• Brandon & Laura Henderson
    Home Church Pastors

    Brandon and Laura Henderson come from a rich Vineyard background as they were leaders for four years at Vineyard Columbus. Laura grew up in Vineyard Columbus communities and Brandon was a member for six years. The Hendersons left Columbus, OH in late 2011 to live in Pasadena. Brandon is a postdoctral research fellow at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) with an emphasis in the neurobiology of addiction. Laura is a hospice nurse. Brandon and Laura together led multiple house groups at Vineyard Columbus. At Vineyard Columbus they also led a Soaking Prayer team. Since coming to Southern California, they have led a house group, led prayer ministry, and led a “Need Prayer? Booth” at the Oasis Vineyard. Currently, the Hendersons lead the exciting and adventuresome home church in Pasadena called “Equipped”. Equipped is Vineyard Pasadena’s first house church. Brandon also gives leadership to outreach on the Caltech campus which has included organizing and MCing the Veritas Forum on campus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XIVXk-Ve8Q.

  • Brad & Jane Hightower
    Home Church Pastors

    Brad and Jane have significant Vineyard pedigree. Jane is an RN and Brad is a quality control manager for an aerospace company. They have six children in ages ranging from 19 to 10. Brad was a part of John Wimber’s staff in the late 80’s and early 90’s at Anaheim, running benevolence ministry prior to Monte Whitaker taking it over. Jane lived in New York City for a season in the early 90’s getting training for urban ministry while attending Lance Pittluck’s church in Rockville Center, Long Island. Together the Hightowers have had homeless (both singles and families) living with them long term between the years of 1993 to 2009. They have a deep heart for the urban poor and marginalized. Brad is also a worship leader, songwriter, and a musician who records. He has not only led worship in the Vineyard under Eddie Espinosa, but for CRC churches as well. He also served as a pastor at a CRC church in Bellflower. Jane is the regional director for AIR (Attitudes in Reverse) which supports and raises awareness of students prone to suicide. They have purchased a house in urban Durham, North Carolina in a gritty part of town and expect to move there and plant a church in two-year’s time. They would like to use their experience at VinPas as a training season for a plant in Durham. Currently Brad is working on a MDiv at Fuller and was one of Glen’s students in his Hebrew Prophets class.

  • Ralph & Cathy Gómez
    Home Church Pastors

    Ralph and Cathy are deeply passionate about living the amazing missional life of God's kingdom. They have an incredible amount of experience planting and pastoring multicultural churches. Both fluent Spanish speakers, they lived in Caracas, Venezuela for nearly nine years and planted a church there. Then they planted the Doral Vineyard church in the greater Miami area. Ralph was also an area pastor for the Vineyard churches there. Among many other things Cathy was the worship pastor for the Doral Vineyard. After turning over the Doral Vineyard to a pastor that they groomed and mentored, they have moved to Pasadena. They are originally from Southern California (although Ralph was actually born in Cuba) and were living in Pasadena when they first married. Now they are back enjoying their extended family and friends and providing pastoral care, wisdom, guidance, and great hospitality to the Vineyard Pasadena community. They are also spearheading a couple of key outreaches. They lead the VinPas partnership with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the PCC campus. They also lead Alpha for VinPas. They have five adult children and a granddaughter.

  • Glen & Terri Taylor
    Lead Pastors

    Glen is the lead pastor and visionary for Vineyard Pasadena. Glen grew up in New York and moved to Los Angeles after college to work as a commercial illustrator, mainly for the fashion industry. Terri is an elementary school teacher who grew up in East Los Angeles, the daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico City. Glen and Terri are both multi-lingual and love cultural diversity. Together, Glen and Terri have been planting churches, mainly overseas, for 25 years (with a Vineyard Partnership for most of that time). They led multicultural church planting teams with members from Canada, England, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Iran, and Central Asia. This resulted in the planting of two Iranian churches in Turkey, and two in Central Asia. Glen worked as country director of various relief and development non-profits and Terri either taught or played some kind of role in international schools. Glen also taught religious studies and philosophy at a national university in Central Asia and founded an interdenominational theological college. Glen has a Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies and currently teaches Old Testament and Hebrew part-time at Fuller Theological Seminary and Talbot School of Theology. He also teaches in the Vineyard Institute and serves on its curriculum committee. Terri has worked with children for many years: teaching, tutoring, and teaching ESL. She is presently employed as a teacher's assistant for the LAUSD. She assists teachers in reading intervention in Central LA, helping underperforming children rise to grade level in literacy. She also tutors underperforming students who live in her neighborhood in East LA. Together Glen and Terri lead the VinPas partnership with InterVarsity on the ELAC campus. Glen and Terri have three adult children, a high school son, and a beautiful daughter-in-law.