Doxa Community Church Staff & Leaders

  • Brian Morgan

    I grew up in the Renton Highlands, spent my formative years as a Briarwood Bear, Apollo Rocket, Maywood Ram and a Liberty Patriot. My parents still make their home on May Valley Road. I married my high school sweetheart, Morgan Flaherty, finished at BCC and had no idea what to do.   I was pretty involved at Highlands Community Church, but felt lost as I thought about my future. I spent some money to get a Microsoft Certification; it was 1999 so that's just what you should do. I was a failure when it came to passing the test. In desperation I threw up my hands and told God I was fully His and He could do with me what He wanted. He answered with weeks of silence that finally broke through when Pastor Monty Wright came into my work at a local Christian Bookstore. He asked me to order about 15 books for a monthly class he was teaching. I loved the books and asked what the class was. He said it was for guys who were lost and had no idea what to do with their lives. I asked where I could sign up.   Through that class and involvement with his church, I was no longer lost but found. In a short time I became the church's Youth Pastor and lived out that calling for 10 years at two churches. God's great work in this life called me to the Pastorate, to be a father for now three children, to be bi-vocational which is just a fancy way to say I've always worked two jobs.   Jesus has brought me a long way. Before I was married, I rarely attended church. When I wanted to marry Morgan, I attended church and even served but would show up late on purpose to miss the singing and would leave as soon as the last Amen. When I was lost and had no idea who I was or what I was to do, God made me His and gave me an inescapable calling I've bled for every since. When I was a Youth Pastor, God challenged me and brought me to the end of my pride too many times to count, only to restore me again.   Now as a Pastor in Renton, God is again at work. I love my hometown and desire to see hope brought by the Gospel to every person in the Highlands. My hope is that Doxa Community Church would be a community within the city that points people to the hope of Gospel, the greatness of God's Glory and the Grace we all need to make the most of this life we are given.