Pennsylvania Churches near Messiah College, PA

Some churches that you may want to check out include:

Featured Churches

  • House of Hope Church in Harrisburg,PA 17101
    Harrisburg, PA
    Inclusive Friendly Neighborhood-focused Spirit-filled Hand-clapping
  • Bethel  in Harrisburg,PA 17102
    Harrisburg, PA
    Lively Charismatic Progressive
  • Fairview BIC in New Cumberland,PA 17070-2802
    New Cumberland, PA
    Down to Earth Casual Progressive Friendly Multigenerational
  • Mechanicsburg BIC in Mechanicsburg,PA 17055-4739
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Casual Friendly Neighborhood-focused Multigenerational
  • Heart of Harrisburg in Harrisburg,PA 17103-2333
    Harrisburg, PA
    Hand-clapping Lots of kids Spirit-filled Multigenerational Young
  • United Baptist Church in Harrisburg,PA 17103-2347
    Harrisburg, PA
    Young families Spirit-filled Down to Earth Casual Young
  • Compass Point Church in Mechanicsburg,PA 17050
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Friendly Down to Earth Casual Multigenerational
  • Trindle Spring Lutheran Church in Mechanicsburg,PA 17050
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Multigenerational Spirit-filled Friendly Traditional Liturgy