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Andy Coté

Andy Coté

Saved at the age of 9. Graduated from Bible College in 2006. Lived as a missionary in Honduras for a year in 2006. Ordained into the pastoral ministry in 2010. Used by God to plant Faith Love Baptist Church in 2012.


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  • WNTD!!
    What not to do !!!!! If you have someone threading you for whatever reason; just walk away , move away and never turn back !!! That’s it !
  • Friend of Timothy
    How can any of you still support this psychopath speaks volumes about this cult and religion overall. Another example of cherry picking religion. Update for you all. This psychopath was found guilty of 2 counts of 1st degree murder. Bubba is waiting for him and I’m overjoyed. May he rot in hell
  • Peter
    Weed User: You are losing sight of the conflict. Educate yourself on the dangers of noise. If the police were doing their homework, they could have prevented this, but they allowed something so deadly to continue. All the signs were there and ignored. It's sadistic and reflective of who we are. No one stepped up and said "this is trouble, we have to intervene". You want someone to blame, blame society, blame me and you.
  • Weed User
    My neighbors are super obnoxious. Tim actually helped me move into this place I’m in last year. He organized the whole move and we got everything done so fast. That being said I live downstairs and my upstairs neighbors are beyond disrespectful. They have absolutely no care in the world that there is an entire family beneath them. I’ve reported them, beat on the cieling, screamed in their faces and they still continue to be ruthless with the noise. Waking my newborn up, waking my 3rd grader up, banging on the walls, just all kinds of disrespectful ish. As much as I wanna blow someone’s head off up there I’d never actually do it. I’d rather use my hands anyways but anything I do I know I won’t see my children for a while. I’d never risk that and that should always be the motivation to not do something so life changing and detrimental. He shot 2 peoples heads off because he was pissed and felt disrespected and now a wife and children don’t have their man at home. He ruined his families lives. What a despicable man. His ego was much larger than his heart and brain clearly. A speaker for God shouldn’t have an ego at all let alone one big enough to shoot someone’s head off. Just my opinion. Blessings to both families. Well, Tim’s family can suck a fat one but blessings to the ones that are respectful.
  • Anonymous
    Not a damn thing. The lead pastor was well aware of what Andrew Cote was doing to his elderly, single female neighbor for 16 years. His attorney in the numerous and bogus court cases was a member and friend of the congregation. This church is full of nothing but demons
  • Paul
    They shouldn't have tormented Andrew and his family; they didn't honor the restraining order. Repercussions will show when least expected. Too bad they didn't have second sight.
  • Mental & Physical Abuse Survivor
    On May 23, 2020, a man hit me in the back of my head as I walked away from him and told me he was going to blow my head off! A month later, on June 25,2020, this same man was shot in the head by Andrew Cote! I don’t know Andrew Cote but I knew the man he shot.
  • Jacob
    The Jew from Israel, you may find murdering Palestinians to be pleasurable, and stealing their land for gain. Are you a fake Ashkenazi Jew of Japheth (Gen 10:2-3), or a bloodline Jew of Judah? However, if you are going to quote the Bible, you better get it right. Murder is forgivable; Moses killed an Egyptian guard, and God forgave him. The only unforgivable sin is cursing the Holy Spirit. Get it right, unlearn your folly, remove the pomp.
  • Malachi
    The 2 dead neighbors brought this upon themselves. They were loud obnoxious disrespectful deviants that tormented the preacher with constant noise. Taunting behavior. They were involved in psychological foul play that backfired. I have been tortured by neighbors' noise many times, and have no pity for the dead. They stood there laughing, they're not laughing anymore.
  • Angela
    Please pray for Andy. He just made a mistake. I see a lot of people judging and I ask are they free from sin? We are all sinners and make mistakes, even poor choices but this man was a preacher, a son, a father, a cousin, and very loved as were the victims. There are no winners here but everything happens for a reason, multiple reasons.
  • Steven Scott
    I'll try this again. Whoever wrote the article about my friend and brother titled "Facts", open your ears. Mf don't you ever disrespect Tim, because it seems like you were holding that in for a while, and I know you didn't have the heart to say it to his face. Don't get it twisted, he still has a voice out here. Andrew Cote, I have no words for you. You took a beautiful elderly lady from this earth and my good friend. I will pray for your children though, because they will need it from all of us. I'm no judge, I will allow God and the courts to handle that.
