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Continuum Church

What people say about Continuum Church

  • Continuum has been wonderful for my husband and me. Being in our 20′s, having been raised in different spiritual backgrounds, and wanting something more fulfilling than what either of us had experienced, we went “church shopping” shortly after we got married. A random Google search of churches in the area lead us to Continuum and we both felt instantly at home.
    The discussion-style message and inclusion-oriented environment was exactly what we were looking for! I was tired of my traditional “Christian” background where we preached love and acceptance but never truly practiced it, and he was tired of hearing that, in order to have faith, you had to let go of a natural desire for logical explanation. At Continuum you will find more TRULY Christ-like attitudes and logical discussions than I thought possible in any church, let alone in the same church.
    We like to compare it to a college course that everyone is ACTUALLY into and where everyone respects each other’s right to disagree during the discussion. We discuss relevant, real-world issues without screaming, hating, or becoming indignant. I can honestly say, having been to countless churches of varying denominations, and about a million youth groups while growing up, Continuum is one of a kind. (Though I sincerely hope that is not always the case.)
    We are expecting our first child in August, and I am so very sincerely happy that we have a spiritual community to introduce him to that will never tell him what to think, but will teach him how to think. I dearly love the people at Continuum though we are all vastly different, and cannot wait for our son to learn from and grow with us in that community.
    So, if nothing else, I highly recommend checking it out & if it’s not your style, we’ll help you find a good fit for you in the area that is. :) — Shelby E.