Covenant Reformed Baptist Church

Relevant when reaching out, Reverent when reaching up Danville, VA
Covenant Reformed Baptist Church
Covenant Reformed Baptist Church
Covenant Reformed Baptist Church
Covenant Reformed Baptist Church
Covenant Reformed Baptist Church
Covenant Reformed Baptist Church

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6611 Old NC Hwy 86 N.
Danville, VA 27315



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Who We Are

We are a reformed church, practicing the marks of a healthy church, preaching the doctrines of grace, the sovereignty of God, singing psalms, hymns and contemporary spiritual songs, active in evangelism, expository preaching through the whole council of God, gospel centered. We also have a Chinese ministry.

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What are services like?
Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Expository preaching through the whole council of God.

What is the community like?
A church family from all races, including Chinese. 盟约更新浸信会


John Carpenter

B.A. Samford University M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary Th.M. Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Ph.D. Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

What Members Say Add your voice

  • ^ Neither of these people above are members; neither have they even visited once. They’re just leftist unbelievers trying to cancel anyone who disagrees with them.
  • Indeed, as Uri said the pastors behaviour involved hurled insults at multiple people in non-stop unhinged harassment. The conversation did start with a doctrinal disagreement. But the unhinged harassment and insults did not appear to be provoked, and continued for hours in nearly 100 harassing posts, despite being unprovoked throughout. I cannot recommend any church run by someone with such an un-Christlike temperament.
  • The behavior of pastor John B. Carpenter on social media is concerning. Over the past few days, my friend and others were having a debate with him concerning biblical principles of treating the poor. Instead of engaging respectfully, Mr. Carpenter simply hurled insults at then, insulting their intelligence, questioning their Christianity, and ignoring any kind of respectful discourse. When I reached out ask Mr. Carpenter about his behavior and if he was feeling okay, he simply responded with the same talking points, continuing to denigrate me and my friends, calling us liars and a frauds. From the perspective of someone looking in from the outside, this looks like harassment. I understand that social media conversations often involve miscommunication and talking past each other, particularly on contentious topics. But this seemed like a deeply problematic temperament. When mentioning my connection to pastor Tim Keller and Redeemer in NYC as a way of connecting, he replied "Your friend is a viscous liar and total fraud and you’re a sick person for enabling his slander. We don’t share any values because you and your perpetually lying friend aren’t Christians." And proceeded to black me. Personally, I'm surprised that a pastor representing a church that supports compassionate care when it comes racial justice and equality, treats people as uncompassionately and disrespectfully as he did in these interactions. I am concerned for Mr. Carpenter's mental health. This is a stressful time for us all, but this does not excuse Mr. Carpenter's disrespectful and un-Christ-like behavior. I cannot recommend a church lead by this man.
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