  • Steven Scott
  • A Former Friend
    I sure was shocked when I heard the news. Pastor Cote was a Sunday School Teacher at Liberty Baptist in Las Vegas. He and his wife were quiet and always smiling. When his wife had their first baby it was a joyful time. I do hope she and the kids are OK. If you see this Brissa and think of you and the children often and do hope you are being the support you need. I am sorry for what you are going thru.
  • Ej
    My friend left my home at 9:35 pm went home to meet her friend and was brutally murdered along with her friend in her yard ! By the pastor of this church , I’m sick every day ! By supporting this church you are condoning these actions ! I pray for us all .
  • Maria Lopez
    Que triste que se blasfeme el nombre De Dios por gente como el. Que se dice Cristiano. Dice Dios por sus frutos bamos a conocer los que son los verdaderos hijos De Dios. Y los que no tarde que temprano Caen la justicia De Dios. Dice Dios que no muchos se deberían de hacer maestros sabiendo que recibirán mayor condenación. el era un falso pastor. Y sus frutos tarde que temprano Dios los espuso. Dios queira con todo mi corazón lo deceo que Dios lo salve el al cárcel.
  • LOgic
    This message is for “Logic in a can” You stated that Andy was a narcissist. Tim Hanson definitely had narcissistic tendencies. He wanted all attention on him. He had to out do everyone and if he couldn’t do better than you he would find a way to make you feel bad. He criticized & looked down on so many people in his circle if they didn’t agree with him. He ran so many good people away from him because of his negative outbursts, and completely rude behavior at times. So many people around him were enablers. I witnessed his angry outbursts & degrading words to others at a party at his residence in February and advised him that I wouldn’t be attending any more of his events. He then told me I wasn’t good enough to be in his presence any way. That shocked me but the more I thought about it the more I realize he had many narcissistic tendencies. He had many people fooled but many people know the truth & just won’t speak up. May he & the woman he was with Rest In Peace. May Andrew be sentenced correctly for the 2 murders he committed
  • Facts
    My heart goes out to all family members involved. I know Timothy Hanson very well. When his criminal record is investigated people will be shocked. When it comes to light how he abused and used multiple women, people will be shocked. When many of the evil things he did to people comes to light, many will be shocked. Over many years I watched his destructive behavior but remained in his circle. Eventually his circle became smaller and smaller. I witnessed his verbal and mental abuse towards people on numerous occasions. Always playing the victim by blaming everyone for his problems. I feel bad for any woman who was in a relationship with him because he always had multiple women on the side. Who ever had money or what he needed is who he went for. I speak the truth. If you really really knew him and were really in his world then you know I speak the truth. With that said, his murder was not justified at all. But his evil ways that a lot of people know about but won’t speak about, and his evil words that he spit at many were the end of him. He bullied neighbors, he punched bosses, he beat people, he threatens people and intimidated people, he used homeless people but this is a man that everyone holds so highly. I watched him verbally abuse & degrade a woman in his life for the last 2 or 3 years & I couldn’t understand it. Myself and a few other people watched him yell at this woman’s kid calling the kid dumb and stupid and telling the kid they were going to be a nobody. I had to tell him to back off. He was angry at something that had nothing to do with the kid. He often told me he loved this woman but he said he needed to break her down. I told this woman she needed to leave him and never bring her daughter back. She seemed to be the one keeping him above water. She did leave about 3 weeks or so before he was murdered. He would call me to come by and talk. He would say man I know I messed up. He said he had an old lady that would take care of him. I could imagine the things he said infront of Coto’s daughter because I have heard him say many evil things around kids. I could have spoken up more. I could have done many things different but you cant change someone’s ways. I know just know he was probably saying some really evil things to this man and his daughter that night that caused the man to snap. Not justified but believe me when I tell you that Chef Tim could run a person crazy if they let him. It makes me think about the long conversations we had about his kids, ex wives and ex girlfriends. They all know he was a little unstable. But everyone seems afraid to talk about it. Each one of the people involved from the victims to the suspect have a story no one may know about or want to hear TRUTH
  • shazay zanders
    you murdered my cousin you shitty demon bitch you. it only confirms there's no sky daddy looking down or a Jesus coming back. its just evil mfs or good people THATS IT. I CANT WAIT TIL YOU BURN IN YOUR HELL
  • Logic in a can
    I tend to find people who are overly religious to be controlling, narcissistic, bitter people who are riddled with guilt and shame. They channel that shame into judging others much like Andy did. It was obvious that the biggest problem he had the neighbor was that she wouldn’t play the role of a submissive woman who needs to listen to the almighty man neighbor. I feel for his family. I can only imagine how brain washed his wife is. No ideas or opinions of her own. This man is an evil, vain and controlling loser who finally couldn’t control his inner demons. Religion like this is dangerous on so many levels. It convinces people that they are better than others. Baptist pastors are not closer to god or any other made up deity. They are not some superhuman body of the right way to live. Just small men with big egos.
