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Woodcrest Baptist Church

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  • I meant God’s Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge. Priscilla and I wish we were living in Guthrie, and attending and be a part of the blessed congregation.

  • Hi brother James Leewright, Priscilla is enjoying her weekly sermon from your church. Love the Oklahoma accent.

    Pray the church has not given up on word of God in the Old Testament. Jesus said “It is Written”. My God is who King Solomon said in his dedication to God,s Temple .

    It is unfortunate that America is politically by the current administration continues to get the strength from the white nationalist movement. God does not approve.

    The preacher made me laugh.

    I still remember the love from you, Betty and the church when I visited. I miss our Bible studies at OWRB. Let continue to study His Word, and let His, Wisdom And Understanding be the motivator. My Bible that part of our fellowship has seen better days when it come to looks. However, it is still the Word of God and comforts me and lifts me up in good times and bad times.

    God bless you all. I will send a letter.

    Priscilla & Jim Gopal

    517 699 6915