Lake Fork Baptist Church Staff & Leaders

  • Tracey Bartley
    Associate Pastor/Education Minister

    Tracey Bartley was called to serve as Lake Fork's Associate Pastor & Education Minister in Februay 2014. Brother Tracey has been on a journey to know Christ and to make Him known to others, as commanded in Mark 12:30-31.

  • David Allen
    Admin/Music Director

    David Allen was called in 1999 to become Worship Leader and his wife, Margie joined him as the pianist. In 2007 the church called him to also be the administrator. He has served dually as the Worship Leader/Administrator since that time.

  • Perry Crisp Sr. Pastor

    Perry Crisp Sr. Pastor

    Called to pastor Lake Fork Baptist Church after the founding pastor, David Smith, retired in 2008, Perry Crisp leads a church family that is impossible to describe without factoring in the personal involvement of a living, powerful God. Miles from any city or town, tucked away on beautiful Lake Fork in rural east Texas, God decided to grow an incredible church family. With over 2,000 members, when anyone mentions the size of Lake Fork Baptist Church, Brother Perry’s response is, “We’re not a big church. We’re a small church with lots of people.” Brother Perry loves to teach and preach from the Bible, the Word of God. He has been a devoted student of Bible study for over 30 years and has a passion to let lost and confused people know where to find the answers they so desperately need for their everyday lives. Brother Perry’s spiritual gifts are pastor/teacher, evangelism, leadership, and communicating the Word of God in a way that people understand through his teaching, preaching, and writing. He has a vision to let the light of the good news of Jesus Christ shine from Lake Fork, Texas to our neighbors across the street and across the globe. Brother Perry and his wife, Dorinda, were married in June of 1984 and have two grown children who both married in 2012. Brother Perry graduated from Hawkins High School in 1980, East Texas Baptist University in 1984, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1993.