Christ Episcopal Church

Holy Ground for those on a Faith Journey Norwich, CT
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Episcopal Church

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78 Washington Street
Norwich, CT 06360

860 887 4249


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Who We Are

Christ Episcopal Church Norwich is an inclusive, caring, and unified congregation, which welcomes people from all backgrounds. We are a multigenerational parish with a strong Episcopal tradition. Located in an urban community, the "gateway" church to downtown Norwich, we lift up Christ in our liturgy, Christian formation, spiritually inspired music and provide Holy ground for people on a faith journey. In order to improve ourselves, we look beyond ourselves to serve God in our community. We have a forward looking and ever growing commitment to local out reach and Christian stewardship. We seek to share Christ's light and God's grace with others.

As members of Christ's body we strive to spread His love in the world by:
1. Feeding the hungry
2. Expanding His ministry
3. Encouraging and fostering increased individual participation in His Church
4. Sharing the gift of music and the arts in our community
5. Welcoming and supporting all who seek His grace

About Us

Inclusive, Historic, Downtown, Traditional Liturgy, Friendly

Choir, Nursery, Adult Education, Food Pantry

Traditional Hymns, Organ, Contemporary





Our Services

What are services like?
At 8.00am on a Sunday we have a traditional said eucharist in the chapel, follwoed by a sung eucharist at 10.00am in the main church. There is nursery provision and a godly play classs at the same time as this service. Once a month at 10.00am we have a more family-focussed eucharist in which children, particularly, play an active part. The music is more contemporary, and the sermon is an activity-based learning experience.

What is the community like?
Warm, welcoming and inclusive. We include people of all ages, though we are a bit thin at the younger end of the spectrum

What if I'm not a Christian?
Anyone is welcome, regardless of where you are on your faith journey. We welcome those of any faith or none.

Leadership View all

Hugh James

Hugh James

Hugh has been Rector of CEC since February 2012. Before that he was a Vicar in various parishes in St David’s Diocese in Wales. He has a particular interest in spiritual development, conducting retreats and quiet days, and has acted as spiritual director to several individuals. He was Provincial Officer for Youth and Children’s Work for the Church in Wales for 7 years and has worked for the full inclusion of children and young people in church life. He is the author of “A Fitting End: making the most of a funeral”, a book on funerals, and used to lecture on funerals at St Michael’s College, Llandaff. He also taught communication skills for Cardiff University’s Diploma of Pastoral Studies, and has, more recently, been a personal tutor and lectured in Church History on the South Wales Ordination course. He also contributed to “A Guide to Parish Youth Work” and several other publications. His other interests include playing chess, tai chi, walking the dog and a little gardening.

What Members Say Add your voice

  • Christ Episcopal church is the family you choose for yourself! A welcoming group of people who accept you just the way you are!! The "family" that is always there for you, through thick and thin!! CEC is a group of caring, loving people - on a faith journey.
  • I felt welcome and at home from my first Sunday there. We are an open family. I love the Episcopal worship tradition.
  • Anyone coming to Christ Church will find themselves immediately at ease simply due to the warm welcome of the CEC parishioners and our Pastor. I had not attended church at CEC for over 20 years, yet when I returned for my first mass, it felt like I had never left. I was home. The 8 am service in the chapel is perfect for those early risers while the 10 am service features a fantastic chorus accompanied by a truly talented music director and his students.
  • My family and I moved to Norwich 7 years ago - we've been very actively involved since arriving. CEC represents a welcoming atmosphere for all on their journey - through art and music, through worship, through our work to feed the hungry in Norwich and to spread the Word!
  • I moved here with Hugh in February and am still astonished by the welcome we have received and the warmth of the people here. They're irresistible! Come and find out for yourself. Susan
  • I've been going to CEC for 7 1/2years. It's a beautiful church with wonderful welcoming parishioners. We have one of the best organists a church can have. The music is outstanding. I love the music concerts that very talented people perform. These concerts are open to the public. We do strive to help those in need in our town. Also, we are very fortunate to have a wonderful priest and his wife who moved here from wales.
  • I was raised in the Episcopal Church. I started going to this church in 1991 when I moved to Norwich, CT. I met many wonderful people that I now consider very good friends and others that I consider as family. We have a wonderful new priest Hugh and his wife Susan and although they are new to this church they help to add to the warm welcoming feeling within the church. A one time in my life I thought of a church as a building I now realize that to me it is the people within it.
  • Many years ago my life partner & I were seeking a church that would put our young daughter on a spiritual path while accepting the love we have for one another. Afterall we weren't one's idea of a traditional family. We found an amazing pastor & overall great acceptance. We came to CEC with the merge although reluctant to put ourselves in the position of being judged we were hopeful to find acceptance among our new fellow parishioners. Some of the most wonderful warm kind caring people I know, I met at CEC. I stepped away from CEC for a time, recently I found myself drawn back & as I walked through the door I immediatley felt the love & warmth overflowing. Hugh, the new pastor is pretty amazing & I do believe CEC has once again an amazing wonderful pastor to help us on our journey.
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