  • Julio
    Being a husband and father of two little ones myself, my heart hurts for all parties involved, especially his little ones. Last time I checked we are all mistake-making people, right? Its proven, even by some of the posts here. I mean how different are you when you are threatening another life or wishing harm and punishment on another? Differences amongst neighbors is not uncommon, but the facts need to come out about the exchange of words or threats between the two men, which might have lead to things escalating to something so tragic.
  • Lynn
    To those upset with the grievers here, calling us “haters”, “ignorant”, and angrily telling us to “coddle his wife and kids“??? I ask, “What kind of church is this”?? Our Loved ones are DEAD because, of the “ignorance” of this so called pastor, who felt that water over a wall, from a garden hose, sprinkling on him and daughter, required teaching his daughter that this equates to double murder? You should say nothing here at all, and allow people to express their hurt, anger, and disappointment. Coddling his wife and children are not our responsibility. It was this Demon’s responsibility , not to cause harm and hurt to his family and congregation, and care for them. It is “he” who decided that their well being meant little or nothing. You must face the fact that you were lied to, tricked, and followed a horrid murderer, guided by Satan. He deserves the DEATH PENALTY. I knew Timothy Hanson, when he owned a restaurant in southern ca. You have no idea who was taken away. The community loved him. He served expensive grilled meats, but even if sales were down for the day, would come out and give a meal to the homeless, or invite them in. If someone came in, not having quite enough money. He’d simply ask, “how much do you have? That’ll be fine”. I would tell him to charge more for catering. He just would not. He said it was what the people could afford. He cooked in competitions, where soo many knew and loved him, not only for his cuisine , but “him”. Affectionately known as “Chef Tim”, and a joy to be around, he was adored in so many places. He’d smile and strike up a conversation will all! He will have 3 separate memorials across the country. We will miss him, you have no idea what a blessing he was to so many. So, DO NOT YOU DARE to reprimand, or begin to tell us how we should be feeling! Come back and attempt, when your loved one’s head is practically blown off, with a shot gun for simply yelling at a man fighting an old 71 year old woman, who showered him with her garden hose.
  • Christine
    What have you done?!! How could you use murder to satisfy your anger and hate against your neighbor? What happened to love your neighbor as yourself? Thou shalt not kill? Love all your enemies? Bless them who curse you? Do good to those who hurt you? Pray for those who mistreat and persecute you? Does Matt 5:5 not register? Were the two victims saved? If not you sent them to Hell and you’re a pastor!!! You have blood on your hands and you will take account before God!! This is unspeakable and unthinkable. Repent now for what you have done! May God have mercy on you!
  • David
    Sad situation when a so called minister can't solve his own personal problems without violence. Ministers are not supposed to be murderers.
  • Kel
    Not exactly turning the other cheek, is it? (pun intended)
  • Thomas McCay
    I love the the humour of Baptists using the word "love" to describe themselves, when anger, racism, greed, and violence is what most Baptist churches appear to be about. I suppose your pastor's brutal murder of his next door neighbours, while his little daughter watched was a sign of Jesus working in his heart. The ugly hypocrisy is a hallmark of your variety of protestant. Imagine the effect this event has had and will have on his young daughter, for the rest of her life. All because her self righteous father and his message of hate. The real message of evangelical Christianity, in America.
  • Dave
    I'm hurting with you. Family of the victim, perpetrator, and the church. It hurts my heart as well. I am praying for you all. Dave, A fellow believer.
  • Jane Doe
    https://www.yahoo.com/news/feud-ends-gunfire-pastor-kills-210431443.html THIS IS BEYOND VILE.
