Faithful online and mobile giving for churches

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Giving, online.

Break barriers, not traditions

Resisting materialism, consumerism, and selfishness is hard. We give you the tools to fight the good fight. Allow givers to set-up recurring and one-time donations via web, mobile or text. No checks or cash required.

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online giving


Allow anyone to give to your church, at anytime, on any device, with their credit/debit card or bank account.

Recurring giving

With weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly gifts, your members and supporters can give faithfully, without worry about forgetting to bring their checkbook. Plus, the church will receive more predictable funding.


Our Level-1 PCI compliant banking partner and 3 levels of web security ensure that your donations are safe and sound. FaithStreet does not store any sensitive payment information.

Quick setup

Start receiving online gifts within minutes. Add our giving button to your website and other channels with the help of our team, if needed.

text to give

Text to Give

As simple as texting a friend. We've seen it take givers from sporadic to faithful.

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Easy to manage

No more counting loose plate. View and sort giving history and givers easily with our dashboard. Receive weekly email giving updates for your church. Givers receive immediate email receipts for their gifts.


We provide as much support as you need. Contact us at anytime. Your assigned giving coach will guide you through launching online giving and getting givers onboard.


Works everywhere - designed to look and feel great giving from a computer, tablet, phone, or any other internet-connected device.

Less or no transaction fees:

Givers cover the fees associated with their gifts, by default or by choice. This makes online giving more affordable for your church.

online giving

Leader app for iOS

Leader provides the easiest way to see how well FaithStreet Giving is working at your church. With Leader, you can instantly view essential metrics and stop waiting for the weekly stewardship report.

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The right tools for the job


  • Friendly, easy-to-use giving experience for your church
  • Flexible recurring and one-time giving
  • Mobile-friendly design for any device
  • Reduce costs by allowing giver to pay the transaction fees
  • Text giving
  • Pledge/goal setting and tracking
  • Shareable, giving campaigns
  • Notifications of important giver events
  • Detailed, but easy to understand reports
  • Launch assistance and expert advice
  • Easy integration with your website
  • Integrations with Church Communtity Builder (CCB), Fellowship One, RockRMS, and Planning Center Online
  • Bookkeeper and accountant-friendly
  • Phone and email support
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Unlimited fund designations

frequently asked questions
How does FaithStreet work with my current website?

FaithStreet Giving integrates the best online giving experience with your current website, your Facebook page and your phone’s text messages. Set-up only takes a few minutes.

Givers can set up instant or scheduled, recurring gifts with their debit cards, credit cards or bank accounts. They can customize when these gifts process.

Do you provide CRM, volunteer management, events management or other supplemental services?

No. FaithStreet is 100% focused on giving and stewardship. We’re a great fit for churches who want the best online giving system, and we aren’t a great fit for churches who want a one-size fits all solution. We do play nicely with most accounting systems.

What’s your mission?

To encourage and inspire faithfulness.

What’s your BIG vision?

We want to make faithful giving as natural as spending.

Paypal (or some other system) is cheaper.

FaithStreet is the best value for two reasons. (1) We're creating a new standard in faith-based giving. FaithStreet makes online giving thoughtful and intentional. Other systems merely move money from point A to point B. (2) We offer the most flexibility of any online giving option in terms of pricing. We offer a unique, one-time payment option. We're also willing to work with your church to determine a cost structure that works for us both! (3) FaithStreet is for churches who embrace abundance and faith over scarcity and fear.

How is FaithStreet different from other online giving platforms?

Here are a few ways:

  • We think it is more important that giving be faithful than easy.
  • We treat giving as a regular part of life, not a special occasion.
  • We offer super-flexible pricing.
Is FaithStreet for me?

If you can answer yes to at least one of these questions, then FaithStreet Giving is for you.

  • Do you highly value stewardship, but find most giving tools don’t match those values?
  • Are you leading a church in transition ready and willing to do things a bit differently?
  • Are you simply looking for the best way to build faithful givers?

Ready to get started?

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