Grace Christian Assembly / Salvation By Grace in Smyrna,TN 37167

Grace Christian Assembly / Salvation By Grace

What people say about Grace Christian Assembly / Salvation By Grace

  • I am looking forward to a decline in Covid19 so that we can attend the church services again. The fellowship is great!

  • Another internet-only member, but I cannot fully describe the value of the teaching here. Pastor Jim has an amazing gift, in his ability to take the most complicated topic, and break it down to be completely understandable. He then weaves it in with other concepts to provide a thorough understanding of the topic.

    While I grasped the Doctrines of Grace when I first stumbled upon GCA, it was here that I really learned to appreciate the intriquite ways these doctrines are interwoven,

  • A God honoring, Christ exalting place to learn what the Bible really says. My family has been so blessed by the internet ministry of this church. This is truly a unique Body of Christ and a place where we also hope to visit someday. You will be edified and don't be surprised when you hear Pastor Jim say "Now all of that does not count against my time!" - but not to worry, he'll still keep it around that hour mark - although quite frankly, most of us wouldn't mind listening to a sermon that's a few hours long. Just go - then you'll understand what I mean and may our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, richly bless your visit. The Bryants, Kalamazoo, MI

  • i'm only an internet member, but it's on my bucket list to visit g.c.a. someday :)