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Yoked Parish of Becket

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  • I left a phone message for the pastor on the church phone June 22, 2021. I would appreciate a call back, please. I am seeking information about a memorial service held in 2019 for William Burke-Archer, a Berkshires native, and his daughter Elizabeth Burke-Archer, age 35. Elizabeth was my cousin and I had not seen her in many years; it was not possible to maintain contact with her once her mother died and her father had sole custody of her. I just learned about her death, and it is not possible for me to contact her aunt or other family members. I am trying to find out what happened here; apparently, the father and Elizabeth died on the same day, so it sounds as though it was as car accident, a structure fire or some other sudden tragedy. If someone could kindly return my call, I would really appreciate it. 518-813-2822. Or, email at [email protected] Thank you.