• Sharon Snow

    Sharon Snow
    Senior Pastor

    Every time Pastor Sharon steps into the pulpit you need to buckle you seat belt because you are about to hear the unvarnished truth of God’s word and will. She is uniquely gifted in the prophetic and always delivers truth with love, but always truth. As a seasoned warrior she is committed to equipping the church with the necessary weapons to both fight the good fight and live an overcoming, and uncompromising life.

  • Art Snow

    Art Snow
    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Art is a seasoned teacher of God’s word and brings to the pulpit both his rich experience and a love for the scriptures. He leads by love and hardly a single sermon is delivered without mentioning the touchstone of his ministry, the love of God. When he speaks you will inevitably be drawn not by his fluency or his wit, but instead by his love for God and God’s people.