New Spirit Church of Atlanta Staff & Leaders

  • Randle Eichelberger

    Originally from Detroit,MI this charismatic preacher, psalmist/musician has been an inspiration to many across the nation.Starting out "tinkering" with the organ in his grandmother's living room, his mother often tells of how he would at the age of three climb down the two flights of stairs of the mini mansion to the organ, plug it in and turn it on and occasionally "get a little tune going". Pastor Randie has served as Min. of Music, Psalmist, and associate musician for several churches, such as New Mt. Moriah Ministries, where his grandfather, Bishop Ezetrick K. Wilson served as founder and senior pastor. Although the first years of Pastor Randie's ministry largely revolved around music, Pastor Randie has always been groomed and trained in the preaching ministry. He had on many occasion been asked by his grandfather and pastor to deliver a "sermonette" on a Sunday evening. So, it's no surprise that during his tenure at Nehemiah, he also answered the call to be not just a singer that preached but a preacher that just happened to sing. He was ordained and licensed under the New Mt. Moriah Church as a minister of the gospel. Pastor Randie is known for his unique sound and ability to teach worship and display it. He has taught at several conferences in the United States on the subject of Praise and Worship. He attributes his knowledge to God and His Word, secondly to great teachers like Pastor William H. Murphy, III, Elder Carolyn Belcher(Detroit), Charles Curry(Detroit), Pastor Nancy Wilson (North Carolina), and the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark.