Calvary Chapel Georgetown Divide

Nearness to God, Likeness to Christ, Love to Others, Hope to the World Greenwood, CA
Calvary Chapel Georgetown Divide
Calvary Chapel Georgetown Divide

Who We Are

"They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe..." (Acts 2:42-43a).

It doesn't get better than that...

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Down to Earth, Friendly, Spirit-filled, Casual, Neighborhood-focused, Multigenerational

Children's Ministry, Young Adults, Youth Group, Missions, Nursery, Food Pantry, Community Service, Faith and Work

Passionate Reverent, Contemporary, Traditional Hymns, Praise and Worship

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What are services like?
Whenever the early Christians gathered together, they worshiped God in music, prayer, communion and the reading and teaching of the Scriptures. Here at Calvary Chapel we want to maintain this uncomplicated model at our weekly services. We emphasize the worship of God in song because it is inspirational and puts our praise to music; we emphasize content-packed Bible teaching because God's Book is His revelation of Himself and is His voice speaking to us; we emphasize prayer because it is the essence of intimate fellowship with God; we emphasize communion and baptism because Jesus commanded them and because they speak of Him; and above all we emphasize Jesus Christ as Lord—as the visible image of the invisible God and everything that the Father wanted to say.

What is the community like?
The church, like Jesus, lives to glorify God and bless others. Every follower of Jesus is endowed with spiritual gifts from God, not to keep but to give away in order to strengthen fellow believers for good works and care for their needs. In other words, we want to be like Jesus in everything we do. Because we live on a remote rural ridge in the Sierra foothills, our largest weekly gathering is Sunday morning. We have several weekly home fellowships rather than mid-week services, emphasizing Bible study, open discussion, prayer and good fellowship. There are also weekly Youth, Young Adult and Prayer groups that emphasize outreach, community service and growing is Jesus' love in a rapidly changing world. Our Men's and Women's fellowships, weekly Food Give-Away and our new Motorcycle Ministry have the same passions, with an emphasis on retreats and outreach. Missions here are vital, fulfilling Jesus' command to preach the Gospel and make disciples locally, regionally and globally. We encourage and facilitate short and medium-term mission trips and support full-time missionaries serving around the world. Calvary Chapel Georgetown Divide also serves as a base for other outreaches and discipleship efforts, including "Biblical Dinners" and "Galilean Wedding" presentations, Youth Coffee House ministry, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and Chaplaincy training, study tours of Israel, Turkey, Greece and Jordan, providing guest speakers and musicians short term to various ministries and much, much more. But our great passions will always be Jesus, teaching the BIble and loving one another in deeds, not just good words...

What if I'm not a Christian?
Going to church will not save your soul, nor will being a good person. Everyone has sinned—rebelled against God one way or another. God's penalty for sin is death—and Jesus, when He was executed on the cross, paid that penalty in full. Then He came back to life three days later, never to die again, to prove He has the power to save people—save you—from your guilt before God and from hell, and take you to Heaven. Forever. This is the best news ever. Look to Jesus and put all you faith in Him—that He did it all for you to save you from your sins and take you to heaven. And follow Him—He has always loved you, and even though He is Lord of the universe, you are now His kid. It doesn't get better than that. See you in heaven.

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Jay McCarl

Jay McCarl

Originally schooled as an artist, Jay has served in ministry as Beach Area Director for Orange County Youth for Christ, worship leader for various ministries at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and as an assistant pastor at churches in Orange, Napa, San Diego, and Auburn. In 1990 Jay pioneered a work in Cool, California, that became Calvary Chapel Georgetown Divide. More recently he also founded Biblical Dinners Ministries, presenting a colorful interactive recreation of the historical Last Supper and of a Galilean Wedding. Jay also leads study tours of Israel, Greece and Turkey and is regularly involved in short-term missions. Jay has a Master's degree in Chaplaincy Ministry and is a volunteer supervising Chaplain with Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy. He has been married to his beautiful wife Kathee for more than thirty years and has four amazing children.

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  • Calvary Chapel is a wonderful teaching church and anyone who truly wants to learn will enjoy visiting this church. Pastor Jay McCarl is a gifted teacher/preacher and opens the biblical world and traditions up for you to better understand the bible. It's the best I've experienced. And his biblical dinners are unbelievably wonderful. What a blessing. Robin Atchinson
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