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14200 Mountain View Rd
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

(760) 329-3645

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  • This message is going out all over Orlando which is near Leesburg Florida where Randy Rhoads was murdered. It's also going all over Seattle where the problem really started with Act-up Seattle and a few condoms being passed out at Garfield High School. I wasn't there of course but I knew about it and maybe a little more. The kids passed them out-it was there idea to begin with, in fact-they were later murdered over it. They got murdered over doing the right thing while in their teens and that’s really fucked up. One of them was dubbed the Hecker by the Washington DC press. Bill Clinton knew all about that. He doesn't know anything anymore because he's dead and Washington DC is keeping their mouths shut about it because he was murdered over the situation himself. President Trump was murdered over what happened in West Palm Beach which also centered around HIV. I guess the Council of Foreign Relations likes to murder presidents over the HIV issue. It’s because the Presidents weren’t smart enough to get away with it with me around. Even Barrack Obama got his hands dirty in the situation. In fact, his office sent me an email trying to get me on the phone with him which I refused. This happened in Portland Oregon shortly after the election. A number of HIV activist from Seattle connected the condoms in the school’s issue were also murdered because we cared enough to save lives. I’d also be dead if God hadn’t protected because they tried over and over again. It is also going all over Portland and Sacramento and who knows where else it will go. It all depends on my imagination which by now most people know I have so get ready. The time spent here on earth is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity in heaven, so is the suffering we must go through in service of the Lord. There is no greater reward then basking in the love of the Lord for all eternity. This reward is permanent and so is God’s love. All God requires is a willing heart and he will do the rest. It matters not what you believe but what you care about and that you care. Love your neighbor. This is what Jesus taught and this is the truth or he would not have said it. This is the good news, not the legalisms and customs of man. I’m wondering why during an international crises President Trump isn’t holding a press conference. This is highly unusual. If I didn’t know any better I’d think he was dead, or is he? CNN and CBS should know. Maybe someone can call them and find out what the deal is with the lack of coverage of President Trump the last couple months. CNN phone number 404-827-1500 CBS phone number (212) 975-3247 Or you can email them at [email protected] [email protected] they love to talk so please don’t be shy. If he is dead the reason would certainly have something to do with West Palm Beach. I am absolutely positive of this and I’m also quite certain CBS and CNN know all about it as well as the Palm Beach Post. You can call them at: 1-800-926-POST Or email any of their employees by going to: And finding out their email addresses. Everyone in Florida loves to talk and the media is no exception. Convince them that we want President Trump to make a special appearance so we know he’s in good health. If he’s not well, who’s ordering the military? We need to know. Seriously!!!!! We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief for Governor Polis. Governor Polis has finally located the missing tree of the Denver Capitol Hill lawn and life at the Capital will carry on as usual. I helped him out by sending this message about the critical issue to Grand Master Julie Scott of the Rosicrucian Order and San Jose California. Please help Governor Jared Polis of Colorado find the missing tree from the Capital lawn in Denver, it's critical!!!! She understood all too well how important the tree was and pulled in all her resources to help the governor get the tree back. She had all the members of the Rosicrucian Order looking under every nook and cranny for the missing tree. She located it in her back yard. One of her assistants put it there and forgot to tell her about it. It had been there for a few years and nobody knew it. No wonder she couldn’t find it. The members if the Rosicrucian order really want to talk to anyone who’s interested in how exactly they found the tree. They realize the historic importance of their account of the search for the missing tree and will answer questions about this brave endeavor to anyone who wants to know. Just email them at: [email protected] To find out about the programs the Rosicrucian Order used in the hunt for the missing tree email them at: [email protected], Grand Master Julie Scott of the Rosicrucian Order in San Jose can be reached for comment at: (408) 947-3600 She loves to talk and really what’s the world to know all the trouble she went through to find the missing tree. Governor Jared Polis is interested in holding a press conference on the missing tree and would like to share his relief at its relocation to the world. He's anxiously waiting for members of the press to call him about this very important issue. To contact him please email him at: [email protected] is phone number is: (303) 866-2471 Oddly enough University of San Francisco’s Chemistry Lab Coordinator John Hendrix and he knows all about the missing tree and how it came to be missing. His email address is [email protected] or you can call him at: (415) 422-5424 You wouldn't think he'd know about this but he's failure with all things Boulder. He’s like my father was in that regard. And the Attention Homes in Boulder know more about this situation then they would like to admit but they will admit it if you call them at 303-447-1206. Admission operators are waiting patiently for your call. Steve Miles also knew about this but he died over it. This is a transcript left by him. Constitutional issue we should all be aware of So what I'm doing here is I'm bringing up issues related to the constitution that have a very profound legal effect on the situation but are easy for most people to grasp so people can have some understanding of the deception pulled over our eyes by our government. In the constitution there were a few amendments that were not legally ratified but everyone who doesn't know about this thinks that they were and the government pretends that they were and they aren't going to tell you otherwise because they are benefiting from breaking the law. One of them is the 16th amendment that requires people to pay income tax. That means they are in fact legally stealing our income. I'm not getting into the in depth, it's easy enough to research on your own but I just want you to be aware of it because it shows the level of deception practiced against the public by the United States Congress and Senate. What I'm actually covering is the is the missing 13th amendment. I know there is a 13th amendment but what you don't know is it wasn't the original 13th amendment and that has been hidden from the public for well over a hundred years. This goes all the way back to 1819. It's still in effect because it was never legally abolished which means legally it still has the force of law and the consequence of that are absolutely devastating to the government and to the general public when considering what has been done to us as a result. The missing 13th amendment was called titles of nobility. This amendment made it illegal to acquire a law license without losing your citizenship in the United States. You are probably very confused as to why that would be a good law. In fact, it was very good law and that's why it's missing. In the courts lawyers have rights to represent that ordinary people do not. This give them access to our legal system that's denied to regular citizens. Bar associations are exclusive clubs that control the fates of the general public by controlling the legal system in private hands. This means that a lawyer has rights and privileges that most citizens don't have and when it comes to legal access this is highly unjust to the general public. It gets worse. It means that license gives them rights and privileges that put them above the law in some situations. That's not justice. To have a law license means you are an officer of the courts. This means that if you are representing someone you first responsibility is to the system and not to the client. That means you can't actually represent the client in legal matters if you answer first to the court. This means that the term fiduciary relationships between an attorney and a client is only an illusion. The fiduciary relationship of an attorney is actually between the attorney and the court, not the client and that's the legal environment Bar associations create which are forefathers tried to prevent with the missing 13th amendment. There are defenses that patriots can use that will literally get rid of the charges but an attorney using these defenses for a client will result in the loss of their license to practice law. This means his first responsibility is to the court and not the client. Our forefathers tried to prevent this for good reason and it's still the law of the land. This is an example of how a law license makes the legal environment unfair for the client. If a lawyer is prohibited from using every legal defense available, then he can't adequately defend his client can he? To learn more about some of these defenses later see the redemption manual at: I'm just using this to illustrate why law licenses aren't good for the general public. It also gives the government control over the legal system that they cannot justly possess. If they are requiring law licenses and using that to control the actions of peoples conducting business in regards to excising legal options this is a travesty of justice, especially for the clients of attorneys. It’s the means for a government to control the legal affairs of its citizens. It's criminal and the fact they hid an amendment preventing them from doing this shows they are aware that they are on the criminal side of the law in relation to our courts. We can always require public defenders and district attorneys to be bonded rather than licensed and keep the system open to the public to ensure competent representation. We don't need exclusive legal clubs in the hands of private citizens controlling our legal affairs in order to ensure adequate compensation. In fact, it results in the opposite and causes the general public to be fleeced of its property and freedom. but that's not the only problem with this missing amendment. In the amendment anyone who becomes a member of a bar association lose their citizenship, yet most of our legislators have law licenses. That means we have people who aren't citizens running the country and when they vote on legislation their votes aren't legal because they aren't qualified to hold these offices in the first place. If you aren't legally in office you can't have a legal vote on the floor of the Congress Senate or any of the state legislative bodies either. What that means is everything passed by the senate and the congress is null and void and has been for about one hundred and fifty years and probably most the state laws as well. If the number of people on congress and the senate who passed a bill aren't qualified to hold office in the first place the bill didn't legally pass. That means our Federal government has been criminal since before you and I, or grandparents for that matter where ever born. The amendment became law after the following situation. Virginia Law Codes and the enactment of Act No. 280. March 12, 1819 You ask how did they hid a constitutional amendment. They couldn't do that today with the media being what it is but in 1819 There was no radio or television and the international news was probably over a hundred years away. Not everyone knew it had been passed and the media was part of the problem then as it is today. This was after the illuminate started in 1776 and they certainly had a problem with this amendment for obvious reasons so the war in 1819 was then as it is today which was and still is controlled by the bankers. Then the civil war came along and people were distracted with that. It's easy to see how this happened in light of our history and where technology was at that time. We think in terms of our environment as it is now but much of the legal deception happened many, many years ago when things that aren't possible today where at that time. The Virginia General Assembly Pocket Glossary of Legislative Terms This is a list of publications concerning the ratification of the missing 13th amendment. You can always email these people and they may correspond with you about the missing 13th amendment and probably a lot more. Early Virginia Legislation Archival Research [email protected] Alan Nevling Archival Research [email protected] Richard Green Early 19th Century American History Research [email protected] Idaho Bob Hardison Webmaster and Research [email protected] New Mexico Brian March [email protected] New Mexico David Dodge Co-discoverer of the Original 13th Amendment in 1983 [email protected] For historical information on amendments to the constitution you can go to and of two of my favorite patriot legal websites for political and legal historical information is: and I’m posting the following links in memory of Cindra and Chile who worked for the King County Health Department as employees of the needle exchange program. Responding to AIDS The Seattle-King County Department of Public Health 1982-1996. Go to: Pike Place Market which is a block from 2nd and Pike where the needle exchange was prior to 1994 Old picture of 2nd and Pike as well as location the needle exchange equipment was stored before I left Seattle in 1994 and picture of across the street from the needle exchange location. I was in Tacoma in 1989 just after being done with a job by Allan Dawson in November. The day I was to go home to Spokane I met up with a kid who was eighteen and HIV positive. I had a bleach kit I’d gotten from the Needle exchange. He had a hundred dollars or so and we did Cocaine. I shot after him because I didn’t have a rig but I did have the bleach kit and used the bleach faithfully after every shot he did prior to using the rig myself. I spent two years after sobering up worrying about whether I had HIV or not. This was probably a contributing factor to my getting involved. I had callings prior to that about the subject but this was just prior to my involvement which started in March 1990 In Seattle. If I hadn’t had the bleach kit that day, I’d most assuredly be dead by now because I would have contracted HIV thirty years ago and would never have been alive at this time. This was during the time of the Green River Killer doing his thing picking up women along the SeaTac Strip. In 1992 when Robert Plant was in Seattle for his tour I got an HIV test by the Health Department arrange through my HIV political contacts. I’m pretty sure the office was at the following location this picture is at:!1s0x54906aba49346e7d:0x25219abf53e703ae!3m1!7e115!4s//!5sKing+county+Health+department+locations+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2sAQvtU0pMFPV0QcYJ37OUgg I was very nervous about getting the results because of what happened in Tacoma shooting drugs after the eighteen-year-old kid who was infected with HIV in November of 1989. For support I brought Roselle Williams with me in case I was positive. I spent two years after sobering up worrying about this and thought I was probably going to die as a result of that. I was also tested for Hepatitis B. At the results appointment I was told correctly that I was HIV negative. I was also told I had gotten Hepatitis B and could never get it again. This was to keep me from getting vaccinated for this. They somehow knew I was positive for Hepatitis C and nothing had been published about that at this time and they wanted me venerable for contracting Hepatitis B. That’s the only explanation so how did they know I had it when nobody was supposed to have known it existed yet? Good question but I’ll leave that for later. The guy who gave me the results of the HIV test has since been murdered over the situation. Roselle and I then went to Tenzing Momo where we met Robert Plant. This was also a game but I didn’t know it of course. I used this experience as a message from God that I was to continue my activities in regards to music. It didn’t mean I knew where it would go, just that it was his will that I keep practicing and I did and the rest followed as a result. I had been praying about that issue when this occurred. God can work through games as well. God can work through anything, after all he is God and nothing is impossible for him. Chelsea Lucas who was about two years old was with us at the time. After we left he said see you Paul. I thought this was because he could relate because he had once had a son who had died but he was probably actually just playing it off like players do. I really don’t know; I couldn’t get into his head to find out. You know how that goes. In July 1977, his son Karac died at the age of five while Plant was engaged on Led Zeppelin's concert tour of the United States. It was a devastating loss for the family. Robert Plant was dressed in a complete tie dye outfit the day I met him. I noticed it as he walked across 1st Ave leaving the Tenzing Momo. It’s not every day you get to meet a rock legend that the memory seared its way into my mind. I will never forget that day. Photographs related to Tenzing Momo: Current Facebook photo of Roselle Williams go to and her holding Anissa when she was a baby: I got his autograph and he was visibly reluctant to give it to me because it was evidence but gave it to me anyway because what else could he do. He had to play it off. I gave that to Suzette Buttorf on June 5th, 1995 In Portland Oregon the day they intended to murder me to shut me up about HIV. I never got it back and Suzette Buttorf has since been murdered over situation as well