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Who We Are

Loving God. Loving People.

Making Jesus Real is an independent, multi-cultural church located outside of Jackson, Mississippi. Our motto is “Loving God - Loving People,” and we believe this is the foundation to living out authentic Christianity. MJR is an externally focused church, and we have a passion for serving our community and making a difference in the lives of others.

As a training center, MJR creates an environment where people can worship, grow and develop into who God designed them to be. We believe God has a plan for every person’s life, and as they are committed and trained in the local church, they will make an impact on the world around them. Raising people who are agents of change in the marketplace will reach far more people for Christ than any church service.

To build a dynamic church, overflowing with dynamic people, who influence their city and environment with the character and principles of the Kingdom of Christ.

Becoming like Christ in all of His fullness, as a means of transforming the world, with the character of the King and the values of His Kingdom.





Our Services

What to Expect

What are services like?
A friendly environment where everyone is welcome. Passionate praise and worship that encourages participation and always directs people toward Christ. Freedom to wear what you like, some people dress up and others do not. A presentation of God’s Word that will challenge and develop your spiritual life. Definitely bring a Bible, notebook and pen, or laptop. Come prepared to get trained and to live it out Monday through Saturday!


Sino Agueze

Sino Agueze is the senior pastor of MJR Church. Born in England and raised primarily in Nigeria, he became a committed Christian in early childhood. God dealt powerfully with Him as a child and used him to bring Jesus Christ to his once pagan African village. He spent adolescence and his college years developing his passion for the Word of God and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, all the while serving in ministry. The message of the cross is what compels Sino in all that he does (John 12:24). He has a desire to unveil Christ as He really is and to see people changed by this understanding. The cry of his heart is to see authentic Christianity reflected in every area of the believer’s life – ones home, marriage, business, and in the marketplace, as a means to establishing God’s Kingdom on earth. Sino believes that self is the worst enemy and greatest hindrance to a true visibility of the life of Christ, which alone has the power to transform lives. Sino's undergraduate degree is in banking and finance and he is currently pursing a masters in theology. sinoagueze.com


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  • Tammy james
    Pastor,i had the pleasure of meeting you in i think 2000 in miss,I've been to California now Ga.truly i learned so much and never forgot all that i took in and kelp dearly,Thank you man of God.pastor you we're at a childhoods friend church,you did a revival,,GOD SENT AN angel paid off that church debt,Thank you man of God for the prothetic message you gave me .truly i will never forget you GOD BLESS
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