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Nondenominational churches describe themselves with words like casual, friendly, and multigenerational.

Popular church music styles include contemporary, praise and worship, and hillsong-style. Nondenominational churches often offer children's ministry, community service, youth group, missions, and nursery programs.

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"I visited a very bible preaching, reformed, theological church for several years, up until about 2 years ago. Then i left the church. I was so burdened by the lack of grace and the presence of the Holy Spirit at that church that i couldn't grow. I ran from God for the 2 years and then more"

Nope in Supai,AZ 86435
michael at Nope

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Wes and Rebekah Peaden

Wes and Rebekah Peaden
Pastor's Wes and Rebekah Peaden are the founding pastors of Providence Chapel. Our pastors love God and love people. They have 5 beautiful children and one golden retriever.