next door to the Boulder Shelter. I believe this property should be used to create a company that does Auto Cad or some other computer field and trains people from the Boulder Shelter to do this work so they can get a profession that pays well enough to get them off the street permanently. To make the company nonprofit that uses any profits made from the service to be invested in the training and possible physiological services required to make these people employable. The money to be used for their rehabilitation into the job market and we need more companies like this. This is a none cost solution to society to deal with the employment issues of homelessness. Why tax the public when the market can be used to address this issue and it can. This was a topless place and I was on meth and it was a place where I could go where I wouldn’t be interacting with the women at the shelter. I had no intention of being frame for rape. And that’s what they were trying to do. When I got to the Bustop I discovered my Direct Express Card was gone. I tried to find it and the manager said if I didn’t leave he was going to call the police. So I left without my card. I noticed money missing when I got it straightened out immediately because I always have a good idea of about how much money I have at any given time but I wasn’t sure where the money went to. I thought hackers took it. Then when I was in Florida after President Trump was involved in the theft of about 2000 from my account I got the records from direct express and found out the Bustop had debit my card for $600 without a valid pin number so obviously they had help getting this done. The Bustop is now out of Business and I’m sure this had something to do with it. They had been in business prior to 1977 and not they are closed. A week or so later I was a victim of Tracy Whites entrapment and Tracy White all the way from Portland and my old supervisor Melissa from Time Life in 2001 was at the scene of my arrest. Tracy White has since been murdered and I suspect so has Melissa and the director of Time Life in Denver Fred. After I was transferred from the CEP program as a result of Lexi Olson trying to frame me for rape I was given a therapist in the Old Town Recovery. For a picture of Lexi Olson go to: For pictures related to CEP and Central City Concern go to: Lexi Olson was actually pretty when it happened but a couple years have passed and it’s an intense situation and in this picture she had already aged while she’s was being murdered with HIV. Turns out I met Lexi Olson in 1995 at a park on SE Stark somewhere between somewhere between 12th and 20th I think on Stark called the Dog park as I remember and she was involved in trying to murder me then also involving Alan P. Dawson and my father. I’d made an inappropriate comment to her when this all started. Lexi Olson was paid for everything she did in regards to my situation from 1995 on, unit I left Portland in 2015 before she was murdered over it. The Boulder County Judicial system and the Colorado Supreme Court was also involved. The Colorado Supreme court has been involved in my life since I was nine years old and this is outrages. They have no right to go beyond their docket on people’s lives and activities and this seriously needs to be address for what it is. What nine-year-old kid has done anything to ask to be monitored by the Colorado Supreme Court? I know I didn’t. These agencies intended to have me murder me on June 5th 1995 for speaking out the truth about HIV. Lexi was connected to the church at that time and also knew what she was involved in prior to her participation. She knew it was about politics which surprises me because she was a teenager in 1995. It was about HIV and ironically that’s what she was murdered with to keep her silence. They also murdered the drug dealers involved in this assassination attempt to keep them quite about it. In fact, while I was in prison bikers came into Guys house. They tried to make it look like a botched robbery by asking him to open the safe at gun point to steal his meth. He refused because he knew he was going to get murdered anyway to silence him as a result of the fact I’d lived through this situation and they needed to ensure his silence. So he spoke to us by refusing to open the safe and tell us this was about something else. In 1995 I had gotten some speed on a Friday night. I was intending to go to Seattle the next day. I didn’t do any of it that night because I didn’t want Melissa Binder to know I had it. There were issues with her and I can’t remember what they were at that time and I was hiding this from her. It wasn’t about her doing it, it was about something else. The next day I was picked up by an officer and taken to Hooper Detox. I didn’t know it but women there where falsely accusing me of stuff I had nothing to do with and officers who were fiends where taking evidence of this attempt to frame me. I was quite high. My pulse was 120 at the time. They did whatever they needed to do then released me. I went to a Denny’s. There was an officer there who said he’d had a drug problem. I now know they were telling me we know that you have a problem with drugs but not anything else. They called me a cab and I took it to SE Portland around 8th Ave or so on Burnside. That officer has since been murdered over the situation as well as a male employee of Hooper Detox who I inquired about heart rates trying to figure out whether I had a medical issue while I was there. There’s a record at Hooper Detox for Charles Paul Williams on the day I was admitted. Melissa Binder was involved in the situation but of course I didn’t know that either. She had also been murdered over her part in my situation which was quite extensive and resulted in her murdering her father Rueben Binder who lived in Bellevue Washington at the orders of the Family. The cop bringing me in ran my name under my alias which of course checked out. He looked surprised to find out I had a name other than my own in the system but of course I didn’t know why he was surprised at the time. I didn’t know he knew my real name but he did. He’s also dead as well. In 2003 right after I had gotten back to Portland after leaving Boulder Colorado I had a bunch of speed I’d gotten from Paula who was the secretary at Tri County Info Center which was run by Michaela Vonahn at the time. Paula was trying to get me to molest her fourteen-year-old daughter. I didn’t know it at the time but they have both been murdered as well as Michaela since this. I talked about Paula in my Treason Affidavit in the section written in 2004. I was in SE Portland and I ran into a guy who was in his early twenties with a beard. He tried to get me to come drink with him. I knew he was up to something and was involved in the stocking. He said he had a sixteen-year-old girlfriend who had a meth problem. I made it very clear. I knew he was involved in the stocking and I had no intention of drinking beer or anything else with him for that matter. I can’t remember exactly where I ended up. I was tripping around all night. I couldn’t see anyone around but I knew they were there. I could feel them. I ended up at this spot in the dark where there was a large drop and feel. I’m lucky I didn’t kill myself in the process. I got on the bus real early and there was a bunch of people on the bus at that hour clearly showing I was right. They had been watching me. I went to Denny’s later. The cops there ran my name. I tried to get them to do something about the problem and they refused to help me and made it clear they weren’t going to do that. I think this was Saturday. I asked a guy in the Denny’s to get involved and he refused. I now know he was part of it. This is in my Treason Affidavit in the section written in 2004. There was a girl I near the Lucky Duck or ugly duck whatever it was called. It was along third Ave on the corner of Gleason where the Blanchet now is. The business was torn down to build the current Blanchet house sometime after that. She wanted a cigarette and I went into the Lucky Duck and bummed one for her. She was playing games but I wasn’t entirely aware of that at the time. We ended up in a Parking garage on 4th Ave. I think it was the one at 320 NW 4th Ave Garage. We were making out. She was trying to get me to put fluid in her with my fingers. That night we stayed in a parking lot along NW 8th Ave right around Davis. The next morning, she got on top of me without being prompted and had sex with me. She was intending to frame me and has been murdered over the situation. For a photograph of the parking garage go to:!1s0x54950a0088a85ea1:0xcd2fab52de2c48af!3m1!7e115!4s//!5sParking+garage+on+NW+4th+ave+portland+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2s9u67QSvvxHcLLotOVDYm-w In 2004 I tried to file a report against the Promise Keepers. I was on NW 3rd by the Police satellite office in the Estate Hotel building. The officer refused when he found out it was against the Promise Keepers and made a remark that was an admission to the corruption. I called the 9-11 about it from the Estate Hotel pay phone and they refused to take a report. I gave them the officers name over the phone. A few days later or so I talked to an attorney who was a member of the Portland Alano club. He said what do you want vindication? Fishing for a deal. I said, no. I want justice. The attorney was murdered over my situation and it is also recording in my Treason Affidavit in the section written in 2004. I tried to file a report of attempted murder by Larry Stafford. He attempted to murder me on August 9th 2003 I think it was. It was in 2004 during the period of activity I tried to file the report. I called the Portland Police and had them meet me at the Burger King that Burnside and NW 8th Ave. It is now a Central City concern building. Burger King was torn down shortly after this. The Old Town Clinic is in this building on Burnside. For a picture go to:,0 And the Old Town Recovery Center where Jennifer Cooper worked before she was murdered is on the Broadway side of the Building. For a picture go to:,0 A blond female and an officer with black hair showed up. I got the name of the male officer without a problem but when I when I asked the female officer for her name she refused to give it to me. I took off her name tag. Suddenly I was thrown into the cop car and taken to their saddle light office on 3rd and Couch. The building the Estate hotel is in. they fished around for something to charge me with because I hadn’t actually broken the law in anyway. I have a legal right to ask and receive her name. I was in handcuff. She got on top of me, put her fingers around my throat and said, “I’ll kill you.” I said, that’ because that’s the kind of person you are. I was issued a ticket to appear in Community court and it was thrown out at that point. This was recorded in my Treason Affidavit in the section written in 2004 during this time period. The male officer has been murdered. I’m not sure about the female officer. Judge Evans was murdered over this and two other appearances including the illegal eviction on December 10th 2015 which involved subornation of perjury by Mia Sullivan the manager of the Madrona studio’s located at: 10 N Weidler St, Portland, OR 97227 (971) 244-5350 For a picture of Madrona studios go to: Pictures of Central City Concern Housing office at the time I was in the Madrona Studio’s and the Hotel Alder:!1s0x54950a00f7f2be71:0x1d1b321cb10a2211!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/Living%2BRoom%2Bof%2BCentral%2BCity%2Bconcern%2BPortland%2BOregon%2Bon%2Bburnside%2Bphotos/@45.5252048,-122.6763024,3a,75y,6.66h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sunBH-iiR-SDaWzCXQewjew*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x54950a00f7f2be71:0x1d1b321cb10a2211?sa%3DX!5sLiving+Room+of+Central+City+concern+Portland+Oregon+on+burnside+photos+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2sunBH-iiR-SDaWzCXQewjew&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi_rLPL7_nlAhVqIjQIHS2mAwAQpx8wE3oECBUQBg Mia Sullivan was also murdered over it. So was a transgender person named Sherrie who worked at the Madrona studio’s and the Old Town Clinic. The Family tried offering me Sherrie and I made it clear. I have no issue with who she is where she’s at. I hold no judgement but I’m not interested in male anything, including transgender people. They have been trying to get me to go down that road for decades. I don’t know why they don’t understand. I’m simply not interested. In about 2011 in Denver while working for Time Life I met a transgender person while the stocking was going on. He took me to his apartment but was trying to get me into sexual stuff and I wasn’t into it. I needed a place to stay but I wasn’t going to deal with that. I didn’t know it at the time but the Family was being this and he was murdered to cover it up. There is a lot of stuff they tried regarding the issue of transgender people including trying to get me to wear dresses at the Weathered Wall. I didn’t care how much Jared paid. They weren’t getting me into a dress. This was in Seattle in 1994. I don’t dress up like a woman under any circumstances. I had women who worked there that I liked and I wasn’t going to be caught dead in a dress. It wasn’t happening. But they tried. Mike Mercer has been murdered so I have to assume so has Jared and probably his twin brother as well. In Seattle in 1990 or so Roselle had a friend named Billy who lived on Boylston down the block form me. He had a beard and like to wear dresses and women’s clothing while sporting a beard. One day Roselle and I go there. Chelsea who was very young. Too young to know what it was, was playing with one of his didoes on the floor. Roselle saw this and later pretended to confide and say she felt really bad because her daughter could get molested. She never disassociated with Billy over this. He was a friend of the Family along with Donavan who Roselle later murdered for the Family one night by injecting him with heroin. Billy had a young person of about twenty-two hanging out who had HIV. He had transgender girlfriends. One day he showed up at the needle exchange and I slipped him a box of a hundred syringes. This way he didn’t have to risk giving someone HIV because of a lack of syringes. I’m quite sure he died of HIV long ago. This was before the medicine was available we have now and HIV was a death sentence. In about the year 2000 I was near Pioneer square. I was high on meth. A lady showed up or so I thought. I was kissing this person and the cops showed up and told me she was a he. To this day I have no idea why they’d involve themselves but I was glad to know. She scurried off as soon as I found out. The police where harassing me. I told them I worked at a law office. I was working for an attorney named Paul King. They said what do you do, take out the garbage. I said no, I’m a process server. Suddenly they got the hell away from me when they realized I knew a little about the game and they were violating my rights this bull shit. The transgender person showed up on Jackson near 23rd street where I lived with Ivy Williams at a bus stop. I thought it was coincidence but I had no interest of course and ignored him. I now realize this was furtherance of this transgender game. She was murdered over it. It wasn’t the transgender game that got her, it was the Family. I had no idea when she became my CEP case manager that she was this person. In fact, we’d talked about this time period and she never mentioned it. I’ve learned more about that relationship now that she’s dead then I ever knew when it was going on. She started off as a hard core sociopathic personality and in the process her heart changed as a result of dealing with the situation. I couldn’t tell this because even though these changes happen in someone’s heart their skill at game doesn’t diminish as a result. This is something I’m learning about lately. In fact, her like Carl Dvorak and Jessica Bott, they all ended up in God’s kingdom and if these changes hadn’t happened in their hearts they wouldn’t be there and yet I saw none of this dealing with them. They were surviving at that point and using the skills they had acquired. For them at that point it was a life or death situation and they couldn’t tell me they’d changed because they were trying to save their lives. What they got from the internal changes is eternity with God which was worth far more than their mortal existence on this planet and they’ve made this clear to me. I was overjoyed to learn this because over the years I had developed love for all these people and was greatly conflicted at our adversarial position and worried about the welfare of their souls. I no longer need to worry about them. During the time I was a client of Lexi’s Robert James had tried to take my life with heroin. He gave me the shot and a voice came into my head and said, “walk the hall right now or you’re dead.” I did and was discovered after I fell out right in front of the camera so they had no choice but to call the paramedics and save my life otherwise I’d have more assuredly have died. The medical reports of the paramedics and hospital verify this out. God directly intervened to save my life. Being that Lexi Olson knew about it, so did Rachel Livernois and others connected to the Hotel Alder. Rachel Livernois was murdered over my situation. Robert James quickly walked out after this. If they’d pulled it off there where video that placed Robert James at the scene so the CCC employees would have had to deal with that to cover up this murder. I had no idea Robert James was gay the whole time I knew him. I love him and it makes no difference to me that he is. I didn’t find out until he’d been murdered and it had no effect on how I felt about him. Why would it? He’s still Robert James and he’s just as lovable being straight or gay. It’s not an issue to me and I wish he was still here and I miss him terribly. They played games trying to get a gay relationship between us and it never worked. I have good reason to believe there have been other murders connected to Aloha in 1995, in which Alan P. Dawson was also a part of. I was given a sales tap the city of Aloha Oregon as part of a game for the Family. The Portland Police Association was connected to this and as a result are connected to the murders that flowed from it. Alan P. Dawson was later murdered with cancer and he was my boss at the Portland Police Association of which I later became the Sales manager. Jason Cope who worked at the Hotel Alder and regularly came into my room without authorization in 2011 and 2012 has also been murdered over the situation. As a result of the experience with Lexi I specifically asked that I be given a male therapist and what I ended up with was a semi attractive lady named Jennifer Cooper. I knew right away that she was going to be playing the female game. And she tried to develop a bond like that between us that she used to try and convince me I was HIV negative. I talked to her about a lot of things in our session. I brought up the fact that Ronnie Gardener had molested me at nine years old in Pleasanton California. She immediately registered fear. I could clearly see she was alarmed at this coming up. I then knew she was already aware of it. In fact, they had prepped her with my entire history in order to give her an advantage at trying to manipulate the situation. I don’t know if she dealt with my father directly but with this information there is no doubt he was in the picture in regard to my relationship with this therapist. I talked to her about treating people decently. I think I said, you don’t have to love everyone but the people you do business with. I was kind of addressing what she was involved it. I was actually concerned about her and trying to figure out a way to help her deal with it in a way that wouldn’t result in her incarceration. I cared about her but not the way they were trying to develop for purposes of manipulation. As I dealt with her I became aware that this person was actually worth saving. She didn’t apply it but she had a conscience and that meant she had hope of changing at some point and I was trying to plant seeds in this direction. She was ultimately murdered but the good news is her elevator made it to the eleventh floor so I suppose it paid off. Like Jennifer Cooper, Carl Dvorak also made it into heaven. So did Jessica Bott for that matter. I was talking Jennifer Cooper about something that happened in Sacramento with Jim Moons daughter. I was living with Frank Topping in near Oak Park in Sacramento, who Jim Moon had introduced me to for the sake of getting a room from him. Jenny called me one day and said, I’m really mad at Lynn Percy. Lynn had been my abusive girlfriend so I could understand where she was coming from. Jenny was a teenager at the time of about sixteen if I’m correct. I think she turned eighteen in 1990 and this was probably mid-1989. She said I’m going to get her. I’m going to have one of the boys put her phone number on the restroom wall. I said Jenny, I have one better. I called a free women’s access number for a 976 hook up line. I had two way calling and Jenny was on the line. She said for a good time call Lynn and gave Lynn’s number. We called back and gave Lynn’s boyfriends number. About three days later Jim Moon comes over to the house and says, Lynn’s getting all these weird phone calls. Apparently strange men had been calling Lyn Percy at her house and her boyfriend house trying to get laid. When I told Jennifer Cooper about this she cracked up. I have to agree, I thought it was pretty funny myself when it happened. As I mentioned Jessica Bott and Lexi Olson died of HIV. Ed Clark was behind the murders of Jessica Bott, Lexi Olson, Carl Dvorak and my mother. As these employees of the CEP program where dying they took the remainder of the time they had to document what had transpired that lead to the fact that they were being murdered to cover it up. This all happened after I was exiled from Portland Oregon after my illegal eviction on December 10, 2015 where Mia Sullivan committed perjury in an illegal proceeding against me. I’m relatively certain that Mia Sullivan has also been murdered but I’m positive of that. Lexi Olson documented the circumstances around what had transpired in 1995 and what proceeded after 2004 shortly after the period of activity in Portland Oregon. I can only imagine what went through Jessica Bott’s and Lexi Olson’s minds as they were rotting away with HIV. You wake up every morning feeling sick. You know it’s only going to worse that there is nothing you can do to save your life. That the next week will be worse than previous week. You look in the mirror and watch yourself get progressively skinnier and skinnier. As you lose your apatite you start by forcing yourself to eat in order to keep to try to keep the weight on. But as time goes by you get even less hungry then before and you can no longer force calories down your throat. After a while you are lucky to be eating a third of what you should be. At first it looks like a couple of pounds that you could have used to lose anyway. But it doesn’t stop there. Pretty soon, it’s not pretty and yet still you continue losing weight and the sickness in the morning is worse than the mornings before. You look in the mirror as your emaciated face and skeletal body stare back at you and you know this too is going to get worse. You start experiencing days of problems with incontinency. Sometimes by as early as 5:00 pm you have to lay down and rest for an hour or two, somedays are a little better but as time goes by it only gets worse. You learn to accept your time is short and start looking to the real meaning of what it was all about. You realize it was not about the job. It was not about your talents or how smart you were, but who you were as a person. How you treated others, was it for self or because you cared about someone else? You realize it is about who God intended you to be. Whom you loved and what you did to correct the injustice that came your way. This is what Jessica Bott, Lexi Olson went through before they died of Aids before their time and that is why they made it into the God’s Kingdom. Bless their hearts. Their turnaround from where they came from is nothing short of a miracle. I’m am proud to have known them. And I dearly miss them more then people know. In about 2015 I was illegally kicked out of the Rockwood Library in Portland Oregon in order to prevent me from exercising my right of free speech. They are located at: 17917 SE Stark Street Portland, OR 97233 (503) 988-5123 I was denied due process of law by preventing me from getting it in front of a hearing in order to challenge it by stealing the notice and the Multnomah County Court sheriffs refusing to give me the information so I could show up. The court house is located at: 1021 SW Fourth Avenue Portland Oregon, (503) 988-3957 Unfortunately, the female deputy sheriff who was at the library that evening was murdered to insure her silence. There was also at least on responding officer at the scene who was also murdered over it. Anyway the day I should up for that hearing they tried to get my ID as I tried to pick up my Juvenile record. They said it didn’t exist to hide the corruption Bill Stanton and others recorded concerning the crimes by the Boulder Justice system committed against me as a child. Nancy Reagan was dead a few days after I was placed in Boulder Community Hospital after I emailed the Russians. There was a blond lady named Donna who worked at the Boulder Juvenile detention center. I think she was working there during the time period I was brought there. She was about twenty-four. I got arrested the first time when I was about fifteen. I was living at St. James Apartments near 30th and Iris and was arrested on St. James property the first time I went into the system. Carry Lacklin was my public defender and I was a little shocked at the way I was treated. He seemed more interested in scaring me into a legal agreement then defending me. I was young and too naive to understand what was happening and of course it worked because I was not experienced with the system or the wolves that pretend to serve you while serving the courts but I do remember what transpired and how I felt about it. Donna, Like Bill Stanton always treated me with respect. She drove me to Adams County Detention Center when ordered to do so by the Juvenile courts where I met Lisa Talve. Hackers are preventing the website from coming up so they’ve just admitted to the crimes of sending me there on numerous occasions when I was just a child. After I became an adult, she helped me secure a job for the Polk directory. I was canvassing. I ran into Tom who I knew from St. James. He was involved in the entrapment scheme involving Dexedrine to get me away from my mother so the Family could have me repeatedly molested. He in fact sold me the drugs when I was fifteen used to get me out of my mother’s care. By this time Tom was involved in bootleg recordings. We talked a little about it and I went on. I didn’t try and list him because I knew he wanted a low profile and I think we had work or two about that. I acknowledged that I understood he wouldn’t want to be in this and left. Both Donna and Lisa Talve where involved in documenting the crimes committed against me as a child like Bill Stanton and both of them have been murdered over it as well and it’s too bad because like Bill both of these ladies where really cool people and full of love. In 1984 I moved from the Colony on 11th and Pennsylvania into an apartment with Joan Johnson and Karen Stuckey. Joan Johnson was twenty-seven at the time and from Dallas Texas. Karen Stuckey was about my age. I was twenty-two. She was a pretty dark haired girl. I think Karen Stuckey is from Boulder but I’m not positive of that. I had had sexual relations with both these women but I had feelings for Karen Stuckey. I didn’t know it but as Joan Johnson was, so was Karen Stuckey paid to play games with me. I knew nothing of the Texas connection at this point in time so there was no way I could have been alerted by that fact. Karen started seeing a guy named Paul who was managing the apartments we lived in and lived across the hall. Karen comes in one day and starts arguing with me. I couldn’t just shut my door because Karen had punched a hole in it on a previous occasion. She was prone to violent activity and that’s not all that had happened but I’m not going into that now. In order to deal with her arguing I turned up my stereo. She argued louder and I turned it up more. She storms out of the apartment. I was told she told Paul I hit her which was a bold face lye. I don’t hit women or anyone if I can avoid it. That’s not my nature. It solves nothing but people get hurt so there’s really no reason I’d engage in that except to defend myself and now not even that. