Fountain Avenue United Methodist Church Staff & Leaders

  • Gregory Waldrop

    Gregory Waldrop

    God's complete, undeserved love for us - God's grace; The centrality of God’s grace in all human life; The availability of God’s grace for everyone; Salvation as personal and social; The authority of the Bible, tradition, reason, and experience; The essential unity of faith and works, of belief and faithfulness, of salvation and holiness; The power of personal and communal prayer; The church as a community of Christ’s followers who seek to share in God’s mission of making disciples; The necessity of growing in grace; A cooperative posture of ministry and mission in the world, often referred to as “connectionalism;” The link between Christian doctrine and Christian living; Regular and repeated experiences of the means of grace—worship, searching the scriptures, prayer and fasting, holy communion, and conferencing; Caring for God’s Creation