as her daughter Rochelle. Robert Plant has also been murdered over the situation as well as Jimmy Page. I had no direct contact with him either. Suzette and Rochelle were both murdered. This was the result of games trying to get me to molest Rochelle who was only eleven when this occurred. It’s very sad that Rochelle was murdered over a situation she pressured to be involved with by her mother and others when she was only eleven years old. This should never have happened let alone being murdered as a result. These people need to be locked up and the key thrown away for this. I lived at the Waverleigh apartments in SE Portland in the building next to Suzette and was leaving the day I gave her the Robert Plant Autograph. For a picture of those units go to: President Trump and President Clinton President George HW Bush, Hillary Clinton and President Obama are now all dead. Who’s running the county now? Good question. It’s never been them anyway. We just thought it was. President Obama was certainly involved in the illegal incarceration of the arrest in Boulder Colorado on Thursday July 7th, 2019 as well as other things he’s done. I’m seriously wondering how much the Clinton Foundation knew about the murders of the Clintons. You can always ask her by accessing the Clinton Foundation and dropping her a line at: She really wants to hear from you and know how you feel about these murders because like her husband did, she feels your pain. I guess if they are willing to murder Michael Jackson they’ll murder anyone. A person thinks the people running this country wouldn’t murder presidents and ex-presidents but you have to realize these people are going down for creating and distributing HIV and the presidents know about it that makes this situation different. The people behind making it are the Council of Foreign Relations and they, not us tell our presidents what to do. This isn’t about what it should be but what it is!!!!! The elections are a farce to make you think we have free government when in fact we don’t and that’s why we have HIV. They control our government through the banking industry. In the constitution it said gold and silver shall be our money. They instead created the Federal Reserve without a constitutional amendment then convinced us paper is money rather than gold and silver. They then bought everything thing they wanted and took over our republican form of government. President Lincoln was assassinated for trying to preserve it. This is a short version of what happened but President Lincoln and President Kennedy where doing something about the banking situation and both of them where assassinated as a result. It’s not all they were doing but it was their biggest “sin” as it were because the banking scandal and it is a scandal is what put the bankers in control and correcting it will take them out. Members of the CFR: Board members of the CFR: CFR contact webpage: Anyone can call them and ask question!!!! Be my guest!!!! They will really appreciate you for it because they want to get the record straight. A good person to email for the straight story is the Anya Schmemann at: [email protected] She’s very honest and will give you the entire scoop if you just ask, she’ll tell all!!!!! The illuminati was formed in 1976 by Adam Weishaupt and with it the Family to carry its agenda out which is and always has been satanic in nature. It derived its power from corruption of granting itself the legal right to coin and mint money of the public. The prevention of this is outlined in our constitution because this started in England with the Rothschild’s and our forefathers did what they could to prevent it but an illegal Federal Reserve act was passed by congress in 1913 to get around it. They had no constitutional amendment which would have been required to make the Federal Reserve legal. For an informative video on the Rothschild’s family go to: The document that Adam Weishaupt sponsored and possibly wrote but this is a controversial point of whether he was actually it’s author is called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. For information about this go to: For more information about the entire picture by listing to Myron Fagan's Recordings go to: For information on who Myron Fagan was go to: Both President Lincoln and President Kennedy where assassinated for trying to turn this around. The current President’s Trump and Clinton were murdered because they were involved in the criminal actions against us and they needed to ensure their silence in relation to crimes in furtherance of the HIV genocide. These are two very different motives and should tell anyone the state of our government at this time. The following is about the banking industry and the control it holds over us and our political system. The links are very important to understand what is actually going on right now and since President Lincoln’s time actually. The Federal Reserve bank is a private bank. They are allowed to create our currency and the Constitution said Congress is supposed to do that. Call them and ask them why they can create money and you can’t. I’m sure you’d be interested in their reasons because it’s not fair to you or anyone else including the government. But they comment murder to keep this privilege and create wars with this power. The government is the only one who should be allowed to do this, not private bankers at an interest rate against the government ant the people for something that cost them nothing to create. To ask them simply call them at: 202-452-3000 for banking information go to: Site with logos from Political affiliation with HIV efforts for 1990 to 1994 go to: Photographs of Act-Up: Seattle Act-up business meetings where held at Group Health on Capitol Hill in Seattle every week. For a photograph of the building go to:[email protected]/11879953893 I worked with ACT-UP Seattle between 1990 and 1994 because people where dying and I was called to do something about it. I did not start out knowing it was man made or even suspect it: I met Chile at the Needle Exchange on 2nd and Pike. When I became an HIV activist the first thing I encountered was that there are a lot of gay people involved in this effort. Chile was very obviously gay. At first this was confusing to deal with. I had dealt with abusive by people of this persuasion and to some degree I associated people oriented this way with the people who abused me. The first thing I notice about Chile and many others involved in the effort was he never treated me with any disrespect. Nor did he ever express anything sexual towards me. It some situations this is appropriate for people to treat each other this way and find out where they are at and I’m sure Chile had a sex life. But in this situation we were both there for different reasons. Chile and others never lost sight of that fact and always acted appropriately for the circumstances involved. This was the beginning of my healing around my sexual abuse I’d suffered all my life. I began to realize not all gay people did this to me and not all of them where predators. From that I soon figured out that just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they are predators which caused me to focus on the fact that I was abused by predators and not gay people. Sure they were gay but that wasn’t the cause and I began to deal with the actual reality of what it was and learned to put the blame where it actually belongs with helped me tremendously in a therapeutic way. Steve Miles didn’t murder Jonbenet Ramsey because he was gay, he murdered her because he’s a sociopath who was paid to do it. It’s a different issue. From this I learned I can be loved by people who are gay and will respect me for not being gay and be sincere about it. I had one other person who I knew from my teenage years like that but I thought he was an exception. His name was Bruce Weir and he never violated me in anyway. In fact, he visited me in jail every week after I was dealing with my legal situation in 1995 and showed me he cared. Unfortunately, both of them were murdered over it and like me, Chile was given HIV and refused treatment until it killed him. This was the treatment he got for fighting to save lives at the needle exchange. He worked for the King County Health Department like Cindra and wrote a letter of reference for the Boulder Courts in which I was sentenced in December of 1995. Like Cindra and the Heckler he will be missed but never forgotten for his tireless work fighting HIV which ultimately took his life needlessly. President Clinton became involved in the situation in 1991 I think. This person who was the leader of the Youth Caucus of Seattle Act-up had gone to Washington DC for a press conference where President Clinton was. He got to the President and said, “What about Aids, Mr. President?” He was quickly whisked off by secret service and dubbed the Hecker. I don’t remember his name at this time and hackers won’t let look this stuff up so I affectionately refer to him as the Heckler and I’m sure he’s in the afterlife and doesn’t have any problem with that because he worked hard for that nick name. He was murdered over the situation with HIV unfortunately. He should up at the needle exchange on Thanks giving with Fern and me. He should me this pamphlet with all these photos of people having safe sex both straight and gay with their heads cut out of the photos for an action at the high schools. I thought it was tacky at the time and told him so. He called homophobic. I didn’t take offense. After all what else would a seventeen-year-old gay kid say when someone didn’t thing this was a good idea. Any a few months later it came out over Z-rock 1590 Seattle’s am hard rock station that he and his caucus and had done this. It got national attention and people were talking about the real issues of kids dying due to HIV infection. I changed my mind. I called him and said I could get him more condoms for another action. I was working with POCAAN in Seattle and they gave me condoms which I provided to the 1504 club to reduce the spread of HIV. I just got some from the lady I was dealing with and gave them to the Heckler for another action. I’m sure she would have agreed with what I was doing but I didn’t know their policy so I didn’t tell her. I thought that was best under the circumstances. Sometimes you know will agree but can’t for policy reasons so you don’t tell them. I didn’t know it but my phone was tapped. He did the action and condoms where placed in schools all over the world. Right after that an extremely intense persecution started that had continued to this day. I found out later that initially President Clinton was involved and every president after that. This lead to attempted murder on June 5th, 1995 In Portland Oregon. Hackers block me from getting on Facebook but here’s a photo and a YouTube video with my profile from Lawless America: One time I was on a bus. I had been smoking crack. I didn’t know where I was. This was while I lived in Seattle. I got off the bus and ended up down by a river. I didn’t know it but it was the Green River. The River Gary Ridgway, the Green River killer had been dumping bodies. This was before he was caught in about the year 2000. I came across a person in a suit by a sedan by the river. He was an FBI agent trying to catch the Green River killer. He searched me and took me to a bus stop after he was quite convinced I wasn’t the person he was worried about. After all I didn’t even have a vehicle. I couldn’t have very well been doing anything besides trying to figure out where I was and that’s why he helped me get to a bus stop. He was later murdered over the situation and so was Gary Ridgeway. I met Cindra after I became a HIV political activist. I started out by making bleach kits. These were kits with a bottle of bleach, a condom and instructions about how to use them as I remember. She was working for the King County Health department at the needle exchange who kept their equipment at our facility on 2nd street by Pike. She worked with Chili. The needle exchange was started by Seattle Act-up. The Health department had a table right next to theirs in the beginning and when it was clear that this was going to work the King County Health department resumed the responsibilities of the needle exchange. Seattle Act-up continued to be connected to it but it became the province of the King County Health department at that point. This was shortly after the Tacoma needle exchange started and before I came onto the scene. Cindra was about thirty-five years old. She was a pretty blond. She had a very special heart. She really cared about people and that was clear when you got to know her. I wasn’t usually interested in women her age. I was twenty-seven when I met her but there was something special about her and I had a romantic interest in her. She actually resembled Kendall Chambers but she was a lot smarter and seemed more caring then Kendall ever did. The Family used this to play games. I don’t entire blame Cindra. She had a mortgage to cover in Auburn and she’s not perfect. The fact is if the Family hadn’t been paying women to playing games they wouldn’t have played them and that’s the bottom line. I’m not saying she didn’t have a part or excusing her behavior I’m simply bringing up that she wasn’t the only player in this picture nor the most culpable one for that matter. I was friends with Roselle Williams and started parenting her daughter Chelsea Lucas. Anissa hadn’t been born yet. They played romantic games with her in order to try and get me to molest Roselle’s daughter Chelsea and later Anissa which didn’t work of course because my instinct was to do what I could to help them become mature healthy adults, not to exploit children sexually and emotional pain didn’t change that. I truly cared about them and would never do anything to hurt them. This started before I found out the following situation but was continued after it in relationship to the Williams family. In about 1993 when I was living at Cascadia I’d found out the Family created HIV. I watched a video by Dr. Stucker that said how it was created, which virus’s and how it was spread thought the United Nations, World Health Organization. For more on Dr. Strucker go to: Shortly after that I was indoctrinated into the Patriot Movement and it was very soon after that the persecution started against me. President Clinton was involved in this and it was the indoctrination into the Patriot movement that triggered the persecution. Dr. Strucker never actually mentions the Family is responsible but he suggests that it was people at the top who did this. As a result of my studies in chemistry and my indoctrination into the Patriot Movement and the resulting education I now have no doubt he knew fully well who was responsible. A person cable of this research would also know all the other information that I am currently aware of but he was smart enough not to bring this out but concentrate on his message knowing we’d discover the rest for yourself. Had he gone into that at that time I might have discounted the rest of his message and Dr. Stucker was wise enough to understand this when he produced his video. We now know it was Dr. Robert Gallo of the University of Maryland in College Park Maryland who created HIV. He admitted it in a video on YouTube. It made me sick because he was bragging in the video and shortly after the actual video was changed. They didn’t remove it because enough people had already seen it and that would have been viewed as an admission but rather changed the video. However, this is also an admission. I can no longer find it but I deal hackers. The creation and distribution of HIV is not just murdering people in the homosexual community but in fact is a crime against everyone in the world. The people involved in organizing, financing and researching this knowing it was going to be used for genocide need to be tried in an international court because this is a crime against the humanity of the entire world and is a crime against everyone. Dr. Strucker was murdered as a result of his involvement in the subject of HIV as was his brother. This section talks about the CIA's interest in the drug business as well as other issues. I met Alex when I when I was seventeen. My friend Jeff Eike introduced me to him. I also was dealing with one of Alex's friends who went by the name of Fish. His actual name was James and he lived down the alley from Alex where Jerry Groom later lived across the street from the First Presbyterian church in Boulder. This was a few years before I started attending the college group at the church. Fish and I had a good relationship but he wasn't nearly as nurturing as Alex was. Alex had a very kind heart. He became a mentor for me in my earlier musical interests and he thought me enough about martial arts that it saved my life in 1984 in a situation where people intended to murder me. Alex dealt a lot of marijuana and I became a customer of his. I was dealing at the time and he was probably selling me about a quarter pound a day. This was in the days of Columbian pot. It was normally forty dollars an ounce but Alex sold it for thirty-five. He's prices where always a little below street value. He like me later with LSD was involved in both wholesale and retail business but he normally only dealt with pot. Alex came to trust me with matters of money and had no problem fronting me pot because I always came through. One time someone came over looking for a quarter pound. Alex went and got it for him. I'm pretty sure he had a storage locker with pounds of product that he didn't keep at the house. This was at 17th and Walnut across the street form 7-11 where he was a manager of the property. The person didn't want it and Alex through it at me and said here, get rid of it. This was when I started to understand the level of trust he placed in me as far as money matters. Before that he'd hand me an ounce or whatever to take to someone waiting for a deal but I then understood he knew I would always take care of my debts. Except one time, he gave me a quarter ounce of shack for thirty-five dollars. It wasn't worth what he was charging and I quickly found that