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601 N. San Fernando Blvd., - Across [email protected] Town Center
Burbank, CA 91502

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Who We Are

*Life Center is a community that will encourage you to build your relationship with God.

*We believe the Bible offers answers to life's most pressing questions. We believe that the Bible is God's Word for His followers. God enables His people to obey everything He commanded in the Bible. The purpose of obedience is not to please an angry God, and protect us from His wrath, but reach joy, happiness and the best live ever on this world.

*We make a differentiation between RELIGION, (Human attempt to reach God, please God) and RELATIONSHIP with God. (You accept God's 100% forgiveness and status of perfection, and in that freedom you accept the transforming power of His presence).

*We believe that everything a follower of God experiences in this life is used by God to bless such person. Romans 8:28.

*We are relevant, we deal with real issues, and we don't get involved in debates.

*We believe that God has a purpose for everyone on this earth, and it is described in Matthew 22: 37-40. God wants to reprogram His people to understand LOVE; how to let God LOVE you, how to LOVE people and self. We believe that the entire message of God is RELATIONAL first, not doctrinal or about being rigft or wrong.

About Us

Casual, Creative, Down to Earth, Friendly, Progressive, Inclusive, Neighborhood-focused

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Our Services

What are services like?
*Very casual. *We don't have music yet. *We hold the service at a restaurant, so you can eat while hearing the Word of God. *We provide Bibles, outlines to follow the message, and we use Power Point to make the message clear. *Services last one hour. Sometimes a little bit longer.

What is the community like?
Church community is very casual. Very caring and accepting.

What if I'm not a Christian?
*If you are not a Christian, we want you to join "Life Center." *We won't indoctrinate you. We will share the message of God with you, openly, with no judgment or hidden agendas. *We want to invite you to be a FOLLOWER OF GOD, rather than a CHRISTIAN. We are a little bit different and we follow God's direction for His people on this earth. God is not a Christian, Jesus was not a Christian, His disciples were not Christians. The followers of Jesus were named "Christian" by the people on the street that hated them for using the name of "Christ" so much. (Acts 11: 26) The Christian church was not officially named Christian until the 2nd century after Christ. Christianity is now 37% of the world population. In many ways we believe Christianity has become one more religion. We are open to the work of God all over the world. We believe that God has His people all over the world, among all religions. We remain open to others, while we believe that LOVE is the true mark of a follower of God.


Harold  Duarte-Bernhardt

Harold Duarte-Bernhardt

Pastor Harold has been a pastor most of his life. He has also worked extensively as a Life Coach, in the prevention of divorce, helping marriages thrive, providing direction for people who are recovering from a painful divorce. His enthusiasm and passion for God comes from pain, suffering and times when he clearly understood that God is in control of our lives. His emphasis is on relevant teaching from the Bible to help people live their best lives ever on this earth. "There is no perfect life on this earth," he says. "But we can accept God's best for our lives, and that's is way better than what people describe as the ideal, happy life." His favorite version of the Bible is "The Message." He has read The Message 5 times from cover to cover. He has done the same many times with other versions. He follows an annual reading plan and every January he begins with the book of Revelation. His favorite verses are: Romans 8:28 (A legacy from his dad, who was a pastor-evangelist all his life in Argentina) Psalm 18 Harold loves to go to the gym, workout, outdoors, hikes, traveling, photography. Totally fascinated by opportunities to understand the world and the cultures of the world. He was educated in Argentina and here in the US. He studied theology, psychology, sociology and anthropology. Pastor Harold has 4 kids. Halcyon, the oldest lives in Dallas, married to Josh, and mom to baby Hayvin. Halcyon will be graduating with her Jurisprudence Doctor degree from SMU university in July 2013. Roldy, (Harold) lives in Argentina during the school year. He has completed his 3rd year of Medical School and plans to be an Internal Medicine Doctor. He is married to Jeanie Wohn who is finishing her second year of nursing at the same university. Heidi lives in Argentina during the school year. She has completed her 5th year of Medical School and plans to be a pediatrician. Hansel lives in Argentina during the school year. He is just beginning his studies in Medical School. He is not sure what specialty he will take.

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