Living Hope Covenant Church

Who We Are

A Great Place to Start or Start Over

Living Hope Covenant Church is committed to ushering people of every background into a positive, authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

This will be done by creating opportunities for spiritually hungry people to submit to Jesus Christ, and grow in faith in the context of open mindedness, understandable and authentic worship, service and meaningful, unified relationships with other Christians.

Our Services

Service Times

  • 09:30am - Worship

What to Expect

What are services like?
Our service typically begins with music, a time of greeting, and a welcome from one of the pastors, which includes an update on what our congregation is currently doing and looking forward to. We continue with more singing, prayer, and a message delivered by one of our pastors. During worship, we encourage our children to be active participants—we offer dancing streamer ribbons for children (and adults, if desired). After the service, we offer light snacks with coffee, tea, and juice— we encourage people to get to know one another better during this time. Following the service and fellowship time, people are free to continue talking, or they may join one of our Sunday school classes or Sermon Talk Back. Sermon Talk Back is a time to ask questions of the preaching pastor for that particular Sunday about their message. It is highly interactive, although you need not say anything if you just want to listen. It is a great time to ask questions about what we believe, why we do things the way we do, and why the pastor said what they said. We are an interactive church.

What is the community like?
We are a casual, engaging congregation. We take the Bible and our beliefs seriously, but we do not take ourselves too seriously. You will find a lighthearted approach to life and a warm and friendly community, who desires to service in the name of Jesus.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Our stated purpose is to help those who have been hurt by, or in some way become disenfranchised with the Church. We welcome anyone who comes into our doors. We are a congregation who listens to and responds to the needs of all who join us.


What Members Say

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  • janet andrew
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Greetings from a million miles to you all in Jesus name with due respect we wish to email you this way , honestly speaking from down valley polytechnic lanlate i and 238 brothers and sisters from this higher institution do gather together at our school hall read from billy graham website the powerful, undiluted, uncommon undeniable, unfailing, true message of salvation from God that you are releasing to the world brother the message from your website has touched and changed the lives of 239 brothers and sister from our school we are more than 8 thousand student but 239 of us has decided to surrender our lives to Christ we have been hearing about your message of salvation through the internet but have never decided to follow Jesus but something happen there was a big class with some cuties and 5 of our friends lost there lives they died without knowing Christ so today 239 of us has accepted Jesus Christ as our personal lord and savior BECAUSE OF YOUR MESSAGES OF SALVATION THROUGH THE INTERNET 239 OF US HAS ACCEPTED JESUS AS OUR LORD AND KING we don't want to die like our 5 friends we wont to live a good life we remember your message of salvation on the internet that Jesus is the way the truth and life and to all who come to him he will no wise cast out and he is able to save and to forgive all sin we have seen our friends died without knowing and accepting Christ, 240 of us don't want to die like that before we were churchgoers, drunkards, humanizer, but today we all has denounced all this things and we have staring going to bible believing churches but now our problem is lack of bibles 240 of us don't have bibles to read Gods word and this is drawing our christian journey back we have contacted a ministry and they were unable to help today we decided to email you believing by faith that you can help us for 240 complete holy bibles that contain both the old and new testament brother please we all humbly request that you send to all of us 240 english bibles tracts and gospel literature's that will equip us and make us to grow more spiritually in Christ please we will be glad to hear from you thanks yours sisters and brothers in Christ sister janet $ friends no 2 obashitu avenue ologuneru eleyele post office road ibadan oyo state nigerira
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