out but he refused to do any further business until I cleared it up which I quickly did. The discrepancy wasn't worth squabbling over at the expense of a good connection. Both from a personal perspective and a business perspective. It was a no brainier. Take care of it and go on. He'd always been good to me in the past, he taught me basic music theory, helped me become proficient in self-defense and so this was really a small issue in the total experience regarding Alex. I was selling a lot of pot one day. I was pretty young but I knew everyone I was dealing with and was taking no risks of being busted. I came in for yet another deal that night and Alex became paranoid. He sold me what I was after but he looking around concerned about getting busted. I knew it's because I was very young and most people my age wouldn't have that kind of clientele built up but I did. I didn't take this personally because I could see why he'd worry. This wasn't a usual situation with people my age in regards to dealing. I understood that and we got past it. After the Columbian pot thing past the green bud pot was going around and Alex was selling me what normally cost people on the streets twenty-five for twenty dollars. This was for a quarter. I remember one day I had a customer and he was all bent out of shape that I was making five dollars. He was getting it at street value and couldn’t' seem to understand I'm putting my neck out and I deserve to get paid for my time and effort in regards to this. He wasn't getting it for less than what it would cost him anywhere else. His partner seemed to understand where I was coming from, but this could have all been a game. A lot of things were as they are today. In about 1983 I was living at the Colony. Two people I hardly knew said they were interested in five pounds of pot. I should have just shined them on. Looking back, I went to Alex and brought it up. I knew he could do it, there was no question he could carry five pounds. He refused. I didn't question his judgement in this verbally nor mentally. I trusted Alex's judgement in regards to remaining safe and learned a lot watching him and it may have been why I was never busted for dealing drugs. when Alex said no that was it and as far as I was concerned so was any future business with these two people. I knew Alex told me no for a reason and I didn't need to learn the mistake on my own and that was that. Alex was murdered over my situation which was a deep loss for me. I met Old Joe on the Boulder Mall in the early eighties. I think it was at around 1981 or so. We both dealt acid on the mall. Joe was from the San Francisco bay area. He had been involved in protests in the Height Ashbury area of Berkeley in the sixties prior to my meeting him. He was obviously passionate about his political beliefs and being involved with LSD was all part of this culture and I have no doubt Joe believed in what he was involved with including selling LSD. I was raised in the sixties and seventies and this was what I knew. Hippies and Hippy culture and anyone who knew Joe knew he came from that mold. Part of that was the LSD think where Timothy Leary came and said tune in, turn on and drop out. Timothy Leary was hooked up with CIA who had nefarious motives behind it all but Timothy Leary was a dupe in the situation so he was lead to make this philosophy a culturally excepted idea among the hippies. As far as drugs go LSD isn't really that bad. Why did the CIA have an interest in LSD? Well when people are on it they are somewhat suggestible. You can present ideas and people will think they are great and perhaps spend the rest of their lives believing it unless it's dispelled somehow. It’s not hardwired in there. A little evidence will change their minds on things even after an LSD experience. So when Timothy Leary said, Tune in, turn on and drop out people thought dropping out of the system was the answer. Hippies wanted changes and this sounded good. Don't participate to try and change the system that way. This is exactly what the CIA wanted. If war protesters drop out and stay among themselves nobody else is seriously influenced by the antiwar message. Also the government had been saying terrible things about drugs. LSD was used as a gateway drug. The hippies saw it wasn't actually that bad so they believe the government was lying about all drugs and perhaps they were. But nobody was talking about the real horror of some drugs, like heroin, speed and cocaine. So the hippies started experimenting because after all LSD wasn't that bad so the other stuff must not be either. So what happened? The CIA had Lucy Luciano pardoned from a thirty to fifty-year prison sentence so he could create the heroin epidemic of the sixties. This video covers some of that called American Dope. Here's the Wikipedia on Lucy Luciano All drugs are bad for an addict and that includes LSD. I'm bringing this up so people understand perfectly what I'm communicating with this. I am in no way suggesting people with the problem of addiction should start doing LSD. In fact, I’m not advocating it in the usual sense. What I'm saying is alcohol by all standards of measurement produces much worse results than people who consume LSD. It is physically addictive. It impairs your judgement when under the influence and causes far more damage to your personal relationships then people who occasionally use LSD. Will an addiction to LSD effect your relationships? Absolutely. When we are more interested in getting high on anything than on our relationships it’s going to affect them but addiction to psychedelics isn’t nearly as destructive as Meth, Cocaine, alcohol, heroin and a number of other substances. I’m putting this into perspective I’m not advocating it. It is my opinion that if a person is using drugs more than twice a month he’s probably got an issue with dependency. Dependency of any kind will affect your relationships with God, yourself and others. The best way to figure out whether you have an issue with substances is not how often but how you think about it. A person who doesn’t have an issue will use when it’s available or convenient but they won’t spend large amounts of time thinking about using. A person with a dependency issue or addiction will be thinking about the next time they are going to do it. What they are going to do when they do it. How they are going to pay for it and will be someone preoccupied with this thinking process. If you are doing this drugs may be an issue for you that either will or are lowering the quality of your life and relationships. In other words, if this thinking process is going on you’d most likely be happier without them after you’ve gotten some recovery on this issue. If you’re not an addict to begin with some substances aren’t generally a problem to begin with and psychedelic and marijuana are in that class. And if that’s what your addicted to your life might not be all that bad but it could be much better. That’s what I’m saying and having them available to the general public would go a long way in giving avenues besides harder drugs. And the money generated could be used for treatment when people are ready, this saves the tax payers money and provides treatment on demand which will be a lot more effective in treating addiction then using jail cells and making organized crime rich in the process. Addicts will get drugs regardless and we need to face that fact and treat it from that position if we are going to reduce the level of addiction in society. This means of course that the government would control the drug markets rather than organized crime because somebody is going to control it. That’s a fact and we all know that. Methamphetamine is also really bad for you. It wrecks your health, life and your personal relationships as well as your productivity. Heroin looks different in some respects but it also wrecks your life and your relationships in much the same way when it’s all said and done. Hallucinogens don't do this, they are a substance and additive in that regard but they don't automatically cause great problems of addiction among people who don't have a predisposition for it while these other substances do. for instance, you don't hear of people being social users of cocaine. There is something different about some of the substances and that's one of them. I personally can't use LSD because I'll do it more often then I should and shortly after I'll say, this isn't really what I want to do, I prefer speed or some other substance like heroin and then I'm off and running with addiction so it's just not a good idea. And if I could keep it to that, which I wouldn't be able to do I'd still waste more time doing that than other stuff I should be doing but not everyone has that problem. We are going to have addiction with us regardless of how we deal with it. It's a fact of life. We can't possibly legislate it away. All we do by making substances illegal is creating a black market and that breads organize crime which eventually leads to treason and Tierney. We don't stop the problem. In fact, on our streets anyone can get anything they want if they look and that's what making it illegal has caused. Some people don't know this but the mafia spent over fifty percent of every dollar they got on corrupting the political system. This means they had the power to effect legislation and of course court cases. The other thing organized crime does is it infiltrates that which it wants to control including police departments, the Senate, Congress or anything it wants to control. My point is drug markets give them resources to do this. There is also a lot of corruption in law enforcement and incarceration. It's a huge part of this picture but beyond the scope of what I'm talking about. My point is there's a lot more going on with the illegality of drugs then the average citizen has any idea of and none of it is about justice. What we need to do is allow people somewhat easy access to less harmful substances. We don't want these outlets on every street corner. Make them go all the way the edge of town to get so they use these things less often but allow them to get this and use the profits to provide treatment for addicts. If the system controls, the markets they use the profits to clean it up. Right now organized crime does this and the tax payer is left to pay the bill. On harder substances we need clinics where a person has to have a problem to get access but they don't have to hide to get what they are going to get anyway and continue having it be a serious felony to deal on the streets. This way we get the problem off the streets and stop creating new addicts. Right now in any major city a person can go almost anywhere and get whatever they want because it's illegal and so it can't be regulated under this type of system. By making it completely illegal we give away our ability to regulate the problem. This is a minor description of what my ideas are on this topic. The whole subject is quite complexes by the time you consider the issues of laws and social practices regarding exposure to treatment in order to receive services to plant seeds of recovery. We can use the whole drug issue to help people get sober if we just use or heads about it. We can certainly do better but we have to change our thinking about the entire subject and get addiction to pay for itself. Outlawing drugs clearly doesn't work. We've seen that. I was living with Old Joe in a tent around 6th and Arapahoe off the Boulder Creek. It was cold and we were doing the best we could. Boulder was very expensive and the Family did everything possible to keep me from acquiring housing. They also interfered with my jobs. They even managed to get me kicked out of Vo-Tech about six months before I graduated from Welding school in about 1983 but this was prior to that. We were selling acid. We weren't partners but we were friends and we both were involved in the same business. One-day Old Joe was on the mall. This guy he knew called out to him loudly. He wasn't discrete and Joe was busted. At the time I thought the guy just made a mistake that cost Joe a case. Joe got upset when I refused to disassociate myself with this person because I thought it was an innocent mistake. The guy set Joe up intentionally so they could squeeze Joe to get to me but Joe didn't give me up. I didn’t know about that part of it at the time. Joe had morals in relation to what he was doing and took the rap. Joe was a much bigger dealer as far as that went. If it was about the drugs it would Joe, they were interested in and they'd never tried to work a deal with Joe to get to me. They had been involved in entrapment schemes against me as far as drugs went since about 1980 or earlier. They had problems getting this done because I didn't deal with strangers. I was extremely careful and so they went so far as to set up a bigger dealer to get a smaller one. Why? I tell you why. It was never about the drugs. In fact, they were behind getting me into it in the first place. This situation started in 1978 at Pine Street Attention home when the family pulled strings to get me into the racket and that's why Gary Gleason was murdered. I was living on 14th and Euclid at a house that I got through Kendall Chambers. She had another guy she kept seeing named Fred Jolly and he'd lived there so she hooked me up with after he'd moved out. It was right by University Hill Elementary School located at 956 16th St, Boulder, CO. In fact, I lived on the other side of the school at a frat house in the summer of 1980 when I met Lisa Strong. I was living in BCTC when this happened. The house like many other building connected to the situation was torn down to suppress evidence. I lived with several Christians and one was a drummer. I'm pretty sure they've all been murdered since then. I was kicked out after an Indian person who was twenty-seven at the time showed up and got me high for a few days on speed and my money was stolen so I couldn't rent anywhere else right after it. When I lived at this house I was dealing with Frisco Bob, Young Bob and Randy. They were getting the stuff out of Berkeley and having it shipped UPS on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure it was manufactured at the University of San Francisco because most the LSD in Boulder was made there. Some of it was called Berkeley blotter which came in plain white perforated blotter paper and was dosed reasonably high. For pictures of the university go to:!1s0x8085874a311220bb%3A0x6a56ca6f837ff84e!3m1!7e115!!5sUniversity%20of%20San%20Francisco%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNphXARGtNfEICsyk4EcM2ZJqETaypKKyr8JSWc&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiI4_bjgd7mAhWbbs0KHQTmC4gQoiowFXoECBIQBg It's very close to Height and Ashbury as well as Golden Gate Park where people went to score quantity. Everyone in the business in Boulder knew this. Boulder is a distribution center for LSD to the rest of the county and probably why the Family wanted me there. I didn't know it but Bob hooked me up with these connections because they were trying to set me up for a bust. They needed me to have a good connection in order to pull it off. At one point Randy and I were at Hog Back near Red Rocks theater. It was a party spot we went to. He had sold about twenty-five hundred hits that day and told me about it. This wasn't a surprise to me. The number was impressive but I knew Randy and I was sure he was telling the truth. After all it was coming straight out of California and he had lots of it. Young Bob at one point said, "Paul, you're a smart guy and I know you can sell more." I wasn't interested in selling more because that would mean dealing with strangers and I wasn’t going to do that. Randy had a lot of his business in the Denver area and that came up that night as well. Here's what was going on. They couldn't get a nark in because I wouldn't deal with anyone I didn't know. I knew most everyone in Boulder so they were trying to entice me with greed and get me into new areas to set me up for a bust. I'm stupid nor greedy. In fact, I did it as much for a service to my customers as I did anything for money. It was never about money for me and that's why this approach didn't work. I had gotten sober and was about ten months sober at the time. I was with Kurt, Scottie and two teenage girls in Left hand canyon. I wasn't doing any drugs because I was sober but I was dealing. I was actually doing pretty well financially. I was selling about three hundred to five hundred hits a week. It's not huge but it’s not small either. It's in the middle someplace really. I was selling both quantity and singles. Well Kurt took me up there with them because I was marked to get busted. I didn't' know it off course. They were working with corrupt police officers. Kurt was smoking pot with them and I was just along for the ride sort of speak. A Sheriff pulled up. There was really no reason for them to be where we were. It wasn't a crime area or someplace where people regularly hung out. The cops made us get out of the car and they intended to search us. I tried to give the acid to Scottie. I didn't want to eat it because I was sober and I wanted to stay that way. I had about three hundred hits at home but didn't have them on me at the time of course. What I had wasn't a hundred hits or anything like that. He told me to put it on the ground and try to hide. Scottie was trying to get me busted but I ate it. I'm no fool and I'm not going to just take a chance like that. It was quite a few hits but not so much you'd flip your wig. So we are in the care waiting for the cops to do lord knows what they were up to. A lot of time had gone by and I was starting to get off. I complained and Kurt said you're not in control and he had a weird attitude. I later found it was because I was supposed to be busted but eat the evidence. I think they thought I wouldn't do that because I was sober and they were wrong. I'd have gone to prison had I not eaten it and I knew that. Finally, a pickup truck comes up and picks up the girls. They come to the car and said, Scottie we can't get a hold of your parents and we are going to have to take you in. He kept repeating