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was targeted to be murdered and it was supposed to look like a love triangle. The Boulder Police already had their orders on how to deal with the murder scene to cover it up. I was in Joan Johnson’s room at this point and we were going to sleep together. Paul comes in with a crow bar intending to murder me with it. I had learned self-defense from one of my music mentors named Alex who lived on 17th and Arapahoe. I got up and quickly grabbed the crow bar and began twisting it out of his hands. He started yelling, give it back. Give it back. He knew he was there to murder me and was afraid the situation was about to turn on him and that’s why he was freaking out. I turned around and released the crow bar. I had demonstrated he wasn’t going to be able to do that and I had no desire to hurt him. He slowly backed out of the room. Joan Johnson was later murdered. Karen Stuckey showed up in Portland Oregon in about 2015 trying to get me into a situation where she could try again. She’s still alive, which means she’d murdered at least one other person and probably more. After all she tried it again so she hasn’t changed except for the fact she is no longer pretty. Actually she never really was but I was too young and naive to understand that. Lisa Strong murdered her best friend Jill and she was also involved in sabatoshing my relationship with Hadley Hull because they were afraid if they didn’t interfere Hadley would get in their way of trying to get me to molest a kid. My father John G. Huebel in Stockton California has tried everything to make this happen and Kendall is a small part of that story. Over the years a lot of people have had to be murdered to cover this up. The people left alive are alive because they murdered the others. Except me. God protected me on numerous attempts against my life and intervened directly to save it more than once. There has been over a dozen attempts to murder me. One of them involved Habitat for Humanity and was connected to Vo-rehab on Powell Blvd. in Portland. The people in Voc-rehab connected to it are in my personal file at of what happened at this office. I also have a file in Colorado from when I was seventeen when I attended Welding class at Boulder Vo-tech. I stopped counting the attempts on my life at a dozen. 3945 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202 (971) 673-2555,_Idaho In 1986 I was living with a person named Vince Versure. For a while. I’d moved out when the police where trying to pick me up in July 1986. I stayed at this person named Mark’s apartment on 19th and Goss I think it was. I ended up bring my Altec Lansing PA speakers and my Marshall Major 200 Watt amp. I had a black Gibson. I think it was called a classic, but I’m not sure. It had a Les Paul body style but was a cheaper guitar. I paid about three hundred dollars for it at D&E Exchange on 13th street on the Hill. Lisa Strong saw me one Thursday night. She was hanging out with me to see where I lived so she could tell the cops. She was involved in the games since 1980 and so getting me arrested for an entrapment scheme was the kind girl of girl she is. I hadn’t figured all that out but I was young, naive and thought she was a person she absolutely wasn’t. It was all about money for her and my demise was a valuable community and she aimed to collect. I was arrested on a Friday right around the 4th of July. I was watching General Hospital when it happened. Luke and Lora where on the run from the mob for people who were around then and watched cheesy soap operas. I called Jeff Eike from jail trying to get him to get my music equipment. It was hard to get Jeff in gear and this was an emergency but I lost the equipment. Several months after I was released and I think I was in BCTC this person I knew said he had my guitar and tried to sell it back to me for market value. Needless to say I wasn’t going to do that. I lost a lot of respect for this person after that incident. After I was released I went into the cafeteria of Boulder Community Hospital where Lisa Strong worked. She wouldn’t have anything to do with me and I was heart broke. I didn’t know I was a victim to her games at that point and this was more of that. The Boulder Community Hospital phone number is: 303-415-7000 You might have to ask them how to reach the one on Broadway and Balsam. She worked there for quite a few years. For their website go to: I turned myself in on June 5th 1995 in Portland Oregon. I waved extradition to Colorado and it took Boulder two weeks to come and get me. I was flown to Denver via United Airlines with two officers in tow. I was then booked into the Boulder County Jail. By this time, it had moved and was located at: Boulder County Jail 3200 Airport Rd Boulder, CO 80301 303-441-4650 While I was there I got into the Phoenix project that Stymie Minor directed. It was a therapeutic module that had federal funding for an experiment to see if this changed the direction of offenders or so I’m told. The truth of the matter is there is money in the criminal justice system and for that reason there will never be a sincere attempt to correct the problem under the current management system of our federal government but they need to make it appear that they are trying to do that for the sake of public confidence and that discussion beyond the scope of this but it exists. It’s all about debt bonds. I got into the program because I’m all into personal growth. This has been the direction I’ve chooses since I was a child actually. Also if I was going to prison I wanted to be able to work out as much stuff as I could so that when I went there, so I didn’t have to carry that into that environment. Stymie had us keep journals and I poured my heart out in them. I talked about Tessie and Sparky I think and all kinds of stuff from my childhood and beyond in them. This was in a correctional system so I have no doubt that that evidence is still available. Especially in my case and this will back up what I’ve brought out before I knew about it. While I was there I came up with a lot of guidelines on how to improve the program and put them all in writing. I also wrote a proposal on a program to be used in conjunction with the phoenix project as support for offenders when they were released and gave this to Stymie Minor before I went to prison. One of the staff there said that as a result of my participation the project was healthier than it had ever been in its five years of existence prior to that. There was an Asian kid who was entered into the program. He was probably about nineteen or so. He was there with a minor marijuana citation and he shouldn’t have even been in jail. Normally Stymie won’t let anyone into the program unless they got about six months before sentencing or are definitely headed to the department of corrections to insure there’s enough time for them to benefit from the program, yet he was let in for a situation he shouldn’t have even been in jail for. They were trying to frame me for sexual assault. They couldn’t use a female because I was in the jail and they were obviously desperate to try this but they did. I’m not gay so of course it didn’t work. A few days later after they figured that out he left. I’ve seen him recently so he’s still in the picture. Stymie Minor and my attorney Scott Renner have both been murdered over it so this person must be extremely trusted to still be alive. Stymie Minor tried to get me to admit to things that never happened and they actually had no reason to believe they did. They even had a guy named Ken who was an inmate under a DUI situation get involved. I didn’t know it at the time but they knew all about my HIV activism and that I knew the Family had created HIV and they were desperately trying to figure out a way to give me more than a few years to put this situation to bed. In January of 1996 I was shipped to DRDC. This is the diagnostics unit for the Department of Corrections where all inmates first go: On January 16th, 1996 I found out my sister Margaret Williams was dead. She was murdered over the outcome of my legal situation for a game they played with us in Portland Oregon in May of 1995 involving the Boulder Justice system. I got to Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility after being at Cell house five in Canon City. While I was there I sent Scott Renner a copy of the proposal for the support system to follow the phoenix project as a piece of evidence in the case not considered at sentencing but was available at that time to qualify for reconsideration. It worked, I got a hearing. The DA’s response was that if Mr. Huebel was truly rehabilitated he wouldn’t mind serving the time sentenced in December of 1995 and it wasn’t signed by the judge. I didn’t know it but the system was trying to manipulate me into excepting a community sentence because they couldn’t create addition charges in a prison setting to try and hold me longer and this was part of that. I wanted no part of staying in Colorado. I was already offered a community sentence by someone in the probation department prior to going to prison and told her I want to do my time and leave. I opted for a time cut and when all was said and done ten months where saved off my sentence. I served about seven months after my arrest in 1986 and three years and two months after returning for a crime that I was a victim of entrapment for to begin with. In 2016 I was placed in the Boulder Community Hospital psych ward. It was clear they had nothing to hold me with in regards to my behavior after I was brought there. Stymie Minor was brought into the picture. We didn’t have any conversation. This was a provocation attempt to try and get something they could use to hold onto me with and it didn’t work. Stymie was murdered over the entire situation she was involved in outlined her starting in 1995 at the Phoenix Project in the Boulder County Jail and Scott Renner was murdered because he knew I was innocent. Could have gotten me released and instead did what they wanted to place me in prison. Diane McDonald, now a magistrate of the Boulder County Courts could have gotten me released in 1986 but instead tried to get me to go to trial for a situation she intended to intentionally lose. I had a funny feeling not to do that or I’d have been screwed worse then I already was and as far as I know she’s still a criminal and a Boulder County judge who should be removed from the bench. While I was in prison my PSI prepared for the courts was taken from me by the prison administration. It had lies about the evidence in the case and they wanted to get it out of my hands. This is legal work so taking it from my cell is highly illegal and ordinarily not done ever. But they did this and I ran the grievance process over the issue all the way up so there would be a record of it. I believe they had a very good reason for not wanting the discovery available for my sentencing and I believe it’s because it’s production was a result of crimes against me. Why else would it disappear after I turned myself in? Especially in light of the fact that the people listed in the discover where murdered after the fact. Why did that happen. It had to be because of something in the discovery. What else would it be? My father was involved in those murders as well. So was Ed Clark because after all he’s my father’s Colorado point man. While I was in Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility in Crowley Colorado I studied chemistry under my mentor named Basil who was murdered with cancer before he ever got out. He was due to be released about ten months after I was. Whatever you do, if you go to prison make sure you know what the inmates and staff are putting in your food or you may end up like Basil. No wonder he didn’t like the taste of it. My Kitty didn’t like the taste of the food Sebastian King was feeding her either but what’s a Kitty to do? She must eat and Basil also had to eat. I knew a lady from the 1504 Club named Tequila and around 1991 she introduced me to a band that was south of Seattle and I went out there to practice a couple times but the bass player was really controlling and I didn’t want to work with that as a regular routine. This was around the time of the Gulf War when I was living near 75th and Roosevelt in Seattle. For a picture of Lexi Olson go to: Central City Concern, where Lexi Olson worked before she was murdered with HIV over this situation can probably shed some light on that relationship and the women at Central City Concern love to talk. 232 NW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97209 (503) 294-1681 [email protected] Lexi Olson was somehow involved with John Walsh of America's Most Wanted in 1995. John Walsh pulled out, refused their money so they tried to murder me instead and you need to find out what that relationship was because it's about to become public and the murders Bad Animal studio was involved with, with it. The situation with John Walsh started in 1987 prior to leaving Boulder. In fact, the White House was involved in this situation all the way up to the attempted murder that involved Lexi Olson that resulted because John Walsh saw the light and pulled out in 1995 and found God shortly after. This whole situation led to the murders of my family members because of the sexual manipulation of everyone in my family except my mother. They spent years trying to find a way to create a reason to place me on his show. There was also a connection between John Walsh, Nathan E. Huebel, John G. Huebel and Wesley Allan Dodd in regards to America’s Most Wanted and rockers need to be ready for it!!!! Especially the Wilson sisters of the band Heart because the Bad Animal murders will be all over the news with that. By the way, Slash and Axl Rose of Guns and Roses were also murdered over this as well as the secretary of Bad Animal studio which was owned by Steve Lawson and the Wilson sisters of Heart in 1992 when she worked there. I met Aaron Yates through his sister Nancy Yates I think was her name at the 1504 club. Nancy was a regular member there and I saw Aaron there quite frequently although I don’t believe he was an addict. Arron was a drummer for the internationally renowned Jazz vocalist Jay Clayton. I knew them both and watched their band numerous times at the Bathhouse on Green Lake in Seattle. I took Kate Butler there on time in 1992 and the following week I took Barbara who lived in West Seattle off of Tacoma Ave S. Aaron thought they were the same women when I talked to him later. It cost five dollars per person to get in. I don’t think I was comped on that or I wouldn’t remember the price. For a picture of the original 1504 club located at 1504 14th Ave on Capitol Hill in Seattle go to:!1s0x54906acdfd02c565:0xbc5fe5e708975ad9!3m1!7e115!4s!5sArtificial+limbs+1504+14th+st+Seattle+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNRJF2Op8ZqAcWOGHH7zoG_ZGmA3lmmgopLdSgB&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjg5oXSqvzlAhUJHzQIHWu1B7EQoiowE3oECAwQBg Pictures of the bathhouse on Green Lake in Seattle: In 1992 I watched the Jay Clayton band open up for George Benson at Bumbershoot at the Seattle Center. Pictures of the Seattle Center where the Space needle is: I don’t remember the date but the event went form Friday, September 4 until Monday, September 7. After they played I said high to Aaron from the audience. Some girl said you know them. I said yea, they are my friends. For pictures of Jay Clayton go to: Video of Jay Clayton performing: I had booked Jay Clayton’s band at the 1504 club when I knew them in the early nineties. The Family was behind my association with Jay Clayton in an effort to detour me from the Rock and Roll scene because Rock and Roll appeals to a much larger audience. I like playing rock so of course it didn’t work. I like the music and so involving me with international Jazz artists isn’t going to change that but they thought it would. But don’t get me wrong, I like listening to jazz and classical. I just don’t want to play it. My father was behind this. Aaron Yates was murdered over the situation. It appears that Jay Clayton is still alive. If you want to know why they murdered Aaron and not her perhaps you can ask her by contacting her through her Facebook page: There has to be a reason they spared her and it wasn’t because she’s a celebrity. I met Kate Butler at the 1504 club in 1992. She was twenty-five years old. She had long black hair and was a pretty girl. I was twenty-seven at the time. This was around the time of the condoms in the school issue with Seattle Act-up. I was shy but she was quite aggressive in coming on to me. I was living with John in Beacon Hill. He’s the one who designed the 1504 club logo at about this time in fact. They had a contest and he was smart enough not to include AA designs in it that would automatically kick it out do to copy right infringement. He had gone to commercial arts school so he probably automatically understood that issue. Some of the contestants didn’t. We started dating and she immediately became emotionally unavailable. Usually in a new relationship people want to spend quite a bit of time together but instead I got games. She started out by wooing me with dating and it quickly turned south. I was having issues as a result of all the emotional abuse I’d received throughout my life to begin and hadn’t fully recovered. They were what they could to damage my recovery process. Kate Butler’s function was for two reasons. Try to get me using again and trying to get me to molest Roselle’s children which wasn’t ever going to happen. The last time I saw Kate Butler was probably in 2014 at the Seattle Public Library located at 425 Harvard Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98102. Kate Butler was also murdered over the situation. For their website go to: She appeared to be an employee there that happened to be there by “chance” despite the previous abuse she acted very available at that time. She may have actually been employed there but it was for the purpose of murdering me. I know that’s true because the Family does this sort of thing to carry out a hit. I gave her a treason warning. People knew I was concerned about being framed for sexual assault and they were making suggestions of using protection trying to get me to engage with her. If she can’t get me away from the public eye she couldn’t murder me and what better way than a sexual situation so that’s what they were trying to do but this point, I knew she was part of the problem and there was a contract on my life and no matter how I felt about the matter I had no intention of involving myself. People at the library pretended to be support suggesting we needed this for legal reasons. I knew better than that. I met Kay at the 1504 club. I think she was about nineteen or twenty or so when I met her but I’m not positive of that. I met her at one of our dances. We ended up at International House of Pancakes located at: 950 E Madison St Seattle, WA 98122 Just a few blocks from the 1504 club. She was living in the building the Paramount Theater was located in when I first met her. It’s at about 9th and Bike across the street from the bus terminal for Metro. For an article on it go to: She had a two-year-old son named Danny when I met her. We had a sexual relationship but it wasn’t ever a serious romantic relationship on either of our parts. I didn’t know it at the time of course but this was another game involving a women and her child. Danny was eventually taken away from her. I’m not sure why and she had a daughter. I met her daughter in about 1999 when she was about five years old. In 1999 she was living with a guitar player who was pretty good who had been raised by a lesbian couple. He had two moms. In 1992 her 13-year-old sister shows up at the club. I think it was on Halloween but I’m not positive of that. Kay said she was a runaway living in the U-district. She didn’t seem to be concerned about it. This girl appeared to be somewhat wild and was talking inappropriately for a 13-year-old girl. I was actually concerned about her safety but I knew there was no point in bringing this up with Kay as it would only cause friction between us and accomplish nothing. A few months later I was at Roselle’s house and read the newspaper. Kay’s sister had been murdered with a knife in his bus. The paper said he’d been stalking her in the U-district prior to the murder. He friend said he was weird and not in a good way. This murder was committed by the Family because they had involved her in a crime at the 1504 club that night and wanted to make sure she didn’t talk about it. Kay’s family apposed the death penalty for the guy who did the crime. The day I read this in the paper I’d called Jeff Eike in Boulder from Roselle’s and he said Steve Miles had gotten busted for child pornography. They had a lot of pictures against him as evidence. I thought he was talking about something recent but I later found out Steve was arrested for this crime in 1989 and the Family somehow got him out of it. Steve Miles has recently been murdered over my situation after it came out that he murdered Jonbenet Ramsey and the Boulder Police and district attorney’s office where involved. I was in Prison the day he murdered her in Boulder on December 25th, 1996. I’ve known Steve Miles since 1978. After that Kay had gotten married to a guy I think was named Danny if I remember correctly. She knew I was into phone gags. She came to me and asked me to leave messages for Danny’s brother. She gave me his number and his work number. I started off leaving him critical messages. I call up. Say I was him on the answering machine then say please call me, it’s critical that I hear from you. I left literally dozens of messages. Then I started calling and saying, I was in your neighborhood and I lost my dog. Please call me. I’ll describe him to you and there’s a hundred dollar reword for you if you can help me find my dog. I see her on the street a few days’ latter and she’s laughing saying, Lost Dog, lost dog. We thought it was funny. I called a guy I knew and he said I left a lost dog message on his phone. He called the guy and the guy was pissed. He gave him Pete Russell’s phone number and Pete gave him my address. Of course I was worried about it. I called Kay and she said he didn’t know a thing. I immediately stop leaving messages for him. I was working at Davon Corporation up grading conveyer belts at UPS centers as a welder. I was in a car with Kate and Danny. She started making moaning sounds over a PA system as a joke to the general public. We were stopped by the police. He pulled me out of the car. I gave him my alias and told him where I worked. He released us but before doing so he said don’t let her make moaning sounds over the PA. We got to Capitol Hill and she started doing it again. I made her let me out of the car immediately. Turns out both these situations where done for the Family in an effort to get me arrested. Kay and the officers who pulled us over have since been murdered. In about 1993 shortly before I resigned I was the Event director at the 1504 club which is a board position. I was in charge of all events at the club which of course included the dances which I had been instrumental in building these into successful operations from the ground up. I came on to the scene when no one knew what they were doing and it was a small activity that wasn’t taken seriously and turned it into a major source of revenue that contributed to keeping the doors open. The history of this is extensive and I’m not trying to cover all of that right now. What I’d done at the club was figure out how to do things then train others, then train others to train others and I did this with the dance. I had as my lead DJ Roselle Williams. She was my friend but that had nothing to do with me choosing her. I made decisions of placement based on people’s abilities not my relationships with them. She had a feel for formatting music and that was critical in the success of the dance. I taught her how to use the sound system and then started getting her to train other DJ’s. I had a philosophy of not relaying on any one person for a job. This way if something happened with that person I had options to cover that position and also I wanted to include as many people as possible in the interest of sharing. This especially applied to the DJ booth. Roselle recommended a person named Reggie who hung out at the Cherry Fellowship. He seemed like a cool person at first so I okayed it and had Roselle train him. I quickly ran into problems with him. He was turning the music up way loud, much louder than what was required. He started blowing amps and speakers. I talked to him about this and he tried to say it was the inferior equipment. I didn’t have this problem with anyone else. I thought about it and I realized if your amp is stronger than the speakers it’s going to blow the speakers and if the speakers are stronger than the amp it’s going to blow the amp if it is run at full capacity. Unless you got things fused this is the situation regardless of the equipment involved and I realized his argument didn’t carry weight and besides I didn’t have this problem with anyone else. I tried to work it out and he continued blowing equipment. I found out he was using his own equipment at the Cherry Street fellowship and babying that. I tried to fire him and he said you can’t fire me. I was forced to do it publicly at a membership meeting. I got a lot of flak. I said if anyone can offer to pay for the equipment he’s destroying we can keep him on trying to get the point across. Every time he’d blow a speaker it would cost between twenty-five and forty dollars to re-cone and re-coil the speaker depending on the size and he was also blowing amps. We simply couldn’t afford it. He threatened me for firing him publically and I immediately went into the business meeting and said I was being physically threatened by him for firing him. He left and that was the end of that problem. A short time later someone stole the equipment and Pete Russell and I had to immediately replace it because we needed the revenue it was generating to keep the doors open. Pete and I were accused of stealing the equipment ourselves as an excuse to buy new equipment and I pointed out the stuff stolen was superior to what it was replaced with. People I thought were on my team turned against me in this and I now know we were being attacked by the Family on the issue of the dances. The dances were bringing in a diverse group of people and bringing people of different social classes into solidarity and that was the issue for the Family who believe in dividing and conquering. This was a threat to them. The person who re-coned and re-coiled my speakers was murdered over my situation. I had to go all the way out to Lake City I think it was to get him to re-cone the speakers. He was nowhere near the location of the club and yet they knew who he was because of the Reggie situation. He was evidence to this so he was taken out. I got sober on March 22nd 1990 for a four-year period. I met Roselle Williams in the 1504 club. She was very approachable and friendly as far as that went. I developed feelings for her but that’s not what I’m covering here and ultimately we never became anymore then friends and in hindsight I’m glad that was the case because if it had differently I would have clearly become more damaged emotionally in this relationship than I did. Her daughter Chelsea Lucas was six months old when I met her. She’d changed her in front of me. I didn’t really question this at the time. I figured, she’s a mother and she’s taking care of her daughter but that’s not what all this was about. She was paid to try and get me to molest her daughter and what happened is I became a parental figure instead. Jim Moon came from Sacramento to Seattle in late November 1990 or about. I was living at 75th and Roosevelt at the time. I’d stopped talking to Roselle for a short period of time. She was leading me on and playing games so to take myself emotionally I separated myself from the situation until I could heal over it which was a couple of weeks. It wasn’t a ungodly about of time. Jim was staying with her during this period. He had been sober for about five years but told me he could get me five pounds of meth fronted to me so I could have my sisters in Spokane distribute it there. I told him, I’ve been sober seven months and I really don’t want to go down that road. I mentioned this to Roselle and her mother Ivy Williams who didn’t seem to really care about it. I now know it’s because everyone was in the Family. They wanted to stay sober but the objective was to keep me using and I refused to take the bait as it were. Jim Moon took me to Sacramento to spend Christmas and had told me he’d buy me a bus ticket back. When it came time to leave I had to insist on the bus ticket. This was the Family’s way of trying to get me out of Seattle. Women were involved in trying to entice me into staying in Sacramento and both of them as well as Jim Moon and Roselle are all dead now. In about 1993 when I was living with Stephanie on East Broadway in Seattle, Roselle Williams had relapsed. It was very upsetting to me as she was a big part of my support at that time. I dealt with it for a little while. I’d still go see her and stuff but I don’t remember what it was at a certain point I decided to distance myself because I didn’t want to deal with the situations she was involved with as a result of it. She was involved in prostitution. That was her business as far as that went but in the process she met