• Mike Vickery
    Outreach Pastor

    Mike came to Hopewell in 2019, joining the staff in January 2020. He comes with a vision of connecting the life transformation happening locally to a broader audience digitally. Mike's passion is to help people begin or restart their faith journey on the path to discovering their full God potential.

  • Bud Welton
    Lead Pastor

    Pastor Bud and his family moved to Flint, Michigan from their Pennsylvania home in August, 2015 to begin their ministry at Hopewell. Both Pastor Bud and his wife Jennifer grew up in Christian homes in rural Pennsylvania. They were married in 2003, and a year later had their first of their two children, Noah and Molly. Both have been actively serving and leading in the church for more than twenty years. Bud's passion is to help others discover who they are and unlock their full potential in Christ. Bud and Jen homeschool their children, enjoying the privilege of teaching each child to grow into a fully mature expression of God's unique creation. Jen is their primary teacher, having the education, background, passion, and patience for that high calling. She is a truly gifted teacher, and has a unique passion to see that all people honor God with their gifts. Pastor Bud was educated at Liberty University, Eastern Nazarene College, Miami International Theological Seminary, and Christian Leaders Institute. He has served in various lay and vocational ministry positions for 20 years before surrendering to God's call to full-time, pastoral leadership. In an interesting move of God, both Bud and his father entered full-time, vocational ministry in 2015, only months apart. Bud has a passion to lead all people to fully discover and become all that God created them to be. The Word of God teaches that salvation has been paid by Christ at the cross, that Christ tasted death for all men. Scripture also teaches that those who confess Christ as Lord receive that salvation as a free gift, having been called to and created for good works. Bud's prayer and efforts are that all Believers would choose to mature in and through that free gift as an act of worship and obedience, living out God's call to good things and an abundant life.