Kurt will take me home. Kurt will take me home. They let that happen. It was a set up to begin with so they had no intention of taking him anywhere. I was the one they were after and the game didn't work. To make it look good they told Kurt to get out of town. As a result of this Scottie, Kurt, the two girls and the police officers where all murdered. I'm the only one left to tell the story. Scottie felt bad after it was done and I understand he made some real changes as a result of it. I'm sure never changed at all. Kurt as far as I knew was never a good guy. I didn't know the girls. I know they are dead but nothing else. I liked Scottie and it really makes me angry they'd involve such a young person in such a situation and then have him murdered over it. I can't tell you how that makes me feel. It's hurts. I loved Scottie and now he's gone as a result of these games. My father was behind this and he was following orders out of Texas. My family in Texas was involved in the situation and they answered to the Rosicrucian order who have murders done on a regular basis and think nothing of the lives they take or who it effects and believe me when someone is murdered they aren't the only victims. I can't tell how painful it is to lose lots of people to selfish murderers. Randy, Young Bob Frisco Bob and Old Joe have all been murdered to cover all this up and quite a few other people involved in the distribution of LSD in Boulder in the eighties. Like I said before, the situation was never about the drugs but corruption. My friend Tony Finley was getting this stuff from the pipe fitter and selling it as cocaine. I knew it wasn’t cocaine but I didn’t let on to him about that. Why argue. He was giving the stuff to me and there was no reason for me to conflict on such an issue if I wasn’t paying for it. He was selling the stuff and keeping cars as collateral. He was asking me to drive him around in these cars. One of them was a T-bird. He had me park in back of the Pipe fitter while he went in and got the stuff. He didn’t tell me that’s what he was doing but I knew. He had me drive this smaller vehicle he had on the same arrangement as the others. We dropped by a gas station on North Broadway before heading out to Lyons. I couldn’t get the gas cap off and I think we left without gassing up. On the way to Lyons we ran out of gas and we started walking towards Lyons. About a mile up the road we were stopped by a sheriff’s officer. The cop said something about the car being stolen and we were taken into the Boulder County jail. In the booking room I stated what happened. While in jail Tom Parsons came to see me. I explained I was innocent and I know he knew I was but he told me I was probably going to do time for this. A week later we were released. At the time I was told Tony’s lawyer got us both out. I now know that if I hadn’t said anything we’d have both ended up in prison over it. Tony told me the guy who did this with the car he gave to Tony was later murdered in a hospital room I believe. He said he’d gotten shot for doing that to someone else. I believe that was what Tony was told but I know am fairly certain it had to do with my situation. Tony Finley had a problem with stealing from everyone when he was younger. I grew out this behavior as a teenager. I did steal occasionally to survive but I didn’t go beyond that. It wasn’t something I felt good about but I also didn’t feel good about being hungry either and lots of things where being done to keep me from being gainfully employed. To some degree dealing drugs helped keep me from starving but that wasn’t why I did it. I grew up around drugs and when I was a kid dealer was considered impressive. It was the culture of the sixties around the hippies that I grew up in. My mother was into the occult and all things about peace and love that was the sign of the times. This was my formative influence and drugs was part of that. The Rosicrucian order unbeknown to my mother was involved in intentionally corrupting me which went all the back to 1962 and drugs was a big part of that. We were living in the Varsity Manor. There was a college student that was selling cocaine. He’d used his tuition money to buy it and put his neck out. Tony wanted the cocaine and wasn’t concerned about the fact that this guy was in school and that would cause him to not be able to pay his tuition. We had a friend named Mary Sterling. She later murdered her husband Baron for the Family but that’s another story. Tony broke into his house and stole his cocaine. A down jacket and other stuff as well. He gave the jacket and didn’t tell me he’d stolen it. I did find out he’d taken this guy’s cocaine and he would have to drop out of school because of Tony’s selfishness. Him and Mary Stealing did the Cocaine. I was taken to the Alcohol recovery center while drinking. Also known as the arc. I was on LSD that night. Detective Mike Butler became involved in this crime. They identified the jacket. I was very upset with Tony for doing this to this college student and when asked where I got it. I told them. I was very conflicted about the situation. I loved Tony but I also really felt for this poor college student and ultimately decided to cooperate. Mike Butler got a search warrant and Tony did some time over it. I never received anything for giving Mike Butler the information nor did I want to be. This was about justice. I wasn’t the kind of person who did something like this unless I had a very good reason. He knew how it went down but he later realized what he had done to poor college student and when he got out we remained friends. I was very sad when I found out that the Boulder County Aids Project was involved with his murder as a result of not treating his HIV. Tony did learn not to break into people’s houses and stop going in and out of prison as a result. He did steal a collectable clock from me in 2002 when he was staying with Mary Weise and I but they had my house tapped and told Tony it was there and that it had value and it’s going to help us solve Tony’s murder. In the end I was glad Tony stole that clock because he was a lot more valuable to me than any clock and I want his murder solved. It will be!!!! July Scott of the AMORC in San Jose also known as the Rosicrucian Order had David Mickie murdered for doing a bad job. He was a cop who worked for the FBI. I’ve known him since about 2004. I met him when the period of activity started in Portland Oregon. In the course of my dealings with Dave he introduced me to someone called the Hobo Prince. I believe his murder had a weird connection to his turning me onto this man: Dave had an interesting reason for him wanting me to know him and I think it got him killed. I met David Mickie at the Portland Alano club in 2004 during the period of activity. I never knew he was an officer of the law when I met him or until shortly before his murder just weeks ago. He had many years of sobriety and unfortunately they had Dave Mickie involved in illegal entrapment schemes. The Portland Alano Club I met David Mickie at can be contacted at: Phone: (503) 222-5756 Fax: (503) 248-0483 [email protected] At one point in about 2012 many years after I met David Mickie he called me and said he was interested in a chemical called RDX. He said there was money in it. So I looked into it. What RDX is, is C-4. I had no interest in creating this. Dave didn’t want RDX, he wanted a conviction. Since I wasn’t interested in creating RDX, I told him what was involved but never agreed nor intended to agree to do this. I’m not violent and have no reason to create plastic explosives. After that a person named Mario comes into Carmine’s room drunk trying to talk to me about making explosives. I told Mario which is the truth, there is a lot more you can do with chemistry besides making explosives and I’m not interested in making explosives. I have very good reason to believe Dave Mickie was told to do this by his boss. I wasn’t breaking the law so they were trying to help it along. In fact, by things that transpired over the years I knew David it became clear they were literally willing to spend thousands of dollars in order to get an entrapment scheme if they could get away with it. Who would have paid that? The American tax payers, who else? That’s what they do with your tax dollars. Entrap political activists who express speech they don’t want you to hear. I’m pretty sure David Mickie was ordered to do this. At this point based on the evidence David Mickie didn’t really want to be involved in this situation anymore. They had been trying this for years and so to move things along they told David Mickie, see if you can interest him in making RDX. Tell him there’s two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in it for him. That’s a nasty charge, terrorism and everything that goes with it. But I’m not a terrorist and don’t believe in violence for any amount of money. I now know that Mario form room 312 at the Hotel Alder was involved in an entrapment scheme along with Dave Mickie. They somehow thought that if he was drunk I’d say anything but I have no interest in explosives so it was doomed to failure from the start. Mario being drunk doesn’t make me want to produce explosives, why would it? But these where the type things they were trying. This is not the only time they thought pouring alcohol down someone else’s throat would loosen my lips. This is really weird thinking but these people are a little strange. I believe the reason they had David Mickie dealing with me in Vancouver Washington was so they could make a Federal issue out of something over the state border. He originally lived in Portland Oregon when I met him. That’s probably not the only reason he lived there but it certainly had something to do with the situation. A lot of things are Federal unless it involves more than one state. There were a number of people involved in trying to entrap me. None of them supposedly knew each other but by the timing of everything it was obviously coordinated by someone up top. That’s how entrapment works. The recipe for RDX was in one of Uncle Festers books and as far as chemical compounds go it would be rather simple to produce. I’m not into explosives but there would be no challenge to me anyway. I think that was why the FBI tried this. They thought I’d see it as easy money. David Mickie also tried talking to me about robbing a drug company. He said he had the combination to the alarm and everything needed to do the job. He knew the timing of security rounds and this sort of talk but I don’t do that so that didn’t go anywhere either. I grew up a long time ago. There was absolutely no interest in my helping with that either. It was his idea and that’s consider entrapment by the law. He told me him and his cousin knocked off a marijuana business and had ten pounds or so and someone stole it from them. This kind of talk was to try and create the illusion of the fact he was a criminal, which he was but not for that. Entrapment is creating a crime that wouldn’t have otherwise happened for the sake of an arrest and this is illegal on the part of anyway trying to do this. Not just the police and certainly a lot of church folks in Boulder were trying this as well. Especially from 2001 to 2003. They had people pretending to be real criminals and whole shoot. These weren’t even police. Just bible thumping criminal want to bee’s. Pardon my French. Got to have fun with it but when the Promise Keepers where involved in the murder of Mary Weise on June 10th, 2002 they were no longer want to bee’s. Or else it would all just be misery. An example of entrapment was John Delorean and I think we as a society need to consider making this should carry a life sentence with the possibility of parole because this is not a cool thing to do to anyone. Framing someone and entrapping someone is the same thing in my thinking. It’s putting people who are innocent in prison for years and years, and people involved should do serious time for even trying it. It’s not okay to do that to people for any reason I have no doubt this was conducted through his supervisors. Our system of justice and otherwise is totally lawless at this point and has been since before you and I were ever born. But they’ve convinced us that we have the most honest system in the world which simply isn’t true. In Mexico they’ll shoot you if they have an issue of you stepping on toes but here they’ll place a carcinogen in your food, give cancer and say you got sick and go on saying what a great and honest system we have. At least Mexico isn’t bull shitting you about what they are doing. If you have a problem with someone there you know to hide but here nobody tells you watch what you eat, but instead what’s to treat you to a delicious meal. I think you get what I’m talking about. The reason they had Dave trying to do what he was trying to do is they don’t agree with my politics. Our constitution gives us the right to speak out but have you ever tried doing it. Well, they sick the FBI on you and try to create a charge for something besides what they really have a problem with. Dave started having an understanding that maybe my politics where right on and he started feeling bad about what he was being forced to do. Dave was murdered in the process of dealing with his conscience and struggling with it over his job. They didn’t match and it got him killed. During this whole process we encountered someone called the Hobo Prince. David had a very good reason for introducing me to him. He was trying to communicate through this situation. I lost twenty-five dollars in the process but that’s really not that big a deal because I know much more about Dave then I would have had he not done this. I just wish I could have kept the contract I signed for the Hobo Prince. Rod Suzzo also took part in it, I don’t think Richard Koenig had anything to do with it. Rod, Richard and I were into the Citizens Grand Jury movement in Oregon. Ray ran the meetings on Thursdays in Tigard Oregon, he’s been murdered as well and so have some of the others including Rod Suzzo. Rod was very high up in management in this movement. I’m actually not surprised he’s dead. He was an extremely enlightened soul. One of the most advanced people I’ve ever met spiritually speaking. He had a heart of gold. I was first introduced to the concept of Citizen Grand Juries by a person named Harold Graham who I’d met in prison. Harold was in seventies when I met him. He had some ungodly amount of time when he was originally sentenced. Like thirty years. Harold Graham got into the law library and studying law. He was able to get his sentence down to about six years. The state of Colorado spent ten million dollars defending law suits that Harold Graham had filed while incarcerated. They offered to release him six months early if he’d drop suits and he refused. He got a person illegally incarcerated named Ken Faulkner who had a few left released almost immediately after filling paper work. As soon as it was reviewed by the court Kens release was ordered and out he went back to Bakersfield California where he was from. When I was released I gave Harold Graham all my paperwork that I generated in regards to their illegal handling of my Hepatitis C situation. I wasn’t even informed I had it until about a year after I was incarcerated and I’m certain this was no accident. I had started some study of the law prior to that when I became indoctrinated into the Patriot movement in 1993 but while I was in prison I studied Chemistry under Basil. I had an interest in law but I was concentrating on chemistry while in prison. I have no regrets about this because I needed that education for the actions I’m planning in regards dealing with environmental issues when this is over. I didn’t start my serious study of the law until I was released and once I started I did obsessively for a period of quite a few years. I spent about ten hours a day studying law. I’m also glad I did that. This education has been a tremendous asset to dealing with this situation and was absolutely essential not only to prevailing but to surviving it. Like chemistry it’s also a very necessary subject to know in regards to dealing with the environment. In fact, you cannot be effective in dealing with the subject of environmental policy without a legal education. Last time I saw David Mickie was a couple months ago on 14th near Spear Blvd in Denver right by the King Soopers. After that meeting they pulled his and his girlfriend Dee’s plug and so they are both dead. We didn’t always agree on everything but I liked Dave and I didn’t want him murdered. In fact, I had great love for him. Why would Julie Scott do such a thing. Does she like murdering cops or was it just Dave? I think it had something to do with his job performance and I’m going to get into that. I lost a few thousand dollars of as a result of the whole thing but what I found tragic was the fact that Dave was murdered over our relationship and he wasn’t the only one murdered. was Steve Priesler also known as Uncle Fester. At one point in about 2012 David Mickie called me and said he was interested in a chemical called RDX. He said there was money in it. So I looked into it. What RDX is, is C-4. I had no interest in creating this. Dave didn’t want RDX, he wanted a conviction. Since I wasn’t interested in creating RDX, I told him what was involved but never agreed nor intended to agree to do this. I’m not violent and have no reason to create plastic explosives no matter how much people offer me for this kind of thing. It’s not something I’m willing to do. After that a person named Mario comes into Carmine’s room drunk trying to talk to me about making explosives. What I told Mario which is the truth is there is a lot more you can do with chemistry besides making explosives and I’m not interested in making explosives. Based on the evidence I’m aware of I have very good reason to believe Dave Mickie was told to do this by his boss. I wasn’t breaking the law so they were trying to help it along. In fact, by things that transpired over the years I knew David it became clear they were literally willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to