the Refreshing church Staff & Leaders

  • John Murray, III

    A native Houstonian, John A. Murray, III is the pastor and founder of the Refreshing church (Houston, Texas). He grew up in the fifth ward area of Houston; graduated from Wheatley High School; and attended Texas Southern University (Houston, Texas). He is known throughout the city of Houston, as well as outside of the state of Texas, for being a prolific Gospel saxophonist like no other. In December of 1997, Pastor John received and accepted the call from God to preach and teach His Gospel. On the second Sunday in January, 1998, he preached his first sermon. God also challenged Pastor John to birth a church into existence for His glory. In 2005, Pastor John moved by God’s command and his faith. With much more praying, fasting, planning, and organizing, the Refreshing church held its inaugural worship celebration on August 14, 2005, where the people of God are restored, renewed, revived and refreshed! Starting with eight willing souls in their home, the Refreshing church continues to grow through encouraging people to believe, trust and try God at His Word. Pastor John continues to lead by example as he trusts and believes God for every aspect of his life, his family’s life and the Refreshing church ministry – spiritual, numerical and financial growth. Testimony after testimony of life changing experiences in adults and kids, young and old, in all areas of their lives; reaching out and impacting lives across the country; making God visible and real to the world. He is committed to God’s calling through TRC by making God priority through prayer, faith, worship, praise, giving and serving, and providing the tools for people to develop these areas in their lives that will bring glory and honor to God and spiritual and eternal blessings to them.