Calvary Assembly of God Staff & Leaders

  • Gentry Creamer
    Worship Leader

    Mr. Gentry Creamer is the Worship Leader of Calvary. He is married to the Youth Leader, Mrs. Racheal Creamer.

  • Raymond Jacobs
    Wednesday Pastor/Adult Sunday School Teacher

    Mr. Raymond Jacobs is the Wednesday Pastor, as well as the Adult Sunday School Teacher of Calvary. He served as a missionary in places such as Indonesia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Israel. He is married to Mrs. Janet Jacobs, and is the parent of David Jacobs, as well as their four other children.

  • Racheal Creamer
    Youth Leader

    Mrs. Racheal Creamer is the Youth Leader of Calvary. She is married to the Worship Leader, Mr. Gentry Creamer, and is a Minnesota native.

  • David Jacobs
    Senior Pastor

    Mr. David Jacobs is the son of Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Janet Jacobs, who were missionaries for more than 30 years in places such as Nicaragua, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Israel. Mr. David Jacobs attended college at South Eastern University, as well as Holmes Bible College, where he met Mrs. Amira Jacobs, whom he married in 1994. He has been pastoring since 1994, and has two children, Sophia Grace, age 12, and David Ray, age 6.