get an entrapment scheme if they could get away with it. Who would have paid that? The American tax payers, who else? That’s what they do with your tax dollars. Entrap political activists who express speech they don’t want you to hear because it’s the truth about their crimes against you. I am now certain based on the evidence David Mickie didn’t really want to be involved in this situation anymore. He and his girlfriend Dee had had a change of heart. The FBI had been trying this for years and so to move things along they told David Mickie, see if you can interest him in making RDX. Tell him there’s two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in it for him. That’s a nasty charge, terrorism and everything that goes with it. But I’m not a terrorist and don’t believe in violence for any amount of money. I now know that Mario form room 312 at the Hotel Alder was involved in an entrapment scheme along with Dave Mickie. They somehow thought that if he was drunk I’d say anything but I have no interest in explosives so it was doomed to failure from the start. I can’t possibly confess to a position I don’t have. Mario being drunk doesn’t make me want to produce explosives, why would it? But these where the type things they were trying. This is not the only time they thought pouring alcohol down someone else’s throat would loosen my lips. This is really weird thinking but these people are a little strange. I believe the reason they had David Mickie dealing with me in Vancouver Washington was so they could make a Federal issue out of something over the state border. He originally lived in Portland Oregon when I met him. That’s probably not the only reason he lived there but it certainly had something to do with the situation. A lot of things aren’t Federal unless it involves more than one state. If there is no Federal issue the FBI has no jurisdiction to begin with. There were a number of people involved in trying to entrap me. None of them supposedly knew each other but by the timing of everything it was obviously coordinated by someone up top. Some of these people lived in the Hotel Alder at one time or another. That’s how entrapment works, its coordinated by hands outside the situation. The recipe for RDX was in one of Uncle Festers books and as far as chemical compounds go it’s very simple to produce and that’s probably why the FBI tried this, they thought I’d see it as easy money. That’s now what I saw. I saw buildings exploding and that’s not where I’m at. David Mickie also tried talking to me about robbing a drug company. He said he had the combination to the alarm and everything needed to do the job. He knew the timing of security rounds and this sort of talk but I don’t do that so that didn’t go anywhere either. I grew up a long time ago and I don’t break into places no matter who suggests it or what’s on the property. I had absolutely no interest in my helping with that either. It was his idea and that’s consider entrapment by the law. It’s creating a crime that wouldn’t have otherwise happened for the sake of an arrest and this is illegal on the part of anyway trying to do this. Not just the police and certainly a lot of church folks in Boulder were trying this as well between 2001 and 2003. They had people pretending to be real criminals and whole shot. These weren’t even police. Just bible thumping criminal want to bee’s. Pardon my French. Got to have fun with it but when the Promise Keepers where involved in the murder of Mary Weise on June 10th, 2002 they were no longer want to bee’s. They had crossed the line into the real thing, or had they crossed that line before? You tell me, but I think I know based on my conversation with Dr. James Dobson in 2004. An example of entrapment was John Delorean. I believe that we as a society need to consider making it this carry a life sentence with the possibility of parole because this is not cool. Framing someone and entrapping someone is the same thing in my thinking. It’s putting people who are innocent in prison for years and people involved should do serious time for even trying it. It’s not okay to do that to people for any reason. I met David Mickie at the Portland Alano Club at the Tuesday night turning point meeting. His sponsor's name was Gary and he was considered an AA guru by Portland Alano club’s standards. He sounded good in the meetings and had almost as much sobriety as God but not quite. Well maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but I got to have fun with this. Gary was a computer programmer I believe. He was also the secretary of the meeting. I started showing up every Tuesday. I at one point Dave I and others helped him moved into a new house. He paid me about forty dollars. I may have been the only one paid, maybe one other person. I really don’t remember; it was years ago. Dave told me he knew people in the San Francisco Hell's Angels. I of course didn't know at the time that Dave was a Federal agent for the FBI. I believe it's entirely possible that he did know these people and may have dealt with them at one point or another. He said he moved to Portland from the bay area. People don't know this but our Federal Government is involved in selective enforcement of drug crimes. Bikers are actually tools of the system who are controlled by elite families and the illuminati and are often allowed to distribute drugs with impunity and the FBI can very well know who what and where and do nothing about it while taking down the competition. This of course all depends on the situation but it’s generally how it works. Drugs are used by the system to subdue the population and they pretend this isn't so. They also used drug epidemics and the media to manipulate the problem on race relations and many, many more issues but that’s outside the scope of this. If you work for the FBI or almost any law enforcement agency you are within this system which by its nature is corrupt and has been as far back as 1776 with the creation of the illuminati. Dave as a corrupt FBI agent would have been regularly instructed by his bosses to break the law in regards to selective enforcement and entrapment schemes. It's part of the job under the current system for some agents. The system pretends it's no so and will go to extremes to hide this fact, but they won’t’ stop doing it because this is how they control us. I once read on a website. Either the FBI or DEA, I think it was that the FBI reported that in the LSD trade they had an organization called the Family who was distributing it with impunity. The website made it look like they just couldn't catch them. If you know enough about investigations over the course of time you know this is absurd. They couldn't catch them for decades only because they didn't want to because like the LSD trade the FBI is also Family. This doesn't mean that everyone who works for them is corrupt. It means the administration who assigns particular officers are and they choose who deals with what and can control who gets charged and who doesn't by controlling who gets assigned where. This way if they need an honest cop in a given situation they can send one out and if they need a corrupt cop for another situation they can send that out too. Some jobs required impeccably honest people for reasons of image and credibility on certain cases so they will have these people on hand. Others don’t and as far as the Family is concerned they are all expendable if they need to keep someone from testifying to anything that could cause the Family problems. That’s why David Mickie is dead. That's the way the Family controls law enforcement in ALL our departments. I didn't find out until shortly before David's murder that he was an FBI agent. Had I known I’d have dealt with him differently but it wouldn’t have changed the fact that I cared about Dave. He was an extremely lovable individual. He was involved in an entrapment schemes against me that started in summer of 1971 long before I ever met him. The Rosicrucian Order has always been behind it, including Dave and Dee’s murder. The entrapment schemes started with my step father Larry Williams when I was just five years old and continue to this day. But that's outside of what I'm talking about her so I'm just giving it as background information. Dave offered to be my sponsor. This was long before I knew that people in the program who were part of the Family were deliberately sabatoshing my recovery. Tactics used varied and included the murder of Billy from Boulder One in about 1985 for having an issue with it where his murder involved other AA members in Boulder One. People in the program where also putting small amounts of meth amphetamine in my coffee in order to trigger me into relapse which also happened at the Portland Alano club, Boulder One. Seattle Washington, Sacramento. They used my old friends in conjunction with the AA program to keep using. They’d be very unsupportive and abusive in the program and bring old friends into the picture at key points. Women were also involved in this abuse. Breaking my heart intentionally to keep me on drugs and then trying to frame me for rape. Boulder one was involved in the incident in 1986. My old friend Tony Finely who was murdered with HIV and many, many other old friends were involved. Jeff Eike was not. He’d continually tell me. Paul that stuff is poison to you, but Jeff had no idea they were dosing my coffee to keep me on drugs at the meeting no less. This also happened in treatment programs. Then to try and keep me from pursuing justice they are shaming me for being an addict even though they were putting drugs in my food and coffee to keep it going. Boulder One and other places were also involved in the ongoing sexual abuse as well. Not only that but they said I was bi-polar with hypo mania to hid the fact they were putting drugs in my coffee and food. I have no issue with mental illness as it turns out expect for PTSD which is quite understandable under the circumstances. These people have “quality sobriety” HAHA HAHAHA HAHA HAHAHA. They may be sober but nobody else is!!!! One of the treatment centers putting meth in my food was Sanctuary on the Lake in Lake Chelan Community hospital. No wonder Lexi Olson got me a bed there. Sanctuary at the Lake 503 E. Highland Chelan, WA 98816 Phone (800) 233-0045 Fax (509) 682-1021 [email protected] It’s hard to continue these games if they can’t keep me on drugs. The White House was also involved in it and the Portland Alano club wasn’t the only place it happened. Boulder One and a number of other places as well. These members cared a great deal about their own recovery but had no compunction of destroying my efforts to recover and then shame me for relapsing but that's another story. Some of these same people brag about how many years they have and spiritual they are in meetings. I’m not addressing the program but some of the hypocrites in it. This is not a reflection on AA as a whole. Anything that keeps millions of people sober is a good thing. In the beginning of my relationship with David Mickie he told me he'd raped a someone’s girlfriend in order to retaliate against them for failing to pay a drug debt. I'm not sure why he'd tell me that. If it was true, then perhaps but we know it wasn't because he was an FBI agent. Even if it had been true I had just barely met Dave and this isn't the kind of thing people would share with someone only a few weeks after meeting them in the program or otherwise so it really smelled. I actually had questions about it at the time this happened. Now I know he wasn't just shooting the shit so I know he had a reason for saying that, I just don't know what it was. Dave wasn't a stupid person and generally didn't do things without a reason. Before our relationship was over I knew him that well. At the time all this was going on there was a number of sexual entrapment schemes being attempted against me and had been at that point for quite a number of years. In fact, I found out these went all the way back to 1977 when I was just a teenager. We were driving in his car and he said to me, Dee moves really well speaking of her sexually. He said, I don't get it often but when I do it's really good. At that point I knew Dave was involved in the situation. But I thought he was just misguided and was buying into the hype and rumors being circulated about me or I'd have distanced myself immediately. I didn’t at that time have an accurate picture of what was actually happening. I simply told him: Dave, I'm not comfortable talking about your sexual relationship with your girlfriend and it's inappropriate. I was setting a boundary. He was trying to get me to sleep with Dee so they could frame me for rape and I was aware of that when it was happening. I knew that much about the situation. Dee has also been murdered. I don't know if she's also an agent but I suspect she might have been. I’m pretty sure they were actually involved but I’m not positive of that. They did live together. I have no doubt she knew Dave was a cop and probably knew everything he was involved in as a result. After all people talk to their wives and girlfriends about their lives especially after that many years together, not to mention she was a willing participant in the scheme to frame me for rape so there is no question she knew all about the situation. My nephew Jonathan Huebel was murdered in about November of 2004. This was during the period of activity in Portland and no doubt was done to facilitate a relapse. They had to go to greater extremes to make this happen because I’d developed skills for staying sober by that time. Dave employed me on a few painting jobs. Being a painter was his cover. He didn’t get a lot of work and that should have alerted me to the nature of our relationship but I didn’t question it at the time. I was inexperienced as a painter and it takes me a little while to catch on to physical things but when I do I'm really good at them. It’s not like mental challenges which I pick up much faster. He didn't employ me a lot and I thought it was because I didn't pick it up as quickly as I thought he'd have liked. I ran into this before and found out both times this had nothing to do with my abilities but rather to prevent me from acquiring the skills in the first place in order to limit my income potential. They went to great lengths to get me out of welding school in Boulder shortly before I graduated for the same reason. He had one job with a lady in NE Portland around 64th as I remember. He said he had a partner who ran out with the money on the job. Said he left Dave high and dry and went on a vacation. This lady was a very pretty lady who had long black hair and owned her own house. I seem to remember she was involved with health care for senior citizens but I may be wrong about that. I think she actually worked for herself as I remember and contracted directly with her clients. Dave told me she had tried to get him into bed but that he wouldn't do it because he was faithful to Dee. Again Dave was having inappropriate sexual conversations with me but that's all he said so I didn't really say about it or think much about him say it. I thought at the time it was just Dave being Dave. I have no idea with this lady was involved with the FBI or not but she may have been. After all it was coordinated through the FBI. I cleared out a deck in her back yard. I tore it apart for him for the job and was proud of my work on both time and the issue of quality and wanted Dave to see it. He showed up to see how I was doing. I seem to remember he talked about being bitten with a brown recluse spider. I think he was bandaged up but this was probably in 2005 or so, so it's hard to remember the details. I think he said something about having to go to the hospital about it. He She tried to hire me out from under him to finish the job because Dave was having “trouble” finishing the job as a result of his partner running out on him. My loyalty was to Dave and I told her I'd have to clear that with Dave. Turns out they were trying to get me into a sexual situation with this woman. She had a young teenage son and they intended to try and get an entrapment scheme for molestation of her son. I only saw him a couple of times for very brief periods of time. I'm very loyal to the people I'm working for and won't take advantage of an economic opportunity that they are the creator of and step on their toes and that’s what this appeared to look like at the time. I have morals about such stuff and don’t treat my friends with disrespect that way. I’m certain the prospect of her framing me for sexual assault was also a consideration. I was attracted to her. About a year or so later I tried to contact her. I was under the influence of Benzedrex inhalers. I took the max to and from their house. He son was home but I wasn’t able to reach her so nothing ever transpired between her and I. Both of them have been murdered as a result of the situation. Her son was also in contact with people about the situation perhaps that’s why he was murdered as well. Dave tried to communicate with me in the only way he could about our relationship which starting in about 2011. I had started passing out flyers and promoting his painting business. He began getting calls back to back by potential clients. Not just a couple but his phone was literally ringing off the hook. Clearly if this relationship had continued down this path David Mickie would have become very wealthy. No question was in his mind or mind about that but he had a problem. He worked for the FBI and I was marked to be a victim. There were legal issues, employment issues and lord knows what else. I had been talking to my case manager at Central City Concern’s CEP program about the subject and she tried like hell to get me to stop promoting his business. This seemed absurd to me as he was getting a lot of calls. There really was no legitimate logistical reason for me to stop. I had no idea of what was behind it and so I continued. In the process Dave realized my relationship with him was about a lot more then he thought. He learned that I actually cared about him in the process. I don’t work with people I don’t like and when I’m