Christ Church
Staff & Leaders

  • Tracy Ellwanger
    Minister of Music

    Christ Church is so blessed with our music ministry! Our Organist and Choir Director Tracy leads the music program with great joy and spiritual depth. Mother to a new daughter, Tracy and her husband also own and operate Fairfield School of Music!

  • Vicky Barcello
    Parish Administrator

    Luckily for us, Vicky is the face of the parish! If you should call or just stop by, you will find her here! Besides running the parish and being actively involved in the congregation, Vicky and her husband have two wonderful children, and do so much for our church and community. Vicky is a font of information, and is an important part of the ministerial staff. She's here when you need her, and is always a pleasure to visit and talk with!

  • Claudia Bente

    Claudia brings an enthusiastic love for cleaning and organizing to the holy work of cleaning the church and school, where prayers and children's laughter permeate the air. Claudia and her husband have two beautiful children, one of whom we are blessed to have at Christ Church Nursery School!

  • Ellen Huber

    Mother Ellen: Every service at Christ's Church is a special experience. Within the framework of the deeply spiritual Episcopal liturgy, our Rector, The Rev. Ellen Huber, gives each service a unique and warmly personal touch, from her captivating smile and exuberant "welcome!" to her heartfelt closing prayer. She sets the tone for great depth and joy in every moment, as the congregation joins the choir in spirited singing of the hymns, shares "The Peace" all around, and offers up prayers. Highlighting every service, our Rector's well-wrought, down-to earth sermons never fail to carry a timely and memorable message for all.