Jennings Foursquare Church/ Word of Faith

A 5fold equipping church Saint Louis, MO
Jennings Foursquare Church/ Word of Faith

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6923 W Florissant Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63136



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Who We Are

We are an equipping church based on Ephesians 4:11-16. Our mandate is Genesis 1:26-28. We believe that we are saved to fulfill these scriptures.

About Us

Neighborhood-focused, Multigenerational, Young families, Charismatic

Community Service, Social Justice, Faith and Work, Nursery, Children's Ministry, Dance

Contemporary, Hip-hop, Passionate Reverent






6923 W Florissant Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63136



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William Coleman

BA. Theology, Trinity College of the Bible. Member I S S A. C- International Strategic Allinence of Apostolic Churches; Fellowship of International Churches; Spiritual Mentors: Dr. Jonathan David, Bishop Wellington Boone.... Servant Leader, Teacher, Author........

What Members Say

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  • Greetings from Richmond Virginia. I also watched your video devotion on the Youversion Bible app. Great message brother and so timely. I never really thought about the difference between walking through the darkness vs. living in the darkness..very helpful encouragement thanks so much
  • I also saw your message on you version and googled your church and found this feed of comments. You have a charisma. When Covid is more controlled I plan to come to a church service there.
  • I too just saw you on YouVersion. Thank you for such an inspiring and timely message. I had never correlated “walking through” as a transitional stage. It was just what I needed to hear. May God continue to bless you and grow your ministry.
  • Listened to you on YouVersion Bible app Sunday, December 13th. I want to thank you for the of encouragement, as that was what I needed to hear this morning! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
  • Agree that the YouVersion video was well done, uplifting, and a great delivery from God’s Word! May God bless your ministry and help Pastor Will remain focused in delivering His Word.
  • I loved you on You Version. I like Linda felt compelled to look you up and see if there were online sermons to watch. You talk with such passion and I would love to learn from you!
  • I am thankful for your video on Youversion! Your words touched my heart. I felt led to look up your church and see if you had sermons to watch. If you do, I couldn't find any. Please video some of your sermons. May God continue to bless you and your church.
  • Saw you on Youversion today. Wow! I'm not the only crazy that looks up the churches on Youversion. Great job.
  • Saw you on YouVersion. Very inspirational.Being from St Louis looked you up.
  • Yes! Had to look you and your church up being from St. Louis! Awesome job on YouVersion!!! Made me laugh (Cheeesseee!😁) and very inspirational!! Thanks Pastor Coleman!! Happy Friday!!
  • Saw you on YouVersion!! GREAT JOB!! Now I’m looking your church up!! Walking by faith cuz my eyesight is like yours!! Lol 😇🙏♥️
  • Saw your devotional on you verse- awesome!
  • Just saw Pastor Coleman on You version, and was inspired, and needed to remember to walk by Faith. I live in STL, so looking to some check you out one Sunday. Keep on keeping on.
  • Amazing devotion on You/Version. Thank you Pastor Coleman, it meant a lot & touch my heart. I shared it with another friend here in Miami Florida. Blessings!
  • Beautiful devotion on YouVersion today. I was hoping you had services online. Maybe I can visit your church when COVID-19 is over. Peace and grace, Irene
  • Pastor Coleman, thank you for your beautiful devotion on YouVersion today. It touched my heart.
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