a person who was from Mexico. His name Javier Santiago if I remember correctly. Roselle Williams developed a relationship with him. I became aware that their relationship seemed very abusive on Roselle’s end. I remember her cheating on him and he had a problem with it. It was obviously emotionally painful for him and it was clear he cared deeply about her. He response to this was when I met him I was hooking and since he knew I was a prostitute he’s got no place complaining and completely indifferent to his feelings about the situation. I thought this was cold but I didn’t know at that time what it meant about Roselle Williams. There were other things that in hind sight clearly show she was sociopathic in nature and I’m getting into it all right now. I didn’t have the education to see this in the early nineties but had serious questions about some of her behavior. Such as not attending to the children’s emotional needs. Placing them in front of a television and using it for an electronic baby sitter. This actually bothered me but I knew that bringing it up would only cause dissention between her and I and would do nothing to change it. At some point she got sober again but these behaviors regarding her children had nothing to do with her sobriety or lack of it. She had a child with him named Anissa. She was Chelsea’s half-sister. They had Anissa before I left Seattle in 1994 if I remember correctly. She came along around the time I found out Aids was a man made disease and became indoctrinated into the Patriot movement just prior to the full on persecution that followed as a result. I living in Portland and was in Seattle for a few days. I had a girl I was spending time with named Laurie who I’d met at the Bean bag event in Pioneer Square prior to moving to Portland. It was some kind of club event. I don’t remember the name of the club, just approximately where it was located. That weekend I was in Seattle I spent time with her. The stocking was in full swing and had followed me to Seattle. I went with her to the Weathered Wall. Jeff my old drummer was working the door on 5th Ave. the entrance for the Lemon Twist was in the alley because it was a huge double door and there was a lot of room to let people in. I escaped the stalkers temporarily by going into the door on 5th with this girl. As an old employee of course I was allowed right in along with my guest. I was in there for a while before the stalkers finally got through the line. It took them like forty-five minutes to get through the line and into the club. This was on a Saturday at the Lemon Twist. I’d previously gotten Jeff a job there. Later that day I saw her off on the Ferry. I was dealing stalkers the whole time which does wonders for a dating experience as anyone can imagine. I grabbed a cab after she got on the ferry. I was trying to get the cab to get me away from them and clearly he was doing his best to keep them in the pursuit. It was clear he was part of the problem. I got to the back of the apartment building where Roselle Lived. Quickly got to her house where Javier was. Roselle wasn’t there at the time. She came home later. Maybe the next day. I don’t remember and on Monday when I finally came out they were gone. I had no idea she was part of this thing at the time. I thought she was a loyal friend. She was loyal all right but not to me. She was paid to be and was connected to my father from the beginning. I’m not sure if she had direct contact with him, probably not but I know he was in the picture. I think Roselle was still using at this time and by this point so was I but that wasn’t our relationship, ever. We did smoke some crack together after the year 2000 but I’d hardly call us using buddies. I had somehow gotten into debt with her for fifty dollars around 1995. I don’t remember how it happened, I didn’t usually owe Roselle money. I had a money order for her but the weekend before June 5th, 1995 while being stocked in ended up losing it in the process of that. I turned myself in on June 5th, 1995 the day they intended to murder me in Portland Oregon. I was at the jail and I filled out some references to someone in regards to me possibly being released or something like that. There was some question in my mind of whether Colorado would pursue this and so I filled out the paperwork. I’d put Roselle’s name and number down and then scratched it out because I was worried she’d give me a bad reference because of the debt I owed her. The Lady called Roselle anyway and Roselle latter said the lady seem seriously worried about me. This was before I had the understanding of what was actually happening and that I had friends in the system as well as everywhere else. I didn’t know at that point that the persecution was political in nature and that I had a lot of allies. My father contacted me after I got to Boulder and send me about two hundred and fifty dollars. He said he was proud of me for turning myself in and taking care of this. The truth was that he was trying to get in and middle with the court situation to create an outcome contrary to my interests and wellbeing. He wasn’t able to do that and it resulted in him carrying out a hit against my sister Margaret Williams that cost her, her life on January 16th 1996. I paid Roselle the money I owed her out of the money my father sent me. Roselle gathered reference letters from everyone I knew in Seattle to help me in my case. This included letters from Bob Riopel a retired Air force major and Pete Russel one of the founders of the 1504 club. Unfortunately, Bob was also murdered over the situation. I met Bob Riopel and the district community member of our district when I was a GSR for the Out to Lunch Bunch of AA at the 1504 club. I talked to Roselle a few times on the phone from the Arkansas Valley Facility when I did my time if I remember correctly. She was terrible about writing letters as far as that went but the work she did to get the reference letters to the court was a great assistance to me. At the time Javier had gotten busted for a drug offense. She was dealing with an immigration lawyer in order to keep him from being departed. They were able to accomplish this until had got another case but that was after I was released. Both for the case but just as important is it created documentation that can be relied on that shows my connection the 1504 club, the Seattle needle exchange including the King County Health department employees. Bob Riopel especially and the Portland Police association including Alan P. Dawson my boss there who was also murdered. In short it shows that I was connected to this and this documentation was dated as of 1995 which is very valuable legally for future proceedings. After I was released from prison in August 1998 I went back to Portland and went to work for the Portland Police Association again where I became the sales manager. I was dealing with Roselle occasionally. I still had musical interests in Seattle and was going up there from time to time and so I’d see her then. I was doing practicing with my friend Daniel Johnson who lived there at that time whom I’d met in Boulder in about 1980. We were friends and she was with Javier Santiago. I’d see her, Javier, her daughters Chelsea and Anissa and they were all important to me. I noticed she had a very tumultuous relationship with Javier. They always seemed to be having some kind of feud and it seemed to be a contest between them of who could hurt who the most. It wasn’t physical but psychological. From my perspective Roselle enjoyed this game and Javier was acting out of anger. He clearly loved her and was deeply hurt by this and her infidelity. He however did have some issues with control. The family is untidy, so am I so what. He’d come in, find thing a mess and start throwing everything in the trash regardless of who it belonged to or what it was. I’m just showing the dysfunction in this family, these aren’t statements about judgment but about what was occurring with this situation. Javier Santiago was later busted for another drug offense. In the year 2000 he was wanted for this by the Seattle authorities. I tried telling him he should go back to Mexico otherwise he would get caught go to prison and get shipped back to Mexico anyway. I had an interest in Roselle and he mistakenly thought my advised was about that and it wasn’t. I don’t advised people on things like this based on personal reasons. I’d dealt with prison, had been on the run and knew he’d get caught if he didn’t get out of Seattle and preferably out of the country. Well, he was later caught, shipped to prison just as I knew he would be. I’m sure they sent him back to Mexico. That’s what they do in his circumstances. Javier like the rest of the family was murdered over it. Javier was an illegal alien from Mexico. In Seattle at that time they ran the cocaine racket in the area. They like everyone else was controlled by the Family. If the Family didn’t want Javier busted, he wouldn’t have been and I believe they wanted him in Mexico so they could murder him while away from his family. I’m almost positive that’s why he got arrested. The Family control the drug racket and the law enforcement system both. There really is no other explanation. Too bad, Javier was actually a good guy. We may have had our differences but this is what it was. He like the rest of his family did not deserve this. May he rest in peace. The Forest Park murders happened in Portland Oregon starting on May 7th, 1999 and went on nearly a month. This was an attempt to frame me for serial murder that failed. Right after that I was demoted from my job as sale manager in the Portland Police Association. I was really good at it and my room numbers were high so production wasn’t the motive. I gave my boss two weeks’ notice and he told me I could leave right away. They knew I’d go back to Seattle with Roselle and were again trying to get me to molest her kids. I moved in with Ivy Williams Roselle’s mother near 23rd and Jackson. While I was there they had placed a picture of the kids on the counter. The photograph had Anissa undressed. I took the picture because I wanted a picture of the kids. I’d rather she be dressed but that’s what was available and a picture is better than no picture as far as I was concerned. It was clearly innocent even if one saw the photograph. I ended up moving into Roselle’s in Renton in an apartment Pete Russell owned. She saw the photo and started acting accusatory and admitted it could be innocent which it was. I now know this was placed on the counter in an attempt to get me to molest Anissa who was five years old at the time. It didn’t work so Roselle tried playing a game with the photograph. I’m sure she was instructed to do it. These people always operate under marching orders and this would have been no different. In the year 2001 I went back to Seattle to try and get away from the persecution in Portland Oregon. I did not know yet that the Federal Government was a part of this and it was being handled by the President’s office. Had I known that I would have known going back to Seattle would be a useless act. I also didn’t know that Roselle Williams was being paid to try and get me to molest her children. Who would ever thing a mother would ever to that to her children? She left one night. Anissa was sick. She was sleeping on the couch. After he mother left I woke her and gave her an aspirin or two and touched her forehead to see if she had a fever. I was concerned about her health. I then put her back to sleep or should I say let her go back to sleep. Roselle comes home and see’s the covers have been disturbed and start treating me in an accusatory fashion. I told her what happened and she said well if you didn’t, you didn’t. Anissa woke up feeling well a little while later. She felt good that I’d given her aspirin and showed that I cared and excitedly told her mother what had happened. She had a flu and it was suddenly gone. I noticed this and wondered if it was about laying on of hands when I touched her forehead to check her temperature but gave it little thought after the fact. I’m not certain I believe I healed her by these actions. Who can really know in a situation like that. In about the year 2000 Chelsea was dressing a little provocatively. She was only about ten but if she wanted to dress that way it wasn’t for me to criticize her. After all people grow up and go through fazes with things of this nature and if they are younger than others most the time in most situations that’s healthy for them and the last thing I wanted to do was shame her for growing up. But that’s not what was actually happening. I made arrangements to take her to meet my brother in Seabeck Washington which is near Bremerton. Not far at all from Seattle. A ferry ride. I considered Chelsea to be family and I wanted her to have the benefit of the association with my other family members. We went out there. My brother lived with his wife at the time Carolyn and they had a nice house and nice cars. We went to his church and he went saw someone and asked my opinion of him who was involved in a shelter situation for new Christians. I told him he seemed a little arrogant but that he may still be a good person with flaws so this wasn’t a judgmental comment at all, just an observation. We all have them. This was long before I knew my brother was actually a killer. He asked me about Chelsea’s dress style. He asked me if we’d encouraged it. I said, no. This is all her. It’s not my place to tell her how to dress. At the time I thought he was a good Christian but Nathan wasn’t a Christian but a Family member pretending to be one so I took this to be what it looked like. He was involved with the Family who was working in cooperation with the William’s including Chelsea trying to give me ideas that this was where Chelsea was at and of course it didn’t work but this is some of the kinds of manipulative games they people play trying to wreck others’ lives that is completely unnecessary and contrary to common good play. This is unfair warfare practices. Do I think Chelsea was damaged by this? Absolutely if this isn’t where she was actually at emotionally this is a horrible thing to do to a child. She was the victim in this not me, especially considering what they had attempted to get her to do and she did in fact try it. Later I was on Benzedrex inhalers and came home early. Chelsea who should have been in school came home at this time. I felt embarrassed that she saw me in an intoxicated state but when to my room to avoid her. This was another attempt trying to get me to molest her which of course I would never do. I loved her and would never harm her. Later I was there and Chelsea played a game getting me to wrestle her to take away her mother’s journal which I felt she shouldn’t read her mother’s private stuff. I had no idea this was a game and that Chelsea was now consciously involved in the situation. She blew in my ear in the process of this and I ignored it. While I was in prison she’d been raped at knife point in order to condition her for this. Anissa was also molested and is part of the motive she was murdered over. I figured she was confused as a result of that experience and didn’t want to shame her so I just pretended it never happened. Chelsea Lucas, Roselle Williams and Anissa have all been murdered to cover this up. Anissa was murdered on Tuesday November 19th, 2019. This was ordered by President Trump before he was murdered and carried out after. I went to the Stout Street Health Clinic to get my foot looked at that has an HIV infection in it. By the way it’s getting painful at this point. I had an appointment at 8:30 am. I checked in at the blue counter and at about 8:45 am was told that I had to go to the Red counter I believe at the other end of the hall. Rod was behind the counter. He had murdered Dr. Lindsey Metcalf on Thursday November 14th at Stout Street Health Clinic right after my appointment with her. I believe this was to ensure she didn’t document anything so they got her before she left work. They called me in the back for my appointment a few minutes before 9:00 am and it was Anissa who called me back. She’s not even from her. She tried saying she’d seen Dr. Metcalf that morning. I knew that wasn’t true because Dr. Metcalf had been murdered and they were trying to convince me otherwise. Anissa also knew she’d been murdered. I got impressions that told me Anissa was in danger of being murdered by Rod. I told Anissa that this is a war and a lot of people are being murdered and it hurts to see. She left the room at which point I got the impressions about her. She came back in and I told her be careful of Rod. She got fear in her eyes. I didn’t realize she knew she was about to be murdered because the only chance would have been while she was there before she left. She was murdered before I left the building and she is now dead. I have one more point. The Federal Justice system lawyers are advising the president and others on who needed to be murdered based on the crimes that the Federal Government has committed in order to try and escape justice for their role in the creation and distribution of HIV and since 2004 hundreds of people in several states and now President Trump and President Clinton have been murdered in order to cover this up. A lot of those murders happened around 2007 but since 2018 another round of murders has taken place in Florida, Colorado, Portland Oregon, Seattle and about everywhere connected to this situation and I’m reporting this so people understand there truly is a war by the Family against the people of the United States over the issue of HIV. The last time I was Chelsea was probably in 2015. I was going to Seattle from Portland documenting. Since they hadn’t actually managed to cause what they tried to do they started taking situation in my life where they had injected children and began threatening to frame me for it. They could possibly do this. I knew that and so did they but they kept threatening anyway even though I’d explained numerous times WHY it was impossible. These people think if they repeat a lie long enough you buy into it which isn’t the case with me. During one of these episodes they brought Chelsea Lucas to Caffee Vito when I was there doing computer work. There website is at: It used to be called Paridso before I left in 1994 and it was a program and a music hangout where people hooked up. I met Mat from the band Foil there who was murdered over a game involving Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. For pictures of Caffee Vito go to: I cried over that. Seeing what had become of Chelsea and it hurt to see. There was also another person in the Seattle music scene named Mike Mercer of the Mercer family and he too has been murdered over it. The Mercer family is like the Huebel family only in Seattle. I met him at the Weathered Wall. He was a promotor of the Lemon Twist in Saturday nights. It attracted between seven hundred and eleven hundred people every Saturday. This was in 1993 and 1994. It was a huge event. He was involved in trying to frame me for sexual assault through the underground parties in Seattle. One day he comes up to me and said. Paul everyone wants to sleep with you because my shyness was getting in the way of them framing me for rape. I found acid in the restroom of the Weathered Wall. I took it home and put it in an index box for a week. I was wondering if I should take it or not. I had been sober and this was what ended that. This was left in the restroom by the Family in order to get me back on drugs. I met this lady named Ann. She got me some speed. I ended up at an underground party where I met Adam Bomb, his real name is Adam Brenner. He’d played guitar and sang for the second lineup of Aerosmith. He tried to get me to get some coke because you get more for your money but speed last longer so I waited for Ann to come through and this was prior to me going to Portland in September of 1994 where the Family had a field day with me. In the Seattle music scene at underground parties we ran into people like this regularly. Not all of them where national celebrities but they were people associated with the Seattle scene and some of them where. A person who used to go to that party was a pretty Asian girl I worked at the Weathered Wall named Sally. I liked her but again my shyness got in the way. She’s been murdered over the situation so she was probably trying to frame me for sexual assault maybe it was better I didn’t engage with her. The Party was at an old church and it happened every Friday night or early Saturday morning and we go after getting off work. Ann and I later went to an apartment North of downtown. There were a couple young girls living there. One was nineteen. She had black hair and was pretty and she had a roommate who was about her age but I’m not sure exactly how old she was. They were also doing speed. I went over there one day and the black haired girl was spending hours hanging out in her room. I assumed it was because she was tweaking. I was driving a motor cycle I’d bought from Chris Lundon for four hundred dollars. I started having problems with the electrical system. I later found out it was due to sabatosh of the vehicle. I’m not sure if Chris was involved in it because he was in the Family. This young pretty dark haired girl was murdered over the situation. I think I was thirty years old at this point. Another person I used to work with was Karl Bettenger. He got me a job at the Weathered Wall. He later was involved with the murder of my bandmates that Bad Animal studio was involved with. He’s also been murdered over the situation. He’d moved to Asia to get away from the heat but they got him there. The Family can get to you anywhere. Chris Lundon who I hung out with in the Seattle music scene was also murdered over the situation. I met Jeff through Dave. He was the guitar player I was working with and Jeff was a drummer that Dave brought in when we were putting our band together that the Staff of Bad Animal Studio got in the middle of and intentionally sabatoshed it because I was in it and we were really good. Dave was a big part of sabatoshing the band. Apparently they said they’d make him a star if he did this. He’d of become one anyway if he’d stuck with me but instead him and all the other band members got murdered. Karl Betternger was part of that. Karl Betternger became acquainted with the situation because he said he needed a drummer. I called Jeff and Jeff began playing with Karl and the Thrill Junkies. I auditioned at one point. I actually did really good but Karl didn’t want me. Jeff did, he really liked working with me. Karl auditioned me because Jeff wanted him to but I’m sure he had no intention of bringing me into the band prior to that because of the politics involved. I actually made their band sound good, which they really didn’t before but that’s my opinion. By the way, the media is not telling you that John Walsh Jr is dead. Westley Allan Dodd was executed because the system wouldn’t let him appeal the conviction when he had a legal right to do so, however they told us he simply refused the appeals. How many people actually do that? The other thing was he chose hanging for a punishment. He didn’t do the crime so why would he chose to be hanged. It wasn’t to go out like them kids. This sounds like it was to convince us he did something he didn’t. since they wouldn’t allow him to appeal it only stands to reason there are huge holes in the case to begin with that they couldn’t afford to have exposed. I think he got caught up by accident. They found they couldn’t frame me for it. My brother’s ass was in the wind. They had to close this case because of the media attention and if they didn’t the investigation would go on and my brother would probably turn up. So there must be other holes that point to Nathan Huebel. They couldn’t afford this because he’s my brother this would have brought out the entire situation if he were caught. Wesley Alan Dodd already had a sex offense record and the public would by it if all they did was tell us it was all done correctly and walk all over his rights while walking him right the Gallo literally. This is what I think happened and why Wesley died. Why did they murder Westley Allan Dodd? My brother Nathan E Huebel murdered Jonathan Huebel who was only eighteen years old at my sister Elizabeth Branham’s house on the 1400 block of E Dalton in Spokane near Perry street in 2004 for the Family. There is a record of his death and he was murdered with computer cleaner spray up his nose. My brother was clearly on the scene at the time of the murder. Jonathan Huebel had done nothing to ask for this. It was retaliation for not excepting a 3.2-million-dollar bribe from Dr. James Dobson in Portland. Dr. Dobson and Nathan Huebel are both “good” Christians. What else Nathan done? He murdered David Douglas Park and then Westley Allan Dodd was arrested and executed for the crime. It was intended to frame me. What does all this say about Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family? You tell me because I really don’t know but it’s not good. After Westley Allan Dodd and the Forest Park murders were committed. Todd Allan Reed was arrested but unlike Westley Allan Dodd he was actually guilty and he wasn’t executed. If they’d succeeded in framing me with that crime, I would have been because that was the intention. Claudia Brown of the Portland Alano Club and media personal was involved in the crime and has since been murdered in order to keep her silent. A lady named Louise who was also a member of the Portland Alano Club whom I briefly dated was also involved as was OHSU. Louise was also murdered over it and the therapy sessions at OHSU tie her, the Portland Alano Club and OHSU to the crime. She’s was I really cared about and I had to let her go because I thought she was too dysfunctional for a relationship but it was all an act. I don’t think for a minute she was aware she was involved in a situation that they intended to use to frame me for serial murder. May she rest in peace because I actually loved her. During this period of time I went into the Portland Alano club on a Sunday to the Surrender at noon group and gave my life story as I knew it then. I was actually surprised at how many people showed up. The room was filled and I really didn’t expect that. I talked about my murdered step father only I thought it was suicide at the time. I now know different. This was in 1999. Tobby from sisters of the road during the time of the Forest Park murders was also murdered over the situation. As far as I know Todd Allan Reed the serial murderer responsible for the Forest Park murders is still alive but that may have changed as well. Perhaps for some money and better accommodations he’ll share his experience with this but we must never let him go!!!! It wouldn’t be just to those women nor safe for society. A lady named Suzi and her boyfriend Jimmy Coen was also involved in the situation. Jimmy got me a fifty-dollar Volvo intended for use to frame me for the offense. I never got it going and bought a Pontiac from NW Auction Release and women started turning up dead in Forest Park on May 7th, 1999. Everyone everywhere was running around pointing the finger at me for it including the URS club. When Todd Alan Reed was busted a lady at the URS club got really angry that I wasn’t arrested for the crime. I thought she should have apologized and instead she treated me that way. Suzette Buttorf and her friend Diane a stripper from the URS club in 1995 have also been murdered. The Forest Park murders was an extremely traumatic experience in a way I could never describe verbally. Tracy White my legal teacher at Heald College in Portland has also been murdered over the situation. I now know they were trying to frame me for the Forest Park murders and that was probably the reason the lady at the URS club was angry because they failed. I suspect she is also dead. I talked about Jimmy and Suzi and the Forest Park murders in the situation in my Treason Affidavit filed with the Portland FBI office in 2012. I wrote that section in 2004 during the period of activity in Portland Oregon. Suzy and her daughter and Jimmy are dead. The staff at the Portland Alano Club love to talk about the Forest Park murders because they are proud of the members who mastermind it. They think it was a truly artful act. If you disagree contact the club at: And let them know what you thing about people who rape murder defenseless women for political purposes. While you are at it please send them my love!!!! I turned myself in for a fugitive warrant out of Boulder Colorado from March 1987 on June 5th, 1995 In Portland Oregon. When I got back to Boulder to deal with the situation I had no idea they knew anything about my political activism in Seattle Washington. I didn’t mention it in court because I didn’t think it would help me but some of the reference letters are connected to it, especially the King County Health Department letter Chili wrote from the Seattle Needle Exchange program. They knew I had been instrumental in the actions that resulted in condoms placed in high schools to save lives and that I knew the Family created HIV. They were desperate to find a way to get me off