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Times Square Church

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  • Why hasn't the church reopened. How can a Christian worship without attending a church for fellowship. So many people need to get saved in the city. How can they without the church remaining closed. And also, is the church speaking about what this administration is doing to us, to families, to children? Has the church spoken about the equality act, most horrific against the teachings of Christ. We are on a very slippery slope and I don't hear the churches saying anything about it. Can we have a MARCH FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ODDO0eajI9k&t=6s

  • Home away from home, offers members an opportunity to grow in Christ in with small groups, Christ centered sermons that move the congregation who come from all walks of life.

    TSC is great at catering to people of all age groups and needs, there's the Gate for Young people ages 12-30 on fridays that allows an easy transition for those who are looking for a way to spend their friday nights and for those who are above 30 there are excellent informative bible studies/teaching series that teach you how to love the love beyond yourself.

    Sundays host an array of sermons for one to go to to hear the message of God, there's the

    early bird special at 10 am (high school ministry meets; education annex),

    the 3pm(Foundations Class: New to Christ? learn how to articulate who we believe in and what it means to be a Christian with a living Relationship with Christ, they also welcome people who have questions about Christianity

    the Evangelistic service at 6pm (Young adults meet in the education annex) where life changing testimonies are shared.

    Here i have been able to comprehend what it means to have a relationship with God and i can truly say that i am maturing spiritually in Christ around a great support team of friends, leaders and pastors to be sent out to be a disciple of Christ.

  • I really enjoyed attending Times Square Church. The congregation is very diverse and has a sizable group of younger members. There are a variety of active ministries that regularly host events. Even though the church is very large it had the feel of a smaller place because of events such as midweek services and fasts. Other cool things about TSC are the website - sermons are posted online, and the number of services - I think 3 on Sundays from morning through evening.

  • Times Square Church is a large friendly church. We attended an evening service. Although the church was packed with people, we still felt at home. The sermons and worship and praise are phenomenal. What I like most about this church is that they offer a lot of Bible study programs for adults and the youth.