working with people they figure that out because of the nature of how I relate to them. He was supposed to train me on the job, after all I was the one bringing in the work. But that didn’t pan out. The reason was he was ordered not to. He couldn’t just say, I’m a cop and I can’t do this because of my job so it was a really weird situation he was in. Lexi was part of the family and she was trying to fix it but all I saw was that his painting business was no questionably about to grow very quickly. In the process he had a change of heart about what he was doing in regards to me. He tried to communicate in the only way he could. He introduced me to the project that Shelby H. Bell who became known as the Hobo Prince was doing. He said for twenty-five dollars you can end up with nine hundred dollars a week for seven years. He told me Dee had looked at the contract and had signed up. He said, she’s really picky and if she thought it was good then it had to be. He never paid me for the work I generated for him on the painting but he did get me the twenty-five dollars needed to sign up for Shelby H. Bells project. I saw him at Shelby’s seminars. At one point during a seminar Selby said, I don’t understand. These people are breaking the law. They won’t let me give you the nine hundred dollars a week. He seemed very honest. There was no deception in his body language. Selby Bell held At least 11 seminars conducted from 8/31/11 to 12/4/11 Hobo Prince Economic Project” and “The Hobo Prince Economic Project will help you and your family with $900.00 per week after withholding taxes, loan payments, and other fees, for 7 years.” At the seminars, Order to cease and desist by the Washington State government. I believe that Dave’s other investment opportunity he talked about with Shelby Bell was called the Nature of the Second Offering under the above document. For more information about Shelby H. Bell email [email protected] May Dave Mickie, Shelby H.Bell and Dee rest in peace. Know that I love you!!!! To be honest I’m not entirely sure that Selby H. Bell was a con artist. There were a number of us involved in the citizen grand jury movement and the patriot movement signed up and that would be enough for the government to put the screws on it and start murdering people involved over it. For information on how money is actually created study this Manuel and you’ll see why we saw the possibility he presented. And you will learn what I’m talking about. People don’t become wealthy from possession but rather knowledge. Mike Butler Mike Butler was a detective on the Boulder Police Force whom I met in 1980. He was Mike Butler, Longmont's Public Safety Chief before he was murdered over my situation. He’s a video of an interview with him so you can get an idea of what kind of people are getting murdered over this situation. I was living with Norah Segal who I met at September School in 1977 and her boyfriend Mark. This was around the summer of 1980. We lived in an apartment building across the alley from Susan Garlock’s right by 8th and Marine in Boulder. Norah and her boyfriend Mark and gotten into doing commercial burglaries. Stealing sound systems and whatever else they could find from bars and restaurants. I was dealing a lot of hash at the time and was finally getting to where I could consistently turn it over and remain in business. It takes a while. I had to learn discipline and develop client tell and it was finally starting to happen for me. Norah once said to me, you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with it. I said, we are getting high every day and I’m keeping it going so that’s better than what it was. If I wasn’t doing this, we wouldn’t be getting high every day. It takes a while to build a drug business safely. If you run out and sell to strangers, you get busted so it’s not an overnight affair. A couple of plain cloths cops came to the door and knocked. I looked out the peep hole and saw them and took off out my bedroom window. Ed Clark had gotten me a birth certificate. It had the last name of Williams typed into it but nothing else and I was supposed to fill all that in. This was because of the computer situation in Golden. They showed up when I was there again. This time there was only one at the door. My window was open. I looked out and one was crouched down trying not to be observed waiting for me to jump out of the window. I let them in. They started asking question. Somehow we ended up in my room and I jumped out the window while both of them where in my room and got away. I ended up living at a fraternity a couple blocks shy of Baseline and Broadway. It was the other side of the grade school on 14th and Euclid is where this frat house was. It was summer and they rented rooms to the public while the students were gone. I was on Broadway hitching up to Table Mesa I think and two cops snuck up and grabbed me before I could get away. This was my introduction to Mike Butler who is now Chief Butler of Longmont Colorado. For his picture go to: He was previously available at: [email protected], (303)-651-8533 I was nineteen years old, this would have been in 1981. I was living with Bruce Bingaman on 30th and Pennsylvania in Boulder. We had a roommate who was sober and going to AA. Bruce tried to encourage me to go into her room while she was sleeping and try and sleep with her. I don’t know what that was about and I didn’t do it. There’s more to this but it’s not important to what I’m writing right now. Brian Beard, Jeff Eike and I met two people from Massachusetts who called themselves Pick and Bow. I’d heard that these two literally raised the crime statistics in Boulder Colorado while they were there. They had both done time in the Massachusetts prison system. Bow heard about an accident that had seriously injured or even killed members of his family and he found a victim and put him in the hospital to deal with his anger. I heard about it after the fact and felt really bad for whoever it was. I was young dumb and adventurous. Pick had a job planned out regarding a motel owned by Annie Darates. I think that was her name. Her husband might have been dead by that time. I’m not sure. She was up there in years. It was on Folsom and Canyon I think. Across the street from Winchell’s donuts. There was an old drive through liquor store on her property she owned but my understanding is she couldn’t get a liquor license at this point. Pick had Bruce Bingaman rent a room from the hotel. I think it cost about ten dollars at the time. Pick and Bow remained inside the room while Jeff Eike and I went into the liquor store and packed up all the bottles in boxes that where in the store. It took us about three hours. There were twenty-three cases in all. We had to make two trips with Jeff’s mother’s car and took them to Brian Beard’s garage. Brian’s brother made us remove them. We took them to my place with Bruce Bingaman. Pick and Bow had another job at a restaurant which I refused to get involved. Obviously this last job was sloppy and I had enough sense to stop participating. Jeff and Brian did not. The cops feel asleep on the job and they got away with it. A few days later I heard cops in the yard around the house. I think I refused to answer the door. The cops got inside when I wasn’t there and found evidence of the job. It wasn’t enough to make an arrest. They started selling the alcohol all over Boulder high. Everyone had a bottle is what I head. The station wagon Pick and bone drove was pulled over and a couple of bottles where checked for the numbers and they matched the inventory stolen but it still wasn’t enough to make an arrest. Bruce’s father who was retired from the military and owned the house we lived in helped Bruce and whoever else was present poor all the remaining alcohol down the drain to get rid of the evidence and I was told to move out. Detective Mike Butler, had Pick and Bow come in for lie detector tests. They passed because they didn’t actually do the job. Jeff Eike and I did. They tried to locate me. Defective Butler showed up at Vo-tech where I was in school for welding and I wasn’t there that day. I was in What’s up Food and booze in the Broadway building on the second floor. I had worked there. I’m not sure if I was an employee at this time. I watched Detective Butler and another cop walking the mall looking for me from the second floor window of the restaurant as they strolled up and down Pearl street mall. The situation died down and we got away with it. Months later I was walking through the Dailey Camera parking lot which was on Pearl and 11th right by the mall. Detective Bolter calls me over to his car and said, if I wouldn’t have wanted to find you, I’d have found you. I thought he was just talking at the time but I’m old enough now to know he was telling me he gave me a break on that. He knew I didn’t usually get involved in that sort of thing and didn’t want to caller me for it. This came up three years later in another situation involving Bruce Bingaman making admissions that result in our arrests. Mike Butler tried in his way to warn me something was up but I didn’t put it together what he was trying to say. You got to understand, communication has to be done in a way that keeps in legal. So Bruce and I got busted for another job and several people got drug charges as a result but they couldn’t do anything about Anne Darates because of the statute of limitations. It had run out. I ended up in BCTC with a four-year community corrections sentence as a result. Jeff Eike was molested as a teenager like I was. The Family had this done to try and get him and I to develop a sexual relationship which never worked because we are both straight in our orientation. Jeff Eike was murdered over the situation in Seattle, his body was found on November 4th 2019. He was murdered with a baseball bat as a message to me by the Family. Jeff Eike also knew all about my situation regarding Lisa Strong and was concerned about my mental state as a result of it. He was around when this was happening and he cared about me and what I was dealing with. He made that known in his way one night at a gas station when I was intoxicated and had just seen her. Brian Beard was also with me and was concerned as well. As a result of this situation several staff members of BCTC where murdered over it including Tracy and Brad. The last time I saw Brad was in about 2001 at the Boulder Shelter as a volunteer. During the time I knew Mike Butler also known as detective Mike Butler there was a lady who went by Cat and her daughter they called Dare. Both of them dressed provocatively. I didn’t think much about it. It was Cat and Dare and that was that. Apparently Mike Butler had gotten some report that the two where involved in prostitution. I’d never heard anything about it and suddenly he’s investigating them for this as far as I was informed. I don’t believe he’d put any kind of case together against them but they were also murdered over the situation. Apparently they had some role in it but I have no idea what it was but it was enough to get them murdered. Mike Butler was also been murdered over the situation. Musicians murdered to cover up industry control. As I've mentioned before I became a musician at nine years of age. I still had years ahead of my before I got it down well but I was musician at that point. As a result, my life was full of musical relationships. Not to mention the stars who were murdered in the process, many I never met but some I did. I met Dan Johnson in Boulder in the summer of 1980. I was eighteen. He without question was the best lead guitarist I was personally associated with. He had perfect pitch. What this means is he could hear a note without the aid of an instrument or tuning fork and tell you what it was. It used his ear to tune his guitar perfectly. He'd hear a note out of tune and say guilty and twist the peg until the string was in perfect position. No tuning fork or anything else and it was in tune. This is very rear and not required to be very good music but Dan had that. He moved to Seattle and I lost touch with him. I ended up there myself and in about 1993 I ran into him in front of Dicks hamburgers on Capitol Hill on Broadway. He had full beard and appeared to be transient although he wasn't so when he stated my name I thought how does this person know my name. I don't know anyone on the streets here and then suddenly saw it was my old friend Dan. Like Alex he was a very nurturing musical mentor whose encouragement was probably more valuable than his instruction although I did learn from him. About that time, I also met a dentist at Seneca Family Dentist through my mother. They gave me a very reasonable price on bridge work. There's more to that story but it's not the point of what I'm writing. During this time, I was in contact with Peter Litwin of Coffin Break which is a historic band in Seattle Grunge history. Peter Litwin was actually a very nice guy. I really liked him. I remember talking to him on the phone when I lived in Wedgewood where the situation involving the Wilson sisters happened and those phone records tie me to Peter Litwin as well as the Rock Candy performance a short time later. After all it can be proved that took place and there may be some record of the guest list. How a person can be important in the history of music without becoming famous is beyond me but that's Peter Litwin's story. I saw him perform when he got me, my mother and my mother's boyfriend on the guest list at Rock Candy in 1992 I think it was. We were talking about putting a project together but apparently the Family intervened as they repeatedly did in my musical relationship my entire life. I also had talked to the dentist who was a key board player about getting doing something together. I didn't know it at the time but I had some clout in the Seattle Music scene which was causing the Family to intervene to prevent me from getting anywhere with it. It's clear now, I was a real threat at becoming an underground success and this was a problem for them due to my talent in promotions, my political activism and my musical ability. To make a long story short it culminated in an effort to sabatosh my actions in this area that included the Wilson Sisters of Heart and their studio Bad Animals which got everyone in my life connected to the issue of music murdered in order to cover up the fact that they intentionally stopped me from becoming a rock star. There is no question I would have. I'm just stating the facts as they were so people can know what happened and why. Some of these people where stars including Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. The direct motives very but it was all connected to music. One of them that hurts the most was my friend and mentor Brian Beard. Church tries to frame me for rape again in Denver. On Christmas day 2019 I saw a young lady on the 16th street mall bus. She had been involved in the situation for a few months now. She looks to be about nineteen or twenty. She also looks like my old friend from Seattle who was murdered along with her thirteen-year-old sister over the situation. She had previously been at the Denver Public Library located at 10 W 14th Ave. I was given extremely high doses of steroids and she communicated that she would sleep with me. I made it clear that that wasn't going to happen. She started communicating that it would be fun. I told her point blank you are not going to frame me for rape. I know why you are here doing this and that's simply never going to happen. She kept showing up but she stopped trying to get me to sleep with her. On Christmas she said Merry Christmas and I didn't respond. She's a game player and I had no reason to feed into that. I later went to Christs body and was talking to Chaplain Dennis about that fact that there will be hope for some people. That we will consider not just what people have done but also the fabric of their lives lead prior to this. I didn't know it but Chaplin Dennis was trying to frame me for rape. Not only that but the old Chaplain named Ken was involved. He served me desert. I was dosed with steroids and they tried to get a biological sample in order to frame me. I'm HIV positive. They know they couldn't get a conviction but they are trying to lock me up long enough for me to die of HIV. They already aren't treating me for it. The people at Christ's body know this so both Chaplains where involved in attempted murder. He's the deal. The girl who looks like my old friend Kay had gotten on the bus to make an identification. She had already filed some kind of report but they needed biological evidence to make it work. They are well aware I know enough about the law to get myself out of jail almost immediately without it. We've already been down that road and they've tried to frame me before. Many times but locked me up in the Washington County Jail in 2015 in Hillsboro Oregon and I was able to get myself out. They can't even legally arrest you without corroborative evidence. doesn't stop them from doing it though. God reveled to me that Chaplain Dennis and Chaplin Ken were trying to frame me for rape that day but was in the process of giving me that information when I had a conversation with Chaplain Dennis or I'd have never expressed what I did in our conversation. He left almost immediately after that. God also communicated to me that this girl is only fourteen years old. People who are actually God's people don't try to murder people for the church or anyone else for that matter. No matter how you interpret the new testament you cannot come to the belief that God is okay with the church murdering anyone. Yet Chaplain Ken and Chaplain Dennis of Christ Body tried to do exactly that knowingly involving a fourteen-year-old girl. I have no idea how they were going to use that biological sample without infecting her with HIV. For that matter they weren't concerned about that when they gave me high doses of steroids and had her try to sleep with me either. Most likely because they intended to murder her as well. it's the way they operate. You can remind Chaplain Dennis and Chaplain Ken that the old testament's commandments state that thought shalt not