Bring the best parts of Sunday into MTWTFS

An app for congregations.

Practice faith together

Every day, we find encouragement from each other. Whether sharing prayer requests after attending online or being reminded of an upcoming worship night you may have missed.

Remind folks they are part of a community

Gentle nudges to engage with each other, to stay connected by sharing valleys and mountaintops, the week's praise and prayers.

Bring church-life into daily life

When you'd like to be together and can't, FaithStreet helps you share the stories, care and generosity that bring so much meaning to community.

Gain New Tools

Things You Haven’t Done Before
Prayer Cards
Prayer Cards ensure prayers are connected to people, people you know and go to church with.
Respond is a guided question and answer tool. It is a powerful way to nudge yourself towards faithfulness. Your pastor will share questions for your community to engage with. Also great for sign ups and connection cards!
Things You’ve Always Done, Better
& Announcements
Keep track of what's coming up. A full church calendar easily remembered and immediately distributed. Plus weekly service info, church news, missionary stories, stewardship appeals, volunteer opportunities—a bulletin you can't misplace.
You can give directly to your church from FaithStreet, no checkbooks or envelopes required. Works great with FaithStreet Giving and any giving providers.
Here's What You're Getting

iOS & Android App

A beautiful app designed for all ages. Simple to use and fully featured.

Website tools

Easy to create and promote events, sermons, prayer requests and more.

Email engagement

Personalized reminders & notifications, no staff work required.

Member tested. Leader approved.

What people are saying

Introducing the FaithStreet app has helped our church family stay more connected with each other. The prayer feature is especially useful and our folks are definitely taking advantage of it! Also, very helpful for our leadership to stay informed about the needs in our congregation at any given time. It’s great to have announcements, giving, calendar and sermons all in one place!

Pastor Mike Majeski
Pastor Mike Majeski | Merge Community Church
Nondenominational church in Wayne, MI

I am really happy with the way that the app works and what it offers right now...I think you have designed a really good product that helps communities stay connected throughout the week.

Rev Hunter Ruffin
Rev. Hunter Ruffin | Church of the Epiphany Tempe
Episcopal church in Tempe, Airzona

This is great, especially, since we cannot meet together to share needs in person. We also have used the announcement aspect to get timely information to our members.

Would I recommend FaithStreet to you? 100% yes.

Pastor Nathan Lynch
Pastor Nathan Lynch | New Life Christian Assembly
Assembly of God church in Pine Dale, NM

Questions You Might Be Asking

"We already have a website."

Fantastic! For many 21st-century churches, a necessary first step. Your website becomes your digital front door. People are going to go through it on their way to worship, service, prayer, giving, and so on. But like doors, you want guests to keep moving from the entryway to the living room.

"Do we really need an app?"

You might. Do you wish people in your congregation stayed more connected during the week? Would you like help nudging folks towards prayer and engagement with the week’s message, all week long? How about giving everyone a copy of the bulletin that they can’t leave behind or lose? If so, FaithStreet is at the very least worth a try.

FaithStreet is built from the ground up to help congregations flourish. Many times when an app adopts a church, it becomes an extension of your website. We've built FaithStreet to be an extension of your community.

"But really, does my church really need an app?"

2000+ years of church history suggest that a church can thrive without an app. No contest. But the same is true about cell phones, electicity, and the printing press. Do you really need them? Of course not, but they sure make a lot of things easier :)

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