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Creekside Church in Council Bluffs,IA 51503
3320 Harry Langdon Blvd, Council Bluffs, IA

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  • What I hate is that it doesn’t square with scripture.

    I've been praying for years that God would shut down the churches and force believers to meet in homes, tithe free. Gods set order. That is ignored. Acts 2:46.
    They met in temple then in homes. Jesus then ended temple worship by saying 'not one stone will remain on another'. Matt. 24:2
    Titus and Roman army razed it to the ground in 70 ad.
    Jesus told Samaritan woman 'neither in this mountain nor in the temple in Jerusalem shall you worship God, but God would have men worship Him in Spirit and in Truth'. John 4:24

    Trump declares no more than 10 people should gather together.

    Like the Bible describes, no more than about 10 people per home so each member can use their ministry, see: 1Cor. 12, Ephesians 4, and Romans 12.

    God is in this calamity today. In hopes that Christians would wake up and see the spiritual benefits of small groups with Him in total charge. See Acts
    Not exalting one man.see: Matt. 23:8-12

    What a wonder that would be.
    A novel experience for the body of Christ.

    We'll see.
    Judgement at the house of God first.
    1Peter 4:17

    God is also trying to snap many in the world out of their comas as well.
    But I am convinced that this is a wake up call to the ekklesia first.
    To have Jesus in His rightful place would explode into a great awakening.

  • Our pastors are a great team, and they walk through your daily issues with you.

  • A place where strangers are not strangers for long.