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  • Asbury Park Community Church
  • Asbury Park Community Church
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Who We Are

No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are always welcome here.

Welcome to Asbury Park Community Church

What if...church was not just a building to go to on Sundays or Saturdays, but instead a community of people trying to figure out life and God together?

What if...you're on your second or third or fourth chance? We are too.

What if…on those days you choose to visit us, you could really go “as you are” – whether that was in jeans and a t-shirt, a suit and tie or a dress, zombie makeup and tripp pants, or something in between – and be accepted as yourself unconditionally?

What if…you don’t even believe in God and all that comes with religion, you’re not sure about God or you believe different things about God than other people and you could still be accepted unconditionally?

What if…you’re not a heterosexual married Caucasian with 2.5 children and a minivan and you could still be accepted unconditionally?

What if...you were? You're here too.

What if...you were a metro-type with a Mac, a large soy latte and the NY Times crosswords, you’re here too.

What if…you could join with people who are unconditionally accepting, who help each other, our community and others around the world?

What if…our time together was engaging, provocative, challenging and exciting?

What if…God is just as much an experience?

What if…you could find this in Asbury Park?

Asbury Park Community Church is relatively new on the Jersey Shore, but many of the folks have strong roots here and in the surrounding area. As a church and more importantly as a community and as individuals, we aspire to honor all people with love and grace and acceptance no matter where they are in life or where they are on the journey to find God.

We don’t have a dress code.

We don’t have any membership classes or secret handshakes.

We don’t have any conditions for joining us for celebration or for helping us out on our service projects, even if you choose not to join us for weekly celebration. What we do have is a group of people who will accept you for who you are, unconditionally, whether you are gay, straight, rich, poor, liberal, and conservative or somewhere in between.

If this sounds appealing to you, please drop us a line. We are gearing up to launch weekly activities….. We’d love to meet you, even if you end up choosing not to stay.
~Rev. Doug

Our Services

Service Times

  • 06:30pm - Starting in January 2013

What to Expect

What are services like?
Asbury Park Comunity Church is a new church start. If your someone who likes the freedom of new beginnings, give us a try. We are currently gearing up for home groups in January.

What is the community like?
Close knit. Social justice minded. eclectic, friendly.

What if I'm not a Christian?
Doesn't matter.


Rev Doug Brown

Rev Doug Brown

Pastor Doug was raised in the Church of Christ. In college he was a fine arts major and after some years of being outside the church world he eventually landed at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in New Jersey. Art and music were always paths that led to faith and God for him. He currently lives in Asbury Park. He continues in art, but can't sing a note, so he admires musicians.

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  • Nicole
    Hi! I'm searching for a new home church. I'm wondering how you guys are running services now (in-person/online)? How would I go about getting more information? Thanks so much!
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