West Pines Baptist Church  in Lake Worth ,FL 33463

West Pines Baptist Church

What people say about West Pines Baptist Church

  • Family oriented
    Youth ministry
    Spirit lead
    Preach the true essence of the word of God

  • I love how focused this church is in edifying and equipping the saints to grow in knowledge and serve in local mission/ evangelism and global missions. Always with a biblical world view.

    The teaching is biblical ( scripture, not opinion), always expounding God’s word, leaving nothing out and offering a variety of studies throughout the week where you can connect with others and continue making progress.

    The messages preached always give you more than just spiritual milk, no “gospel lite” here.

    The pastors do a good job of shepherding the people and getting to know them. They’re very open, approachable and genuine.

    Good crowd too; salt of the earth type people. A nice diverse community of Different age groups and ethnicities. You won’t be a stranger long here.