  • Frank the Tank
    How is anyone, other than the dead, victims of the shooter? They chose to support this guy as a leader in their church community. Nobody forced them to attend his church. Sometimes supporting shitty people will lead to shitty outcomes. They are enablers, not victims.
  • John
    I don't like the fact that the church decided to shut down their website "for maintenance" instead of IMMEDIATELY denouncing this despicable rogue "pastor". I feel sorry for his wife, kids, and parishioners and hope his teachings haven't corrupted any of them. There is ZERO excuse for his actions and he needs to face retribution on Earth and in the afterlife.
  • Chris
    Thou shalt not kill...Turn the other cheek...love thy neighbor as thyself...that is all in the bible. People are making fun of this church,. Your pastor murdered two defenseless elderly people. He was annoyed at them, he killed them. Yes people have a problem with that.
  • Joe
    I'm no fan of extreme conservative faith ideology, but as a practicing Christian I would hope all the haters would have empathy for the victims and the pastor's family as well. They are victims of their father/husband rage and have to carry his burden. Maybe we should just pray for the deceased and the family. Senseless and sad.
  • Kevin
    As a graduate of Bob Jones University (BJU), this news story comes as no surprise to me. The Independent Baptist movement is dangerous, is cult-like (elevates the pastor to position no one but Jesus deserves) , teaches hatred rather than love, and breeds hypocrisy. Anyone in this environment simply needs to google Bob Jones University or Independent Baptist to find all kinds of 1st hand accounts of survivors who escaped, as well as the sex abuse scandal BJU swept under the rug for years. My prayer is that all in this congregation (as well as every other like congregation) find their way out and experience the love and freedom they deserve.
  • Tom
    I'm sorry for all the junk and hate being written here. Church members and his family are suffering and had nothing to do with this. The things being written here shows there is a lot of hate and ignorance out there. But know there's a lot of good, too.
  • Johnny Rotten
    Nobody wants to see a 70 year old naked in the hot tub. However, the Pastor will learn his lesson the first time he drops the soap in the shower.
  • Anna
    And you call yourselves Christians?
  • randy
    In my mind murder would not be forgiven, but Moses did commit murder, I can not say if he was forgiven, although it would be hard to imagine that.
  • Jesus
    No problem. You will be forgiven. Jesus.
  • Peter
    Pastor Cote is an awesome neighbor. Until he shoots you.
  • News Junky
    Read attached article. The pastor of this church does not appear to be saved. He murdered 2 people. I think this church will be having an out of business sale soon. I am a Christian but would not go to a church where the pastor is serving life in jail on 2 first degree murder charges. https://www.sacbee.com/news/nation-world/national/article243907452.html
  • Christine Alling
    This is why people turn away from religion. This man is obviously a sociopath disguising himself as a man of God for power and respect. It's disgusting and this church needs to be dissolved and all assets given to the families of the victims. This is not a real church. This is a front for arrogance, hate and evil.
  • Daniel M
    Blow me.
  • Don Diego De La Pena
    Jesus Christ!! WTF are they teaching at this church?? Jesus would never have taken a shotgun to his neighbors.. Just saying.. Sorry Daniel M that the "flock" is suffering, but two people are dead and blood is on his hands!! Your pastor is an evil man and should burn in hell for all eternity!!
  • Daniel M
    Please respect the Pastor's family and stop publishing hurtful content. The Pastor's wife and children are suffering, and so is the congragation. Respect the family's privacy
  • Hay Seuss
    In prison, Andy Cote will meet Jesus and feel his love in the showers, after lights out, and in the gym.
  • Miguel M
    The pastor gave his neighbors some "Fe y Amor" (Faith and Love)
  • The Jew from Israel
    On the evening of June 25, 2020 at 9:54 pm. Andrew Cote at 4417 Mossy Rock Ct., Las Vegas NV 89108 shot and murdered his neighbor with a shot gun killing her from point blank range over the 5' fence that was shared by both parties. He also shot the victims friend. He is currently facing 1st degree murder and has children and a wife. The neighbors had been fighting for years and because of his actions he will NOT be forgiven in this life or the life to come regardless of being "born again" murder is an unforgivable sin to God The Father and Jesus Christ, The Savior of the World. IF you wish to confirm this story simply type in: Andrew Cote and you will see the facts.
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