Truth Point Church Staff & Leaders

  • Jeremy McKeen

    How and when did you come to know the Lord? I came to know the Lord because by His grace the Lord made Himself known to me. God revealed Himself to me through Philippians 3:9 which says, “and be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith.” I had been raised by wonderful Christian parents and had read that verse probably 100 times, but suddenly on the floor of my dorm room as a junior in college, I saw the glory of the gospel for the first time. God showed me that the good news of Christianity was not holding out to God “a righteousness of my own” hoping He would accept my best efforts, but instead receiving the “righteousness from God” that He was holding out to me in Jesus. I realized that the perfect moral record I needed to stand before God was the very perfect moral record He gave me freely by faith in Christ. God revealed Himself to me, by revealing who He is in Jesus for me. How and when did you become involved in ministry? When God revealed the truth of the gospel to me as a junior in college, I had already been serving as my Fraternity’s Chaplain. This included giving a brief devotional message to the guys once a week, but after encountering the God of grace, the messages started to contain the gospel. But at this point, however, I still had my sights on becoming a Sports Center Anchor for ESPN. My pursuit of that dream took me as far as becoming one of a handful of paid interns with ESPN in Bristol, CT in the summer of 2003. Everything was going great. However, on July 28, I was reading My Utmost for His Highest and one section jumped off the page: “We should never have the thought that our dreams of success are God’s purpose for us. In fact, His purpose may be exactly the opposite.” God used that short devotional passage to cause me to ask if I was seeking my dream job in life or His dream job for me. How did God want me to use my gifts? I went back to college my senior year to finish my degree in Communications, and God’s hand was heavy upon me. In my heart I knew that he wanted me to go into ministry. I told no one. I was secretly struggling over God’s call for months. One night my roommate and I were up late and he proceeded to tell me that he had been ignoring me all day because he felt God was prompting him to tell me to drop broadcasting and go into full-time ministry. I jumped out of my bed and stared at him. I was stunned. I hadn’t told a soul. This had confirmed the call. I immediately called home to tell my parents, and my mom was in tears. Come to find out, my parents had been praying for twenty years that I would become a preacher of the gospel, but they never told me. They wanted me to know that it was God who called me, not them. With this call came a spirit of conviction, a sense of peace, and the start of my gospel ministry. *Jeremy received his Bachelors in Communication and Philosophy from Florida Southern College and his Masters of Divinity From Knox Theological Seminary.