the streets for as long as possible. They didn’t have anything but the old charges and they could only do so much with that. It was all illegal to begin with and they were also worried about that coming out as well. They brought in a guy named Ken. I was told he was there as a result of a DUI. He one day said he’d been a foster parent and had a thirteen-year-old foster daughter who tried having sex with him. He said he was very tempted but didn’t do it. I took it at face value and said well, it’s good you refrained and gave it no more thought then that. After all people deal with all kinds of things and it’s not my place to judge, especially if nothing happened. But he was trying to get some weird admission of something. I hadn’t actually committed a crime and I found out the Federal government was behind this and Ken was later murdered over it. Then they brought in a young Asian Male into the Phoenix project in the Boulder County Jail intended to frame me for sexual assault even though I’m not gay. Well naturally it didn’t work either, after all I’m not into boys or men for that matter. Then Stymie Minor started questioning me about my relationship with Chelsea Lucas. I told her the truth. She’s like a daughter to me and I care about her deeply and would never do anything to hurt her. She said well, If you didn’t you didn’t. Why is a Boulder jail employee questioning me about a relationship in Seattle Washington where there is no evidence there was ever any foul play? Because again they were desperately trying to find a way to lock me up for many years to prevent the secret that the Family made HIV from coming out. Like Ken Stymie Minor and Chelsea Lucas have also been murdered over the situation and I suspect so has her sister Anissa. Chelsea’s and Anissa’s mother Roselle Williams is dead as well. I lived with Roselle Williams and Chelsea Lucas at Yesler Terrace in Seattle periodically between 1990 and 1992. For a photograph of these units go to: I lived with him through a biker named Kelly Lynch of the Gypsy Jokers on Commercial avenue in NE Portland. This was the most excruciatingly painful experience of my life because I was dealing with her and my sister’s death. They didn’t care about that. They only cared about trying to get me to molest Ray’s children. When that didn’t work they tried to murder me over a situation involving Kelly Lynches girlfriend but I’m not stupid enough to sleep with a biker’s girlfriend no matter how pretty she may be. They then had five women raped and murdered by Todd Allen Reed in Portland and tried to frame me for it in 1989. Three of them were murdered in Forest Park and are known as the Forest Park murders. This is who the Family is, this is what the Family does!!!!! And United States Presidents back their play. What does the Council of Foreign Relations have to do with it? Here’s the board of directors anyway: There is also plenty of information about this group and much, much more on: And if you don’t know anything about this I highly recommend this website. I was in Arkansas Correctional Facility on Ordway Colorado in 1998. Shortly before I was released there was a lifer in the cell next to me. He was gay or at least as a result of this situation. I’m not sure what his complete story was. He’s sort of come on to me and I clearly made it known that that wasn’t where I was at. I never disrespected people about this but I wasn’t participating because I’m not gay. Anyway I was reading an encyclopedia article in the academic building where the library was on chemistry. He made an issue about it to the lady running the program of where this book was. I was kicked out of her room. There was actually nothing against the rules about it. America’s Most Wanted came on. I got outside my cell and real loudly started inviting people over to watch America’s Most Wanted the snitch on your neighbor program. It was my nonviolent way of objecting to this and actually I thought it was pretty funny and so did others including my friend Robert Campbell. I wasn’t actually that mad about it. I repeated it over and over again. COME WATCH AMERICA’S MOST WANTED, the SNITCH on your NEIGHBOR program!!!! I was quickly transferred to a single cell in the neighboring module. Both him and Robert Campbell were murdered over my situation. Like Basil my chemistry instructor and mentor inside the prison he was murdered with cancer while still in there. Robert Campbell was murdered several years after his release. He was still alive in 2015. I got out of Prison in August 1998. I had only been out for a day or so when Kendall Chambers, a teenage girl Seth Chambers knew and Seth Chambers who was probably fourteen at the time tried to entrap me into committing a sexual offense in an attempt to send me right back to prison immediately upon my release. I’ve covered this in the past so I’m just stating it happened and there’s information out there about this. I got out of Colorado within two weeks of being released. I then went back to Portland Oregon where I already had my job back with Alan Dawson raising funds for the Portland Police Association. I stayed in Forest Park for a few days because I was on the streets. I then ran into Bob Dean at the 1504 club which was at 76th and Stark SE I seem to remember who introduced me to a person named Kelly Lynch. Kelly had about eight years of sobriety and rode with the Gypsy Jokers MC. They were a one percenter like the Hell’s Angels or any other outlaw motorcycle club. For information on the Gypsy Jokers go to: For photos of the Gypsy Jokers go to: Hackers are blocking the Portland Oregon Gypsy Jokers website. I’ve looked it up before but I can’t get it now. Kelly Lynch rented me a room in one of his houses for three hundred dollars and let me move in and pay him later which I did. I’ve always been good about paying my bills. He owned three of them at the time. This one was on NE Cleveland in Portland and he had another one a few blocks away on Commercial. He and his brother where involved in a lock smith business. Imagine that, bikers involved in lock smith businesses. I suppose they don’t have to worry about keys if they need to get into ANYWHERE whether it belongs to them or not!!!!! I was promoted at work. My boss Alan Dawson started a new gig selling residential listings in the Rap Sheet. The Portland Police Association newspaper. He made me manager. My job was to supervise two other people and develop the sales pitch. I’m pretty good at that so it wasn’t a problem. A little trial and error and we quickly work something out that would work. The job started as cold selling which means the returns where not that good. Cheryl Pyne who had just come over to the office from the Chief of Police phone room was one of my employees. She didn’t have very much experience and so I spent a fair amount of time training her. Not just on this project but on sales in general. She wasn’t like my old girlfriend Melissa Binder who was a natural. I handed Melissa a pitch and she went to work hit immediately with no experience. These are rear but they do exist. I had to work with Cheryl but she was getting better. She had a small compact hatch back someone was letting her drive and she was giving me rides home. One day she left a stick of lipstick in my guitar case that said wet and wild. It wasn’t hard to figure out where she was going with this but what I didn’t know was she like the other women in my life was there to play games with me. When I lived with at the Kelly Lynch house, Rod and I were using meth pretty regularly. It was supposed to be a clean and sober household. Kelly knew we were using but that wasn't really going on with that house. I was tweaking one day and when I'm high everyone knows it and so so did Kelly and he tried to get me to work a forth step. I don't know what they thought they'd find but this wasn't about sobriety and that's my point. They hooked me up with a guy named Fred who was in his sixties. Fred had recently been released from prison for murder after a number of years of course. Then the persecution started again. They were supposed to get me a side job selling X-mass trees during the X-mass season and suddenly after they started this up again that wasn't available for me. Fred pretended to be in the loop about the rumors without letting me know I was in the middle of a game planned before I got back to Portland. Cheryl Pyne was constantly talking to Fred. She was supposed to be my girlfriend at that point and yet they were acting like best friends and they weren't ever supposed to know each other prior to my introduction. That should have been a clue. I saw this same situation between my brother and Debbie Griffith as my brother was murdering my mother in 2014 and caught it right away but didn't know what it meant until later. One day Cheryl was in the house and Fred started to come in and she moved her skirt to reveal a sexually exposing view in my presence. I believe this was also a game to try and upset me. I ignored it but was bothered by it. I don't always react if nothing good can come of it. They appointed him my sponsor without my input on the situation. I didn't know it at the time but there was a contract out on my life issued by Judge Roxane Bailin of the Boulder County Courts. She'd put the contract out that got my sister Margaret Williams murdered while I was in prison on January 16th, 1996 and now she was gunning for me. I had no idea that a Boulder County Judge would be in bed with the Gypsy Jokes in Portland Oregon. For one I didn't know judges involved themselves in murder and I had no idea she had that kind of reach. She got my sister in Spokane. The situation started as a result of a previous life I had identified by the AMORC but at this point the issue was the creation and distribution of HIV and covering that up. Boulder County was already on the hook for many, many crimes against me including entrapment for a sex offense in 1986 so they had an interest in the problems of the Federal government and the Council of Foreign Relations who contrary to most people’s belief pick our presidents including President Clinton who was involved in the situation and has been murdered because of it. Kelly had a very pretty girlfriend. I'm not sure why, he was quite overweight. She probably liked the fact that he was a biker of some note but he beat her up regularly and they had issues as a result. Kelly had been sober for years and this pretty girl of his had six years herself. Because of the situation with the HIV activism they couldn't just have a biker murder me and be done with it. They had to disguise the motive otherwise people would ask questions. They came up with a plan. Kelly's pretty girlfriend was leaving him anyway and they had come to terms with that and stood to make a bunch of money on a hit. So she started coming on to me while making it clear she was leaving him because of his abuse. I have no doubt Kelly beat her. Kelly had issues and I'm not thinking that was actually a game but used as an element of one. I didn't know at the time they were trying to kill me. They were trying to make it look like an unsolvable murder motivated by a love triangle but I'm not stupid enough to sleep with a biker’s girlfriend. Especially one like Kelly Lynch who had clout in the club. If I had I'd be dead now but I didn't take the bait. She of course left Kelly because that was always intended and everyone knew it. That's why they were using this in the first place. Before moving out of the house on Cleveland Ave Ray started using a lot of crack. The house became a crack house and was a very ugly scene. I was forced to live there dealing with this. I was using but I wouldn't choose to do this to my own environment. Using wasn't the issue with me it was the ugly scene at the house. While this was going on one night I was walking to the house on Commercial and an undercover cop tried to get me to get him pot. I knew right away what he was and that he'd asked for pot trying to keep his cover to get into the house. I believe this was also an entrapment scheme. Otherwise why was I the one he used to try and gain entry and didn't keep trying until they got in? I was a drug dealer for seven years and I usually know an undercover cop when I see one. There was a young girl there using crack and I'd heard they had pulled a train on her with her consent of course. I don't know why they found it necessary to share that with me but they did. A lady at the house tried to rip me off for a $10 rock and Ray got the situation resolved. I had forty dollars and tried to get some crack. I was ripped off. This was by a lady associated with the house. Rod and this lady associated with the bikers who I had bought speed from showed up. Rod tried to get me to spend fifteen dollars for something that wasn't speed. She turned me on free of charge. I was in my room downstairs and Ray continued showing up trying to get me to leave outside so they could play stalking games. I said I'm safe her and I don't want to be bothered. I was tweaking and doing a lot of writing at the time and I really didn't want to play the following me around game all around town. They had gotten me high to play this game and I refused to participate. One day when Ray was there with crack dealers Kelly showed up in his pickup and watch outside as they left, called Ray on his cell phone and told him he had to move. Ray was managing the house and Kelly said he was cleaning it up. Who knows what the real story is, I don't think that was what actually happened. The last time I saw Kelly Lynch was around the year 2015. I saw him at a Thursday evening AA meeting. It was probably at about 7:00 pm around 64th and Powell if I’m correct. Hackers are blocking it from coming up. It was clear at that time he was representing the Family not just the bikers. He was engaging in signaling behavior and those orders comes from the Family, no question. I talked a lot about prison to Cheryl Pyne shortly after I was released. I had just gotten out after doing three years and two months of incarceration. She complained about this then talked to her friend Paul who told her. He just got out, he’s been there a long time and that’s normal for someone just released, which it was. My whole life the previous three years was prison so what else would I talk about? We started dating and she started fixing up the office we worked in. We had a separate room from the other part of the phone room which was really cool. I had the combination to the alarm and the keys to the place and could come and go as I pleased. Normally I was there when other employees where but not always. Cheryl Pyne like I was into meth. I was getting it through a lady who was a friend of my roommate Rod. She was hooked up with the bikers and was part of that scene and I believe she was making it but I’m not positive about that. Anyway I bought a sixteenth for Cheryl and I over the holidays. It was around Christmas 1998. We went to Sisters of the Road and were in line. They were going to hand out rain suits that year to the clients and we were in line for that and a meal. We decided to leave and went to the office on NW 19th and Overton. It’s since been torn down and I’m positive it was because of my situation. Peggy was the secretary of the Portland Police Association. She was part of the Foster family but her last name was different. Cheryl and I went in. No one was there. We went into our office and did some lines. As we were leaving we saw Peggy who looked afraid for some reason. I now know it was an act. After we left the stocking started up. There were people and teenage girls every were we went obviously following me as I was on a date. We went into a painting gallery and were followed into there and on the Max of course. Everywhere we went. I didn’t know it at the time but Cheryl was part of this. I had a roommate named Ray. He had two children he had over on a regular basis on weekends. This game Cheryl was involved in was about trying to traumatize me trying to get me to molest Rays’ kids which I would never do regardless of the emotional pain they were causing me. My sister Margaret was murdered while I was in prison. Right after this I started having problems with Cheryl. About whether we were going to be together or not. This was all done in furtherance of this game. She’d left me a stock pile of her journals to read. I was reading them and figuring her out. It hurt like hell but without even knowing about the game I was seeing that as a result of her mindset that this wasn’t going to work regardless. I loved her but we were incapable and I couldn’t deny that and these journals where making that clear. She had some serious psychological issues that I knew couldn’t be worked out. She somehow figured out my reading theses was giving me lots of information and I don’t think anyone thought that would happen and suddenly she storms over to the house and removes them but I had read enough to know. I wasn’t done trying though. Alan comes into the room and sees all the stuff around my office decorated and it was clear we had something going and my production had dropped drastically. I didn’t know it at the time but Alan was also part of this. He pretended to be angry but this was the game intended all along. He told me take some time off and come back in a week that the project could take care of itself for that amount of time. I came back a week later got on the phone and totally blew Cheryl’s doors off with my production and was back to work. She didn’t like it but I was the pro no doubt and reestablished that fact. This experience because of the murder of my sister was the most painful emotion experience of my life. It was absolutely excruciating. I had moved out of Kelly’s houses and into Allen Bearcup who managed sisters of the road and broke down bawling about the situation. Cheryl’s friend Paul came in threatening me telling me to quite so Cheryl could stay there. I told him truthfully Cheryl doesn’t have the skills to carry this project. I’ve been working with Alan Dawson since 1989 and I’m not going anywhere. He made some comment about her being in danger. I told him Cheryl has nothing to worry about. I’m not violent and I would never do anything to hurt her which was the truth. I don’t have a history of hurting women or anyone else for that matter but this was all part of their psychological game. Chery was just a player as her friend Paul was and neither of them where the principal. She left the job. Ultimately I was promoted to room manager over all residential sales after Jim Monroe left. I remember Michaela coming to me and saying Eric Stormed in there saying I don’t want Huebel to be my boss. We both laughed about it and then Eric as everyone else found out I was extremely easy to work with. Jim Monroe the old manager complimented me on how good I was at room manager which surprised me actually. He knew the stress of this job and said I dealt with it really well. I enforced what needed to be enforced and was otherwise very laid back. I did everything I could to keep moral up. This is very important in a sales environment and makes all the difference in the overall production of the room. If the workers are happy they sell more. We all worked on commission so if we didn’t sell we didn’t get paid. So we let the employees take cigarette breaks whenever they wanted. But as a good boss it was my job to see that they arrived to work on time. Don’t bother them about breaks but make sure they are there. If there’s a problem in the office do what you can to settle it but don’t create them by micro management. These were pros they didn’t need to be overly supervised. A lot of room mangers don’t get that and that if you don’t overdo that they’ll actually produce more because people like to please bosses that they like. This is a principal that a lot of people in management don’t get. There was a problem with employees only calling numbers with the first names of both the husband and wife listed which was costing a lot of material in available sales numbers. The employees thought these numbers were easier to sell and for an average sales person they might be right. If you have someone’s first name and average skills you’re more likely to sell them and cutting out the other numbers would make your time more productive but cost the room weeks in loss of material which translates into dollars on the run of a project. We had to track who got what sheets so that people wouldn’t generate heat on the phone knowing we could find out who called a number. Eric was a big offender of only calling double names and I had to make a capital case to get to stop. This was an issue worth battling because it effected the bottle line and for that I was willing to go to bat. But when someone takes a cigarette break that’s bad for moral so I would pick my battles and they were far a few between. As a result, my overall room production and the happiness of my employees was high and the people the room ultimately like having me as their boss. I had an issue come up which caused me to be about forty-five minutes late. The Family had failed in framing me for the Forest Park murders. The Cheryl game didn’t result in molested children and they wanted me to go to Seattle in homes they could get me to molest Roselle’s children. I really don’t know why they couldn’t just let me live in peace. Alan said he was going to demote me to a salesman again which under the circumstances if it was about his business was a really bad business decision because I was actually very good at my job. But it wasn’t about that. It was about trying to frame me in Seattle and the Family was paying everyone to go along including Alan Dawson. Untimely everyone lost their lives as a result of this easy money. I said I’m going to Seattle and gave him notice. He couldn’t just fire me because no one could in anyway state I wasn’t a competent salesman. I was one of the best in the office so he just demoted me knowing I’d leave. I gave him notice and he said you can leave right away. I was in car just before I left. I was being stocked and I tried to outrun them. I got into an accident and got a tow truck to move my car to the side of the road. Jim Monroe saw the vehicle and said you walk out of another one. The people in the phone room and seen me have some brushes that should of cost me my life on more than one occasion. This was before I found out people where were trying to kill me. Roselle Williams came an picked me up and I went to Seattle. Cheryl Pine showed up in Denver with Ray a few months ago in 2019 and were murdered shortly after that. She is now quite dead. I’m sencing Seth Chambers is too and that means he was murder today on Monday December 2nd 2019 after 9:15 am and it is now 5:12 pm. I met a lady named Louise at the Portland Alano club. Louise was bi-polar. She appeared functional when I started dating her. I don’t have an issue with people who have mental illness as long as I can relate to them in a fashion that’s relatively healthy. I don’t discriminate over things like that. She was acting perfectly appropriate when I met her. She had a little Scottie dog who seemed pretty cool. I like little dogs. We went to Ocean Shores in a vehicle she had rented. She lived near Lewis and Clark and owned her own home. There was something about her personality that was very endearing. I don’t know how to put it into words and I really liked this person. But she began to act very dysfunctionally after a short time. I took at face value at the time but she was paid by the Family to play a game. She was at my house parked at the business next to it on NW 23rd and Marshall and her car was towed so there should be a record of that. I called her frequently from my phone and I’m sure I called her while I was at work. I don’t remember but I would have. I was doing therapy at OHSU. This was where students usually did the therapy with the clients but the director took on my case. I didn’t know why and didn’t question it at the time. By the way OHSU is the university that came up with gene therapy which is the technology that was instrumental in finding a vaccine for HIV and this was part of what was happening with this situation. I talked to him about my relationship with Louise and he said I needed to get out of it. This isn’t a normal approach for a therapist and in fact it’s not what they normally do. They bring people around to seeing thing for themselves and the fact that this person was trying to involve himself directly in influencing my decisions for my life is a hug red flag for a director of the program who is supposed to be a professional. I thought it odd at the time and it didn’t escape my awareness but I had no idea OHSU would be involved in trying to frame me for the Forest Park murders. Who would even consider such a thing. I did break it off with Louise because it’s what I needed to do, it had nothing to do with his influence but the way she acting. Turns out it was all an act. I talked to him about being shy and about wanting to get something done with music. He’s trying to tell me you need to take the bull by the horns and just get out there and do things without worrying about it. Again this isn’t the way therapist usually do therapy and I was aware of that at the time. I paid him to do an MMPI test on me. I paid like ten dollars and I could not get him to give me the results to save my life. Well he was trying to fabricate circumstantial evidence about committing serial murder and the problem was that the MMPI test certainly showed I wasn’t an individual capable of this type behavior and he didn’t want it coming out in the therapy sessions because he’s considering how this will play out in court. The murders started on May 7th, 1999. I was being blamed by everyone. I had bought a car and people were running around pointing the finger at me. A lady at the URS club tried to get a confession out of me and then when the guy got caught she was pissed off at me. She should have been apologizing and instead she treated me with more abuse. It was an extremely traumatic experience that I could never put into words. I will say I will never forget it. As a result of the situation Louise was part of this although I don’t think she knew the whole story. She didn’t strike me as the kind of girl who’d involved herself in trying to frame someone for serial murder. But she was murdered to silence her over the issue. About this same time, I dated another lady from the Portland Alano Club who was bi-polar named Leslie. She was some kind of advocate for the mentally ill. She was functional as far as her behavior went but we had other issues. She had a bad crack issue and she had brought me over to this guy’s house. We did crack that I paid a hundred dollars for and she started playing games with the pipe trying to get more then her share of what was available and I started seeing what kind of person I dealing with. She was arguing with me a lot. I was a volunteer for Our House on SE 27th and Alder for a while during this relationship. I called her. She became rude. I can’t remember exactly how I responded but she hung up and told me not to call her anymore. I didn’t. I had no desire to continue with her because she wasn’t fair or honest as far as that went. There was really no place for this relationship to go so I had no problem setting it aside. No future in it. We did talk about the stocking. She was pretending not to be involved. She told me I needed to move and not tell anyone where I was going. They were tracking my social security number and everything else so that wouldn’t have worked of course. I don’t know if she was aware of all that and I wasn’t at the time. She moved to Salt Lake City I think. She has been murdered over the situation and Portland Alano club probably is aware of this too. After all many of its members are part of this criminal enterprise. She lived at about NW 19th on Everett in low income housing on the fourth floor. I think her apartment was 409 of I remember correctly. In about 2010, When I lived at the Hotel Alder at 415 SW Alder in Portland Oregon I knew a girl named Patricia who lived there prior to this. She came over and we were smoking crack. We engaged in sexual contact but I had an issue with potency. She looked upset about it. I understood disappointed to a point but this seemed like a real probable for her and it was. She was trying to frame me for sexual assault and a little thing like not being able to get it up was a big obstacle for her. She was murdered over it after I left Portland. I can’t help but wonder if I had gotten it up would she still be alive? My sister Margaret Williams was also murdered in Spokane on January 16th, 1996 because my court case in Boulder Colorado didn’t go the way they wanted it to and she was evidence of their games. Judge Roxane Bailin in Boulder ordered the hit and my father had it carried out. Debbie Griffith her “best friend” was involved. Then in 2004 my sister Simone Williams was also murdered in Spokane because they couldn’t get me to sleep with her and they were worried people would find out. Something is seriously wrong with this behavior and nobody should have died over it. Bronda in Sacramento who was Simone’s friend was also murdered over an entrapment scheme they tried just before I moved back to Spokane in 1989 involving an ex-cop named Frank L. Topping in Sacramento has been murdered over the situation. He’s was also connected to the murders of Jim Moon and his daughter Jenny Moon over sexual games attempted with Jenny Moon. If you want a comment about the murders from the Wilson sisters send them a message at: Like the ladies at Central City Concern they love to talk, especially about the murders. You can also always try to reach Ann and Nancy Wilson at the studio by calling: (206) 443-1500 While I was in prison she was taken away from my sister Simone along with her other children. Simone got sober and worked very hard to get them back. When I was in Sacramento, I worked for Flo selling ads for PORAC advertising. My sister Simone was at his house with me one day and starts acting very inappropriate towards me in a sexual manor. I just brushed it off. In December of 1989 I think it was Simone got shot by bikers in Sacramento. I found out later this was because the Family intended for her to sleep with me and have me arrested for it. It didn’t work so they tried to kill her to cover it up. Half her face was paralyzed as a result. In about February of 1995 after a serious surgery I went to Spokane with my sisters to recover. Simone got me high on meth and again tried to sleep with me for the same reason. I pretended to be oblivious to what she was suggesting and let it pass. In fact I was lying on the mattress with her and I got up and started walking around and that was the end of the issue. In 2004 during the period of activity in Portland Oregon, she was murdered to cover this up. Debbie Griffith who also lives in Spokane was involved in Simone’s and others of my family’s murders. My brother Nathan Edward Huebel who was born on 3/3/1964 is operating as a cleaner against the other members of my family. He’s taken out my niece Cassandra Decker and my sister Elizabeth Branham and my brother in law Paul Branham as a result of silencing them in their sexual manipulation of these family members in order to try and manipulate me into some sick sexual offense. The Family in fact had my brother Nathan Huebel Molest Cassandra Decker in order to accomplish these ends which of course never happened and that is why my young niece is now dead. There are toughs who molest children at the direction of the Family but in my brother’s case he has a propensity in this direction anyway. It’s like asking a drug addict to deal drugs. My father’s propensity towards child molestation is different. He likes to molest them by proxy and he loves to talk about it. He’s in serious need of a twelve step program for this and would love to know where to find the meetings. Why use your own tool when you can rent someone else’s, right?!!!? What’s the going rate for that anyway? Nathan Huebel molested Cassandra Decker while in the custody of a Jehovah witness family after she was adopted as a result of my sister Simone Williams murder by the Family in 2004. The administration of the Jehovah Witnesses church in Denver went to great lengths at games to try and convince me from pursuing justice in this case because the church is tied to both her sexual abuse and her murder to cover it up. