Vineyard Community Church in Marietta,GA 30066

Vineyard Community Church

What people say about Vineyard Community Church

  • I love being a part of this local expression of the Body of Christ. People here are real, with all of their beauty and brokenness. Christ is on the move here, as he is in the Church at large. We love calling this home. It has been amazing to serve and be served here, to love and be loved! We believe God's love changes us, yet loves us no matter where we are in our journey!

  • My wife and I love being a part of Vineyard Community Church. Friendly people, great teaching and music. Aside from Sunday mornings there are a number of community groups that meet throughout the month in homes. There are rescue focused groups where we join together to serve those outside the church walls. The church is welcoming and casual. Newcomers can expect to be greeted at the doorway leading into a cafe and gathering area outside the auditorium. There are two services. We like the 11:30 am service so we can even sleep in a little on Sunday morning and have a leisurely breakfast before going to church. Some of our friends prefer the earlier 10 am service to have more time for other activities after church. There is free wi-fi so you will have a good connection if you are using you're smartphone or tablet as your Bible and notepad. People from a wide range of age groups call VCC their church home. We hope to see you there!