kill and ask them to be a better example for the church by calling them at: Christ's Body Ministries 850 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80203 [email protected] Tel: 303-860-1272 | Fax: 303-860-0703 If you don't want to tell them in person, simply send them an email or a fax. On Fire for God!!!! First Press in Boulder is on fire for God, Ask Jill, oh you can't. here's why Boulder One AA had meth put in my coffee to help my relapse problem along. would good Christians do that. Good Question. They are in the murdering for God business. I know sound weird but they really do that. Ask Mary Weise and Dr. James Dobson. Oh you can't they are dead. First Presbyterian Church in Boulder had my friend Jill murdered for God. She and her twin sister where physics students at CU and they attended the College group in 1983 with me. Jill was really cool. she was full of love. She was very smart and not the least bit conceited about it. First Presbyterian Church in Boulder had her murdered for God. I really know why they'd do that. I'm not certain why God wanted it done because she was full of love. She loved Jesus, believe me I know, and she loved her neighbors and her friends and everyone else she came in contact with. But for some reason they thought God wanted her murdered so they took care of it. I’m not sure who gets the orders from God to carry out a murder at the First Presbyterian Church in Boulder but you can call them and ask at: (303) 402-6400 and they’ll be glad to tell you because they do God’s righteous work and They’ll be happy to tell you all about why God had Jill murdered. Now they want to murder Rachel at Saint Francis Center in Denver. Please ask them not to. Of course you can always pray and ask God to change his mind. Seth Chambers was supposed to be involved in the work. How much does someone on fire for God charge for a murder anyway? What’s the going rate? I never asked my brother how much God pays for a murder but he would have known. Unfortunately, someone murdered him for God too so I can't ask him how much God pays anymore and unfortunately I never thought to ask my bother what God’s going rate is. I'm sure God pays really well. So the Denver Rescue Mission who are also on fire for God did this. I'm sure it was all for God but I really don't think God asked them to do this either. Monday December 23rd, 2019 at about 8:07 pm I got to 48th Street Shelter. I got my blanket and sheet. The restrooms were closed and outhouses where placed outside. I can see good reason for this. The restrooms were not in need of remodeling. A person grabbed my usual spot where I also place my mat. This is another provocation ploy they try from time to time. I know I have no right to anyone spot so it doesn't work because I'm well aware I don't have any kind of standing to make this assertion but many people will and that's why they keep trying it. I'm very rule oriented in my approach to resolving issues and this isn't supported by it so I know not to even bother with trying that. I went to the office and asked for paper and Tom pulled out nine sheets of paper out of the printer. They use Tom to remind me of Tom Parsons. I don't know why, he was involved my sister Margaret's murder and a lot of other stuff and perhaps that's why. They play games around what they are worried about and the nine sheets has to do with the eighties. I found a perfectly suitable spot past the door towards the rear of the building a few feet from my usual spot. I was experiencing pain in my feet. I've been feeling it quite a bit later and it's definitely getting worse then it was. In fact, if they aren't going to treat it the kind thing would be to give me some pain pills to cope with it but that's an admission to the severity of the problem and that's why they won't. Same reason they won't give me antibiotics for it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this approach to health care and crime doesn't work. Monday December 23rd, 2019 at about 9:00 pm. I began feeling a very strong dose of steroids. In fact, I think they locked the bathrooms and gave me especially strong doses of steroids for a connected reason. In fact, I'm sure of it. Monday December 23rd, 2019 at about 11:12 pm. I had awakened by a strong dose of steroids. They are increasing the dosage to create a situation that's sexual in nature to try and kick me out for. They've tried this numerous times included using women as part of their games. It hasn't worked but they keep trying it. In fact, one of the ladies has since been murdered to ensure her silence. I've already covered her murder in the document. She had her whole life ahead of her but she became a volunteer at the Denver Rescue Mission and that was that. Saunata, it's been nice knowing you. How do these people sleep at night? A lot better than I do because I have a steroid problem. I woke up and went to check the clock. I seem to remember three white guys got into the isle into my space. One behind me and two in front of me hoping that this and the steroids would cause me to react. I just walked around them and went back to my mat. I didn't get their general descriptions because I had just woken up and I wasn't quite aware of the intent right away. Sometimes things go down like that. Hind sight is a wonderful thing. As I was sitting on my mat reading my bible a black guy with a bald head probably in his forties walks up to me and asks where the restroom is. Again trying to provoke. By now they have seen that the intention with the looked restroom hasn't worked out and they are trying to get something else out of it so this was their game back up plan. Much of this stuff they plan ahead of time including alternatives to plans that don't work. I simply said, don't bother me. He can't do anything about that type of statement because I don't have a duty to respond to the games. He again asks where it's at. I said don't bother me, it's not my job communicating directly to the game rather than the question. I find this can be very effective. I'm not there to play games with people who wake me up by injecting me with steroids and try to provoke an aggressive response. I don't have a duty to be polite to these criminal actions as long as I don't cross the line. He then walks out of view. Quite a few people were walking back and forth by my mat hoping I'll react in some way but I continued to ignore them. I know what they are up to. Why would I knowingly walk into that? No good reason I can see. There was also someone out of view making weird noses trying to raise the level of hostility. These people will literally try and disrespectful tactic to try and get their way and fuck over their victim. It's what they do and why they are in the situation in the first place. Pardon my French but I don't know how to describe precisely what’s going on without the use of language that adequately to describe it. People walking by with water bottles and hands in their pocket. Any kind of disrespectful communication to manipulate their victim. It’s what it is. And they don’t stop at that, they inject their victim with steroids while they are sleeping to try and make it happen. That’s criminal, there is no other explanation to that. Tuesday December 24th, 2019 at about 2:33 am. I was woke up by another very strong steroid injection in hopes that the locked bathrooms would accomplish their goals. I then found the outhouses they had placed outside. They had to have some kind of facility. They can’t have an entire warehouse of clients shitting and pissing all over the place. They had this kind of arrangement there before they built the restrooms in the warehouse prior to my going to Florida. I had to go back to the outhouse to relieve myself. This sexual manipulation by use of forced drugs and is considered rape because that’s what it is. Do you want these people controlling you? Because that’s what they want to do and why they do this kind of thing. It’s all about control. Tuesday December 24th, 2019 at about 4:33 am I told the office including Dave that holes are being cut into my pants while I’m sleeping and they need to check the video over the last two days to see who’s doing it. They did it both the day before and yesterday because it wasn’t working. They are doing this in the groin area. I told them this is sexual assault and it needs to stop. I said the steroid injections need to stop too, now!!! I have HIV and I need my sleep. I was very insistent. I’m not asking but demanding at this point for legal reasons. I already know they won’t but I’m thinking ahead of their trials in many of my responses to this situation. It makes a difference in the eyes of the law if something is stated that cannot be interpreted as a request and that’s the reason for it. This way they have no legal ground for not addressing these criminal actions against me. I boarded bus one at about 5:17 am and my ID was scanned at the Lawrence Community Center at about 5:41 am. I was the last one off the bus. It was bus ID number 9503. Tuesday December 24th, 2019 at 6:14 am I checked into Saint Francis through the left computer. He was wearing a red shirt and glasses. Lucas and Angie had walked the line before going in. They both had glasses and Angie had a very pronounced bun. A definite reaction to yesterday work. She also had a purple shirt on. This is a very good sign to the success of yesterday’s activities. I’m quite pleased with it. Tuesday December 24th, 2019 at 7:50 am. Brenda who works the desk at Senior Support Services said everyone has to change implying I need to change my position. A person walking by said even if it’s just your cloths. This was in reference to the hole cut into my pants. Mind you no one has seen it because I’m keeping it concealed. Part of the motive to cutting holes in the groin of my pants was to try and force me to deal with this in order to cut into my computer time at the library but since I can keep this obstructed I really have more important work to do than run around chasing my tail because they want me too. These comments are being made because it’s not working and so they are trying further manipulation as well as the sick psychological aspect to this. These people are evil and get off on humiliating people in this fashion. It’s not stickily about manipulation. There is a sadistic component to this which is a very evil trait. Good people don’t do this kind of thing. They don’t even think about it. This crime is a minor crime of sexual assault which is still felonious. I’m just describing levels of criminal activity with this statement. It’s not okay and still deserves time but it’s not as bad as forcing steroids on someone while sleeping to try and manipulate them sexually. At about 8:08 PM on Sunday January 5th, 2020, I had been sleeping and woke up to a high dose of steroids. At about 9:47 pm on Sunday January 5th, 2020, I had woken up earlier and then felt another blast of steroids it felt like I had woke up and been hit with two injections of steroids given to me in my sleep, both quite high doses. I got up to use the restroom and as I was walking this guy got right in front of me with a blue back pack on trying to create an issue. He got into the laundry line. I bus had just come in from the Lawrence Street Community Center but his guy appeared to get off a bunk. I gave him a treason warning and he said shut the fuck up. I said no, I won't and you're going to prison. I went into the restroom and there where a number of people in there. I tried using the urinal and was having medical issues. Seems to happen with these steroids I'm forced to deal with. I ended up in Good Samaritan medical center in West Palm beach because of these steroids. I went back out and reminded the guy that he was going to prison. He'd been very aggressive in his game on the way to the rest room. At about 10:28 pm on Sunday January 5th, 2020, I went to the restroom and a person who looks like Robert James from Portland Oregon was walking in front of me on my way over as a reminder of the fact I'm HIV positive as if I need to be reminded. Robert James intentionally infected me with aids in Portland Oregon and was later murdered by his "best friend" Tim for the Family. That was around 2012. Obviously my HIV infection is a huge issue right now by what I see going on in the ground war. I went into the restroom and used the urinal while this guy in either his late forties or early fifties was washing his fact. It's a game they have started tonight at the Lawrence Community Center. I'd seen this guy before. I gave him a treason warning and he said he'd never help them and asked me how I was doing. I said you just did and you're going to prison for it. He continued washing his face as I said it and I walked back to my bunk. At about 10:52 pm on Sunday January 5th, 2020, A person in the restroom spent several minutes playing with the hand dryer turning it on over and over and over again and holding it on for extended periods of time. this is a common game they do. They had been trying extremely hard to get an aggressive response. This was after a campaign commercial about President Trump by a governor over medical care. It was obviously communication about the issue and the fact that they can't produce President Trump and are trying to offer health care again. The contents of the commercial made it obvious this wasn't a serious campaign commercial. It was about the situation over President Trump and had nothing to do with any campaign. They can't produce the President so they are desperately trying to get me to stop and bogus campaign commercial and aggressive games are their answer. Don't ask me, I just document the stuff. The clock is now ticking and the people directing the ground war are extremely panicked about the situation. I'm sure that's what's going on and President Trump isn't the only president people are considering because people are realizing my previous document is accurate. They haven't seen a press conference in a couple of months and there was just a military stick and still no press conference with the president. Hum!!????!! This is something the American public has never smelled before. No president and a military situation. Now the public is having serious considerations about what to do about the situation. At about 1:12 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, I woke up from a high dose of steroids with an erection as a result. These people are weird, they like doing this crap to me. I've got HIV and hepatitis "C"and this is not cool. Plus I'm in my fifties and really have no business on steroids. Yet they think they'll HELP the situation whether I want them or not!!!! I went to the restroom and there was a creepy old guy in his sixties with long hair and a beard with a green coat staring in the mirror implying they'd pay someone to tell lies about me about homosexual activity that I had no involvement in. This is because they are worried. They dosed me with steroids and tried to sexually assault me under the influence and had Rachel show up. It didn't work because I don't like men. At least not that way and now they are worried about it blowing up in the press. I have an idea, stop using steroids to try and get straight men to let gay men give them head at day shelters for the homeless and you won't have to worry about this. They play games around what they are worried about and right now it's another case of sexual assault against me. Imagine that!!!! I went back to my mat and they had another guy in his sixties with a beard, wearing a blue shirt and a pair of car-heart jeans with his hands in his pockets again implying they'd spread homosexual rumors about me. Haven't' they spread enough bull shit rumors about me over the decades already? I got a better idea, how about just leave me alone. Again they are trying to provoke me to anger with this behavior to try and justify kicking me out or putting me in the psych ward. This has been going on for years but because of the situation with Donald Trump it's now in high gear. It has nothing to do with me so why would I get upset? No reason I can see. It's just a game. It's not even real!!!! At about 1:34 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, A black guy in his sixties with a beard wearing a blue denim jacket, blue jeans and a gangster style hat was sitting up in his bunk putting on both shoes and then headed to the restroom. I had a denim jacket in 1983 and 1984. They tried to murder me in 1984 when I was twenty two and they are probably worried about that situation. The shoe thing is threatening to murder me with HIV and it seems that issue is really coming up the last few days. At about 2:43 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, I woke up from another steroid injection. It was dosed so high I woke up with an erection again. These people really don't care if this kills me or they wouldn't be doing this. At about 2:49 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, The black guy in his sixties got up to use the restroom again. I gave him a treason warning, told him if he hadn't heard it he'd end up in prison. At about 2:52 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, A person who looks like Robert James who intentionally infected me with HIV in about 2007 got a few feet in front of my mat towards the front of the building and was playing with a cell phone. I said that's not going to save you, you're going to prison. He said, he'd already been there. I said you're going back. They are trying to make me worried about the media because they are worried about it. I had given this guy a treason warning months ago. I went into the restroom and the person who was washing his face earlier in the restroom was in there looking in the mirror picking at this face. I said that's not going to save you. I went back to my mat and a guy in his early thirties with darkish red hair and a beard was laying on his mat and said Fuck!!! I said, that's not my issue, it's yours. He sat up on his bunk and aggressively started blowing his nose. I said you're not getting out of this murderer. He's doing all this behind me signaling behavior. I said murder me but you're not getting out of it. Murdering me won't save you. The behavior this particular morning was very aggressive. That's because the huge dosages of steroids administered while I was sleeping had changed nothing. No overly aggressive behavior to kick me out of the shelter or send me to a psych ward. they were desperate because they knew in a few hours they would be hit with another round of computer posts saying we need to see President Trump to make sure he's still alive. Produce him in a press conference about the current military situation involving the United States. The public has a right to know if it's their president who may be sending us off to war or someone we don't know about like the Council of Foreign relations. At about 4:18 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, I went to use the restroom. There was a older guy with a cane walking into it. It was clear games were going on in the restroom so I decided to use the outhouse instead. When I got out there a person came up behind it where I could hear him and was harassing me as I was using the outhouse. This is highly inappropriate. Attack me in the restrooms and the outhouses. What kind of people do this? At about 5:00 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, There was a tall white guy with short reddish hair and an orange shirt walking by me towards the front of the building. He keep showing up in the situation and I was tired of it so I gave him a treason warning. I seem to remember him telling me to shut up and I said no. He said you need to get a job. I said I'm not here to live for you. It's not my job to impress you. Someone else said shut up and I again said no and walked off. This was about the computer work I had planned for later and they don't have any right to tell me not to publish information on the computer so they try to make it look like it's about something else when everyone knows what it's really about. this is a very deceptive form of communication and it's only exercised by people who don't have a right to communicate what they are communicating or they'd' be straight forward about it. Criminals do this trying to control that which they have no legal or moral right controlling and it's done to try and intimidate their victims. At about 5:26 am on Monday January 6th, 2020 I boarded bus one, bus number 9503. I was the last one off at the Lawrence Street Community Center and scanned in my card their at 5:45 am. While I was in the room right after my card was scanned Rosalita tries to get this guy with a green blanket to scan his card. He ignored her and walked in. I'm almost positive this was a game to try and get me to interject myself into the situation. Rosilita is very controlling yet she didn't do anything about it when he ignored her and walked in. She wasn't the least bit aggressive as is her usual self in making sure he followed the rules. I simply minded my own business and so the game didn't work. At about 6:30 am on Monday January 6th, 2020 I got to Father Woody's. I had been waiting for the doors to open outside when Kaito came up. I said Good morning to her and I was made aware that there is a conspiracy in place to take her life over the situation. God wanted this shared with her. I told her and she became frightened. She asked me if I was a messenger for God. I had previously given her information that I had no normally way of knowing and she had known that I had made information that turned out to be credible with no way of knowing it. I was very uncomfortable doing this but I wanted to do what I could to help save her life if that was possible. I told her I could create an email account to get her the guidelines on how to reduce the risk. She said no I don't what you to do that. I said, that's fine. I've done my part and were good. It's my job to inform people of this but not my job to make them protect themselves. Once I've given them the information I've done all I can do and I'm no longer responsible to ensure they take seriously. If I started doing that, I'd create issues for myself and it wouldn't change anything. If people aren't going to listen then there's nothing I can do at that point. I hope she remains safe. At about 7:20 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, I went downstairs to take a shower. I got out and asked Dee for a pair of socks. I didn't have a shirt on. she asked why aren't you dress. I said I'll go get a shirt. I wasn't going to argue with her. I came out and got some socks. While waiting for them there was a person who I think I've seen before who became argumentative. I gave him a treason warning and he told me not to talk to him. I stop talking to him and this didn't for him so he started talking to me. He was trying create an issue. Dee told us to stop. He will be murdered. He's a target for assassination as told to me by God. I think his name is Billy but I can't quite remember. I went back put on my socks and came out there were others ready to try and create a controversy. this was the game to try and kick me out but I ignored them. I drank some coffee at some yogurt and put about half hour onto the computer before I left Father Woody's and went to Senior Support Services. At Father Woody's there was games on the computer again so I wont be using their computers for a week. I'm tired of dealing with this. Their system is too slow in the first place to get anything done when hackers are playing games which means why bother so I'll try one more time again next week and see if it's changed. At about 9:17 am on Monday January 6th, 2020, I went to the pharmacy at the Stout Street Health clinic and waited my turn to talk to the pharmacist about getting some Naproxen. He said he needed to get a refill. He said he needed to get a refill from Kate Stanley. I said that's fine. I can wait for a couple days. He tried bring up the idea of me taking mirtazapine and Hydroxazine the other the other sleep med I used to take. I told him you guys try and get me dependent on this then cut me off trying to force me on psych medications I don't need and we aren't going to do that anymore. I don't need sleep medication so bad I'm willing to let you try and make the records appear to say I'm a nut case. You guys wont change the game so we aren't doing it anymore. I'm not here to help you guys make me look crazy, or something to that effect. Then he tried offering me the jell that they tried offering me at the doctors visit. I said I'm tired of being dosed with steroids and I'm taking your gel because you'll put steroids in it. We aren't doing that either and left At about 9:33 am on Monday January 6th, 2020 I went into Saint Francis Center. Rachel was on the right computer. She had a blue shirt, glasses and her hair in a bun. she pretended to check me in. I asked about it and she said she checked me in but the computer screen was blank. No numbers. Normally I'd challenge this with an employee I knew who was actually doing this out of willingness and invested in it but I'm certain she's being controlled. She's a victim in the situation and she's had to worry about losing her life over the situation. I didn't want to further traumatize her because it hurts to see her treated that way. So I left and went to the Lawrence Street Community Center and got scanned in there just down the block. I had just been at the Stout Street Health Clinic and it was important that I get corroboration of being in the area otherwise I'd have probably have let the whole thing slide but what's going on at the Stout Street Community Health Center required meticulous records in response to what happens before and after those encounters. I had no choice but to do this because it's not only about my HIV but murders associated with it as well. Anissa Santiago and now I suspect Lindsey Metcalf have both been murdered that are connected to the Stout Street Heath Center. At about 9:44 am on Monday January 6th, 2020 I went to the Lawrence Street Community Center and was scanned into their system. After that I went to VOA. The food I was given was dosed with steroids. Katheryn tried handing me a contaminated pastry. I said I'm on a diet. I'm really not into being dosed with steroids. She seemed surprised I knew but I have spiritual help reducing the intake by alerting me to the fact food has been dosed. The sack lunch was also dosed so I went to Dire's lock and key at 2201 on Broadway and dropped off the sack lunch in their parking lot for my support to grab if possible. then headed to Holy Ghost Church. The sandwiches were also dosed. I told them so. Said I have no choice but to eat it. Bob became very uncomfortable finding I knew they were dosed. They can cover every area but they can't prevent me from knowing the food has steroids in it and this is starting to make some people very uncomfortable. Including Bob at Holy Ghost Church on 19th and California. Sure enough I ate sandwiches and felt the steroids. I got to Father Woody's around 6:30 am on January 7th, 2020 and waited for it to open. I was given shower group two and put into shower one where the body wash, shampoo and conditioner had the caps loose. They were already in the shower room before I got in there. Prior to showering when I was in the Dining room Dee came up behind me and said behind you I don't want to startle you. I said, I'm not easily startle and really I'm not. Certainly not from the behind you, routine. She came through the other direction and said behind you again. I was then dosed with steroids at Father Woody's in the milk. A few minutes later I was called to the shower and had to shower feeling the influence of steroids. It's hard to feel like you’re getting clean when your being dosed with steroids prior to your shower. I then got out and a person in his sixties said behind you. This was a veiled threat to frame me for sexual assault involving Dee whom I have absolutely no attraction for. She's not only rude but she's fat and ugly. No disrespect intended, I might be able to deal with fat and ugly but with the rude it's not going to happen. After getting on the computer a person comes up and said, I'll be back at 8:15 which was just a couple minutes. He said it in a rude assertive voice trying to create issues around the computer. It's not going to happen. While I was there it was revealed to me that there is a conspiracy of murder against Tom at Father Woody's. I was very congenial and respectful about trying to warn him. Again I don't like talking about this stuff to people but I don't want them to be murder either so I just told him he needed to be careful and I'm pretty sure he understood what I was talking about. My spirit guides are there to assist me in the situation. They aren’t always doing what is necessarily in my best interest but the best interest of the entire situation which of course consists of my interests as well, but no always. When the situation with getting exposed to steroids with the milk happened I wasn’t warned about it until I had actually consumed some of the milk. My health took a back seat to the legal interest in this situation. I’m sure this is related to a lot of deaths in Boulder. Later I went to Senior Support Services and I was informed right away about the exposer issue with the coffee when I arrived. It’s important for people to understand what’s going on here and what God’s interests in the situation is. God is actively dealing with the problem of evil in our society created by the illuminati and that’s all about legal cases and trials that will result. So something that may be better for me in an area may not be the best solution in regards to the entire situation and this morning’s shower games at Father Woody’s was one of those situations. Sincerely Paul G. Huebel Churches who murder for God Many churches aren't what they represent themselves to be and this doesn't mean that God's people aren't in them but not everyone is God's people despite what they might tell you. My brother was a very good illustration of this before he was finally murdered himself. He started out in special forces in the Marine corps where he was trained by the government to be an assassin and get away with it, which he did. In fact, he murdered my old girlfriend Hadley Hull of which was ordered by non-other than the White House. My point is this. He then became entrenched into the church. This was all by design and was in the Christian community for his entire adult life pretending to be a man of God for the government. He could quote scriptures like with the best of them and appeared to be very spiritual but if the price was right or actually if he was ordered to do it is more like it, he'd take you out. He'd make it look like an accident or a medical problem. If you didn't know anything about him, like Bill Clinton you'd swear he could feel your pain and would never do anything to hurt anyone and I can assure you, he did not feel your pain. Neither did Bill Clinton but that's another issue. So if someone died around him and it appeared to be a medical issue or an accident they'd never look at the fact that the death was connected to my brother because the Family had control of the investigation and the investigators always closed the books. No murder?!!!? no reason to investigate. The only people who they had to be concerned with questioning was the public. Law enforcement was on his side, not the side of safety of the general public. Many people are ignorant to this reality but I can assure you it exists. This is how it most often works. In violent murders they disguise the motive and say it wasn't solvable and of course these investigations are also controlled by the Family of which the administration of most of our churches are a part of. The means of assassination is usually decided by the factors of the victim’s life style. You can’t continually murder church goers with bikers and get away with it indefinitely and they know this. If the government has to continually murder people, they have to think about the odds and the long run if they don’t intend to get caught. My brother also murdered my mother and my nephew for the Family. The reason he could do this is because he was a sociopath and sociopaths don't bond to people but pretend to and pretend well. You can know one all your life. Think they are tight with you and truly love you when in fact they do not. Then suddenly take you out and not bat an eye because they never had any love to begin with. I'm not telling you this stuff to scare people at risk but so that you have some knowledge of this type of situation so that if you find yourself in it you are able to survive. No one likes the subject of murder but if you are targeted and want to live these conversations are necessary. They aren't going to tell you any of this and this knowledge could save your life. Things to do to reduce the risk of being murdered!!! Watch what you eat and where it came from. Get your food from stores. If you feel a need to, switch the stores around and change the products you buy. My food in both King Soopers and Safeway had been dosed with steroids so they can get to you through food at a store but this isn't likely in most cases because that involved more people then they want in the picture. My case is different than the lengths they will normally go too but I’m mentioning it to show that it is possible. But if someone is inviting you to eat food or take you to a specific restaurant that you didn't have any choice about you probably need to really think about eating in that situation. It may be fine but it may not be. Also if you regularly attend a restaurant you are at risk of being served tainted food there as well. You're better off trusting stores. Don't go into any private places with anyone you haven't known for at least a decade and then seriously consider what you are doing. Think usually practice murder in secret, not pubic and like I said you can think you know someone who’ve you’ve been acquainted with all your life and have someone else find out you didn’t know them at all. You may think they'd never harm you and it turn out to be my brother so be careful. The other thing not to do under any circumstances is get into a private vehicle. Especially one that belongs to someone else who's driving. But even if it’s your own you can be murdered that way. My friend Billy was AA bought a car that was sabatoshed mechanically and died as a result. If you step into a car and they intend to kill you your as good as dead, especially if you are unaware of the potential. The best bet is to stick with public transpiration. Take the bus. If the treat is temporary this is a small sacrifice to save my life. While the threat is present don’t develop any new in-depth personal relationships. I had to literally stop having any kind of in-depth friends seven years ago. It was hard but if I hadn't done that I would be dead, no question. You may already have some friends and I'm not telling you to disassociate with them but not to go into a private places or restaurants with them until this danger and in most cases it will be at some point. If they are really your friend and you tell them the situation you are in, they'll understand. If they don't you have a different reason to be concerned under this situation. People who love you don't expect you to risk your life when confronted with a situation like this if it’s explained to them and if they do they aren’t really your friends. It’s not your job to convince people that what you’re dealing with is real and predators will use this to get you in a valuable positon because they are all about game. We'll if your church may not be safe and your job is questionable you’re probably wondering what to do with your time. You can always attend AA meetings. As long as you don't go to any private place with anyone you meet there for the time being you'll be fine. That’s one way to deal with the loneliness caused by a situation like this and if you don’t have an issue with addition you can attend open meetings. Sharing at meetings helped me deal with the loneliness of having to disassociate with personal relationships by giving me a chance to express intimate communication.
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