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 2135 E 22nd Ave Denver, CO 80205 (303) 355-9252 Jehovah’s Witnesses United States headquarters. 900 Red Mills Road WALLKILL NY 12589-3223 1 845-744-6000 Elizabeth has been involved in the situation as early as 1974 in Pleasanton California and was also in Boulder in 1982 on another mission like before. We ended up at the Boulder Community Hospital where I was concerned about overdosing on the dope from the Benzedrex Inhalers and there is a hospital record of that. She got my address from my probation officer Ken Young who was trying to help her accomplish her mission and clearly the Boulder Judicial system knew about this and was involved in it as well. I think my probation officer Ken Young broke the law by telling my sister where I lived. I didn’t care at the time because I thought it was a social visit when in fact it was not. For Boulder Community Hospital Records go to: Nathan gets his assignments directly from my family in Houston Texas. Lynda Bradley Huebel was a good person to talk to about it but she’s been murdered but you can talk to my cousin Heidi Hitt on Facebook in Texas is a good people to talk to about this. You can reach them through my cousin’s Facebook page at: You should ask my cousin Heidi about my father’s renting of people’s tools. She knows all about it. Unfortunately you can’t ask my father anymore but you can find out about the documentation he left about that and everything else to clear his side of the street He knew he’d be murdered for it but he also knew that God is real. His experience with this situation told him that. So he did the brave thing. Gave up his life to save his soul. This was probably the wisest decision he ever made. God loves a repentant sinner. He gave up his life to save it so he’s no actually dead and he has no regrets about the decision that he made. I’m sure God spoke to his heart and redeemed him and gave him the courage to do the right thing and save his soul. Bless his heart. I didn’t know he had one but I guess God changed all of that. My sister Elizabeth has been used for sexual manipulative purposes in the situation starting in 1974 in Pleasanton California. She also came to Boulder Colorado in 1982 when she was seventeen on a mission of this nature and failed at it. The Boulder County Judicial courts where involved in the crime and so was the probation department. Elizabeth wanted to get out of the Family and in order to make sure these things didn’t come to light she was murdered. Both Cassandra Decker and my sister Elizabeth Branham are now with the lord. Cassandra as far as I know always had a good heart and somewhere along the line my sister Elizabeth’s heart changed as well and that’ s why they are both in heaven. Nathan also murdered my nephew Jonathan Huebel and mother as well, Jonathan Huebel was Elizabeth’s son. She was also involved in both these murders but she has obviously made great strides in her life to have gotten into the Lord’s presence. Nathan also murdered Debbie Griffith of Spokane Washington who was connected to my family and murders in it but she is now dead as a result of this and the need to keep her silent. Nathan Huebel has also had involvement in murders in the West Palm Beach Florida area. My nephews Christopher and Alex have also been murdered because like my nieces they were also molested after my sister Margaret died in an attempt to manipulate them in regards to my situation. They were fed vicious unfounded rumors about me by their father for the Family who was murdered to cover it up. My niece Sarah Branham, Elizabeth’s daughter has also been murdered. She was murdered for the same reason my niece Cassadra Decker was. My brother Nathan Huebel molested her for the Family in order to try and manipulate her into a sexual situation with me to create a sex offense against me. Now that things are hot, they took her out to silence her. Nathan had slept with my sister Margaret Williams in Sacramento for the Family in order to condition her to end up in a sexual situation against me to create a sex offense against me. They tried this twice. Once in Spokane Washington involving Debbie Griffith and then again in Portland Oregon in May 1995. It didn’t work either time. They tried this because they knew they could not bribe this sister like they did the other two. This was why my sister Margaret Williams was murdered on January 16th, 1996 in Spokane Washington shortly after I was sent to prison. There were also games at my sister Margaret’s during the time I was there recovering from surgery in 1995 in Spokane that got another young lady and possibly her potential boyfriend murdered as well. My sister Elizabeth Branham who lived in Palm Bay Florida was murdered very recently for the same type reasons. I think she died about two months ago. Maybe longer but I’m not sure of that. If her husband Paul Branham is still alive I’d seriously look at him for her murder. She wanted to get out and they were tied up with many murders. This would give her husband Paul a very good motive to murder her. My father John G. Huebel was behind all this since the seventies but he’s been murdered. The man was truly sick and very sadistic. He seriously needed a twelve step program but I don’t believe one exists for child molestation by proxy. Why use your own tool when you can rent someone else’s, right? By the way, what’s the going rate for that anyway? Perhaps a twelve step program did exist we could have slapped his hand and let him go!!!! Well, maybe not there is the numerous murders committed to cover the whole thing up to consider isn’t there? I suppose he’d have had to answer for that. The truth is that my father saw the light before he died. He took the time to document all the crimes he and his pals where involved in against me in relation to the situation. He come to the understanding that he needed to clean this up or he’d end up paying for it in eternity. He became wise as a result of the situation and probably his age too. I’m actually quite proud of him for doing the right thing when he knew he would be murdered over it. This was extremely courage’s and contrary to the nature I knew of him as prior to this. Somewhere along the line he grew up and is now in God’s Kingdom as a result and has no regret about doing what he did. God loves him and so do I. They’ve wiped out my entire family and are now working on the Texas Huebel(s). Lynda Bradley Huebel is not deceased. I suspect there are others as well. My family the Huebel(s) are very high up in the Family but I want to make it clear they are not the head of the situation. The fact that they are now becoming subjects of murder shows this. The decision to use sexual manipulation against me as a child did not come from them but from the Rosicrucian order. Surprisingly enough that’s my mother’s side. My mother had nothing to do with it and was murder as a result of her activities in the Rosicrucian Order as was my grandmother. My mother and grandmother had connections to the order in San Jose from the time I was a very young child. The order did this because of a previous life I’d had. I know about it and it’s had a huge impact on this situation but I’m not here to discuss this at this time but simply giving background information so you can have some idea of how this happened and why. I will say this though. The order didn’t not find out who I was until 1964 when I was two years old. That means no one knew I was coming or even here for two years. The fact that I was only two when they found out isn’t inconsistent with what was written. This is consistent with writings about the situation long before I was ever born. I will get into this later after I’ve done more research and thought about how to write about the issue. A couple days to a couple weeks before I get that done. I will address this part of it at a future date. I want to make it perfectly clear, the order pretends to be about good. They claim they are about white magic. The term white magic is an illusion. It’s all dark when looked at by the overall objectives of the organizations that promote it. God forbids us to involved ourselves in this because the entities that make this happen are of satin regardless of what is claimed. God can and will do your magic if he wants it done. After all he created all the matter in the universe and in our body’s. He can do anything else, nothing is impossible for God. It’s common sense actually. He really doesn’t need your help with this subject and forbids you from doing it. Make no mistake about it, the AMORC otherwise known as the Rosicrucian Order is satanic in nature and has worked for many, many years at the enslavement of mankind. Long before anyone of us now living where ever born. This is not a white or proposition of the light no matter how you look at it but very, very black. They are a secret society and God does not need to keep secrets about the road to spirituality. This should tell you something about the agenda if they are keeping it from you. Phone number in San Jose: (408) 947-3600 This is a documentary with Julie Scott the Grand master. I leave it for you to watch but caution that this is there side of the story so it’s not entirely forth coming because they cannot afford to be. Julie Scott the Grand Master knows all about the crimes the organization is involved in because she could not be effective at her job is she didn’t. This is on the CIA website about the bloodlines of the illuminati. I have not read it but I thought I’d list it anyway because it’s on the CIA website and it has to have some good information. This is a list of the 13 families. These are the families who have a reason to finance the persecution that’s been conducted against me and in fact have. The Huebel(s) received their money, they didn’t pay for it. My father would never have put out his own money in furtherance of this and I know that very well. For one when it started the cost of it was way more than he could afford at that time in 1971. When I was nine I decided I wanted to be a rock star. It wasn’t because of fame but my love for what I heard as music. I wanted to produce this, because I loved what I heard. I decided this at a dance of the Rosicrucian Order in Denver when I was dancing with my nine-year-old girlfriend named Tessie also a child of the Rosicrucian Order. She was murdered over the situation. The last I head of her was when I was fourteen in Boulder. She was living in Texas, imagine that. She had a boyfriend with a pickup truck according to her sisters. My father was aware and went to work right away or Duane Allman would still be alive. He sent me to Texas the summer of 1975 and my uncle Glen Huebel gave me a guitar. I came home and wanted guitar lessons. He found a music teacher of a local band. The teacher taught me a basic rhythm exercise and started trying to get me to learn the fundamentals of reading music. I was only twelve and had an issue with discipline as twelve year olds do. I started reveling in the rhythm exercise. I thought the sound of it rocked and I wanted to start a band with my young friends Martin and Randy Miller who were both murdered over my situation. I loved the rhythm exercise but the exercises for learning to read music wasn’t at the top of my list to practice. I worked some on it but didn’t hit it whole heartedly. My father said since I wasn’t learning to read music he wasn’t going to get me anymore lessons. A good teacher works with where the student is at. I was doing the rhythm exercise and working with me along these line, especially at that age would have done tremendous ability in creating talent in me and any music teacher would have known this but this was a game to try and discourage me from pursuing music. Glen Huebel or the Texas Huebel’s reported what happened with everything and my interest in music was no exception and the Family had a real problem with my heading in this direction with my life, as though they have any right in controlling anything I decide to do with my life as long as it’s legal and I’m not hurting anyone but they decided this was their business and not for me to decide. My father was a minions of the Family and doing their bidding. This had nothing to do with the love of a child but the will of the Family. He was compensated financially to interfere with my life by any means necessary. Well what happened after that? Rock stars where murdered, that’s what happened. The first one happened in October 29, 1971. It was the murder of Duane Allman. My father was involved in that and the murder of Randy Rhoads which happened on March 19, 1982. Like the murder of Randy Rhoads there two stares also died of aviation accidents. Jim Croce died September 20th 1973 by aviation accident. Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines and backup singer Cassie Gaines of Lynyard Skynyrd were in an aviation “accident” on October 20th, 1977 and also died. My father was behind both these situations. I met Tessie Cook on September 24th 1971 and this is what also followed as a result. By the way, my father tied to have me murdered with a bicycle accident in 1980 shortly after I was released from Lookout Mountain School in Golden Colorado and all of these are accidents. Some people really shouldn’t fly airplanes. And also the murder of Chris Cornell which happened in Detroit which happened on May 18, 2017. My friend Matt from the band Foil was also murdered in connection to a game regarding my promotional activities involving Chris Cornell. This is not cool, not because they were famous. That’s really another issue but because they were people and there only crime was doing what they loved to do. They were used for evil purposes and this is not acceptable. Like my step father’s death involving my father, Chris Cornell’s death was made to look like a suicide. Here’s a sample of Duane Allman’s art with Eric Clapton outside his band. I saw Eric Clapton with my friend James at Red Rocks in the early eighties with a blond lady from Boulder One, named Donna and others and Erick Clapton is a is a truly remarkable musician as well. Here’s an example of Chris Cornell’s art: For photographs of Chris Cornell go to: To contact Gregg Allman, go to: I met Larry because he was a manager of a used music store on Broadway on the west side of the street between Peal and Spruce. He gave me really good deals on things. His prices to me where such that it because obvious his relationship with me wasn’t about profit. He once sold me a 200 Watt Marshall major amp for about $200 I think it was. He gave good deals on other equipment as well. This amp was probably worth six or seven hundred dollars. We became good friends over the years. He had a connection to the band Firefall. This was a famous band out of Boulder Colorado and had some kind of aware record on his wall about them. I don’t know what his relationship with them but I knew he had one. Larry didn’t talk a lot about his business with others including things like this. He had more class then that. After the incident in 1986 I had gotten out of jail and confided with him about it. I didn’t get into the details with him and it was clear he was concerned about me. Unfortunately, Larry was also murdered over the situation. He was aware of the conspiracy in against me in Boulder prior to the incident in 1986 and I’m sure this was a huge factor in why he was murdered. To contact Firefall go to: Management Len Fico 323.464.7761 Agency: Bruce Houghton President, Skyline Artists Agency 866.531.2172 ext 108 Life has a certain amount of fatal accidents to it. But one thing I’ve learned is that statistically this will not very from one group or social circle to another. Odds are odds. If you are looking at a group of people with an exceptionally high rate of accidents, drug overdose and medical issues you are actually looking at murder. This is certainly the case and we can prove that but there’s another group where this is high. That is Rock Stars. We hear all the time about Rock Stars who died in plane crashes drug overdoses and other ways in their primes. Much higher than the normal stats of society. The only explanation is the Family is murdering them. Why would they do this? Well I don’t know all the reasons but there is a route to frame that the Family cannot control and that’s called the underground. It’s a lot of what’s going on with my case. If these people becoming famous are performing messages that the Illuminati doesn’t what the public to hear they have only one option. They have to get the person out of there through murder or some other means of disabling their carrier. I believe Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix were murdered and I’m suspicious of Kurt Cobain. After all they made Chris Cornel’s murder look like a suicide. I don’t know why they’d do but they may have their reason. As far as I know I had no connection to Kurt Cobain. I knew nobody he knew and none of his other band members so I’m not stating anything like that but he had wild lyrics and they may have had an issue with the messages he was putting out. That being said we really need to look at all these people who died in their prime and in the middle of their careers. Especially people who died of HIV because we now know what is actually going on with that. I’m positive because they wanted me to be and went to great lengths to manipulate the situation because I was very careful and this was not easy for them. In fact, they laced heroin with the virus on one occasion. I met Tessie at when I lived in the projects on Hooker Street in West Denver on September 24th, 1971. I remember it because it was my birthday. Barbara Cook, her two twelve-year-old daughters Lori and Leslie and her nine-year-old daughter Tessie came to my birthday party. Barbara Cook was a member of the Rosicrucian order in Denver. This was about a year before my mother became the master of the Denver Rosicrucian Order. They told Tessie I was the same age as her. I was very shy and dramatically asked my sisters while everyone was present why did you tell her. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Tessie somehow became my girlfriend if you call it that at that age. I don’t remember how it happened. We used to go to Convocation on Wednesday. It was a function of the Order. We’d stay in the basement while the adults did whatever they did. Lori and Leslie would babysit the rest of us. Tessie and I would go under the stairs and kiss. It never went any further than that. She also said she had several other boyfriends. I was pretty young. Too young to really care about that. I remember one of the adults where talking with me about this and telling me I’d care when I was older. Apparently Tessie was the first girl they used for games when I was only nine years old and she was murdered over it after she grew up. I used to think my father was in control but now realize he answered to the Order. They are actually above him not below. The dance that resulted in the murder of Duane Allman was a Rosicrucian function. I know my mother never told my father I had aspirations to become a guitar player. They didn’t have those kind of conversations which means the information could have only come from members of the Rosicrucian Order who were present that day. I’m sure the information went from the dance, up line and back down to my father which resulted in this murder. He didn’t get it from my mom. I’m sure my father wasn’t dealing directly with the people at the dance and there’s only one other path to him from there. I’m almost positive this would have involved the Grand Master in San Jose at the time. Remember, he was in California and we were in Denver and it’s the only thing that fits. Barbara Cook had been married previously to Bob Cook. Bob Cook had had another wife. From her he had several children. Like my mother Bob had five children in all. I’m not sure if Leslie and Lori where part of that. He had a son my age named Victor and a daughter named Sparky. Sparky had a thing for me. I’m sure what her age was. My mother and Bob where thinking of getting married and Sparky objected because she didn’t want to be my sister. I wasn’t really into her as I remember. Bob worked construction and made really good money. Mom wouldn’t marry him and I asked her why. Her comment was that there are things you don’t know about Bob. That was good enough for me because I trusted her judgment in relation to the issue. I didn’t know what she was talking about and I didn’t press. I knew if she wanted me to know she would have told me and that was that. I didn’t need to pry if that was her position. When I was eleven Victor and I got drunk this was the first time I drank alcohol. We drank Vodka straight out of the bottle. It tasted horrible so we mixed it with water. I thought it tasted even worse but I had a great time. By this time Victor and I where both smoking pot. We had gotten my mother’s stems. We were hanging out in a cupboard above the stair well. My mother saw the footprints going up the wall into the cupboard. She smelled the stems we were smoking. I was twelve at the time. She real loudly said, I’m checking on the kids and went down stairs. Victor and I immediately jumped out of the cupboard and she caught us coming out. She took us upstairs and her and her other friends in the order got Victor and I really high on hashish and this was the start of my smoking with my mother. My mother didn’t know it but she was being manipulated by the order in order to help foster a drug problem in me and my understanding is this situation was part of that. For the AMORC website go to: [email protected] The grand master of the Rosicrucian Order is named Julie Scott. The order masquerades itself as bringers of the light. Even many of its members believe it’s a good thing. Like the masons or any other secret society you learn as you gain in initiations. In other words, you don’t learn the secrets of the society until you get to the proper level to know them. People believe as they are going up that you need to be sufficiently spiritually educated to handle the information but it’s actually about that. Like the Masons the objectives of the order are very dark and included enslavement of the masses. But they claim white magic which they say is good magic. This is a deception. Thing about it, do you think got who created the universe needs your help in the form of invoking spirits to conduct magic spells? That’s like a chemist saying he needs a child to do a reaction for him. He just doesn’t need that and neither does God. It’s actually common sense, after all he created the entire universe including all the matter in the universe and our body’s. He really doesn’t need our help with that, nor does he want it. This way there is no confusion about what that is about. So what happens is as people become higher initiates they become trusted with the dark agenda of the order. It’s not about growth but can you be trusted to keep your mouth shut about the atrocities of the order which is involved in the New World Order. It’s about crime not spirituality. The truth is that God is an open book and anything is false. I can guarantee you that Julie Scott is aware of the crimes committed by the order. She has to be to be effective at her position. She also knows all about this situation both because of the history and the current situation. A web page about her is at: Denver AMORC webpage: I met Samuel Avital when I was nine years old. He’s a famous pantomime artist and was then as well. Samuel Avital moved to Boulder Colorado from Dallas Texas the same year we moved to Denver which was in 1971 He was involved in the games regarding Tessie Cook when I was nine years old that lead to her murder. Samuel had my mother as a student and she participated in his performances. He had a nickname for her. It was Ketaroma. I’m not sure how it’s spelled and the R is rolled. She also had a friend named Sherman who was a Colorado Supreme Court judge. She spoke of both these people often and she spoke a lot about Boulder. Both of them where members of the Rosicrucian Order in Denver. I’m really not surprised Samuel moved to Boulder Colorado from Dallas Texas the same year we moved to Denver either. It matches the big picture. I had never been there until 1977 when we moved there. It was our connection to Samuel Avital that caused us to end up there in the first place. The Family had a long range plane they were carrying out with us and ended for us to end up there. Part of this was due to the fact there is a lot of occult activity in Boulder as well as the psychedelic scene there. After all they had me dosed with psilocybin mushrooms when I was only twelve years old in the summer of 1975. My family the Texas Huebel(s) in Houston Texas was involved so it’s no surprise they wanted us in Boulder. It’s also no surprise that people involved in the LSD scene from both Boulder and San Francisco where murdered to cover all this up. Samuel had us fast one day. My brother and I. He gave us an apple after we’d done it. I’d have actually gotten more food simply by eating. I’m not sure what his motive of this was but I’m sure he had one. The other thing Samuel did was teach students the Kabbalah, I learned in the eighties that the Kabbalah has an occult connection but I don’t know anything else about it but here’s a couple of links regarding it: Samuel Avital was also murdered over the situation. He also had a part in the Dexedrine entrapment scheme that got me placed in Pine Street attention home so I could be systematically molested. My niece who had been named Samantha at birth was adopted by Jehovah witnesses and reintroduced to my life after she turned eighteen as a result of Simone’s murder in 2004. Her name had been changed to Cassandra Decker. She was molested outside of the care of my sister in order to try to use her to manipulate me into a sexual situation to the same ends. Find a way to get me into a sexual offense. She has been murdered to cover this up and the Jehovah Witnesses are