• Grace Danso

    Grace Danso

    Evangelist Grace Danso, is a woman of God, who truly loves to share Gods word. She has being apart of the ministry since 2013 and as made impact in evangelism, outreach and other faucet of the church in what ever way she could. She works in the medical field, and likes to dance for Jesus. She is a wife and a mother of 3 children. She desires to expand her arising and knowing more about Gods power. She is the CEO and founder of Windows ministry in Liberia. A ministry that helps windows in crisis, and points them to Jesus saving grace.

  • Veronica  Powell

    Veronica Powell
    2nd Coach

    Pastor Veronica, migrated from Liberia at the age of 5 yrs old. She became a pastor in 2009. she was involve with church activities before that time, but choose to respond to the assignment. She was birthed out of a prayer warrior ministry, and so she does have a passion towards praying. she loves to empower both men and women, to see the better good of them selves, and inspires them to hold on to God. Her secular life surrounded the medical field, where she worked in that industry for some time before responding to ministry. She is a wife and a mother of one son. She hopes to write a book some day, sharing her challenges since ministry and how she overcame.

  • Paul Powell

    Paul Powell

    Rev.Dr.Paul.Powell is a born again believer, since 1985. He was in junior shool then, when he started preaching the gospel. He is a doctor of divinity, where he specialized in church planting, counseling and ministerial care. He as traveled and preach in the caribbean, Canada, and other parts of the USA. He is a family man with a wife and a son. He believes in empowering lives for change and an equal opportunity to succeed. He believes in economic upliftment, likewise spiritual. He is also an author, musician, song writer and public speaker, who desires to release his praise and worship CD, in the near future.