New Beginning Church of Philadelphia Staff & Leaders

  • M.W. Couch

    M.W. Couch

    Rev. Couch has spent many years in formal academic preparation for ministry. He has been selected two years in a row for the National Dean’s List (2005-2006 and 2006-2007) and took degrees in Biblical Studies and Urban Ministries from Geneva College and in Bible and Organizational Management from Philadelphia Biblical University. And though he is currently completing his Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry with a specialization in the Greek of the New Testament, Rev. Couch boldly claims that nothing compares to his experience of God while studying abroad in Israel. Through specialized immersion studies Rev. Couch gained expertise on the geography of the Bible, the Holy Land, and the Life of Christ while swimming in the Dead Sea, being baptized in the River Jordan, and praying at the Wall in Jerusalem. Rev. Couch founded the New Beginning ministry, which is dedicated to the proven effectiveness of old-fashioned, one-on-one, street evangelism. And through this ministry, he personally shares God’s promise of forgiveness and new life in Christ with more than 10,000 people every year – calling them to God’s grace yet daring them to join the fight. The Rev. M.W. Couch, a fighter for family and for Church.