involved. They have spent a lot of effort in games trying to get me to stop pursuing this because of it. This is not the work of God. God’s people don’t molest or murder anyone for any reason. Nathan also murdered my ex-girlfriend Hadley Hull. Hadley like they tried with me was given pneumonia and died as a result. Her murder was ordered by the administration of the White House. Apparently Nathan knew her from school when we were growing up in Boulder. Stuck up a relationship later and took her out. Nathan also knows Lisa Strong so there’s very good chance that Lisa Strong did in fact, know about Hadley’s murder before it happened but I have no information that that’s the case. I just know it’s a possibility. The decision to murder Hadley Hull was based on my history in Seattle between 1990 and 1994. I think it was tied somehow to the music scene. My brother has apparently had alias’s. That means he’s likely to be using any number of possible names. I have a list that he also is listed as N. Huebel. He lived in Seabeck and Bremerton Washington. He has recently moved to Miami. This is the part of Florida my sister lives in. A few miles from there. Maybe thirty-minute drive or so. I suspect he moved because it’s very hot in Bremerton right now. Everyone knows he’s a murder there and he likes to enjoy a clean reputation when in fact he’s not clean and never has been. He’s probably frequenting a church in Miami someplace at the direction of the Family to do their bidding including murders of the members if it’s called for. He can quote scripture like the best of them and pretends to be very spiritual and a true disciple of Christ when in fact he could care less about any of that but cares deeply that people thing this. It’s part of his cover and it makes him a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is listed at: Nathan E. Huebel 660 Peter Hagen Rd, Miami Beach, WA 98380 (360) 830-0994 Court records concerning my brother can be obtained through His picture If you encounter him keep in mind he is a special forces marine corps trained assassin. You don’t need to be rude to him but do not go into private places with him if you are in any kind of political or religious controversy. These situations make people targets of the Family whom he serves. These people need the cloak of darkness in order to carry out their crimes so if you are always with him in the public eye you have nothing to worry about. I would advise also to never get into a vehicle with him driving because then you are no longer in the public eye. Lexi Olson was also involved in another situation where they knew I had HIV because they gave it to me and intended too. They also set it up so I could get social security and gave me eight thousand dollars back pay. My father was involved in that, just like he was involved in attaching a payee through Pueblo State Hospital without any justifiable reason and using the Boulder County Jail to steal it altogether. David Mickie who I also understand is now dead and a couple other people including Carmine Santaglio and Mario from 312 tried like hell to entrap me in a criminal offense to give the HIV time to kill me while I was taken off the street in order to stop my political activism. At one point I tried to help Dave Mickie build his painting business. Apparently this was a problem for what they were trying to do. I got him dozens of calls. His phone was ringing off the hook with potential clients but apparently David Mickie was more interested in entrapping me for a criminal offense then he was building a successful painting contracting business. Lexi tried to discourage me from working with Dave as this was going on. Turns out Dave was a corrupt Police officer who was a member of the Portland Alano club and that corruption cost him his life. That’s sad, because I actually liked him but Dave is now with the Lord and he’s actually in a good place. I was at the library in Beaverton Oregon located at: Main Library 12375 SW 5th Street Beaverton, OR 97005 Phone: 503-644-2197 I had an external hard drive in my pack. I had left the library and this elderly lady claimed I said things I didn’t. I did nothing wrong and was arrested for some charge of harassment order. I can’t remember exactly what the charge was. The officer searched my and pulled out the hard drive. He gave it a curious look and placed it in the trunk of the car. He used crying signaling behavior to indicate I was fucked. Beaverton Police department records webpage: He took me to the Washington County Jail and another officer tried like hell to get me to give him my address. I refused, said I wasn’t legally required and I was afraid the Family would plant something in my apartment. I was right they intended to frame me. They went through my external hard drive and deleted a bunch of chemistry, legal information and political information off of it. They had no right to even look at the contents. They had no probable cause, the contents of the hard drive where not involved in a crime which means the search and especially the deletion of files was totally illegal and they knew it. There was no information on there that I was legally entitled to have. I have a right to free speech and a write to have whatever material I want so long as I’m not hurting anyone which I wasn’t. I told the judge I intended to represent myself. I then stated to the judge there was no corroborative evidence backing this lady’s statement and under the law the officer didn’t even have probable cause to arrest me which is all true. Beaverton judicial directory: They tried at a further hearing to get me to agree to have an attorney. I said no. Then the case was thrown out because the arrest was illegal to begin with. They needed the attorney on my case to walk on my rights in order to keep me and tried bluffing in the process. Which is highly unethical behavior for a judge who knows he’s required to throw the case out. Ed Clark was involved in this situation. He’d been to a Multnomah County Library on a previous occasion giving me a veiled threat for murder. Information about Chief Butler of Longmont Police department when he worked for the Boulder Police department in the eighties and the murder of Duane Allman in 1971 as a result of my situation. More about my arrest and murders connected to it as well as the LSD murders in San Francisco and Boulder. (503) 525-8483 Site with logos from Political affiliation with HIV efforts for 1990 to 1994 go to: Photographs of Act-Up: Seattle Act-up business meetings where held at Group Health on Capitol Hill in Seattle every week. For a photograph of the building go to:[email protected]/11879953893 I worked with ACT-UP Seattle between 1990 and 1994 because people where dying and I was called to do something about it. I did not start out knowing it was man made or even suspect it: I met Chile at the Needle Exchange on 2nd and Pike. When I became an HIV activist the first thing I encountered was that there are a lot of gay people involved in this effort. Chile was very obviously gay. At first this was confusing to deal with. I had dealt with abusive by people of this persuasion and to some degree I associated people oriented this way with the people who abused me. The first thing I notice about Chile and many others involved in the effort was he never treated me with any disrespect. Nor did he ever express anything sexual towards me. It some situations this is appropriate for people to treat each other this way and find out where they are at and I’m sure Chile had a sex life. But in this situation we were both there for different reasons. Chile and others never lost sight of that fact and always acted appropriately for the circumstances involved. This was the beginning of my healing around my sexual abuse I’d suffered all my life. I began to realize not all gay people did this to me and not all of them where predators. From that I soon figured out that just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they are predators which caused me to focus on the fact that I was abused by predators and not gay people. Sure they were gay but that wasn’t the cause and I began to deal with the actual reality of what it was and learned to put the blame where it actually belongs with helped me tremendously in a therapeutic way. Steve Miles didn’t murder Jonbenet Ramsey because he was gay, he murdered her because he’s a sociopath who was paid to do it. It’s a different issue. From this I learned I can be loved by people who are gay and will respect me for not being gay and be sincere about it. I had one other person who I knew from my teenage years like that but I thought he was an exception. His name was Bruce Weir and he never violated me in anyway. In fact, he visited me in jail every week after I was dealing with my legal situation in 1995 and showed me he cared. Unfortunately, both of them were murdered over it and like me, Chile was given HIV and refused treatment until it killed him. This was the treatment he got for fighting to save lives at the needle exchange. He worked for the King County Health Department like Cindra and wrote a letter of reference for the Boulder Courts in which I was sentenced in December of 1995. Like Cindra and the Heckler he will be missed but never forgotten for his tireless work fighting HIV which ultimately took his life needlessly. President Clinton became involved in the situation in 1991 I think. This person who was the leader of the Youth Caucus of Seattle Act-up had gone to Washington DC for a press conference where President Clinton was. He got to the President and said, “What about Aids, Mr. President?” He was quickly whisked off by secret service and dubbed the Hecker. I don’t remember his name at this time and hackers won’t let look this stuff up so I affectionately refer to him as the Heckler and I’m sure he’s in the afterlife and doesn’t have any problem with that because he worked hard for that nick name. He was murdered over the situation with HIV unfortunately. He should up at the needle exchange on Thanks giving with Fern and me. He should me this pamphlet with all these photos of people having safe sex both straight and gay with their heads cut out of the photos for an action at the high schools. I thought it was tacky at the time and told him so. He called homophobic. I didn’t take offense. After all what else would a seventeen-year-old gay kid say when someone didn’t thing this was a good idea. Any a few months later it came out over Z-rock 1590 Seattle’s am hard rock station that he and his caucus and had done this. It got national attention and people were talking about the real issues of kids dying due to HIV infection. I changed my mind. I called him and said I could get him more condoms for another action. I was working with POCAAN in Seattle and they gave me condoms which I provided to the 1504 club to reduce the spread of HIV. I just got some from the lady I was dealing with and gave them to the Heckler for another action. I’m sure she would have agreed with what I was doing but I didn’t know their policy so I didn’t tell her. I thought that was best under the circumstances. Sometimes you know will agree but can’t for policy reasons so you don’t tell them. I didn’t know it but my phone was tapped. He did the action and condoms where placed in schools all over the world. Right after that an extremely intense persecution started that had continued to this day. I found out later that initially President Clinton was involved and every president after that. This lead to attempted murder on June 5th, 1995 In Portland Oregon. Hackers block me from getting on Facebook but here’s a photo and a YouTube video with my profile from Lawless America: One time I was on a bus. I had been smoking crack. I didn’t know where I was. This was while I lived in Seattle. I got off the bus and ended up down by a river. I didn’t know it but it was the Green River. The River Gary Ridgway, the Green River killer had been dumping bodies. This was before he was caught in about the year 2000. I came across a person in a suit by a sedan by the river. He was an FBI agent trying to catch the Green River killer. He searched me and took me to a bus stop after he was quite convinced I wasn’t the person he was worried about. After all I didn’t even have a vehicle. I couldn’t have very well been doing anything besides trying to figure out where I was and that’s why he helped me get to a bus stop. He was later murdered over the situation and so was Gary Ridgeway. I met Cindra after I became a HIV political activist. I started out by making bleach kits. These were kits with a bottle of bleach, a condom and instructions about how to use them as I remember. She was working for the King County Health department at the needle exchange who kept their equipment at our facility on 2nd street by Pike. She worked with Chili. The needle exchange was started by Seattle Act-up. The Health department had a table right next to theirs in the beginning and when it was clear that this was going to work the King County Health department resumed the responsibilities of the needle exchange. Seattle Act-up continued to be connected to it but it became the province of the King County Health department at that point. This was shortly after the Tacoma needle exchange started and before I came onto the scene. Cindra was about thirty-five years old. She was a pretty blond. She had a very special heart. She really cared about people and that was clear when you got to know her. I wasn’t usually interested in women her age. I was twenty-seven when I met her but there was something special about her and I had a romantic interest in her. She actually resembled Kendall Chambers but she was a lot smarter and seemed more caring then Kendall ever did. The Family used this to play games. I don’t entire blame Cindra. She had a mortgage to cover in Auburn and she’s not perfect. The fact is if the Family hadn’t been paying women to playing games they wouldn’t have played them and that’s the bottom line. I’m not saying she didn’t have a part or excusing her behavior I’m simply bringing up that she wasn’t the only player in this picture nor the most culpable one for that matter. I was friends with Roselle Williams and started parenting her daughter Chelsea Lucas. Anissa hadn’t been born yet. They played romantic games with her in order to try and get me to molest Roselle’s daughter Chelsea and later Anissa which didn’t work of course because my instinct was to do what I could to help them become mature healthy adults, not to exploit children sexually and emotional pain didn’t change that. I truly cared about them and would never do anything to hurt them. This started before I found out the following situation but was continued after it in relationship to the Williams family. In about 1993 when I was living at Cascadia I’d found out the Family created HIV. I watched a video by Dr. Stucker that said how it was created, which virus’s and how it was spread thought the United Nations, World Health Organization. For more on Dr. Strucker go to: Shortly after that I was indoctrinated into the Patriot Movement and it was very soon after that the persecution started against me. President Clinton was involved in this and it was the indoctrination into the Patriot movement that triggered the persecution. Dr. Strucker never actually mentions the Family is responsible but he suggests that it was people at the top who did this. As a result of my studies in chemistry and my indoctrination into the Patriot Movement and the resulting education I now have no doubt he knew fully well who was responsible. A person cable of this research would also know all the other information that I am currently aware of but he was smart enough not to bring this out but concentrate on his message knowing we’d discover the rest for yourself. Had he gone into that at that time I might have discounted the rest of his message and Dr. Stucker was wise enough to understand this when he produced his video. We now know it was Dr. Robert Gallo of the University of Maryland in College Park Maryland who created HIV. He admitted it in a video on YouTube. It made me sick because he was bragging in the video and shortly after the actual video was changed. They didn’t remove it because enough people had already seen it and that would have been viewed as an admission but rather changed the video. However, this is also an admission. I can no longer find it but I deal hackers. The creation and distribution of HIV is not just murdering people in the homosexual community but in fact is a crime against everyone in the world. The people involved in organizing, financing and researching this knowing it was going to be used for genocide need to be tried in an international court because this is a crime against the humanity of the entire world and is a crime against everyone. Dr. Strucker was murdered as a result of his involvement in the subject of HIV as was his brother. I met Bob Dean in 1994 or 1995 at the URS club. I found out about the club through Suzette Buttorf and I think she brought me to my first meeting there. She had an old guy she hung out with who had a pickup with a camper on it that he lived in. Bob Dean was married to a lady who was bi-polar. He talked about her but I never met her. He fixed soda fountains and apparently he was paid well. He was involved in the contract put out against me by Judge Roxane Bailin attempted by the Gypsy Jokers on 1998 or there about. Tom Parsons who lived in Boulder at the time was also involved. In 1995 I was trying to get sober but I was stocked everywhere I went and treated very abusively and this is a very hard environment to sober up in and that was part of the motive. They were trying to destroy me. President Clinton was involved in the situation. This was at the time Oklahoma City Bombing happened. In December 1998 I began having chest pains. They started as slight but there was something disturbing about it. It wasn’t a symptom that I could easily write off and I told Michaela at work about it. Al Dawson gave us a X-mass bonus of about thirty dollars and I bought speed. I at a different time went over to Mike Blacks house and did a shot. Suddenly I got this terrible pain in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack. The pain was so bad I couldn’t sit down for about ten hours until I was so tired I had no choice. I finally ended up at home. The pain wasn’t going away and I was beginning to feel sick as a result. I ended up at the URS club and this girl of about twelve or so kept bothering me. I was trying to be polite but I was really sick and needed to be left alone. Finally, the adults got her off of me seeing what I was dealing with. I now know this was a game they were attempting while I was very ill. I went to a hospital with Melissa and they said I had constipation and sent me home. I finally ended up at Hooper detox trying to sober up. I was feeling really bad in there. My vitals where terrible and anyone who was being professional about it would have sent me to the hospital but they were trying to kill me. I didn’t get sick on my own. This was intended. I spoke to Melissa on the phone and she called them and said I think you need to get him to the hospital. I got there told the guy my history and asked if I’d be going. He said with your vitals and your history probably not. They did an ex-ray and found my left lung had collapsed. I was taken into the hospital and hoses were attached to me and they started to drain the fluid. I had near death experience that night and I know God saved my life. There is no question about that. Melissa came into the hospital trying to insist I have sex with her. I was very sick and I’m like no. I’m not doing that. I’m trying to get well here and that’s not happening. I was there until after the New Year. When I left the nurse comes to me and said, You know, we didn’t think you were going to make it. When I was in West Palm Beach Florida I had gotten kicked out of the library. I can’t find the address because hackers are preventing it from coming up. It’s downtown West Palm Beach near Dixie Hwy. I used to walk there all the time. They had no legitimate reason and refused to give me an administrative hearing as is my right under the law. They can be contacted through their website at: There’s more but that explains basically what was going on. In order to try to feed myself I had to walk all the way to Riviera Beach in the hot Florida sun to St. George Episcopal Church. They were preventing me from getting food stamps along with everything else. It was a real struggle. They began trying to force and manipulate me into wearing shirts in the hot sun to hide my weight loss as a result of President Trump’s starvation program. These people are sick and truly don’t mind murdering me with HIV and covering up the evidence while they do it. Our government in action. St. George Episcopal Church can be found at: After I sent Direct Express mail regarding the theft of my funds I had gone to the DMV at 301 N Olive. I got my ID and was on my way to St. Ann’s place. I was pulled over by the police very aggressively. Stating they thought I was breaking into cars. They searched me. A couple officers who were at the DMV showed up and made it clear this didn’t happen. I was released and later found out that a copy of my corresponded to Direct Express had been removed from my property. The DMV website is at: I got the bright idea of looking for a library in Riviera Beach and looked it up. It was just blocks from St. George Episcopal Church located at 600 W Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404 I’d written a document on the treason, creation and distribution of HIV and the murder of Randy Rhoads of Ozzy Osbourne on March 19, 1982. The document explained that all these crimes were committed by the Family and that the murder of Randy Rhoads involved both my father John G. Huebel and Ozzy Osbourne formerly of the band Black Sabbath. My document explained the reasons the murder of Randy Roads and how it was connected to my situation. I’d sent it out to Ozzy Osbourne and I think Sharon Osbourne. The members of Black Sabbath, The Lake County district courts and sheriff officer and other law enforcement personal and others. Making it clear that Ozzy Osbourne and my father John G. Huebel needed to be prosecuted for this crime and that I was about to send it to President Trump and his cabinet. Which I followed up. This was after the White House had hackers removed about two thousand dollars from my Direct Express account: Direct Express should have all the paper work filed by me forcing them to reimburse my money. The President was then involved in conducting a starvation campaign trying to extort me into accepting a bribe to stop pursuing them for the creation and distribution of HIV as well as the attempt to frame me for rape which President Trump was behind: The crime involved St. Ann Place. Atlantic University’s Warren Library and St. Mary’s medical center psych ward involving the use of involuntarily intoxication on steroids: St Ann Place contact information and website below. Atlantic University Warren Library phone number and website: (561) 803-2226 St Mary’s medical center psych ward phone number and website: (866) 236-5933 I’d also tried to get the President directly involved in forcing Foundcare to treat my HIV infection and more crimes were committed trying to cover this up including the theft of my phone and the funds on it later when I tried to transfer them for purposes of evidence suppression. The phone was stolen so Foundcare didn’t have a working number to contact me at for my HIV results they intended and falsified. Foundcare phone number and website: (561) 432-5849 I’d also been tested at the Compass Center which was conducted by someone with the Florida Health Department and also given a false negative located at 201 N Dixie Hwy. I’d called them to find out when to show up from St. Ann Place. Their phone number and website are at: 561-533-9699 I was also tested by the Palm Beach County Health Department located at: 1150 45th St West Palm Beach, FL 33407 For their phone number and website go to: (561) 514-5300 For a picture of the Palm Beach County Health Department go to:!1s0x88d8d5c738cafedd:0x14af715d7dcbdec7!3m1!7e115!4s!5sFlorida+Health+Department+West+palm+beach+locations+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipPzYuctP5erlKYiRrjop4jWKqdPWOyHbf88Ay7y I’d tried getting tested for HIV and steroids at the Good Samaritan Medical Center located at: 1309 N Flagler Dr West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Their phone numbers and website are at: Emergency Department: (561) 650-6309 Medical Records - 1st Floor: (561) 650-6281 Security: (561) 671-7210 Because of steroid abuse I ended up with a very bad case of constipation that could have killed me if I hadn’t gotten to the hospital. They tried to keep me from recording the blood pressure during that visit by trying to hide it from me. My vitals where off the map that day. Also I was drugged by a church at the park near 7th and Flagler if I’m not mistaken to try and steal my cell phone and other stuff I may have had that day. Hackers are blocking the park from coming up so I can’t tell you the name of it. It was real close to St Ann school at approximately 3rd and Flagler. I tried to get evidence of this from Good Samaritan Hospital and that too was suppressed by the emergency room. There where also issues with St. Ann church with the police trying to entrap me: For a picture of the hospital go to:!1s0x88d8d680932b83d9%3A0x9600584c23d76fbf!3m1!7e115!4s%2Fmaps%2Fplace%2Fgood%2Bsamaritan%2Bmedical%2Bcenter%2Bwest%2Bpalm%2Bbeach%2Baddress%2F%4026.7261918%2C-80.0519945%2C3a%2C75y%2C147.83h%2C90t%2Fdata%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sWsSaA6voJO0VJ3FI0I2j_w*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x88d8d680932b83d9%3A0x9600584c23d76fbf%3Fsa%3DX!5sgood%20samaritan%20medical%20center%20west%20palm%20beach%20address%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipMhaWErD4pU46TgstGvsdXZdSb_3lDue2WF7q8G&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwivy8m08uzlAhWDup4KHQbeAnoQpx8wC3oECAwQDg A couple days after I had emailed the document to the parties mention including President Trump and his cabinet from the Riviera Beach Library located at: 600 W Blue Heron Blvd Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Pictures of the Riviera Beach Library in Florida:!1s0x88d8d4fa4345f549%3A0x4779ce53cd57068f!3m1!7e115!!5sRiviera%20beach%20library%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNHJY9nBsyB4N2BIERdxSzZVEaJLY2sR_P5sV7u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwidjLqi-ezlAhWRqp4KHcdfDucQoiowE3oECBcQBg I was detained and thrown into Jerome Golden Center psych ward to get me off the streets and prevent me from exercising my right of free speech. This is literally an act of treason by the way. They had no legal bases for taking me there and I gave them no admission to incompetency even though they tried to get me to sign paper work to that effect. I was forcibly injected with lithium without a legal diagnoses justifying them for this action. I’d done nothing to show I was a danger to myself or anyone else which they needed to pick me up in the first place according to the Baker Act in Florida and without this they cannot legally force drugs on you. In August 2018 I was released from the Jerome Golden Center. People had figured out where I ended up and they had no choice but to let me out. I found that the money taken from my direct express account had been refunded. I was at St. Ann Place. A lady probably in her forties showed up. She had been there once before and both times was looking at me flirtatiously. She looked up kept as though she was on the streets but not totally neglectful of taking care of her hygiene appearance. She was un kept but not dirty as it were. She had short black hair. We kissed a little bit. A person injected as to why she was giving me this kind of attention. This was part of the game. She didn’t look like the type but the issue of crack came up and that she could help me get it. We got it. I smoked some and gave her to pipe so she could go into the restroom. She never gave me the pipe back. The crack had a chemical in it that induced pneumonia in me. A few days later in Orlando Florida. She’d kissed me to make it appear I could have gotten the pneumonia that way. I went to Orlando to try and document the area Randy Rhoads had been murdered in. A day or so after I got there I started getting sick. It became clear I was going to need medical attention. I knew better than to try and get this in Orlando. I knew they’d let me die if I did. I paid a thousand dollars for a train ticket to Denver Colorado. I couldn’t ride coach because I was too sick and had to pay for a compartment to lay down in. I got off the train in Denver and immediately went to Stout Street Health Clinic where they checked my vital and immediately sent me to Denver Health. At Denver Health they said they couldn’t isolate a bug for the pneumonia which means it was chemically induced. If you didn’t get it from a germ the only other option is chemical and if it was chemical which it was that’s attempted murder. I don’t know