Warfield Missionary Baptist Church

A Baptist (SBC) church in Warfield, KY

Who We Are

Warfield Missionary Baptist Church is a local Baptist (SBC) church in Warfield, KY.

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Baptist (SBC)

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Route 40 Main St
Warfield, KY

(606) 395-6990

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  • The security cameras in and around the church made me uncomfortable. Who is watching? What are they doing with those images?
  • We have a fellowship meal every week.
  • No preacher will ever tell us what to do. We are an autonomous church.
  • No Sunday night service so we can listen to KISS and other great Rock and Roll tunes at home.
  • Believes the Ten Commandments are only suggestions to be followed or not as you please.
  • Takes no stand on using alcohol as a beverage.
  • Never uses too much scripture.
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