Eighth Street Wesleyan Church

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Similar churches often offer music styles like passionate reverent and contemporary. Programs like community service, children's ministry, missions, nursery, and food pantry are also typical. by FaithStreet


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  • MVW
    To DSE: YOU EVIDENTLY have the wrong church in mind. So please check the address of the church, because you are wrong in your accusations.
  • MLP
    It's a beautiful place to worship where the people truly love God and the people who attend.
  • DSE
    Well let me just say that the pastor is an IDIOT. And I don't know who has told him stories about me but let me set a few things straight. For one I was married for 38 years I put up with the abuse and the cheating hoping he would change and after many years he did for awhile until one day it got bad we had no relationship he never hugged me or kissed me as long as I took care of everything it was all good. Well I just had all I could take and as for my kids well they are adults now and it is what it is. And for people to talk about me as though they know me . WAKE UP THEY DONT NEVER DID . SO AS FOR A PASTOR TO SPEAK TO ME AS YOU DID WELL LET'S JUST SAY THAT YOU NEED TO DO A LITTLE INVESTGATING IN YOUR CONGREGATION FOR YOU SEE YOU HAVE A LADY THAT GOES TO YOUR CHURCH THAT MUST GO TO REPENT ALL SHE DID ALL WEEK. SHE HAS SEX WITH HER GRANDSON AND HER DAUGHTER HAS WITH HER SON ALSO THE BOY WILL TELL YOU THIS SAME STORY AND SHE CAN LOOK YOU STRAIGHT IN YOUR EYES AND LIE THATS JUST WHAT SHE DOES AND I COULD GO ON BUT AS FOR THE WAY YOU TALK TO ME WELL I KNOW ALOT OF PASTORS AND I HAVE TURNED YOU AND YOUR SICK PSYCO CHURCH INTO THE MINISTORIAL ASSOCIATIONFOR CHURCHS SO NOW THINK BEFORE YOU GO JUDGING OTHERS THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. AND AS FOR THE CHURCH IT WAS A REALLY A GOOD ONE UNTIL BELLVILLE LET YOU OUT
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