that President Trump had anything to do with it but I do know he had the biggest motive. At this point we already had him for attempted murder for not intervening in my HIV situation to begin with and theft of my Direct Express account. St. Ann Place phone number address and website: 2107 North Dixie Hwy. West Palm Beach, FL 33407 (561) 805-7708 Picture of St. Ann Place is on far right of the following: For Ozzy’s website go to: After that, I was illegally detained in psych ward. It was at the Jerome Golden Center in West Palm Beach and happened almost immediately after the emails where sent out. You can contact them at: I was there close to a month before they released me. My understanding is people found out this was happening and they had no choice but to release me. They wouldn’t do it on their own I can tell you that. While I was there before I left I found out I had succeeded in forcing Direct Express into refunding the money the White House had succeeded in getting removed from my account. I left shortly after. I landed in Orlando and started to get sick with Pneumonia. While I was at St. Ann’s Place in West Palm Beach a girl I was with helped me get crack. That crack was laced with the chemical that gave me pneumonia. She manipulated me into giving her to pipe and kept it so there was no evidence of it on me. She was murdered over the situation. To contact St. Ann Place go to: Phone number: (561) 805-7708 After I got to Orlando Florida a day or two later I started getting sick. I was forced to spend a thousand dollars on a bus ticket to Colorado because I knew if I didn’t I would die in Orlando. The Family would see to it that that happened. I got off the train and was very sick. To contact Am Track go to: I got to Stout Street Clinic and they immediately after I got off at Union Station in Denver and they got me to Denver Health on Bannock. There website is at: I was told there they couldn’t isolate a bug responsible for the pneumonia which means it was chemically induced. Those are the only two options. Chemical or germ. Chemicals are induced by people which means this was attempted murder for the situation at Foundcare, Direct Express, the starvation program and sending emails regarding the murder of Randy Rhoads. President Trump had a huge motive to murder me. I’m not saying he did it, I’m saying he had the biggest motive. I was told there they couldn’t isolate a bug responsible for the pneumonia which means it was chemically induced. Those are the only two options. Chemical or germ. Chemicals are induced by people which means this was attempted murder for the situation at Foundcare, Direct Express, the starvation program and sending emails regarding the murder of Randy Rhoads. President Trump had a huge motive to murder me. I’m not saying he did it, I’m saying he had the biggest motive. This attempted murder and the murder of the lady involved who was murdered shortly after that really needs to be investigated and President Trump ruled out as a suspect in this situation if we are to have justice in this country under these circumstances. There was also a number of other people murdered as a result of my activities in West Palm Beach including a black youth who was seventeen in 2018 when I was there. He’d also been to St. Ann’s Place as well as a few other places I was at as a result of his participation in the situation and another white male probably fifteen or sixteen in front of the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach located at: 411 Clematis Street West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Who was also murdered. There where staff at St. Ann Place murdered and I’d look for premature deaths in all the other organizations I was at while I was there as well as the Jerome Golden Center and the West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach Police departments. These people will literally murder anyone including judges and lawyers. A lot police officers have already been murdered over this situation. They’ve conducted cleaning operations like this in the past in Denver, Boulder, Seattle, Spokane, Sacramento, Portland and Palm Springs and other places as well but there is body counts in each of these locations!!!!! All my friends throughout my entire life have been murdered literally and I had a lot of friends. I got a picture of him, his skate board and his vehicle license plate with my cell phone when I was there which proves the connection to him. There is no excuse for this!!!! If you think CBS should be covering the situation on all the information I’ve been sending out including this call them and tell them what you think at: 1 (888) 274-5343 Or you can always let KISW radio station in Seattle know what you think since there advertising employee Diana was murdered over the situation because she sold me Pink Floyd tickets for a concert in Toronto Canada held in July 1994. They are seriously thinking of breaking the story to honor her memory. After all she was a great employee and they miss her. 206-577-8600 They are always willing to listen, and that’s more than I can say for Sebastian King the Kitty Killer. And then of course there’s always Radio 1190, Colorado University’s College radio station in the UMC building in Boulder who thinks Randy Rhoads rocks because he does And Radio 1190 really wants people to know what an exceptionally talented rock star Randy Rhoads was and wish he could have produced more before he was murdered by my father. Ozzy Osbourne knows all about it and like the ladies at Central City concern and the employees at Boulder County Aids project he loves to talk. You can reach him through facebook above or at: Twitter: @OzzyOsbourne Contact:Mailing: Ozzy Osbourne Author Mail Hachette Book Group USA Grand Central Publishing 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10104 He answers all letters personally and once to hear from you. By the way ask him if he’s ever heard of Ed Clark out of Boulder Colorado. I think he probably has. Radio 1190 contact information: Production Director Olivia Booth, (303) 492-1190 [email protected] Gillian McCune is the Operations Manager at Stout Street Health Center located at: 2130 Stout Street Denver, Colorado 80205 Phone: (303) 312-9517 Fax: (303) 296-8826 [email protected] Sent to Denver Rescue Mission on Saturday November 9th, 2019 An organization started dosing me with Steroids called the Family. It actually started in Portland Oregon around 2012 voluntarily for the purposes of framing me with sexual assault. Then they started injecting me in my sleep and putting it in my food. I was being involuntarily intoxicated. There are two other reasons for this. One is to deprive me of sleep and the other is to raised my level of aggression so they can play provocative games in order to try and create pretext to kick me out of organizations. This has carried over to the Denver Rescue Mission. I think it was during the summer of 2019. I was both being injected in my sleep at 48th street shelter and dosed in the chow line at dinner. They have a dark haired teenage girl who volunteers and has been involved in the games. I was at the Denver Rescue Mission and given and extremely high dose in the chow line. Probably the highest dose I’d ever been given. I believe this teenager is probably fifteen years old because of the state law and what they were trying to do. The intention was to get me to make a sexual advance towards her in a sexual entrapment scheme. It didn’t work of course, it never does. People called me fagot in hopes I’d run and make an advance on this girl to prove them wrong. I don’t care what people like that actually think, providing it’s what they really think to begin with because it was a game. Right after that I began to feel really sick for an extended period of time. I started smelling orders coming from me when dosed after that that told me my liver was being destroyed. It’s the same principal of the order of a chronic alcoholic only I wasn’t putting the stuff in my system someone else was. Or numerous people and the Denver Rescue Mission was directly involved. As a result of the injections in my sleep at 48th street shelter I got an abscess on my left shoulder and as abscesses do, it became very painful. I decided I wasn’t going to get medical treatment unless they approached me. I felt if they wanted to play these games they could either take responsibility or go down for my murder. It was starting to become an issue at the 48th street shelter and St Francis Center approached me about the issue but this was right after it miraculously drained itself and healed on its own. That doesn’t happen with these. I should be dead but it did in this case. After they found out my liver was being destroyed they slowed down but never stopped doing it. The injections at 48 street shelter stopped for the time being and the oral doses became less frequent and much lower. Then on November 6th and about 9:45 pm I woke up in the 48th street shelter feeling a very high dose of steroids. I went to Branden I think his name was and asked him to check the cameras. He said he’d check but that I couldn’t watch. He said he’d come to my mat. I told him if he didn’t he’d get arrested. I made it very clear I knew this happened. I know steroids. It was long after the food line and it had to have been administered in my sleep. He never came back and numerous games played out trying to create pretext for a conflict that could be used to kick me out. That morning I went to the Denver Rescue Mission downtown and talked to Roger and said I need to file a statement with the organization. He gave me form. I didn’t read it really close but it was an appeal for people who had been kicked out. I wrote the details not realizing what had happened and gave to him at 6:00 am on November sixth before heading to Father Woody’s. Then on November 7th at about 1:40 am I woke again feeling steroids at 48th street shelter and went to Gary a few minutes later and told him what was going on. He didn’t want to hear it so I went back to my mat where more people were playing games to the same end. That morning I again went into the Denver Rescue Mission downtown and talked to Roger. He handed me another form. I filled it out and tried to give it to Mathew at about 5:53 am. He said this is an appeal form. I then asked Roger for a grievance. They said they didn’t have one. This was at 5:55 am. I knew I was being lied too but what could I do so I left for Father Woody’s. The Family is having this done because we have a case against them for Treason, Genocide due to the creation and distribution of HIV and for the Terrorist attacks of 911, Oklahoma City bombing, Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy hook as well as many, many murders including ten of my family members. I really need this to stop. It’s destroying my liver and it’s morally wrong to manipulate people with drugs without their consent. Especially trying to frame people for rape. There is no justification for this and it’s not right I should be forced to deal with this while being homeless due to an illegal eviction in Portland Oregon on December 10th, 2015. I’m pleading the board and the leadership to step in and see that I’m treated justly while in your care. Sincerely Paul G. Huebel Sent to Denver Rescue Mission on Sunday November 10th, 2019 Please see to it that the Denver Rescue Mission Board of directors and administration staff get this to prevent me from losing my life!!!!! An organization started dosing me with Steroids called the Family. It actually started in Portland Oregon around 2012 voluntarily for the purposes of framing me with sexual assault. Then they started injecting me in my sleep and putting it in my food. I was being involuntarily intoxicated. There are two other reasons for this. One is to deprive me of sleep and the other is to raised my level of aggression so they can play provocative games in order to try and create pretext to kick me out of organizations. This has carried over to the Denver Rescue Mission. The reason they are doing this is we have cases against the Family for treason, the creation and distribution of HIV, for 911, Oklahoma City bombing, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon bombing terrorist attacks as well as many, many murders including ten of my family members. Two other organizations that have done this are St. Ann Place in West Palm Beach Florida whose website is at: Phone number: (561) 805-7708 And Colorado Mental Health Institute: Peggy Hicks is the director. Hackers are blocking her email address. 1600 W 24th St, Pueblo, CO 81003 Phone: (719) 546-4552 Records of my hospitalization between July 2016 and February 2018 Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests [email protected] Person who was caught in the cross fire of the steroid games at Pueblo State Hospital and murdered as a result of it. After sending the above notices to the Denver Rescue Mission located at: 6100 Smith Road Denver, CO 80216 Phone: 303.297.1815 The following situation occurred at their 48th street shelter and they continue to rick my life. It’s not their life or health so they are really not concerned about the repercussions to my health after notifying the board of directors and administration staff of the issue. I did the best I could to get back to sleep and was again awaken at 12:04 am on November 10th, 2019. At 2:04 am I woke up again to steroid abuse. Deciding to deal with it legally I went to the office and asked that the camera be checked to see who did this. I asked his name and he said Tyson. I was very polite and said I’ll be on my mat. I didn’t actually expect him to follow the law but I had to do my part to exhaust administrative remedies. Another person behind the counter kept pressing what it was about. Knowing this was to get a response to justify kicking me out, I ignored him. I knew he knew and it was a game so I went back to my mat and again at about 3:40 am I woke up feeling steroids. I have hepatitis C. The Family refuses to treat me and with this steroid abuse I’ve been forced to endure it is destroying my liver. This could literally kill me. The Family is aware of this and continues to do it anyway. I’m confident that all that know this and are involved will be charged with attempted murder because under the circumstances that’s what it is. I need the camera’s checked and the people involved reported to the police by the Denver Rescue Mission administrative staff because of the serious nature of this crime. It’s more than just drug manipulation because of the state of my health. Please due what’s legally required and justified and protect my life by collecting the evidence of these serious criminal acts. On Sunday November 10th, 2019 I woke with steroids in my system at 10:14 and 11:26, then against on November 11th at 12:02 am. There was a guy with white hair with orange sweatshirt and can walks by who had a beard and looked kind of creepy with a yellow shirt on. He was involved in provocation games hoping the steroid level would cause me to become aggressive. It never works but they keep trying it. Clients and staff are involved in the situation. On Thursday November 29th, 2019 1:22 am I woke up to a moderately strong dose of steroids as a result of an injection in my sleep. I’d already gotten hit a couple of times previously a short time before this but have been feeling sick and tired as a result of this treatment and didn’t want to record it because I’m lacking a lot of sleep over this abuse. I went to the office and Dave was acting like he was sleeping. I asked him to check the video and he said he would and would get back to me while rubbing his nose indicating that it smelled. I went to the restroom and there was a Simply labeled Orange bottle that was about thirty percent full and people in the restroom playing very aggressive and disparate games trying to get a reaction in order to create pretext to kick me out of the shelter. While I lived at the Royal Alder they put video cameras in my house and monitored everything I did and played shame games over issues that had nothing to do with them or anyone else. I drank a lot of Orange juice during this period of time and they were trying to get a reaction based on these games. Then a black guy comes and sits in a chair placed by my mat with another bottle of orange juice again trying to get a response. The day before someone had tried to get me to smoke pot at the Denver Rescue Mission laced with a chemical to induce pneumonia in an attempt to murder me. The Denver Rescue Mission had played games trying to get me to go to Holly street shelter trying to get me in that facility with lots of blind spots in yet another attempt to murder me by the Denver Rescue Mission. They’ve tried this before and I was forced to stay in the Chapel that night without a blanket as a result of these games and that was the reason for these desperate games the next day trying desperately to get me out of the shelter. On Thursday November 29th, 2019 3:54 am I was injected again right before time to wake up trying to raise my level of aggression to again try to get a reason to kick me out. On Thursday November 29th, 2019 I was dosed with steroids in my food that I ate at the Denver Rescue Mission Lawrence Community Center. At about 6:30 pm or so I ate three plates of food for dinner. On the bus on the way to 48th street shelter I started feeling steroids. By the time I got there I knew it was a huge dose. I got to 48th Street at about 9:25 pm. I dealt with it the best I could and finally got my eyes shut and began to sleep only to have someone inject me with a larger dose. I guess I hadn’t done what they wanted me to so they hit me with some more. I went to the restroom to relieve myself and if you’ve ever had this much steroids in my system you know what I’m talking about and there was a half-gallon empty vodka bottle in the stall as a reminder that we are about to deal with the incident I was arrested for in July 1986. These guys are always find abusive ways to bring this up. They only care about themselves so it’s all about how they look and the fact that they are guilty so they are using all kinds of abusive measures trying to convince me to stop seeking the truth and take their filthy money and this is another humiliating way they are going about this. It’s in relation to the fact I was drunk the night in question but if they hadn’t been putting meth in my food and drink and murdering my support like Billy I would probably have been sober and it would have never have happened and that’s why they keep bringing this point up. I stated in the restroom loud enough so everyone could hear me because they were in their playing their part in this game. It doesn’t’ matter that it was thirty years ago. We are going to deal with the Vodka bottle in the bathroom stall. It shouldn’t have happened and you know what I’m talking about or you wouldn’t be playing these games. You wouldn’t need to be playing these games, referring to their part in the situation!!!! There was a black guy with an unkempt afro and his shirt off in the restroom as part of their humiliating message. He said nothing as I walked out but gave me a knowing look as if he knew exactly what I was saying and he did. He was probably in his mid-forties or a little older. On Friday November 30th, 2019 I woke up feeling steroids injected into me while I slept at 48th street Shelter. I went to the office and asked Dave, “can you check the video to see who injected me with steroids?” He said no, no one did without checking. I said Okay, thank you Dave and walked back to me mat. On Friday November 30th, 2019 I woke up feeling steroids injected into me while I slept at 48th street Shelter at about 3:47 am. I was experiencing a moderately strong dose of steroids and there was a person with red hair probably in his late thirties or early forties with his pants part way down showing his underwear as a veiled threat I’d dye of HIV if I didn’t quite over being framed for a sex offense. The red hair is in reference to something I wrote about the gay victims of Aids are no different than someone with red hair a long time ago. Then a person in a stall starts cuffing as furtherance of this threat. I said don’t bother playing games because it’s not going to save you. We are going to deal with nine and I walked out saying you’re wasting your time with this. They woke me up at 3:47 am by rudely injecting me with steroids for this and they wonder why I won’t stop with this kind of behavior. I have hepatitis C and the symptoms are getting worse. They won’t treat it and the steroid injections are destroying me liver in the process. I’m already dying of HIV but if this continues I will instead dye of Hepatitis C and the Denver Rescue Mission won’t stop the people doing this even though they have cameras to identify them. They are just as guilty for allowing me to be assaulted with steroid injections and they are actively participating in the provocation games trying to create a reason to kick me out. This has been going on for several months and I’m lucky to get two or three hours sleep as a result. Denver Rescue Mission: 6100 Smith Road Denver, CO 80216 Phone: 303.297.1815 I’m actually a refugee in Denver Homeless shelters who was illegally evicted from Portland Oregon on December 10th 2015 Children murdered by the Family again. On Friday November 29th, 2019 I went into St. Francis after they opened up in the morning which usually happens at 6:10 am. I talked to Rachel trying to open her eyes to spiritual matters. I wanted to demonstrate that there is life after death. I gave her a St Francis business card with the names Melissa Binder, Pete Russell and Susan Garlock I believe it was. All these people had taken part in either framing or entrapment schemes of child molestation in one way or another. I said these people were recently murdered. Keep in mind I have no way of knowing that. Nobody told me. She started to hand the card back and I said, no keep it that’s for you so she could verify later that these people were actually dead. Maybe half hour later or little after that I went up to her and I said, here’s the good news. They aren’t actually dead. She asks there dead and their not? I said, no they are gone but their existence is still around. Then I said if it wasn’t I would have no way of knowing they’d been murdered. Then I let her be. I’m trying to get a point across and plant a seed, not water it to death. I’ve learned a little about how to open eyes. In fact, the big book of alcoholics anonymous had very good insight into this in the chapter working with others and it can be applied to subjects beside alcoholism. I left a short time after 7:00 am. On Saturday November 30th, 2019. I went into St. Francis at about 6:14 am. They right computer was blocked and I had to grab a business card from that side to write a note of when I got in. Hailey checked me in on the left side. Rachel was here out front in a red sweater or jacket as I approached the door. I didn’t say anything to her. Again I’m trying to reach her and sometimes it’s best to let people be when doing this and I felt this was the best course of action. I had coffee. The line started at 6:45 am. I had several cups and sat down maybe for a minute or two. I walked up to Rachel who was behind the service counter. I said to her. I see something decent in you or I wouldn’t waste my time. She seemed pleasant and unoffended by my comment. She appeared to take it for what was meant. I used the restroom and left. This would have been shortly after 7:00 am. I got some impressions as I was riding the bus on the 16th street mall and again at the Civic Center. I was at the Civic Center at about 8:15 am. The impressions I received indicated that there was a morality issue regarding Rachel. I told the security guard I’m going to St. Francis to make sure Rachel is alive. I said she probably is but there’s some kind of mortality issue with her and I just want to make sure she’s okay. I then repeated Rachel at St. Francis to make sure they got the name and location correct. I wasn’t sure of what I was doing but felt lead to do this. I then got off on Curtis going toward the Union Station and headed to St. Francis. I checked into the right computer with Nate at about 8:37 am. I found Rachel to be in good health and was doing her job. Nothing at this point has happened to her so I left for the Denver Public Library on 2401 Welton Street. I than went to the Holy Ghost Catholic Church on 19th and California at about 9:50 am and waited for the sandwich line to start. When I had gone through the line about three times she was murdered while I was at the church getting sandwiches. It happened right after I was getting white Oreo cookies from the sandwich line. I felt her presence while this was going on and know that’s when she left. She was only sixteen years old. She looked like she was in her twenties. She was very mature for her age and they were again trying to create a sexual situation with her. This included drugging me with my coffee at St Francis and putting steroids in my shampoo dosing me when I showered. It didn’t work of course because I’m celibate as a result of this situation. When I finally did start to respond to her it was in a way that was clearly non sexual in nature and then she was murdered as a result. I also think the fact that she found out that Susan Garlock was also murdered didn’t help the situation but I think the murder had already been planned at that point. I have no doubt she was murdered at work. I then left for the Denver Public Library at 10 W 14th Ave and at near the library they were handing out chili and coffee. I got some and then was communicated to throw away the chili and the coffee that this was a response to the fact that I was addressing this situation because I had already communicated about the issue. God is good. I suspect there may be other young teenage girls employed by Saint Francis who appear older for the same reason but I’m not sure of that. I do know Rachel was a teenager though and this was a game intended and she murdered over it. On November 30th, 2019 I went to the Denver Rescue mission Lawrence Community Center and ate dinner. I think I had a total of two plates. The black haired teenage girl who was about fifteen years old was there. I was concerned about her. I wanted to wake her up regarding what she was involved with and warn her. I got a drink of water and went to her and said, a fifteen-year-old girl was murdered this morning over the situation. She asked why they murdered her. I said because she wasn't able to do what they wanted her to do. She seemed concerned and walked off out of sight. Maybe twenty minutes later or so she was murdered. I'm sure it was at Lawrence Community Center out of view of the clients. She had either been talking to someone or written testimony about the situation that should be available. It may have had something to do with her murder but the fact is she would have soon been murdered anyway. They have had here involved for months. I've documented some of the stuff about her. One day several months ago I was dosed with an extremely high dose of steroids. So high in fact I started having problems after that as a result of the damage to my liver over it. They were trying to get me to become sexually aggressive with this teenager. She kept trying to be friendly and flirtatious at this time and prior to that. And now they were trying excessive amounts of drugs to try and get me into a situation they could arrest me for. Clients started calling me a fagot trying to get me to go prove them wrong by making a sexual advance on this teenage girl as part of the game which didn't work of course. After that she was involved in a number of veiled threats implying they would frame me. They have no to do this but they keep trying to convince me they can. I documented this as well. This happened on Stout Street walking under the building off of Spear Blvd at about 14th Ave. I think she was already dead by 8:30 pm on Saturday November 30th, 2019. I felt her go but I didn’t want to believe it at the time. They have been trying this stuff for decades. They know I haven't had sex in over seven years and I refuse to engage in that until this is over. They also know that if they don't accomplish this they will murder the girls to cover it up. My point is this. They knew it wouldn't work based on many years of history so when they started paying her to do this they already understood they were most likely going murder her over this before they ever hired her. This has been the case for a lot of women involved in these games. In fact, there is a light skinned black girl who was semi attractive in West Palm Beach Florida who had a daughter of about five who I am quite certain is has been murdered over this. I knew here through Saint Ann Place. They murdered two children in Denver on Saturday November 30th, 2019 over these games and knew all along they would have to do this before they got them involved in the crimes. I am again posting the song disposable heroes by Metallica over these women murdered. This is a front of a different sort but it was a war front they were sent to that the people who sent them knew they’d have murder them