Kindred Bible Church
Staff & Leaders

  • Glen Shelden

    Glen grew up in California where he, after spending eight years in the navy, worked in appliance repair for 27 years. Glen and his wife, Arlene, have been married since 1974 and have lived in Idaho since 2005. Glen is kind hearted, humble, generous and truly enjoys serving in the church. He always seems to have a big smile on his face and positive words of encouragement. The desire to serve is also found in his wife, Arlene. On any given Sunday you’ll find her surrounded by a crowd of children while she generously hands out treats from her big bag of goodies. Glen and Arlene are a couple that everyone enjoys being around. Their love for God and life is contagious.

  • Michael Erwin

    God, His church, and its mission have always been a part of Michael’s life. Michael, like many, grew up in the church and gave his life to Christ as an adolescent. In early adulthood Michael served in the Air Force. Shortly after his time of service he met his wife, Heather. Michael and Heather have always had a heart for missions and they are enthusiastic supporters of such. Both Michael and Heather, have traveled abroad to share the love of Christ with the world. Foreign missions are not their only passion. Michael and Heather know that the greatest and most effective form of evangelism is family. To that end and in obedience to God they have been blessed with eight children. The Erwin’s are emblematic of our church’s emphasis on a family integrated church life. The family worships, prays and plays together. One might think that with eight children there wouldn’t be time for much else, yet, Michael and Heather are constantly opening their home for Bible studies and Christian fellowship. Michael and Heather are wonderful models of Christian faithfulness, steadfastness and commitment.

  • Timothy Davidson

    With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Timothy could pursue a career in the business world but has chosen to spend life serving his country, community and church. Timothy has been in the military either fulltime or in the National Guard almost continually since 1982. He has also served as an Idaho state police officer since 1990. Timothy’s years in both the military and law enforcement have given him a great appreciation for God’s faithfulness and providence. Such appreciation has manifest in the conviction that every believer should fervently pursue God’s purpose, plan and calling for their lives. Therefore, Timothy is continually seeking God as to how he can serve and share Christ with a lost world. He has traveled to Southeast Asia several times to both serve those in need and to share Christ. Timothy and his wife, Roma, have been married since 1982 and have five adopted children. Both Timothy and Roma are committed, faithful and tireless in their service to Christ and His church.

  • Kristopher Wilson

    Kristopher grew up in Idaho. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and puts it into practice as a program manager. Kristopher and his wife, Cheryl, were married in 1994 and have three children. Cheryl has a passion and calling for prayer. She is a constant advocate for prayer and more prayer. Serving in the church has been a prominent theme in both their lives. Kristopher has been involved in church ministry with Pastor Randy for more than 23 years. His servant’s heart is evident in all that he does in life. Kristopher is devoted to continuing his heritage by guiding and cultivating a love for Jesus in his family.

  • Randy Reams

    Randy Reams

    Pastor Randy has a bachelors and master’s degree from Northwest Nazarene University. He has been active in pastoral ministry since 1988. He has served in both small and very large congregations. Pastor Randy has a true pastor’s heart and truly enjoys being a part of the lives of those he serves. His two great passions are the Word of God and helping others discover and fulfill their God ordained call and purpose. He is authentic and transparent in his teaching and preaching, knowing that they are indispensable to true pastoral ministry. Randy has traveled extensively in S.E. Asia to both preach the gospel and train and exhort native pastors and missionaries. His reverence for God’s word is manifest in his systematic expository preaching style that exhorts and challenges. Randy and Kimberlee have been married since 1983 and have five children. They know how difficult it is to raise a family in today’s culture. They minister to families by helping them to find Biblical solutions for the issues of life in today’s world.