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A Mainline Protestant congregation extending an Extravagant Welcome to all.

Lynnhurst Church has been ministering to South Louisville for over 160 years. We are the church of the Extravagant Welcome for all. Our music program is of the highest quality. We offer Sunday School for all ages.

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  • sarah
    Dear sir How are you today i first apologise for replying to late. we had a sick child suffering from throat cancer. and in Uganda we dont have any machine or technic to cure cancer. i have been looking for money to take this child to India and they want Usd. 70500 to cover medical bills but so far i have raised Usd.34500 now they want a balance of Usd. 36000 But the child has now gone India for treatment of cancer. i will be giving you the history of our country and in particular about our school also about my dreams and what does my dream mean. now i ask you to if you can also give us some help of any kind and amount then you can pass the naid through SEND REGESTERERD MAIL Director NAME OF KAGIMU DALAUSI REPUBLIC OF UGANDA NATIONAL ID CARD IF YOUR SENDING THE PARCEL BY REGISTERED BOX NUMBER P.O. BOX 14626 KIREKA KAMPALA, UGANDA AFRICA or SEND BY COURIER DHL ,FEDEX , TNT ,UPS , OR REGESTERERD MAIL OR MOBILE AIRTEL MONEY USD $ 10 TWO 1700 CASH 256752692837 RO 256701692837 ST. MARY ORPHANAGE SCHOOL WE SHARE TOGETHER KIREKA KAMPALA, UGANDA AFRICA P.O. BOX 14626 PLOT NO. 91 BLOCK 117 TEL.: 256 752692837 or 256 701692837 E.MAIL: [email protected] Our Ref: 2003/97 Your Ref: K2003 Date:22/10/2021 Dear Sir, RE: KIND REQUEST FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for the work and service you do for the nation. We humbly wish to submit our application to you kindly requesting for financial assistance to enable us complete the construction of the orphanage school. ST. Mary orphanage school is registered and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports from Uganda as a Private school. It was established in 2006 by the Church administration of Webitakulu together with the community leaders of Kkona East Local Council I. The major purpose was to rehabilitate, and offer education to the poor, needy orphaned and vulnerable children in the local communities within Webitakulu Parish. The school was established after realizing that there were quite a number of poor, needy, orphaned abandoned, disabled and vulnerable children who were in need of the support from government and non-government organizations in the areas of social welfare, healthcare and education. We started with the rehabilitation of 26 children and the number continued to increase to now 783 whom we support in the areas of education, social welfare and health care. We have also noticed that some of these children are HIV/AIDS victims and need specialized care. This needs us to have a clinic to provide health care services to these children. The number of these children has continued to increase and this has necessitated us to put up more structures or buildings to accommodate these children. The land is available but we need to acquire more, and we need to raise funds to complete the construction of the orphanage school and to buy enough land. In addition to the construction, we need to acquire a school van to ease our transportation needs. All these require funds that we are unable to raise at once. It is on this note that we decided to approach you for support. The budget of items has been drawn and it is herewith attached. We are therefore kindly requesting you for financial assistance of US$ 279,680 or any amount of money that you can be able to contribute towards our school construction project and school bus procurement. Your co-operation in this matter shall highly be appreciated. We shall remain awaiting your kind response. May God bless you. Yours faithfully, Director ‚ĶKAGIMU DALAUS AND HEADMASTER NAMULEME SARAH HEADMASTER THE BUDGET OF ITEMS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE ORPHANAGE SCHOOL AND PROCUREMENT OF SCHOOL BUS. NO ITEMS QUANTITY UNIT COST ($) AMOUNT ($) 1. Land 8 Acres 4,285 34,280 2. Excavation of the land Lumpsum 7,500 3. Bricks 150,000 0.08 12,000 4. Sand 80 Trips 75 6,000 5. Aggregates 50 trips 150 7,500 6. Iron bars 200 pcs 20 4,000 7. Binding wire 50 rolls 10 500 8. Timber 500 pcs 20 10,000 9. Iron sheets 800 pcs 20 16,000 10. Ridges 300 10 3,000 11. Cement 800 bags 10 8,000 Church 86,000 12. Wire Nails 200 kgs 5 1,000 13. Doors 10 150 1,500 14. Windows 24 100 2,400 15 Ceiling Boards 500 pcs 20 10,000 16 Paint 200 Jerricans 50 10,000 17 Roofing nails 100 kgs 10 1,000 18 Electrical Installations Assorted Lumpsum 15,000 19 Water installations Lumpsum 10,000 20 Labour costs 25,000 21 School bus/van 2 95,000 GRAND TOTAL US$ 279,680
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