Shawnee Baptist Church Staff & Leaders

  • Chris Richards

    Before accepting God's call into the ministry, I was lead singer and bass/acoustic guitarist with The Richards Family, a group formed with my two brothers, and my sister in law. I accepted God's call in 2003, an pastored my first church in 2005. I pastored my second church in 2009, and came back to Shawnee in August, 2010, at the unction of the Holy Spirit, and was made pastor in Oct. 2010. God has blessed us at Shawnee with many miracles, including 5 documented case of healed cancers. God is continuing to bless us with new opportunities to win the lost. We will be starting our new youth ministry, "Miracle Outdoors", in January, 2014. "Miracle Outdoors" is a ministry centered around learning about God through nature, in which there will be trail walks, nature hikes, and camp outs. All designed to teach children about God through the things we see in nature.