Legacy Baptist Church Staff & Leaders

  • Mike Clark

    I was saved and called to preach at Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Virginia in 1989. As a Marine I was trained and prepared to go anywhere in the world the Marine Corps needed me. Once I was saved, I kept that same mentality. Wherever the Lord desired to send me I would go. We joined with BIMI and worked in the country of Ukraine for many years. While we were serving there, our firstborn seven month-old son Josiah, became ill. We rushed him to the hospital and forty five minutes later the Lord called our son home. We then returned to the States to bury him. What dark days those were for us. However, by faith we were going to return to the field. As we were getting ready to return Terri found out she was expecting. At the seventh week physical the doctors told us there were going to be problems with our daughter, Jena. She would need a series of heart surgeries as soon as she was born. I resigned from BIMI and took a job at the Pentagon so that we would have the proper health coverage for Jena. After the second surgery Jena caught RSV and was not able to recover. The Lord called Jena home also when she was eight months old. Our home church supported us strongly during those dark days. Our faith was tested and tried but ultimately our faith was our victory. We know we will see our dear children again! We were able to adopt two wonderful Russian children and our completed family again entered full-time Christian service. While I was serving under Pastor Chris Edwards in this thriving work, God started moving my heart for church planting in America. Having prayed and sought council about what God was doing in our lives, we targeted several cities in the Northeast for possible church plant sites. God has made it very clear to us that the South Hills of Pittsburgh is the place He has called us to serve. Pittsburgh is the 13th largest city in America, and there are 340,000 people in the area where we minister. Please contact me for your next Missions Conference or to present our ministry in your church. Send your invitation to Michael Clark at [email protected] or call 724.621.6785.