when I was over. Disposable Hero!!!!! I went into Saint Francis on my way to Senior Support Services and got there at about 10:25 am on Sunday December 1st, 2019. As I entered I said to Angie. You guys are at risk of losing your lives and it will be your best friend that does the work. She said you make me sad. I said, I’d rather be sad then dead. Ignoring this won’t make it go away. I then used the restroom and came back to her and said, I’m not saying this out of anger and resentment but out of concern and compassion. You guys really need to look at this and decide how to deal with it because you’re very lives are at stake. She seemed to visibly acknowledge what I was saying. After all Rachel was just murdered and they know that. I don’t have to bring that up to make the point. I am very concerned about more of the people at both St Francis and the Denver Rescue Mission being murdered over the situation but I’m outside of it and cannot actually advise them without the information that they have and they aren’t going to give that to me so I said you need to look at this your selves and decide what to do about it. I may have been abused by the situation but I’m not heartless to what they are now dealing with because of it!!!!! I do care but there is nothing I can do to change it for them. On Monday December-2-2019 1:34 am, I woke up feeling a moderately strong dose of steroids. I presented physical evidence of this to the video camera by showing an erection when no one was looking to clearly demonstrate what had been injected in me while I slept. I know this is a little unorthodox but I need to exhibit evidence where it’s at when the opportunity is present. I’ve always wanted to be a porn star but this isn’t what I had in mind. This is not the first time I’ve done this and games have been played around that issue as well trying to get me to cooperate with evidence suppression. I’m mentioning it because of the seriousness of what happened on Saturday November 30th, 2019. I feel this requires additional notation because of the aggravated nature of the criminal conduct now exhibited in relation to this situation. I then went to the office and asked a black guy probably in his thirties or early forties what his name was. He said Rod, I said can you please check the video and see who injected me with steroids. He said yes after we are done dealing with the police. There were several people in the office but now police present at that time. I said, I’ll be on my mat. Everyone there knows where I usually sleep so there was no reason to specify where I was at. A few minutes later an employee looks out over the mezzanine down at me on my mat. Several employees then appeared including Dave came out acting like they were looking for something. They were looking under bunks and all over the place. This was obviously a game. I knew there was nothing of substance about what they were doing. An employee walks through with his flashlight pointed at the ground. Dave then asked if I’d seen a phone. I told him no, not making an issue of what they were actually doing. In attractive cop with black hair and a GQ look probably in his mid to late twenties walks by. I said good morning. Then said good luck with that. The black hair GQ male thing is another homosexual reference they use in their games. This was about the comment I made about me being gay trying to get me to make a sexual advance on the black haired teenager at the Denver Rescue mission the night after they gave me a mega dose of steroids in my diner the night that it happened. The GQ thing is about homosexuality in general but was being used this way at this time. This keeps coming up in its many variations and it’s not the first time they’ve used it with Denver Police officers. Dave walks through the door past my mat towards the rear of the building and acts like he’s pulling up his pants in a sexual shaming maneuver. The cop walks past with a phone to his ear at this point. A person on the bunk in front of me starts scratching his back. This whole thing was a veiled threat to unjustly lock me up and let me die of HIV. There was comments about how things look and I replied I could care less what it looks like. He began trying to get me into an argument at this early hour. Seeing this game as well, I said, it’s past 1:30 am and I need to sleep please leave me alone. This stopped that as it addressed it directly. At some point I said, whatever. Stop murdering people. He then left his bunk with a blue jacket on it and didn’t return. 3:57 am. I woke up feeling steroids due to an injection while sleeping at 48th Street shelter. There was a provocateur walking around saying anyone steal my shower shoes and a person saying I’m sleeping shut up. He continued and someone said, shut the fuck up. As this was going on someone was repeatedly turning on the hand dryer in the restroom over and over again. 4:38 am. I boarded the first bus out from 48st Shelter which was bus number 9503. A person with a little dog sat in the seat across the isle and said Chili dog. This was in reference to the teenager who was murdered Saturday evening in regards to the comments about me being gay trying to get me to make a sexual advance on her after they gave me a mega dose of steroids in my diner the night that it happened. I got off the bus at the Denver Rescue Mission Lawrence Community Center and walked to St. Francis. I got in line and there was just enough people in the line to put me on the other side of the gas meter equipment at the side of the building making another veiled threat against my life in reference to an attempted murder against me when I was eleven in Denver in 1973. A greyhound bus drives by going East on Curtis in reference to another girl who was murdered as a result of a game that started in Phoenix Arizona in about May of 2001. Seth Chambers was about thirty-six years old, He had a number of murders under his belt. I tried to warn him at St. Francis Center on Curtis here in Denver that he needed to watch out for his life. I told him, don’t go into any place private with anyone. Watch who you hang out with. Take public transportation if you can and watch what you eat. When the Mafia has you murdered it’s your best friend that does the murder, the Family is the same way. Opportunities may not actually be opportunities. I’m mentioning this right now so others can have an idea of how to possibly save their lives if they are at risk. Apparently Seth Chambers didn’t take me seriously because he was murdered on Monday December 3rd, 2019 in Denver. That is now five victims in the last few weeks in this city alone that I know about. People really need to be aware of the danger and it’s not just in Denver. If you are connected to the Family in any way you are at risk no matter who you are!!!!!! I’m just the massager and they are involved in warfare against us right now. The story on Alan Dawson will inform you how this works. Read it carefully. Tuesday December 3rd, 2019 1:22 am. I woke up due to a steroid injection at 48th street shelter. I asked Gary to check the video. He said he already had. Knowing this was a game I asked will you check it again. He said maybe later. I asked, Yes or no? He said no. I said thank you and went to my mat where provocation games ensued which I ignored. 3:30 am. I woke up due to another steroid injection. 4:45 am. I boarded the first bus out at 4:45 am. The bus number was 9503. As others where boarding the person with the small dog he called Chili Dog on Monday got on the bus with the dog again. I got to the Lawrence Community Center and was waiting for everyone else to get off so I could exit last. A person said go ahead. I said, I’m getting off last. He said are you sure? I said yes I have reasons for it. He got off and so did I. I waited a few minutes in front of Lawrence Community Center and just prior to its opening I went to wait in line at St Frances Center. The line was up to the gas meter pipes. A white person in his late forties or early fifties wearing glasses stands in front of the gas pipes facing them then turns around. Not wanting to deal with these games I went back to the Lawrence Community Center and was swiped in at about 5:35 am. 6:09 am. I checked into St Frances Center. Sophia was on the computer on the right. She had her hair in a bun. She has black hair and swiped me in. Shortly after eight I got to Stout Street Health Clinic. Hector was at the front of the line at the desk on the first floor. He asked why I was there. I said I had an appointment. He told me to check in upstairs. I said in the blue side? He said yes. I walked away and then walked back and said, I’m not here to cause problems. I want you to know that’s not why I’m here. I’m trying to reassure them I’m not going to create an issue inside their establishment because of what’s been going on. 8:15 am. I tried to check into the blue side and was told to go to green. I did, was shortly taken back by Kelly a nurse. A lady named Amy with red hair showed up. I told them my feet are hurting. I’m not trying to deal with the HIV issue but I need help with the pain. I said it’s not that bad yet but it’s starting to and it will get worse, which it will. Amy tried talking to me about the situation. I made it clear I’d give up my life. She asked me to expound. I said, I’m not taking a bribe to receive health care I’m legally entitled to. She asked me about seeing someone. I said, we’ve already tried that. They tried putting me on inappropriate medication and we aren’t going to do this again. She said we wouldn’t force you. I said, you can’t. I know the law. They tried again to give me a flu vaccine. I have a couple of reason I don’t. One is vaccines aren’t’ always completely what they tell you they are. I have no idea what they’d be injecting me with and I’m a target. I have HIV and I don’t want to take something that might keep from getting sick but would instead get me sick because of my week immune system. The fact that they continue to bring this up every time I see them tells me I’ve made the right decision. Amy left and I told Kelly you need to be careful. People are dying and I’m concerned about it. Watch out for Rod. I’m trying to raise the level of awareness that they could be next and people in the clinic and elsewhere really need to be thinking about this issue. At this point their lives depend on it and I wouldn’t be a good person if I wasn’t making this generally known and people aware that their friends might kill them for the Family. It’s the way it works!!!! Doing God’s will. As it turns out Rachel and Seth are still alive. Unfortunately, the black haired teenager who was a volunteer at the Denver Rescue Mission is not. I did what I did because I was instructed by the Lord. It's not my place to question anything he asks of me. He gives us free will and therefore we can always refuse but this is foolish because his ways are not our ways and his results in the long is always far superior to ours. If I follow his instructions without question it will always work out for the best for everyone including myself over any other alternative that would otherwise take place and it’s well worth any suffering or ridicule, I may experience as a result. For me this is what faith is about. This is his promise to us if we follow him. I was quite confused to find out how the situation had actually turned out at first. But I realized he had a reason for what he asked of me and waited to find the answer to what that was and soon God will reveal that to me because God is faithful. God is about truth. He's not rigid on how to get there as long as our motives are right. In other words, it's perfectly okay for a homicide detective to lie to a suspect to get to the truth of his acts so long as he does not abuse or disrespected the suspect in the process. I have on more than one occasion taught something about a subject that wasn't strictly correct or true in order to get them to grasp a concept later that was true related to what I was teaching that would turn on a light bulb on the whole subject. This is about intent not method. Is truth the ultimate goal or is it taking advantage of someone or a situation by using false pretense? If the ultimate goal is truth and not taking advantage of someone or a situation you are on solid ground. God operates this way and he doesn't have an issue with people operating the same way. It comes down to intent not to the method of getting there so long as no abuse and no disrespect are exercised in the process. God understand logistics and the reality in which we as human beings work within and isn't unmindful of the fact that we need to do certain things in order to conduct our business and get to the truth at hand. The bottom line is if the ends are about deception or abuse and disrespect are used in the process of taking advantage of people, it's not of God and it’s’ called game. If the ends are truth and nobody is abused or disrespected, then it's all good in God's eyes. In fact, he employs these methods himself so why would he have a problem with us doing the same? As long as our intention is the truth, justice and the welfare of everyone involved he is okay with it. On Tuesday December 3rd, 2019 I left the library shortly before six. I went to the Denver Rescue Mission and ate three plates of food. When I got to 48th street shelter I had been lying on my mat for about twenty minutes or so. This was probably a little after 8:30 pm. I felt a strong dose of steroids as a result of the diner I had at the Denver Rescue Mission’s Lawrence Community Center diner plates I ate earlier. On Wednesday December 4th, 2019 12:50 am. I woke up due to a steroid injection at 48th street shelter. No one was in the office but someone was in the next room adjoining the office. I heard him in there and there’s no question He knew I was waiting outside the office door but pretended not to be in there. I waited not wanting to create an unnecessary issue. Someone had to show-up, I’ll I had to do what wait. A few minutes later Rafael finally showed up. I asked him to check the video to see who injected me with steroids. He said he wouldn’t do that. I said I’m going to check the internet to see if inching is a symptom of steroids, that I didn’t’ think it was HIV related. He said it’s probably due to showering. I said no, I shower regularly which I do. I don’t like to be filthy so I take showers of course. I said, I’m sure it’s health related. My skin feels dry and I’m itching all over the place. Steroids make me dehydrated and I think this is the source of it but I still need to look into it. I wrote the exchange with him down and the fact I’d been awaken by steroids again. I placed in in my shirt pocket and went back to sleep. I again woke up to a steroid injection at about 3:16 am. I then tried to write it down and found it missing. I know I placed it in my shirt pocket but it was gone. I went to the office and asked for a sheet of paper because I could not find the note on the earlier exchange with Rafael. I was careful to explain it was missing without acquiescing anyone in order to create evidence it had disappeared without causing any unnecessary problems with staff. It could in fact have been a client who was ordered to do it and there’s no reason to create an issue when I can just get the evidence I need generated by stating the circumstances without explaining what happened. It’s easier to flow like water when possible. At about 4:17 am I went to the restroom. I came back and found the note that had been taken placed into my jacket were I had not put it. 4:45 am. I boarded the first bus going out which was numbered 9503. As we walked outside there was a Northglenn ambulance number 204 in front of the buss and the bus driver, a black guy who always says good morning gangsters was wearing two orange gloves. I got on the bus and headed to the Lawrence Community Center. I then walked to Saint Francis Center and got in line. Before opening Seth Chambers shows up for work. I was quite surprised but if this was what was supposed to happen then its’ all good. I’m glad he’s alive and I sincerely mean that. After all I’ve known him since he was a small child. 6:12 am Seth Cambers scans my card into the computer on the right side wearing a yellow sweat jacket and had a pair of glasses on as a veiled threat. I said, noting personal Seth, I’m just doing my job. I then said, I care about you buddy and I was sincere about that when I said it or I wouldn’t have stated it. 6:29 am. I saw Rachel wearing a Red sweat shirt at the right computer obviously still alive. I then later after coffee told her some of the stuff I’d written under Doing God’s will and told her I cared about her or I wouldn’t bother talking to her. I see promise in her and so I do what I can to help facilitate that. I’m not saying I know everything, I’m just showing sharing and concern for the personal growth of another person who I believe is capable of growing at the specific time I’m dealing with them, because not everyone is at certain points in their lives. At certain points in my life, I absolutely refused to listen to them on things I should have because I wasn’t ready yet. I’m not the only one like this. There are a couple things that will make a person unavailable for personal growth. Those are pride and fear. I’m not talking about feeling good about yourself in the sense that you feel like you are a valuable, loveable worthwhile human being. This is what a healthy person feels most of the time. When I speak of pride I’m talking about feeling like we are superior to others. If I think I’m better than someone else I’m not going to want to learn anything from them and usually people with this disposition, feel that way about almost everyone they know. It’s called argents. Fear goes along with that. People who are stuck in pride have a need to create an image about themselves which may not be true. This is very common. Then they are afraid that someone will find out that what they portray themselves to be isn’t entirely true and then the question comes in. What will they think of me then? They become obsessed with this thought and fear of being found out. There’s pain involved in this type thinking. If I think I’m better than most everyone around me I separate myself from others. This leads to extreme loneliness. I may have a lot of friends but they really don’t know me and I think if they did, they’d go away. That’s fear raising its ugly head and if I can’t get vulnerable I’m not going to grow emotionally. If my life depends on a certain image and in some cases even a person’s carrier can be wrapped up in this, then it becomes very scary to let people know the real you. For one you are afraid they’ll leave and you’ll be lonely. Guess what. You already are lonely so it’s not working as it is. And if all your friends are professionals and you relay on them to survive economically this reinforces it. Those of us with alcohol problems can get around this by going to meetings and finding out we can let our guard down but a lot of people don’t know about this and feel stuck in the environment they find themselves. In the case of my father it went further. He was in the middle of an extreme criminal situation. Everyone he was involved with was in it. He could have gone to a church and gotten to know people there but he had secrets that separated him from them. He couldn’t tell them anymore then he could tell me. We’ll what happened? He started to feel a lot of pain over what he was involved in but he couldn’t get out. He was from an elite family and they had always said what you look like is what’s most important. They were involved in the crime too. He had to deal with these people including his family every day and the criminal situation around him. If he’d tried to get help they’d have known about it because they don’t just watch each other’s back, they watch each other as well. There’s no trust. He could no longer keep the façade up. He documented everything knowing he’d be murdered but to continue living this was no longer worth it. Sure enough he was murdered but he’s free now with God. He’s grateful he decided to change and no longer has to live in loneliness and fear. He’s still alive, he’s just not with us and that’s preferable to him because he’s now happy. Had he not been filled with pride in the first place and been willing to pay any price for success he may have lived a much happier life which would have been worth far more than the riches he received. He want’s people to know this because it was very painful for him and if he can spare even one person that pain he feels he’s done something worthwhile. I understand this situation and don’t have a problem with people doing what they have to so they can make their lives easier in a bad situation when people compelled to do small acts of submission. People who have potential will also do what they have need to, to survive. This is okay, God understands this. These people in control are murdering predators and people know it. I then headed to Senior support services where I wrote a section on my sister Margaret visiting me in Portland in May of 1995 as well as the Doing God’s Will section and logged out at 9:05 am. I accidently left a bible there when I left. 9:32 am. Hailey was at the right computer at Saint Francis and checked me in. A couple minutes later I headed to VOA on 29th and Lawrence got a shirt and a sack lunch and went back to Saint Francis where Sally on the right computer checked me in at 9:59 am. I used the restroom and then went to Holly Ghost Church and got some food and headed to the Denver Public Library at 10 W 14th Ave. I am logged on to computer 110 after being forced to move from computer 02 as a result of hacking games. On Wednesday December 4th, 2019 at about 9:00 am. I started feeling a very strong dose of steroids that my diner had been laced with at the Denver Rescue Mission where I ate two plates after about 6:15 pm. I went to the restroom and was in the last stall in the right of the restroom dealing with this issue. This is really unfair. I’m not wanting to deal with this and they are forcing these drugs into my system so I have no choice. This isn’t voluntary and is legally the crime of sexual assault with the use of drugs. This is just like using Rohypnol. There’s nothing different about this except the compound used. It’s sexual manipulation that’s involuntary by the victim being me. If they are administering a drug to play sexual games regardless of what they are that’s sexual assault according to the law. This is a really uncool thing to do to someone whether you are paid to do it or not!!!! On the morning of Thursday December 5th, 2019 I woke up at 2:37 am due to steroids. I asked who was in charge. Dave said Anthony. I started trying to talk to Anthony about checking the video to see who had injected me with Steroids. Dave quickly got into the conversation because I was addressing Anthony and seeing this game I asked Dave his name and continued to request this. They already knew where I was going and were trying to legally maneuver in the situation but I’ve already dealt with this same issue in 48th street shelter so they’ve been communicating about this. I then went and laid down. The steroids kicked in much stronger. I went back to my mat. I finally got to sleep. That’s part of the reason they inject me is to deprive me of sleep. I again woke up at about 3:00 am. I went to the restroom again and there was a person with a red walker in the last stall on the right side of the restroom where I had been earlier. Not wanting to deal with the games and feeling angry that they are injecting me with steroids and playing these games I went to the office and asked Anthony about a grievance. He said he didn’t’ have a grievance procedure of something to the effect. I said, it’s the law. He started telling me I had to leave. This is treason to retaliate against someone for exercising their legal rights. I said, I’ve done nothing wrong. He relented. He said they deal with the grievances downstairs. I said, that’s what I wanted to know and went back to my mat. I finally got back to sleep again and was again awaken at 3:00 am due to another steroid injection. I asked what time it was and said I was documenting when I woke up. A black guy named Alvin with a Denver Rescue Mission hat said yeah write it down. This was a veiled threat about trying to file a grievance. You’d think they’d just stop injecting me with steroids but they’d rather threaten me instead of following the law. I went back to my mat and laid down for a while. The lights came on at about 4:30 am, the usual time. I went to the office and saw Alvin. I asked him his name. He said what do you need it for. I said, I’m making notes. He gave me his name and I headed to Saint Francis Center and got in line. On the morning of Thursday December 5th, 2019 at about 5:20 am I left the Chapel at the Lawrence Community Center of the Denver Rescue Mission. I headed to St. Francis located at 2323 Curtis St. I was waiting in line and this person behind me asked this person in front of me how to get YouTube on his phone. The person said, you have to have phone service. This was obviously a game, everyone knows you need phone service to access YouTube on a cell phone. I wasn't sure what it was yet. The person in front of me had a pint bottle of what appeared to be Vodka referring to the 1986 incident. They keep bringing it up because of the overwhelming evidence of them sabatoshing my recovery and the fact that this was happening right before the incident in question. They play games around what they are worried about and thank God they do because it's an incredible source of intelligence for me. It means the issue is coming up. A cop with two officers parked at the entrance of the parking lot across the street. There were more games going on by the people in the line and it was clear something serious is going on. I finally figured it out. They are trying to convince me that Rachel is now dead. The Family goes overboard with their bluffing games. They over sell everything. I wasn't there to figure that out because I've gotten no indication spiritually that anything had changed and I certainly don't put my trust in the ground war. The entire ground and much of what goes on on the computer is all about game. I decited I actually wanted to go to Father Woody's. I was considering the rest of my agenda today and realized that's probably the only way I'm going to get a shower. So I first walked up to the officers. I waited for them to open the window which I knew they would to try and create a reason to effect an arrest. I said, this game is to convince me that Rachel is dead. She won't show up today and you guys are part of that game. I then gave them a treason warning and said, You're wasting your time, you might as well leave. I walked accross the street for a couple minutes. Waited. I knew they were going to call someone for further instructions and that person would tell them the gig is up and they'd leave. Well that's what happened and I then walked to Father woody's. On the morning of Thursday December 5th, 2019 at about 9:11 am after leaving Father Woody’s I arrived at Saint Francis Center. I was checked into the right computer by Joel. I gave him a treason warning because I believed he was involved. I didn’t see Rachel there but I didn’t expect to either. I checked into Saint Francis Center because I was going to Stout Street Health Clinic and I wanted to corroborate the fact I was in the area so I went there first. I then set an appointment with an employee who said his name was Zezaro to see the doctor. I asked him how to spell it and he told me. He offered an appointment with the foot clinic to see the nurse. I said, I’m having pain issues and I need to see a doctor for that. I then issued a treason warning to him. This was at about 9:20 am. He said he had an appointment at 8:00 am on Thursday December 12th, 2019 saying it was with Lindsey. I’m sure this also is a game, they are desperate to try and get me to believe things that aren’t true right now. I saw no reason to challenge him on this. I’m sure I’ll see someone on Thursday and we will go from there. I mentioned that the pain is now getting bad enough were I’m having to raise my foot to try and make it less painful sometimes. It comes and it goes but I need to deal with this now before I have issues walking around because that’s what will be next. I already dealt with this prior to the toe on my left foot being amputated so I know I don’t have a lot of time before this gets worse at this stage of the problem. I then left to Senior Support services. I checked into there at about 9:43 am. Alma was working the desk. I did some writing on computer two and logged off at 10:05 am. I then went to Holly Ghost Church. Got some sandwiches in the line. I talked about the Rosicrucian Order to the church employees and informed them that the Vatican is actually above the order and from the information I’ve received this is the truth. I also told them that I knew a lot of the parishioners where actually good people and in no way does the position of the Vatican reflect on these church members. Sincerely Paul G. 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