Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Gather to the Garden Raleigh, NC
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Gethsemane Lutheran Church

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1100 Newton Rd
Raleigh, NC 27615



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Who We Are

I am thrilled that you are interested in learning more about our church! Thanks for coming to our website. I would also be thrilled to share the message of Jesus your Savior with you. Click on the link to look at our website and if you are interested in learning more about our church, don't hesitate to contact me. My contact info is located below the map to the right.

-Pastor Phil Kiecker

About Us

Lots of kids, Neighborhood-focused, Casual, Traditional Liturgy, Down to Earth, Friendly, Multigenerational

Missions, Nursery, Adult Education, School, Community Service, Young Adults, Children's Ministry, Preschool, Daycare, Seniors Ministry

Traditional Hymns, Organ, Praise and Worship

Lutheran (WELS)




Our Services

What are services like?
WHAT'S THE POINT OF YOUR SERVICE? Sometimes, churches focus on how you can make God like you better. We do the opposite. In fact, at Gethsemane, we are well aware that we have only done things to displease God and we can't do anything to fix it. But that's why our worship is so incredible. Because in our services, we focus on how Jesus saved us from God's wrath. He did what was impossible for us to do and made us right with God! Our focus, then, isn't on what we can do for God, but on what God did for us. We focus on Jesus, our loving Savior! WILL I HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON WHEN? Absolutely! As you enter the church, a dapper looking usher will hand you the order for worship. This will have all that you need to follow the service. Readings, songs, responses, everything! No, you don't need to worry about looking things up in a book or memorizing a prayer. It's all there for you in that one bulletin. (In fact, it's so easy, even Pastor can use it!) WHAT WILL I DO WITH THE KIDS? Whatever you do, don't leave them at home! We love kids. They are a part of our worship family and we encourage you to bring them. During the first half of the service, we encourage all families to let the children stay in the pews! It helps them learn about church and is an excellent family time. (We do have coloring pages focusing on the day's lesson and age appropriate Bible books in back, if you'd like to help them stay focused.) Then, the kids are invited forward for a special children's lesson with pastor. Aftewards, they can stay for the rest of the service or they can head to the nursery with our volunteers, where they will hear a Bible story, sing Bible songs, and learn more about Jesus. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Whatever you'd like. We make no demands of you (and we don't have a partnership with a tuxedo shop). We're glad your with us and won't turn anyone away or give any dirty looks. Generally, people do dress with a casual reverence. They are comfortable, but still show respect to the all powerful God. WHY DOES PASTOR WEAR A WHITE SHEET? It's not a sheet. It's a robe. And it has been used for centuries in the Christian church to "hide the man" and "emphasize the message." It's nice because rather than focus on whether or not Pastor's tie is crooked, you get to focus on the message that is proclaimed. The robe is white as a symbol of the "robe of righteousness" that Jesus has won for all of us! Even pastor! (Yes, pastors are sinners who need Jesus' forgiveness.) WHAT KIND OF MUSIC WILL I HEAR AT GETHSEMANE? We have a piano. We have an organ. Sometimes other instruments play. So you might call us traditional in style. But what's more important to us is the Lutheran tradition of singing biblically based songs that portray Jesus as Savior. If we are going to sing praise to God, what better way is there than to proclaim the salvation he has won? Therefore, our worship uses the best of the church throughout the ages bringing God’s promises and his will into our modern lives. WILL YOUR PASTOR PREACH AT ME? It depends what you mean by preach. If you by 'preach' you mean: "tell you how you need to turn yourself around or else!: Then, no. But if by "preach" you mean: "marvel at God's undeserved love for us," then, yes! Pastor's sermons aim to focus on a part of God's Word. The pastor explains what that part says and helps you apply it to your everyday life. HOW COME I HAVE TO STAND UP SO MUCH? It's not for exercise. In fact, Lutherans are noted for drinking lots of coffee and eating lots of donuts! But the standing and sitting is done out of respect for God. We stand at the beginning of the service to remind us that God is present with u. We also stand for most of the prayers. The tradition of standing for the reading of the Gospel was started by gentlemen who were so excited to hear what Jesus had to say that they couldn't stay seated! (Who can blame them? Jesus means forgiveness afterall.) WILL I HAVE TO GIVE MONEY? Besides the million dollar entrance fee, not at all! (The entrance fee was a joke.) The offering is for the members to support the ministry of the church. Do not feel remotely, even the slightest bit, obligated to give! You are our guest! We don't think or expect anything from you. We are just glad to have you. WHAT'S HAPPENING WHEN YOU GO UP FRONT TO EAT THIS "SUPPER"? When people go up front, they do indeed eat a meal. But this is no ordinary meal. In fact, it was a meal that Jesus himself instituted. "The Lord Jesus, on the night he was betrayed, took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, “This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me.” In the same way, after supper he took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me.” For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes." (1 Corinthians 11:24-26) The Lord's Supper, then, is a special meal that Jesus told us to eat in remembrance of him. In this meal, Jesus give us his true body and true blood for the forgiveness of sins. This is no joke. It's a miracle. Not one that you can see, but one that takes place by Jesus' incredible promise. SHOULD I GO UP FOR LORD'S SUPPER? The Bible says that when believers have Lord's Supper together "there is one loaf' and "we, who are many, are one body, for we all share the one loaf." (1 Corinthians 10:17) Therefore, when we eat together we are confessing that we are "perfectly united" (1 Cor. 1:10) in all of our religious beliefs. We don't want to force you to have to say that you agree with us without having the chance to explain our beliefs to you first. We don't want you to fret about whether you are ready to join our church during the first service! (That would make me uptight.) Rather, if you are a guest, we'd politely ask that you sit back, relax, and meditate on the incredible message of Jesus, your Savior! Once you who have been able to go through a class on our teachings (here is a link to sign up for that class) and if you think decide that you agree with our the teachings, we'd love to have you join us at the Lord's table. WHAT IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG? All of us have felt this way when in a new situation. But we hope you see the people of our congregation to be ordinary people like yourself. We want to accept you as you are and help you to become what Christ wants you to be. WILL PEOPLE BE PUSHY? We believe that church membership should be a voluntary thing, and that the most important thing is to trust in Christ for the forgiveness of sins and salvation. It takes time for this to be cultivated. People need time to evaluate and decide if they wish further involvement. We will respect that need and won’t pressure you to join. But we do encourage you to worship with us again. Visit us on several occasions and make an informed decision for yourself. I STILL DON'T KNOW IF I'M COMFORTABLE WITH ALL OF THIS. We wouldn't expect you to be. It's a new place. There are new people. Maybe, a whole new experience. Yet, we'd encourage you to give it a shot! It might seem scary at first, but wait until you hear the incredible message that Christ loved you enough to die for you! It's awesome and we'd be honored to have the opportunity to share it with you.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Come! We'd be so very excited to have you and I'd feel privileged to share that message with you. Besides, you're going to be very upset if it turns out Christians have it right at the end of the world and you never took time to truly study what the book of the most influential religion of all time believe! If you'd prefer to learn more about Jesus in a private setting, please click here:

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Phil  Kiecker

Phil Kiecker

Studied at Martin Luther College for 4 years learning Greek and Hebrew (the languages of the Bible) as well as how to run a succesful outside blitz! Studied at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary for 4 years learning all about my own sinful failure and Jesus my Savior that I might make others aware of their own sinful failures and Jesus, their Savior. I interned one year at a church out in Covington, WA (a suburb of Seattle). There I learned about coffee, rain, and God's grace. What a splendid year it was. In 2011, I came to this church with my wife. We love it in Raleigh. WE love the people, the weather, and the thousands of places to eat. We'd love to meet you! Come stop by.

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