• Sara Evans
    Elder/Worship Leader/Treasurer

  • Jim Croto, MA, LPCC
    Music & Counselor

    Jim has his M.A. from N.M.H.U. 2005, his L.P.C.C since 2012. Jim is a commissioned Stephen Minister, ordained elder and deacon, and has worked as a youth minister at various churches.

  • Siobhan Croto, MA, CP

    Pastor Siobhan attended Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and Dubuque Theological Seminary, earned her M.A. in English from the University of Kansas, her Bachelors in English with honors from N.M.S.U. After her M.A. she went on to teach Kindergarten through university students. She then served as a school administrator. Siobhan also served as youth minister, ordained elder, deacon, Christian caregiver, and Stephen Minister. Siobhan started serving FPC-Raton in July, 2020 and commissioned as the pastor in November of the same year.