• 1st Lady Dorothy Sneed

    * 1st Lady Dorothy Sneed grew up in Dallas, the youngest girl of six siblings. She is a graduate of L. G. Pinkston High School and holds an associate degree in Public Administration. * She is happily joined at the rib to her friend, her pastor and husband of 35+ years, Dr. Michael D. Sneed. * She is a licensed Minister of the Gospel and an ordained Pastor at Loving Fellowship B. C. *1st Lady Sneed has been involved in ministry for over 25+ years as a deacon’s wife, a minister’s wife and a pastor’s wife.

  • Dr. Michael Sneed
    Senior Pastor

    *Dr. Michael D. Sneed was born and raised in South Dallas, the oldest of seven siblings. *He is a graduate of Skyline High School and holds a Doctor of Theology degree. *He is overwhelmingly, extremely, and happily joined at the rib to his friend, his huckleberry, and wife of 35+ years, Pastor 1st Lady Dorothy Sneed. *He is a retired Police Sergeant from the Dallas Police Department after 28+ years of service. *Dr. Sneed has been preaching the Gospel for 40+ years and the Senior Pastor of Loving Fellowship Baptist Church in DeSoto, Texas for over 20 years.